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Long Life Battery Pack for ResMed Machines - DISCONTINUED

The Universal Long Life Rechargeable Battery Pack provides the ultimate in power and convenience when combined with your CPAP/BiLevel machine.

It is compatible with systems from all major manufacturers and is ideal for unexpected power outages, camping, and life "off the grid." This package includes a DC Power Cord for use with ResMed CPAP/BiLevel/VPAP Machines.


  • Powerful & Long Lasting (2-3 Nights on Average)
  • Universally Compatible with All CPAP/BiPAP Machines
  • Convenient Carrying Case Included
  • Great for Power Outages and Life "Off the Grid"
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Manufacturer: cpapXchange
Part Number(s): 1028869-RESMED
GTIN Number(s):
In the Box: Long Life CPAP/BiLevel Battery Pack, Travel Case, Power Cord (for Recharging the Battery Pack), and DC Power Cord (for Powering Your Machine from the Battery Pack or any 12V DC Socket).
Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): E1399

Available Colors: Black
Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 7 Inches (Approximate)
AC Power: Universal AC Recharger
AC Power Input Range: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
AC Power Supply Dimensions: 4.25 x 2.50 x 1.50 Inches (Approx)
AC Power Cord Total Weight: 10 Ounces (Approximate)
AC Power Cord Total Length: 11 Feet 6 Inches (Approximate)
Battery Power: Long Life Battery PAck
Battery Weight: 13 Pounds (Approximate)
Battery Runtime: 2-3 Nights Depending on Settings. Lower pressure settings will increase run times and higher pressure settings will decrease run times. (Average)
Battery Recharge Time From Fully Depleted: 10 Hours (Average)
Battery Recharging: Universal AC Recharging Cord Included
Battery Type: Non-Spillable Lead Acid
Battery Notes: Please read our Important Usage Tips for advice on battery use, storage, and charging. For full usage instructions please review the user manual that came with your machine.
AirSense 10 CPAP Machines: Compatible with all AirSense 10 Series CPAP Machines including AirSense 10, AirSense 10 Elite, AirSense 10 AutoSet, etc. Average Run Times: 19-21 hours at 10CM, 13-15 hours at 16CM.
AirCurve 10 BiLevel Machines: Compatible with all AirCurve 10 Series BiLevel Machines including AirCurve 10 S, AirCurve 10 V-Auto, AirCurve 10 ST, AirCurve 10 ASV, etc. Average Run Times: 14-16 hours at 16/10CM, 13-15 hours at 20/10CM.
S9 Series CPAP & BiLevel Machines: Compatible with all S9 Series CPAP & BiLevel Machines including S9 Escape, S9 Elite, S9 Escape Auto, S9 AutoSet, S9 VPAP S, S9 VPAP ST, S9 VPAP ASV, etc. Average CPAP Run Times: 19-21 hours at 10CM, 13-15 hours at 16CM; Average BiLevel Run Times: 14-16 hours at 16/10CM, 13-15 hours at 20/10CM.
S8, S7 & Older ResMed Machines: ResMed no longer manufactures DC Power Cords for their older machines including the S8, S7 and previous model series. Battery packages for these older models include a ResMed approved Tripp Lite Power Inverter for powering your machine from the battery pack. Run times vary based on a wide number of factors however typical usage of 14-16 hours at 10CM and 13-15 hours at 16CM are common.

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Customer Reviews

Long Life Battery Pack

This product is very large and heavy (11 pounds). I was expecting something that would fit into a suitcase and run my CPAP for a couple of nights without power. This looks like it could start my car.
By David B,