In-Line Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) Humidifier for CPAP/BiPAP Therapy


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Heat Moisture Exchanger

  • Brand:Human Design Medical
  • Part Numbers:HD60-2100

A unique alternative to bulky water based humidifiers, Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) Humidifiers for CPAP & BiPAP therapy capture heat and moisture from your sleep therapy air and exhalations, preserving and increasing humidity to prevent your airways from drying out.


  • Convenient Alternative to Traditional Water Based Humidifiers
  • Each HME Filter Will Last Approximately One Week
  • No Extra Machinery or Calibration Needed
  • Compatible with most CPAP/BiPAP Machines
  • Quick & Simple to Install and Replace

These inline HME Humidifier Filters are easy to install and should not require re-calibration on most CPAP/biPAP machines. Simply attach the HME between your mask and your standard CPAP/BiPAP breathing tube. After that, turn on your machine and experience a steady flow of humidified sleep therapy air.

When using your CPAP/BiPAP the HME Filter captures heat and moisture from the air as you exhale. It then returns heat and moisture to the breathing circuit with each inhalation creating a comfortable, effective and convenient humidified breathing system.

Usage Information: Heat Moisture Exchange Humidifiers should be changed as needed when humidification levels appear to drop -- usually about once a week with proper storage and nightly use. When not in use HMEs should be stored a sealed plastic bag (i.e. a ZipLock). The HME will immediately begin to collect moisture and humidity when exposed to air. (Note: In-Line HME packaging originally recommended replacement of the HME on a daily basis; however weekly changes have been found to be more effective and the packaging is being updated to reflect this.)


  • Manufacturer:Human Design Medical
  • Part Numbers:HD60-2100
  • HCPCS Codes:A7038
  • GTIN Codes:00859477004093
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Dimensions:3.25 x 2.00 x 2.00 Inches
  • Weight:1 Ounce
  • This is a Test that is Working for Me and my Bi-PAP -- Because

    This purchase is a test. DISCLOSURE: I have NOT used the HME alone only as I describe below. Since I am well satisfied with my method, I have no reason to try anything else. A AirCurve 10 Bi-pap user for a few years, living in the Phoenix area, I always use a humidifier. I purchased the HME in an attempt to allow me to travel (on a motorcycle) with my machine without having to lug the tank and find distilled water each night. I use a F20 AirTouch full face mask. I am now past 5 continuous nights of using the HME for the first time, looking to see how it goes through night 7. I thought plugging in the HME at the mask/hose connection would be uncomfortable, bulky and in the way. I notice no difference in mask comfort and fit using the HME. I am mostly a right side sleeper and position my (15 mm) hose to run up over my forehead. using velcro security clips to keep the hose in position from the machine to the top of my pillow. This position, for me is comfortable when on my side and even when on my back. No increased machine or breath noises, that I can notice Here's the "BECAUSE" that I think makes this test work well. A year ago I talked to my dentist about sometimes waking up with a dry mouth. He recommended I use XYLIMETLS ( avail on line Amazon (much cheaper) than in the drug section at Walmart. They worked well for me. When I use the HME, I place one minty tablet against my teeth, up and back, on one side; down and back, on the other. They do not promote tooth decay and following directions will stick to your teeth while the melt off through the night. I haven't swallowed or choked on one yet! Each morning during this test I have woken up with a moist mouth and a smile. I will be using this combination on several multi-day trips this summer using each HME for 7 days then tossing. I use a Zip Lock quart freezer bag to store the HME between uses.
    Written by philzhd, Phoenix Metro Area, Arizona -2019-05-18

  • Traveler

    Planning a trip, trying to eliminate carrying the whole machine, could not afford the portable. Spoke with my Dr., he suggested the HME. I am presently trying it (first week). Presently, satisfied. Confused in beginning as to where the water was to come from. Emailed the company and received a quick response.
    Written by hubmar2, -2019-01-30

  • Wonderful product

    Product works as advertised- great!
    Written by grlanger, -2019-01-17

  • Good product

    Great price, fast shipping, no complaints!
    Written by dwalton, -2019-01-08

  • Works well.

    I tested this because i have trouble finding distilled water when i travel. They work great!
    Written by renmoren, -2018-12-17

  • Less is more

    Not only are these humidifiers much more convenient; they weigh less, are compact and I especally like the fact that the amount of water coming into my face mask is less than the conventional humidifiers.
    Written by jhubit1, -2018-11-26

  • Excellent product.

