FlexiFit 407 Premium Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear


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FlexiFit 407 Nasal Mask
Cushion Size:
Standard (One Size Fits Most) Cushion & Seal
Adjustable Breathe-O-Prene Headgear
FREE 30-Night Money Back Guarantee + Manufacturer's Standard Warranty
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  • Brand:Fisher & Paykel
  • Part Numbers:HC407
  • Sizes:Standard
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

The FlexiFit Series has always been revolutionary, but the FlexiFit 407 Nasal Mask takes the revolution even further. Using precise anthropometric information from a database of thousands of facial contours Fisher & Paykel redesigned the 407's cushion to improve comfort and fit while increasing ease-of-use and flexibility.

The FlexiFit 407's cushion is sleek – with improved contours and a silicone seal – to make it less intimidating and provide a better fit with fewer pressure points than its predecessors. An advanced diffuser system decreases noise and disperses air away from your face and your sleep partner to make for a quieter, more peaceful night's sleep.


  • New strap releases are designed to make removal and cleaning easy and enable reassembly without having to adjust fit-
  • FlexiFit Cushion, with new contouring, fits and seals comfortably around the nose and face
  • Advanced air diffuser disperses air through fine holes so that the mask is quiet and there is no disturbing air draft
  • Tapered Velcro straps are secure and easy to adjust
  • Unique Glider strap allows more freedom of movement during the night and -prevents the mask from lifting off the face
  • Designed for easy, one-step fit and removal


  • Manufacturer:Fisher & Paykel
  • Part Numbers:HC407
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Nasal Mask Pack with Foam Cushion, Silicone Seal and Headgear.
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:09420012427632
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Standard
  • Materials:Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Cushion Masks
  • Pressure Range:3 to 25 cm H20 Recommended
  • A++++

    The flexifit 407 is the only cpap mask for me! The joy of having a new one is like Christmas.
    Written by mk6307, Kansas -2019-07-08

  • Best Fit

    Have used this mask exclusively for the last three years. Don’t want anything else! Praying that F&P don’t phase it out any time soon.
    Written by BradleyYoung, -2019-06-19

  • Perfect

    Great mask I have been using for years GREAT PRICE thanks
    Written by bigodaddy292, -2019-05-14

  • Everything was good

    Good experience. Have bought several items and always good experience. Good company to order from. Quick service
    Written by crownpb369, -2018-12-07

  • It dosen't work for me.

    It just does not want to work for me. It does not keep a seal and will wake me up. I went back to my full face mask.
    Written by clement707, -2018-12-01

  • Perfect match

    After searching for a quality product and reading numerous reviews, I decided to purchase this one. Easy to adjust, no leaks, and quality at a very affordable price.
    Written by gdaustin, -2018-11-05

  • It’s a great mask !

    Thanks for your great service and product. I got everything I needed quickly and at a great price thanks
    Written by GB1031SM, -2018-11-02

  • Works exactly as it should.

    I had one of these. When it wore out I tried a full face mask. Never did get used to it. This is much better.
    Written by janethorselover, -2018-10-16

  • Bring back the gold seal c pap mask.

    Used twice, my upper nostril is still swollen. If I loosen the mask it would leak.
    Written by joeslocksmithservice, -2018-10-04

  • Good Stable Product

    Use these for over 12 years.
    Written by sammyakel, -2018-04-18

  • Shipping fees beware!

    The purchase and equipment were fine, but be careful wuen filling out address information. Despite advertising free shipping, if you do not select a country, you wull be charged. It's worth noting that the country is not a required field and will not prompt you if you fail to select one.
    Written by camdenz, -2018-02-12

    CXC Notes: Hello, As a courtesy we will be refunding you your shipping charge. In the future please make sure to select the country as we do ship outside of the United States so it is important to ensure the proper country is selected. Sleep well!

  • My favorite mask, BUT...

    Let me preface by saying that I'm a side/stomach sleeper, which has made finding a good mask fit very difficult. I've tried tons of masks over the years. I finally landed on the F&P Zest, which was the FlexiFit predecessor. I was excited when they came out with this upgrade. One of the main issues with the Zest was that the rotating elbow joint and frame developed tiny cracks which ruins the fit of the joint. I would always have to hot glue them together. The FlexiFit has completely solved this issue. Yay! The other issue with the Zest is that the frame would eventually break between the nose and forehead. Unfortunately, despite the shape change in the FlexiFit, this is WORSE. I've gone through several that break after about a month. The positives are that it's very comfortable and I never have leakage issues or rainout. If you are a back sleeper or a full side sleeper and need a mask that provides more cushion around the nose, this mask is for you.
    Written by Kerry D, -2018-01-29

  • Best mask for me

    This was the first mask I purchased in 2010. Every 3 months I try to find one that is better but for 7 years I have not found one better. Only problem is because my bipap pressures are 18 / 14 my mask loses seal about every 3 months and has to be replaced.
    Written by jodib58, -2017-12-11

  • Beyond pleased!

