FlexiFit 406 Petite Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear


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FlexiFit 406 Petite Nasal Mask
Cushion Size:
Petite Cushion & Seal
Adjustable StretchGear Headgear
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  • Brand:Fisher & Paykel
  • Part Numbers:HC406
  • Sizes:Petite
  • Warranty:90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

Fisher & Paykel's FlexiFit 406 incorporates all of the great design features of the FlexiFit 407 line into a new mask made exclusively to fit finer featured faces. The 406's petite design is small, light and easy to use. A new silicone seal slides smoothly onto the face and includes a gently frosted texture to optimize seal during use. The 406 includes great FlexiFit Technologies like auto-contouring properties, a unique Glider Strap mechanism for maximum comfort and stability, and a maintenance-free bias diffuser to ensure quieter operation.

The FlexiFit™406 Petite Nasal Mask comes complete and fully assembled so it's truly a ready for use out-of-the-box solution!


  • Unique Glider mechanism allows more freedom of movement during the night and prevents the mask from lifting off the face
  • New strap releases are designed to make mask removal and cleaning easier and to enable mask reassembly without adjustments to the fit
  • Advanced air diffuser disperses air through fine holes so that the mask is quiet and there is no disturbing air draft
  • Tapered Velcro straps are secure and easy to adjust
  • Unique Glider strap allows more freedom of movement during the night and prevents the mask from lifting off the face
  • Designed for easy, one-step fit and removal
  • Premium frosted silicone seal slides smoothly onto the face, while its frosted texture optimizes the mask seal during use


  • Manufacturer:Fisher & Paykel
  • Part Numbers:HC406
  • Warranty:90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Nasal Mask Pack with Petite Cushion, Seal and Headgear.
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:09420012418265
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Petite
  • Materials:Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Cushion Masks
  • Pressure Range:3 to 25 cm H20 Recommended
  • As advertised

    good price good service. fast shipping.
    Written by wingwalker50, -2018-11-01

  • The BEST mask ever!

    I've tried several different types of masks, but this one is the BEST! Fits perfectly, is lightweight but sturdy and gives me great air flow. I won't use any other mask!
    Written by Teresa, -2016-11-05

  • Great Mask

    One thing about me that's petite... my nose :) I have trouble finding a mask that is small enough so that the high pressure I use doesn't cause leaking. This one is perfect. The head grear is comfortable and easily adjusted. Very Satisfied with this purchase.
    Written by Rita H, -2016-09-28

  • FlexiFit. 406 mask

    I have used this mask for the last 8 years. I've tried others I always come back to this one. Easy on easy off. I am comfortable with the mask, hope they keep making it.
    Written by Helen H, -2016-08-08

  • Very happy with this mask

    I had an extra small in my last CPAP mask; it was still borderline too big. As soon as I saw the reviews saying that this one was best for petite faces, I thought it would be perfect for me. It is; I've worn it for a week now very comfortably.
    Written by Small Face Woman, -2015-11-27

  • Great Mask!

    I have been using this model of mask since I was first diagnosed in 2010. I was once given a mask by a sleep center when my mother was later diagnosed that they were going to throw away because she tried it that night and didn't like it. With that mask, there was leaking every time I turned in bed. This Flexi Fit mask rarely leaks as long as I have the straps adjusted well. I have had some red marks on the bridge of my narrow nose, but that has been corrected since I started using a comfort gel pad in that area (Sleep Comfort Care Pad). The Flexi Fit holds up longer than the six months usually recommended with CPAP masks. I use Citrus Wipes to clean it daily and wash the entire apparatus broken down into it's component pieces weekly with baby shampoo, except for the gray nose cushion which I only rinse (per manufacturers' directions). When it starts to have an odor, I buy a new one, usually 9 - 12 months later. I believe the odor comes from the material inside the gray nose cushion when it develops a split in the outer material. This always happens eventually whether in a high or low humidity climate, both of which I have lived in since starting to use this product.
    Written by Jeanine, -2014-10-16

  • almost

    After trying many masks/nasal pillows, this one almost hits the mark. The almost is that the inside sponge padding on this mask does not extend adequately around the bridge of the nose so still leaves a very significant pressure mark.
    Written by mfa, -2014-09-04

  • So Happy

    I had a full sized flex which I really liked, but it did seem a bit large. I had another mask labeled "Petite" which made so much noise I could not sleep. Then I purchased this, it is quiet, the fit is perfect, and it is really comfortable. I am so happy with this mask I have been known to sleep until my alarm goes off.
    Written by Valerie, -2014-09-01

  • flexi fit 406 petite CPAP mask

    have been using this mask now for several years and it is a very comfortable mask, I tried a 405 mask but the larger size was unconfortble so I a back to the 406
    Written by Ed P, -2014-08-26

  • Awesome product and service

    I've bought my cpap supplies here for years. I never once had to call customer service. My product was delivered to me in perfect condition and on time. Thanks for being a great company!
    Written by D. D., -2014-05-31

  • Flexifit mask

    The flexifit nose mask is great for those who need a slightly smaller mask. It fits just right.
    Written by Barbara, -2014-03-27

  • I'll give it an A-

    I'm a side/stomach sleeper with a deviated septum and a narrow bridge. Finding a suitable CPAP mask has been exceptionally difficult, and I've endured a lot of uncomfortable experiments in the process. With this little mask, I've finally found something that needn't be tightened to the point of discomfort to keep air from blowing into my eyes all night. In fact, it has never leaked on me - not even once. I love the sliding doodad that keeps the mask in place when I roll over. It also makes the mask self-adjust to center when one strap is velcro-ed farther back than the other (some others must be fastened with perfect symmetry or the mask sits askew). Overall, I am delighted with the level of comfort, but it sometimes rides up in the night and presses against the bottom of my nose. Since the edge of the seal has a bit of a sharp corner, it leaves a sore, red line right under my nostrils. It doesn't happen every night, and the seal never leaks, but I don't like it. It made me wish I had a way to round the edge of the silicone. As I'm writing this, it occurs to me that adjusting the lower straps to a closer fit might stop it from riding up, so I think I'll try that (more experiments). Bottom line, even if it's not perfect, it is by far, the best mask for me. If you have a narrow bridge and the bulb of your nose is small to medium-sized, it's definitely worth checking out.
    Written by Julia, -2013-06-04

  • CPAP Mask-Petite

    I tried so many different types of masks before I found this Petite one that fit my face perfect and was comfortable.
    Written by Distrea, -2012-09-28