    Much more convenient than distilled water both for travel and at home.
    Written by olausen, -2018-11-02

  • Limited Use

    I have only used this once for my travel c-pap but it seems to work very well.
    Written by Lcabrito2, -2018-08-23

  • Good product

    Mouth was not like a desert the day after use
    Written by njohnsonrn88, -2018-08-20

  • Better than nothing!

    These HME's are easy to use, they fit my equipment with no problems and don't interfere with sleep at all. I found that my nose/mouth wasn't as dry as they get without an HME, but I wouldn't say that the humidity level was as high as when you use a regular humidifier. They're better than nothing, but not a total solution. Purchase and delivery were flawless . . .
    Written by hisser, -2018-04-18

  • Fast Service, Good

    Ordered the HME's and they came to the house quickly and were packaged well. Good price also made a good buying experience!
    Written by jnyvegas, -2017-11-25

  • Almost there...

    Works pretty well but the large end needs to be rubber to accommodate the plastic connections of other parts.
    Written by chris b, Cedar Park -2017-08-24

  • Heat moisture exchange unit

    Tried this out in place of water humidifier and could not tell the difference. Makes sense to take this small tube insert vice the large humidifier tray.
    Written by Tom B, -2016-12-03

  • Works for me

    These filters actually work as a humidifier replacement. Duration wise, they can easily last one week. The only downside is that they are a little bulky and make the tubing heavier
    Written by Giorgio R, -2016-02-14

  • Z in line moisterizer

    Works great with transcend no dry mouth
    Written by Harry M, -2015-10-08

  • Really wanted it to work

    I travel a couple of times a year for long periods. Lugging my CPAP and humidifier around isn't fun. I was really hoping this would work so that I could lighten my load by just carrying my M-series machine. But, alas, unfortunately it just dries me out too much without the humidifier. In checking the machine data, there is an indication that I had less large leaks using this instead of the usual set up somehow. Apnea score about the same. But my dried out tongue and throat tell the story. So, as much as I had hoped this would work for me, it really didn't.
    Written by Glenn, -2014-09-09

  • The trick is to keep it close to your mask

    This humidifier works to minimize loss of moisture that you breathe out from the mask, and is thus retained for you to re-breathe. It still allows air to run through it. When we breathe out, a very large amount of natural moisture escapes with each exhalation. In order to take advantage of this, the humidifier/blue sponge should be as close to your mask as possible, which is not always possible with certain types of masks, like nasal pillow designs. If you want to use a nasal pillow design mask with a heat exchanger humidifier, it is still possible to put a little "cylinder" of blue sponge material at the entry spot where the hose goes into the mask. But this particular humidifier won't allow you to do that. You CAN do it with the one that is offered by CPapxchange made for the Transcend dehumidifier, which is not enclosed in a plastic fitting. It is vitally important NEVER to cover the exhalation outlet parts of your mask with any materials, including these filters. This means installing the blue filter OUTSIDE of your mask, usually where the hose line connects to it. The exhalation portion of each mask is scientifically designed by the manufacturer to allow carbon dioxide to exit from your mask. All masks are very carefully tested to accomplish that. However, after experimentation, I found this works quite well. Remember to discard the blue sponge material after 7 days. They are never designed for longer use. Please note that this advice is NOT in any way endorsed by CPapxchange and is entirely my own observation and suggestion. CPapxchange does not take any position on this recommendation. They are required by law to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers they represent. Any messages you read from customers are NEVER endorsed by CPapxchange.
    Written by Michael R , -2014-08-24

  • What they said

    1) Yes, it is not as nice as heated humidification. However, 2) It works great when indoor humidity is not too low (e.g., winter -- but can't test for Winter for another 4 months). 3) I agree that the size and weight savings even for two or three weeks travel are amazing. 4) I agree that not having to get water, clean humidifier tray, or plug in a humidifier make business trips easier. Am studying use with 3 masks and comparing data to regular humidification. Will post results if different.
    Written by Harlan, -2014-08-24

  • HME Filter

    Does the job claimed - okay for travel on the go. Nothing as good as a real humidifier of course.
    Written by Sue, -2014-08-01

  • moisture filter

    nice unit.... so far...
    Written by ANDREW B, -2014-06-18

  • Works With My Restar

    I've been using the inline humidifier filter with my Remstar CPAP for business trips. It's much better than bringing the whole humidifier and having to clean that every morning before leaving. So far I've been getting several days with each filter, but I haven't tried to stretch it to a week yet. I still use my heated humidifier at home, but these are really useful for reducing travel bulk.
    Written by Tony R, -2014-05-20