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  • For Reference:Discontinued 2021-09-14
  • Brand:Drive DeVilbiss
  • Warranty:5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

The IntelliPAP BiLevel S System is a great choice for people who require higher therapy pressures and bilevel therapy. The IntelliPAP BiLevel offers a wide pressure range from 3-25cm and can be operated in CPAP or BiLevel mode. In BiLevel mode the IntelliPAP offers adjustable IPAP and EPAP settings and exclusive Flow-Rounding technology that softens the transition from IPAP to EPAP to promote comfort and successful therapy.

The IntelliPAP BiLevel features SmartCode technology for easy access to therapy information and compliance data by both patients and doctors. It's large LCD display (which can be turned off when not needed) shows actual pressure, leak rate, breathing rate, I/E ratio, respiratory events, and more. As with all IntelliPAP systems you can expect whisper quiet operation (26 dBA average), automatic altitude adjustment, adjustable ramp, and the industry's longest standard warranty (5 years!). When travel is a concern take advantage of the compact design allowing the BiLevel, humidifier, hose and accessories to store away in its travel bag.

intellipapIn addition to being a great BiPAP system the IntelliPAP can be coupled with a brilliant, truly-integrated heated humidifier. The IntelliPAP Integrated Heated Humidifier docks into the bottom of the unit without requiring a separate hose or power cord.The humidifier chamber is easy to remove and replace and it includes built-in overfill protection which prevents humidifier water from damaging the BiLevel!


  • Clean, sophisticated design with an exceptionally small footprint fits easily into the home environment and carry-on luggage
  • Durable electronics and long lasting construction including the industry leading, 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Super quiet operation (Best in class at 26 dBA average)
  • Wide pressure range (3 to 25 cm H20) and adjustable ramp (0 to 45 min) allow you to fall asleep at a lower pressure
  • No bulky (and heavy) power brick and an 8-ft power cord provide greater positioning flexibility
  • Large, slip-resistant pads on the bottom of the unit minimize movement
  • Easy and intuitive setup -- three large buttons control most fuctions -- and a large, backlit LCD display (which can be turned off when not needed)
  • Auto on/off starts the flow of air after breathing into the mask and stops the flow of air when the mask is removed
  • Universal Power Supply - Automatic voltage regulator and international power supply for operation on AC currents from 110 to 240 without adjustments. (Plug adapter may be needed for operation outside of the United States.)
  • SmartCode® therapy tracking encodes usage data into a series of letters and numbers that can be easily decrypted using free software
  • LCD display shows actual pressure, leak rate, and patient breathing parameters such as breath rate, I/E ratio, respiratory events, minute volume and tidal volume
  • Respiratory Event Detection algorithm scores patient breathing patterns detecting apneas, hypopneas and non-responding events. Reports generated by SmartLink® or SmartCode®
  • Exclusive Flow-Rounding technology softens transitions from IPAP to EPAP


  • For Reference:Discontinued 2021-09-14
  • Manufacturer:Drive DeVilbiss
  • Part Numbers:DV55D, DV55D-HH
  • Warranty:5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:IntelliPAP BiLevel Machine, Travel Bag, Filters (Reusable Foam & Ultra Fine), 6-Foot Tube, Printed Users Manual, Power Cord, 5-Year Warranty. Select Additional Tubing, Power & Humidification Options in Cart.
  • HCPCS Codes:E0470
  • GTIN Codes:00885304001973
  • RX Required:Prescription required prior to shipment. Click to learn more about submitting prescriptions.
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Dimensions:6.5 x 6.9 x 4.2 Inches; 6.5 x 8.4 x 6.4 with Humidifier
  • Weight:2.75 Pounds; 4.45 Pounds with Humidifier
  • Operating Modes:CPAP, BiLevel
  • Pressure Range:3 to 25 cm H2O
  • Pressure Increment:0.5 cm H2O
  • Display: LCD Display
  • Tubing Compatibility:All 22mm Standard Tubing
  • Operating Altitude:Sea Level to 9000 Feet
  • Sound Levels:26 dBA
  • Filters:Reusable Foam and (Optional) Ultra Fine Disposable
  • Default Settings: Mode BiLevel, iPAP Pressure 15 cm H2O, ePAP Pressure 15 cm H2O, Ramp 20 Minutes, Ramp Start Pressure 4 cm H2O, Auto-Start Off, Auto-Stop Off.


  • Leak Compensation:Automatic
  • Pressure Ramp:Yes, 0 to 45 Minutes User Adjustable in 5 Minute Increments
  • Pressure Ramp Start: 3 to ePAP or CPAP Therapy Pressure Setting
  • Altitude Adjustment: Automatic
  • Auto Start & Stop: Yes
  • Supplemental Oxygen: Compatible with O2 Adapter


  • Data Storage: Onboard
  • Data Viewing:IntelliPAP.COM


  • Humidifier:(Optional) Integrated Heated Humidifier
  • Humidifier Settings:1 (Lowest) to 10 (Highest) and Off
  • Chamber Capacity:400 mL
  • Chamber Types:Long Life Dishwasher Safe


  • AC Power: SlimLine North American AC Power Cord
  • AC Input Range:Universal 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • AC Cord Length:8 Feet
  • AC Consumption:65 Watts


  • DC Power:DC Power Cord (Optional)
  • DC Input Range:10.4 to 15V DC
  • DC Cord Length:6 Feet


  • Battery Power:(Optional) External Long Life or Lightweight Travel Battery Pack
  • Great Unit!!


    I bought this machine when I was first diagnosed with both central and obstructive apnea. The machine I started with was similar but the payments were way way high each month. So for the price I paid for this unit I felt it was worth the money. I was spot on in my thought. This machine has been nothing but superior for my needs. Its quiet, doesn't take up much space, and travels easily. With the 5 year guarantee, the price, and the value of craftsmanship, I would recommend this product to everyone that is looking. Hands down I am pleased with my purchase.
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  • Wonderful unit, but 1 minor flaw


    I am approaching my 1 Yr.Anniversary ( 5 days from today). And this was a purchase that was well worth it..I found out that I had to purchase it in cash because BCBS was trying to rip me off by making me purchase a respironics unit from a DME provider and not covering the cost with an Exhorbant mark up...THANK GOD I got the scrip in hand ( insist on it if you get a sleep study run)...anyway...this unit does everything, and the Smartlink module is easy to run and track your results...worth every penny...couple that with the industry's longest warranty and you have a winning combination...Devilbiss has always been the 1st name in air related is only natural that they are also into the medical field...oh the only minor drawback....the Humidifier chamber could have been a bit will totally dry out (from tip top full to bone dry) if settings 8-10 are used in 8 hrs....but it is only a minor problem....
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