    Thrilled to have found excellent product and fantastic service!
    Written by carenharagan, -2017-11-30

  • Great headgear for the price!

    Once the head gear arrived I put it on and immediately notice nothing nasal pad area was a bit snug for comfort so just as an FYI if you normally purchase head gear you wanna make sure that you have understanding that"One size fits most". Translates to small to medium If you're medium to large this particular model of head gear may not work for you
    Written by coachgums, -2017-10-30

  • Flexifit 407 mask

    I just gota say of all the masks I have tried and used thru the years the Flexifit 407 is the best out of the box experience bar none. With a prescribed setting of 18 on the 4 to 20 pressure scale that is saying a lot. If there were another star above excellent I would rate my lived through use with this mask as Superior. Prices at cpapXchange are among the best I've researched.
    Written by Rick Hunt, Three Rivers, Ca. -2017-08-03

  • One size doesn't fit most

    The flexfit 407 is the best of all compromises in fitting any adult nose making it the worst for anyone that isn't average... I have had nose 'burn' from the top contact point, chafing above my lip, and eyelid irritation from leaking. No I don't have a tiny nose, or a huge honker... I am just average... but obviously not average enough for the engineers that designed the ff407... nice try F&P but I think like with all things that try to do many things (in this case fit many shapes and sizes of faces) they always fail to be the best or anywhere close to it.
    Written by br1ght, Minnesota -2017-08-03

  • Not bad, but not good either.

    This is 1 of the worst masks that I have tried. In order to get a seal, I have to pull the headgear so tight that I wake up with a headache.
    Written by OrangeButterfly, Michigan -2017-05-20

  • Love this mask!

    Very comfortable, doesn't leak even at a setting of 19
    Written by Rita Hayes, -2016-07-24

  • Just like the old one--only new

    I have been using a CPAP sine 2002. This is the only mask that fits me well. Now that I am unemployed I have to pay for a new mask out of pocket. I was quoted many different prices, but this was the best price. The straps are not thin and ready to fall apart or out of their places. I couldn't be happier. Good price. Good service. Good quality.
    Written by MuzikLuver, -2016-04-14

  • Best mask for me.

    Best fit, use it the last 5 times.
    Written by Bradley, -2016-04-10

  • cpap/bipap with head gear

    Actually that wasn't for me, that was for my Wife. She is so please and comfortable sleep like a Baby.
    Written by Fritz J , -2016-01-20

  • Ahhhh-resting again!

    After a year of dealing with a mask that broke, and going back to my venerable F&P 431 Forma mask, I finally decided to replace the F&P Flexifit 407 mask I lost in a fire...and am I glad I did! CpapXchange had a nice discount for the holidays, and shipped my mask promptly, arriving while I was on vacation at home, and by the end of night two, I was resting sooo much better. The timing was perfect, as my Forma decided to break in the middle of the T!
    Written by Jim, -2016-01-08

  • FlexiFit 407 Great price, Great service

    Very happy with the quick service and quality of the product. Very easy to order and receive merchandise in just a few short days. I will defiantly be using this company again.
    Written by Joe M, -2016-01-05

  • Excellent quality and very fast shipping!

    I just received my mothers CPAP mask the Flexfit 407, and it was shipped very fast and is in excellent condition! The quality of this mask is absolutely excellent! My mother is very happy with this product, and I will be ordering more for her.
    Written by Nicole, -2015-12-08

  • None better

    I have tried every mask possible. My pressures are very high. This is the only mask that is quiet and comfortable. My only problem is that I have to replace it every 2 months.
    Written by Jodi B, -2015-11-09

  • Works for me

    I have used this mask model for probably 10 yrs or longer I have a mustache and this works fine with it. It is very durable and last a really long time (maybe as much as 2 years). the head gear is the week link as far as longevity. If what you have now isn't working that well for you, then give this a try.
    Written by Mike Snoozer, -2015-10-16

