FlexiFit 431 Full Face CPAP/BiPAP Mask FitPack with Headgear


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FlexiFit 431 Full Face Mask
Seal Sizes:
Small, Medium & Large
Adjustable Easy-Release Headgear
FREE 30-Night Money Back Guarantee + Manufacturer's Standard Warranty
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  • Brand:Fisher & Paykel
  • Part Numbers:HC431
  • Sizes:Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

The FlexiFit™ Series 431 Full Face Mask from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare provides a brilliant new alternative for full face mask users or any CPAP user who has experienced problems due to mouth breathing.

The FlexiFit 431 incorporates many of the great design features introducted the original FlexiFit series masks including a unique Glider strap which allows the patient to move freely while maintaining a secure seal; and three highly contoured Silicone Seals (Small, Medium and Large) based on Fisher & Paykel's extensive anthropometric facial contours database to create a more personalized fit. In addition the 431 has some great new features such as the crown strap, shown at right, for extra stability and the Full Face, under the chin design which improves overall mask stability during use.

In the end the FlexiFit Full Face is a great addition to the FlexiFit line and the perfect new mask design for CPAP and BiPAP users who haven't yet found the Full Face Mask they're looking for.


  • Highly contoured Silicone Seals with a large range of nasal bridge movement provie comfort and security
  • Easy-release strap allows easy onestep removal of the mask so that it's easy to put on and take off the mask without headgear adjustments-
  • Comes with 3 Silicone Seals (Small, Medium and Large) so that you can achieve a more personalized fit
  • Glider mechanism creates stability and allows the headgear to move independently of the mask
  • Advanced diffuser system provides a quiet mask and prevents air blowing on the bed partner.


  • Manufacturer:Fisher & Paykel
  • Part Numbers:HC431
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Full Face Mask FitPack with 3 Seals (Small, Medium & Large) and Headgear
  • HCPCS Codes:A7030 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:09420012414625
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • Materials:Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Full Face Masks, FitPack Masks
  • Pressure Range:3 to 25 cm H20 Recommended
  • Ful face CPAP mask.

    Fit Great with no leaks. Sleeping like a baby.. Great price and fast Delivery.
    Written by jrbase61, -2019-03-13

  • Great service

    Amazing job online and shipping
    Written by dodgeman107, -2019-02-18

  • I can breathe

    Thanks thanks and again thanks
    Written by bmwtech1, -2019-01-15

  • This the best mask I've owned. Nice easy fit. Its designed to help keep my mouth shut

    Nice easy fit. Its designed to help keep my mouth shut. No more dry mouth and I sleep great.
    Written by stephsun1, -2018-12-13

  • Fit well

    It fit well but it hard to tell how well it works cause I need a better CPAP machine
    Written by lcary4734, -2018-11-20

  • it works

    I have been using the Flexfit for 10 or more years, my only problem is with the idiotic people at Medicare and the insane requirements to file a claim with them. Anyone that wants Medicare for all should have to suffer through a year with Medicare and they would rapidly change their mind. PS it is a great mask, no problems with the Flexfit.
    Written by duffer-8469, -2018-10-03

  • 1st full facemask

    Ordering was easy,package arrived in a timely manner,still getting used to the quick release buckle. Seems to work well, but has only been a few days
    Written by mdgolab, -2018-09-09

  • Bag design

    Big mouth is not adjustable does not provide a good seal around your Face is too soft Not a good fit
    Written by rickywebb209, -2018-08-11

  • great service. I have been using this vendor and product for years

    I have placed multiple orders from CPAP exchange and been using the FlexiFit 431 for years. thank you.
    Written by johnbnorris-92102, -2018-06-13

  • A very good mask.

    A good mask. A good value.
    Written by toyota10, -2018-05-28

  • Mask rating

    Mask strap is hard to attach into the female clip. Maybe with time I will get the hang of it. Also, the female clips seem to be attached to each other with a plastic wire ( it mat be metal wire with a covering of plastic, do not know ). If plastic, what, if any, problems have you encountered with this product ?
    Written by grandolphnc, -2018-05-07

  • Flexifit 431

    Works good for me, i've used one for yea
    Written by billroberts1953, -2018-05-03

    The mask did not fit at all. I tried the small. medium and large cushion and none of them made a seal. A very uncomfortable mask.
    Written by tbat1972, -2018-04-19

  • Difficult to get a good seal.

    It seems difficult to get a really good seal.
    Written by cromwells3912, -2018-03-29

  • A very good mask for the money for the money!

