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IntelliPAP AutoAdjust Auto-CPAP Machine with SmartFlex

Proudly made in the U.S.A. with a focus on patients and usability, the clean sophisticated design of the DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Series of CPAP/BiPAP Systems is a great step forward in CPAP design.

The IntelliPAP AutoAdjust CPAP adjusts therapy levels automatically throughout the night to provide the lowest pressure levels possible for successful, comfortable therapy. In addition it offers SmartFlex pressure relief, whisper quiet operation, an exceptionally small footprint, a rich feature set, and the industry's longest warranty. It is an ideal Auto-CPAP solution for use at home or away.


  • Advanced Auto-Adjusting Pressure for Personalized Treatment
  • SmartFlex Pressure Relief for Added Comfort
  • Rich Feature Set
  • Clean, Sophisticated Design Looks Great in the Bedroom
  • Exceptionally Small Footprint -- Great for Travel & Home
  • Durable Construction with a 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Optional Integrated Heated Humidifier
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Built in Universal Power Supply with SlimLine Power Cord
  • Easy & Intuitive Setup with Backlit LCD
  • SmartCode Therapy Compliance Tracking
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Manufacturer: Drive DeVilbiss
Part Number(s): DV54D, DV54D-HH
GTIN Number(s): 00885304001966
In the Box: IntelliPAP AutoAdjust Auto-CPAP Machine, Travel Bag, Filters (Reusable Foam & Ultra Fine), 6-Foot Tube, Printed Users Manual, Power Cord, 5-Year Warranty. Select Additional Tubing, Power & Humidification Options in Cart.
Warranty: 5-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): E0601

Machine Operating Modes: CPAP, Auto-CPAP
Machine Pressure Range: 3 to 20 cm H2O
Machine Pressure Increment: 0.5 cm H2O
Machine Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.9 x 4.2 Inches; 6.5 x 8.4 x 6.4 with Humidifier (Approximate)
Machine Weight: 2.75 Pounds; 4.45 Pounds with Humidifier (Approximate)
Tubing Compatibility: All 22mm Standard Tubing
Operating Altitude: Sea Level to 9000 Feet
Operating Sound Levels: 26 dBA (Average)
Filters: Reusable Foam and (Optional) Ultra Fine Disposable
Comfort Technologies: SmartFlex
Leak Compensation: Automatic
Pressure Ramp: Yes, 0 to 45 Minutes User Adjustable in 5 Minute Increments
Pressure Ramp Start: 3 to Minimum Therapy Pressure Setting
Altitude Adjustment: Automatic
Automatic Start & Stop: Yes
Supplemental Oxygen Use: Compatible with O2 Adapter
Display: LCD Display
Default Settings: Mode Auto-CPAP, Minimum Pressure 5 cm H2O, Maximum Pressure 15 cm H2O, Ramp 20 Minutes, Ramp Start Pressure 4 cm H2O, Auto-Start Off, Auto-Stop Off.
Humidifier: (Optional) Integrated Heated Humidifier
Humidifier Settings: 1 (Lowest) to 10 (Highest) and Off
Humidifier Chamber Capacity: 400 mL to Max Fill Line
Humidifier Chamber Type(s): Long Life Dishwasher Safe
AC Power: Slimline AC Power Cord
AC Power Input Range: Universal 100-240V, 50-60Hz
AC Power Cord Total Length: 8 Feet (Approximate)
AC Power Consumption: 65 Watts
DC Power: DC Power Cord (Optional)
DC Power Input Range: 10.4 to 15V DC
DC Power Cord Total Length: 6 Feet (Approximate)
Battery Power: (Optional) External Long Life or Lightweight Travel Battery Pack
Data Storage: Onboard
Data Viewing: IntelliPAP.COM
Data Included: Cumulative Use Statistics as well as Statistics for the Last 1, 7, 30, and 90 days including: Total Days Used, Days Used at Least 4 hours, Percent of Days Used at Least 4 Hours, SmartCode Compliance Score, Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI), Percentile Pressure, High Leak Flow Time, Non-Responding Event Index (NRI), and Exhale Puff Index (EPI).
Data Transmission Options: SmartCode

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Customer Reviews

Great machine

I never thought I would say this about a CPAP machine. I love this one.
By Helen H,

auto cpap

The machine works great, I'm surprised how quiet the new unit is. on auto it ranged at a much lower pressure to get the job done. No more overdoing the pressure which i didn't need and it tended to make the headgear leak more easily. Good job cpapXchange!
By Steve M,

Love it!!