  • Good Mask

    The FlexiFit 407 is best mask I have had. Having been on a cpap now for over 7yrs and this being the 5th different mask I have tried. Let's face it there is nothing good about strapping a mask on your face with headgear around your head. Just not natural. If there was a pill to take for Sleep Apnea I think we would all take it. The mask fits well. Noise is minimal. Headgear is as comfortable as can be. Hooks on real easy. And cleaning is easier and faster.
    Written by Dominic, -2015-09-27

  • Flexifit mask

    My favorite mask... Have used it for years and never found a better one. When I order anything from CpapXchange my order always arrives quickly and is accurate. I love this resource!
    Written by Suzanne, -2015-09-15

  • Best mask and headgear

    I have tried several masks over 10 years and have had both ResMed (most recent) and Respironics CPAP machines. I seem to always come back to using the FlexiFit 407 mask with my machines as it is the most comfortable fit and I find that the headgear straps fit my head better. I also find less air leakage with this mask. My only concern would be that the foam cushions do not last well and need to be replaced too soon.
    Written by Ruth, -2015-09-03

  • Very Happy

    I received the product quickly. The price was great!
    Written by Suzie, -2015-08-30

    The item was delivered within an excellent time period; however, I have just begun to use it and notice that lame has a few air leakages; consequently, it does not function up-to-par. Thanks
    Written by LaSalle Smith, Sr., -2015-08-13

  • Flexi-Fit 407

    Is this made for men? A bit large and needs a lot of adjustment to get it to keep the seal. Also, having to take it apart and wash the mask parts every day is very inconvenient. By the way, where do you get "natural" soap? Haven't been able to find anything that fits the bill, so use stuff that has no scents and is not anti-bacterial. Still looking for the perfect mask.
    Written by Suzanne J, -2015-08-03

  • Mask and Headger

    Very pleasantly surprised to find this mask and headgear to be so easy to use and at the same time comfortable. A little harder to wash and clean but a great improvement over the old type mask I had used for many years. Perfect seal with just a very light adjustment of the straps. many thanks... I will back.
    Written by William B, -2015-07-02

  • Flexfit Mask and headgear

    I've used this product for over 9 years. Good reliable product.
    Written by Sam, -2015-04-20

  • flexifit 407 premium nasal mask with headgear

    Fast shipping and a very good price, I will be ordering from cpapxchange again!
    Written by Nate, -2015-04-08

  • Wonderful mask

    This mask was a replacement for the one that came with my machine which broke. Even though we had snow they got it here in one business day after order and the mask works perfectly. Thanks
    Written by Tina M, -2015-03-01

  • Very happy customer

    I'm very happy with my equipment. The price was great and it came very quickly. Will definitely use them again for future needs.
    Written by Dorese, -2015-02-22

  • Great Device - a little uncomfortable

    I heard about the product and tried it out. Threw my old headgear out a.s.a.p. Very quiet. Only one drawback and that is with the "wire" used for the lower area. Other than that, I love it.
    Written by R.E.H., -2015-01-26

  • Fast, easy and great

    Great service and great product and price
    Written by hildas, -2015-01-13

  • 407 FlexiFit

    I have tried several other masks in the last couple of years. But I always come back to this mask. Fits the bests. Quality lasts at least a year.
    Written by KatM, -2014-12-12

  • FlexFit 407 Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

    Very fast delivery and the mask is perfect. I have been using this model of mask for several years now and really like it.
    Written by JR, -2014-11-11

  • Great Mask for Big Noses

    I have a large nose and this is one of the best masks I have ever tried. It is not bulky and is quiet and fits great. Have a big nose, give this one a try. I usually buy the full mask and an extra seal/cushion and this lasts about 6 months. I then depending on the elastic head strap either buy another cushion/seal or start over.
    Written by Carey, -2014-10-30

  • Flexifit 407 mask

    I'm very pleased with the service
    Written by John L , -2014-09-14

  • Not for me

    I used it for a fews hours and then went back to my full face mask. It didn't work for me at all. It did not impress me with its quality either.
    Written by Rober, -2014-07-03

  • FlexiFit 407 -vs- 405

    On the good side for the 407 it's nice that this mask doesn't have that small filter at the bend like the 405 does. Also the headgear is comfortable. On the bad side the mask with the 407 only is one size and felt like it was forcing my nose closed. Fine if you have a small nose.
    Written by Steve, -2014-04-21

  • More comfortable than MOST but could include softer cushions.