    The Flexfit 431 is a really good mask with the 3 sizes included so you can get a good fit without having to buy 3 different cushions. One thing I would like to see would be a foam cushion for the 431 Flexfit. I had a slight problem with sealing around my cheeks and think the foam would help with the sealing on the face. I like the way the cushion had the piece under the chin to help hold the mouth closed as I am a "mouth breather".
    Written by tatanka50, -2018-03-11

  • Grandview

    I consider this mask the best of several that I have used.
    Written by pangelo2, -2018-02-26

  • Best mask I ever had

    Love the mask design and headgear price was right shipped on time
    Written by careersignman, -2018-02-12

  • Keep Coming Back

    Always the best. Will do business with again.
    Written by tukm, -2018-01-24

  • This one is great, too!

    Excellent service, speedy delivery, exactly the product I ordered. i have used this set-up for the past 12 years. I have found no reason to change it. It is a full face mask and others may have trouble with that but I love it!
    Written by pawhite524, -2017-10-26

  • Great Full Face Mask

    This is actually my second one .. I reordered this one because it fits my face well and I sleep great with this on! Thank you!!
    Written by thetxtrio, -2017-06-21

  • It didn't fit very well. It would be better if...

    It didn't fit very well. It would be better if I could heat the plastic to form to my face better.
    Written by RosePinkCoral-61438, -2017-05-10

  • Not for me

    I am used to F&P Simplus mask and this one is just too rigid for me. It still has good cushioning, but being larger than the Simplus it just isn't as comfortable to me. However, I do honestly believe F&P have the best and most comfortable CPAP masks on the market today. I will be returning this one, however.
    Written by kls761, -2017-03-17

  • customer service A+

    my order had to be altered and it was handled well thank you!
    Written by mario almeida, -2016-12-15

  • 431 full face mask

    It's the mask I first started with and I slept the whole night since day one with it. I still get a great night sleep with it today.
    Written by Ken McKinley, -2016-12-04

  • very dissatisfied

    I tried this product once before. The air leaked out at only 11.5 CM H2O (low pressure). Eventually the frame cracked making it useless. The mask part aged and went gummy. I meant to order a different mask this time, but made a mistake.
    Written by Jim H., -2016-08-24

  • Nice professional service

    Very Very quick service and excellent price!
    Written by Fred, -2016-03-24

  • Good Price, Speedy Delivery and Convenient

    I've used a CPAP for years. Local costs for supplies are outrageous. CPAPExchange made the purchase easy, the prices were as good as any I've found, and my order was received in a few days. Highly recommended.
    Written by Bill W., -2016-03-19

  • It dosen't work

    I can not keep the air from blowing out the sides no matter what size I use or how tight I make the mask. I guess it can't take 17 lbs. pressure. Tried for two weeks. NO GOOD.
    Written by Tom H, -2016-03-12

  • Very good mask

    This mask fits very well and has minimal leaks. Comes with the best headgear I have used. Lots of adjust-ability for a custom fit. Had to work with it a bit to get the correct fit, but once dialed in, this is a very comfortable mask.
    Written by John S., -2015-12-08

  • Poor review

    It does not fit right and looses air during the night. I wore it one night and I had to strap it down so hard to work it left marks on my face for three days.
    Written by Steve C, -2015-10-20

  • Cpap Full Face mask

    Excellent service!!! Fast shipping
    Written by Jett, -2015-09-15

  • Just Keep Adjusting

    Finding the right fit for this mask is difficult, largely due to the fact that there are 6 points of adjustment. I have yet to find a solution that is entirely leak free, but after 2 weeks it is finally not drying my eyes out every night.
    Written by Heath, -2015-07-14

  • FlexiFit 431 Full Face Mask

    THE MOST comfortable and quiet mask I have ever used. The headgear actually makes sense, and is adjustable to just the right position and snugness for a comfortable fit. I'll be back!! Excellent!!
    Written by Porter L, -2015-07-13

  • Poor desigm

    Do Not like it. Could fit better, needs better seal and padding at forehead.
    Written by T S, -2015-06-17

  • FlexiFit 431 Full Face CPAP Mask

    This mask is very soft and comfortable; however, it is too soft. The mask cushion collapses serveral times per night. The noise that resulted from this woke me up many nights. If you try this mask, purchase the insurance with it in case it does not work for you. This mask is being returned. I am returning to my Quattro Mask.
    Written by Terri B, -2015-05-02

  • flexfit 431

    I am having a problem with leaking after the pump reaches top pressure. Am waiting for appt with my sleep doctor to see if a reduced pressure is in order. I'm using the medium pillow, the other two are out of question.
    Written by Vern C, -2015-02-28

  • FlexiFit 431 Full Face CPAP/BiPAP Mask FitPack with Headgear

    Absolutely LOVE this face mask! Have tried at least half a dozen & gave up for a while--until I tried FlexiFit 431 Full Face mask. It DOES NOT leak, DOES NOT leave indented marks on the face next day, & I DO NOT take it off during the night unknowingly. Keeps my mouth closed (even w/damaged jaws from RA). Do buy it!
    Written by Jan P, -2015-02-11

  • Two weeks for my new mask.

