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EasyLife Nasal Mask - DISCONTINUED

EASYLIFE NASAL CPAP MASK HEADGEARThe EasyLife Nasal CPAP Mask introduces Philips Respironics patented AutoSeal technology engineered to create a secure seal while nearly eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

The EasyLife's unique dual-cushion design actually includes two distinct elements. The soft inner cushion readily adapts to facial conours creating an instant, self-adjusting nasal seal. The outer cushion provides comfortable support, allowing the mask to rest lightly on the face without pinching or pressure points, and eliminating the need for tight headgear straps and cumbersome forehead adjustment mechanisms.

The EasyLife comes with Respironics comfortable Lycra® based headgear that is breatheable, lightweight and highly adjustable. EasyLife's wide-band headgear design and outer support cushion help to eliminate overtightening, pinching and strap marks for a comfortable robust fit without the strain.


  • EasyLife's Forehead Pad is incorporated into the masks outer seal. It adjusts automatically to the face -- without the need for traditional adjustment mechanisms and dials -- and requires minimal headgear force for a proper fit.
  • Outer Support Cushion lets the mask rest lightly and comfortably against the face, eliminating pressure points, frame edges, and the need to over-tighten headgear.
  • Inner Seal Cushion creates an instant, self-adjusting seal that is soft, comfortable, and most importantly robust!
  • Angled Exhalation Micro Ports make operation quieter and redirect air away from bed partners.
  • Simple & Durable the EasyLife is constructed from just four parts -- the mask frame, headgear, outer support cushion, inner seal cushion -- so it is easier to clean and assemble than many more traditional masks.
  • Latex Free Like all Respironics masks the EasyLife and EasyLife Headgear are 100% Latex Free

Manufacturer: Philips Respironics
Part Number(s): 1050000, 1050001, 1050002, 1050003, 1050004
GTIN Number(s):
In the Box: Complete Nasal Mask Pack with Cushion and Headgear.
Warranty: 90-Day Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7034 A7035

Maximum Recommended Pressure Range: 4 to 35 cm H20
Mask Type(s): Nasal Cushion Masks
Available Size(s): Petite, Small, Medium, Medium Wide, Large
Materials: Latex Free

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