    I've never used a Fisher & Paykel product, but based on my experience with the FF407, would do it again. It provides a comfortable and effective seal with few leaks, although some users will experience "squeals" from the soft enclosure of the cushion in the mask as it warms to body temperature. Happily, the squeals last only a few minutes and can be eliminated by tightening the straps. The head cushion is effective, but occasionally leaves impressions on my forehead which last about half an hour. The base of the mask, which runs across the nostrils, may also require a bit of break-in. There is cushioning in here, but it could be softer. What I love about the mask is that after a few days of break-in, the engineering and materials really deliver a first class night's sleep. Yes, the cushioning might have been 25-35% softer. In addition, the polymer wrap of the mask cushion might have been crafted of thicker-gauge material so that it didn't vibrate during break-in. That aside, you can't beat this mask at the price, at twice the price and perhaps higher. I've found it restorative, and sleep more deeply than I did with my last two Respironics masks. If you do decide to purchase it, by all means pay the fee for the 30-day guaranteed refund/exchange, because this design isn't for everyone. I'm a highly skeptical consumer, though, and I like it enough to recommend it. As for a five-star mask, I haven't found it yet!
    Written by N. Ross, -2014-03-28

  • 407 premium the best buy for me ..luv it

    Very comfortable and isn't too big of a nasal coverage size like the 405 mask. I luv this one, very comfortable.
    Written by 15 year c-papp user, -2014-03-03

  • It whistles!

    Great mask and good fit but when you inhale, the way the holes are situated, the mask whistles. I cannot sleep with it.
    Written by Rosco, -2013-12-18

  • product

    I am satisfied with this product and the service I received. I have always received great service from your company
    Written by William J., -2013-11-01

  • Great!

    I love my new head gear. Even when you have insurance these are expensive. What a great price! Thanks !
    Written by Lisa, -2013-09-13

  • Too Small, Disappointing

    The mask is smaller than my previous FlexiFit 405. It doesn't manage the weight of the hose well. I have to make the mask really tight (uncomfortable!!!) to prevent the weight of the hose from pulling it off my face.
    Written by CaptainClayCrash, -2013-08-25

  • FlexiFit 407

    This is the mask that works best for me and gives me the best night's sleep of all that I have tried. I keep thinking others will be more comfortable and trying those, but I always return to the FlexiFit 407
    Written by Donna, -2013-07-14

  • FlexiFit 407

    I have been using this headgear for over 4 years and it seems to work best for me. This newest headgear is pretty close to the older ones I purchased, just the soft plastic cover portion seems to be stiffer. But so far it is working fine.
    Written by Kathy, -2013-03-07

  • Best one I've tried

    It is the best one I've tried, as far as comfort and seal, with possibly the exception of an Ultra Mirage I had about ten years ago. It seems like the Ultra Mirages I've tried since aren't as good as that one, but I digress. I have tried at least six different masks and this one is definitely a keeper. There is one drawback, and that is the air blowing out of it while it's on. It isn't too bad, but other masks I've had solve that problem completely with a plastic piece that fits over the part where the air comes out, leaving enough space to let the air come out around the sides of it. This mask just has a series of holes over the "exhaust" part which diffuses the air, but that doesn't keep air from blowing on your sleeping partner as well as the other design I described. The screen where I'm typing this says I'm reviewing headgear clips, which I am not. Hope this goes to the right place.
    Written by Skylor, -2013-03-04

  • Review

    Found what I needed very fast and at half the price of a local pharmacy. Shipped real fast.
    Written by Joe, -2013-01-10

  • Flexifit 407

    I have tried many masks and this one is by far the most comfortable and the seal was great right out of the box. Highly recommend this mask.
    Written by Bruce M, -2013-01-03

  • flexifit 407

    Easy fit; very comfortable and secure
    Written by Ken S, -2012-12-20

  • FlexFit 407

    The flexFit 407 is the most comfortable mask that I have found. This is to replace the 2nd one I have wore out.
    Written by George in Pennsylvania, -2012-11-02

  • Fast and easy

    My husband was leary of trying a new type of cpap mask. When his old one finally bit the dust, he had to try another one. I placed the order and recieved it in record time. Bottom line, it fits great and he is happy. It was just as described online. Thanks so much.
    Written by Mae B., -2012-08-28

  • Comfortable

    I used the 405 model for several years, which was fine; but I find the 407 to be more comfortable. Bottom line - I sleep better!
    Written by Paul, -2012-04-19