    My order came very quickly, and was in good condition when I unpacked it. The mask connections fit perfectly with my existing machine the first time. It took a few tries to get the straps adjusted correctly, but even with my chin beard, the mask fits well. Even when moving from left to right sides to sleep, the hose does not pose a problem. Only problem is finding a sleeping position for my head that does not cause the mask to leak. Tightening helps, but becomes uncomfortable.
    Written by Ken D, -2015-02-03

  • Mask Great! Headgear Not So Much

    Just got the mask a couple of days, ago. Shipping time was excellent. While trying on the mask multiple times, selecting the right size cushion, one of the Velcro strips pulled off of headgear. It was heated, glued or pressed, don't really know. Another mask/headgear from a different company does it the same way, that I have had for almost six months, with no issues. To solve problem, I had to break out needle and thread, and band aid afterwards to make it work that night. Liked the way the mask fits, though it puts too much pressure on bridge of nose. Adjusted every which way to correct, but could not. Need to get pad to go on nose bridge to fix that.
    Written by Steve, -2015-01-17

  • flexfit full face cpap mask

    Comfortable, tight seal, easy to a adjust headband. I like it.
    Written by david 133tfn, -2014-12-01

  • CPAP purchase

    The price on the CPAP mask and headgear that I recently purchased was great. Delivery was quick and came to my doorstep.
    Written by Karen, -2014-09-17

  • Comfortable, reliable fit

    I've been a long time user of the Hans-Rudolph V7300 FFM. I really liked that mask because it has built in chin support and easily molded to fit my face, being that is was a soft mask. However, even with that, I still had to make the straps fairly tight due to my high pressure. I decided to give the FlxiFit 431 a try. I'm impressed! Since it comes with all three sizes, fitting is a breeze. I get a good seal with out having to really tighten the straps and it is comfortable. The only drawback is the way the upper straps are done. The Hans-Rudolph did not require a forehead support, so that is a little annoying with this mask.
    Written by Les, -2014-04-08

  • This is the Holy Grail of CPAP Masks

    This mask is ingenious. I will never buy another style. Having 3 fit options is fantastic. I have a large face and the larger of the 3 options is perfect. No leaks = a good nights sleep.
    Written by Phil, -2014-03-28

  • Best mask time and again

    I have used the Flexifit 431 for most of the last 10 years or so. I have facial hair so it's been very hard finding any masks that keep a seal. I have tried numerous "new and improved" masks that have come on the market making all kinds of promises, but always come back to this one. Far and away, the best.
    Written by Philip M, -2013-12-31

  • Perfect for me

    I've used a biPAP machine everytime I sleep for seven years. During that time, I've tried at least six styles of mask assemblies. This is the one that works best for me. I have fewer problems with escaped air around the mask. I am more comfortable with the mask grip around my chin. I sleep on my side most of the time and this style works well for that.
    Written by Lynnda, -2013-10-14

  • The best full-face

    Have tried several full face masks, but this is my third 431 and I love it. Once you get the adjustments set, you sleep without leaks.
    Written by wren3510, -2013-09-16

  • Best Full Face Mask - No Leaking

    This is my third Fisher Paykel Model 431. I tried out a lot of full face masks when I had to change from nasal only to full, and this is the only model I found that didn't leak. I like the way it comes with multiple sized masks--as when one of mine tore, I just switched to another size without much difficulty. The only difference between this new one I just ordered and my old one, is that the new one makes more noise through the exhalation port than my old one. No idea why--they look identical.
    Written by Patti, -2013-04-19

  • Fantastic mask

    I am so happy with this mask. I have a Mirage Quattro which making an ongoing sore on my nose so I decided to order this as a second mask. It is fantastic. However, the first couple of nights I had a lot of trouble with the 431. It seemed like I had to tighten it so much that it really dug into my cheecks or it would leak near my eyes. I kept working with it, trying to loosen it a little at a time and finally got it where it is perfect for me. What I like best is that the bottom seal comes under the chin. I can move my mouth around and the seal doesn't come undone and leak. It is a terrific mask. I use REMzees with it and next time will not order the ones that go with the 431. I will be ordering the ones that fit the Mirage Quattro medium. They actually work better with this mask (small seal)for me than the ones that are supposed to fit it. They don't fit about an inch at the top of the chin but I still like them better. When I need a new mask, I will try the F&P 432 but this one is great.
    Written by Kristen, -2012-11-22

  • worth the money

    i love this mask. it is so much better than all the rest i have had/tryed. i have had 4 other mask and no luck with any of them. this one is doing more for me in the last 2 weeks then the others have all together in 4 years. i will buy this one again when its time.
    Written by stephanie, -2012-10-12

  • leaks!!!!!!!!!

    Very hard to ajust! Hurts nose bridge!! When useing ramp up Leaks like a Strainer!!! JUNK! No Sleep!! Otherwise Good product!
    Written by P C Y Ma., -2012-09-30