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Headgear for Zest, Zest Q & Lady Zest Q CPAP/BiPAP Masks

Headgear for Zest, Zest Q & Lady Zest Q CPAP/BiPAP Masks
Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel
Part Number(s): 400HC314, 400HC316, 400HC325
GTIN Number(s): 09420012421425, 09420012422149,
Warranty: 30-Day Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7035

Materials: Latex Free

  •  $27.89

Fisher & Paykel's StretchGear Headgear is a comfortable and breathable elastic headgear, specially designed to maintain a firm seal. This headgear is compatible with all Zest and FlexiFit series CPAP/BiPAP Masks including the FlexiFit 405, FlexiFit 406, FlexiFit 407, Zest, Zest Q, and Lady Zest Q.

Sizes & Color Information: StretchGear Headgear is available in two sizes -- Standard and Petite. Any size headgear can be used on any Zest series mask. StretchGear Headgear was originally available in two color patterns -- Black and Pink with Rose Patterning. Unfortunately the Pink patterned headgear has now been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Purchaser Verified Reviews

  • Great product

    These straps are great I love them
    Written by TonyPomales, 2018-03-23

  • So far, excellent

    Have been using it for a few weeks. So far, it has been a great product. For me, the real test will be how it holds up after a year or more of use--my last one from a different manufacturer lasted for 3+ years.
    Written by The Roger, 2016-02-21

  • Pretty pink

    I'm allergic to black die. So the headgear was breaking me out in a nast red itchy rash. The pink one is just right.
    Written by New2Me, 2015-06-23

  • Excellent service

    Item was exactly what I needed and ordered. Delivered fast. Very happy.
    Written by Bob, 2013-01-21