Love this Cpap machine! Quick delivery also! Thank you !!
By Regina,

Just plain great

This is my third machine, the last two were Remstars. It works great is light, small and easy to travel with but best of all it is quiet. I mean really quiet. The only noise you hear is breathing in the mask and I'm using a quiet mask there. The only problem so far is getting use to night time house noises again. If it weren't for the light on the machine anyone else in the room doesn't know if it is on or off. The warranty is also longer than other machines so I'm looking forward to several years of quiet.
By Jim,

Great machine!

This is the best sleep I have had in years and cpapxchange was incredibly helpful in helping me get my prescription out of the clutches of my greedy doctor who kept trying to get me to spend money on sleep studies I didnt need. This is simply the best company to order anything from period!
By Eric N,

Cpap Smartflex

Wow what a great machine I love the smart flex doesn't just blow full force right away. Only uses full cm when needead nd it's a very quiet machine all you hear is the air coming from the mask. By far the best machine i have used to date. Easy to sleep without all the noise so i rate this machine Excellent and thanks for all your help at cpap exchange. And thanks for the live help and wonderful employees keep up the great work ! Yes I will buy from cpap exchange again...
By Alan,

Love it!

I just recently upgraded to an IntelliPAP machine. I like that it has a smaller footprint, not occupying as much space on my night table. What I truly enjoy is how quiet it is. You don't hear it at all, which makes it a better night's sleep, in comparison to my previous machine from another vendor. Among features that are specially nice is the opportunity to adjust the humidifier rather than a or-set parameter. I live in Puerto Rico and for the first time I don't worry if I will wake up with a dry throat. Only one thing is I am going to change to a longer hose. The air supply is from the back of the machine which in my case shortens the length from my night table, however but machine is adaptable to a longer length. Love the unit and most definitely sleeping much better than before and feeling refreshed in the morning. A great buy!
By Arym,

Best yet

This is my second machine, the first an ICON quit working. The IntelliPAP is an improvement. It relaxes as I exhale allowing a less labored push (exhale). The ICON constantly heated water which meant it was ready and heated when I went to bed, but this also creates more build-up of junk in the water reservoir. The IntelliPAP heats after I turn it on but the way the reservoir is laid out it appears it is able to quickly warm the air. I like the IntelliPAP's auto on. It senses when you have placed the mask/ nasal gels on and turns itself on. It can also be set to turn itself off when you remove the mask. Very good machine so far.
By William,

Wonderful machine!

I have been on CPAP therapy for 14 years, and used two Remstars & a Resmed before now. I am thrilled with this machine. (Sounds silly to be thrilled with a machine used for sleeping--unless you're the one who can't sleep!!!) It's so quiet you can't even tell it's on. The only sound is your breath in the mask. it's even pretty. So compact. Great value for the $$$. I couldn`t be happier :) Great service too!
By Cathy ,

All Good...

The Intellipap is very quiet and simple to use. I was glad to get the new unit. Once I got the proper wording on my prescription everything went smoothly, and the staff at CpapXchange were very helpful and prompt.
By Steve,

IntelliPAP AutoAdjust Auto-CPAP System with SmartFlex

I can not believe how great this machine is. I use it without the humidifier that I purchased and love it. I awake so rested which I never did in the last seven years with the Remstar Pro from respironics which I did use with the humidifier. This machine adjusts perfectly to my needs and will be so easy to take on trips. I purchased it from cpapXchange for a fraction of the cost that the health care provider (that my sleep doctor and Humana sent me to) was going to charge. So glad I researched online before committing to the big$$
By JR,

Small, Quiet and Love the Smart Code

This is a wonderful auto pap. I wish I had traded my old noisy CPAP machine for this sooner. I love how quiet is is so much so that hubby actually put his hand on it to make sure it was on:) My favorite thing is the smart code I like being able to keep an eye on how I an doing. I have been sleeping so much better since I purchased my IntelliPAP AutoAdjust and the pressure is just what I need to feel good.
By Dream Chick,

Great machine

Wonderful sleeping experience. I have been using machines for over 10 years. The smartflex works like a dream (pun intended). No more billowing of the face mask seal when exhaling. Extraordinarily quiet. Easy to fill humidifier.
By Steven,

the best cpap.

Cpap price is acceptable. 5 year warranty unmatched with similar products. Overall: lightweight, compact, quiet and efficient. Excellent customer service.
By Alejandra,

Works better than I expected.

I was replacing an older CPAP with this model and I have been really impressed with it. It works great and I highly recommend it.
By Steven,