Integrated Heated Humidifier for M-Series REMstar Series - DISCONTINUED


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  • For Reference:Discontinued 2015-09-17
  • Brand:Philips Respironics

No matter how sophisticated a sleep system is, sometimes CPAP/BiPAP therapy can still cause dry mouth, nasal irritation and congestion. That’s why the REMstar M Series offers the comfort of heated and cool passover humidification with two fully integrated humidification units.


  • Small, sleek, lightweight design is easy to use and good looking
  • Ultra-quiet operation for a great night's sleep
  • Truly integrates with M Series REMstar CPAP/BiPAP Systems

The M Series humidifiers use a redesigned “hidden” water chamber that is easier to use, and easier to fill than previous models, and the chamber has a high capacity to deliver continuous humidification throughout the night.

The REMstar M Series Heated Humidifier features a new easy-turn dial that can easily be set to one of 5 levels, even in the dark. And, it doesn’t need to be reset during the night if therapy is temporarily suspended.


  • For Reference:Discontinued 2015-09-17
  • Manufacturer:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:1049109 (Replaces 1037652 and 1022257)
  • In The Package:M-Series Heated Humidifier, water chamber, and two humidifier couplings
  • HCPCS Codes:E0562
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards
General Specifications
  • M-Series Humidifiers are compatible with all M-Series CPAP/BiPAP Systems including the MSeries REMstar "Basic" CPAP, MSeries REMstar Plus, MSeries REMstar Pro, MSeries REMstar Auto, M-Series BiPAP Plus and the MSeries BiPAP Auto
Dimensions & Weight (Approximate)
  • DIMENSIONS = 8.25" x 8.75" x 4" - The humidifier adds approximately 3.75" to the width, and .75" to the height and depth of the MSeries CPAP/BiPAP unit
  • WEIGHT = Approximately 1.2lbs
  • POWER SUPPLY = NA (Power provided directly by CPAP/BiPAP)
Power & Performance (Heated Humidifier Only)
  • UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY = Input Range 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • HUMIDIFIER SETTINGS = 1 to 5 (104º to 158º)
  • RELATIVE HUMIDITY RANGE = 15 to 95% (non-condensing)
  • HUMIDITY LEVEL = 10 to 40 mg H2O/l
  • WARRANTY = 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty (Humidifier)
  • Humidifier Was Perfect Replacement for M-Series CPAP


    Was somewhat hesitant to order as replacement for my aging M-Series CPAP but it worked out perfectly! Delivery was really quick as was assembly. Highly recommend.
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  • Cpapxchange to the rescue


    I woke up to a flashing blue light on my humidifier on a Wednesday morning and by Friday evening I was back sleeping comfortably all with free shipping to boot. So happy I found your site for this part.
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  • Same as it ever was


    Great! It was a factory new humidifier just like my old one. Very fast shipping. Great customer Service.
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  • Excellent Customer Service


    Shawnna was excellent in keeping me informed regarding my order. It took some time to get my doctor to send over the prescription. She was in constant contact with me until the order shipped.
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  • REMstar Plus


    As modern DME goes, this REMstar Plus is a decent piece of equipment. I've had the REMstar plus CPAP and humidifier since September, 2007. It has worked well until the humidifier failed in September 2013. (The failure was either the Heatron heating element or the PCA. I was unable to find specs for those, but was able to rule out the heater's thermistor via a voltage test.) I was able to get 6 trouble-free years out of this machine by largely ignoring the advice of the DME who originally supplied it and instead following maintenance procedures I would apply to a garage type air compressor. Key to longevity was running the machine with a empty, dried chamber 10-30 minutes daily after waking, which flush all moisture out of the system. (I was able to make a CPAPxchange 8' lightweight hose last over 5 years with no mold whatsoever...eventually the hose failed - ripped - at the rubber connection ends.) Keep the equipment clean and dry and it will generally last. Ignore your local DME. They are only interested in selling you overpriced equipment as often as they can. That is why I stopped buying from such as supplier and became a CPAPxchange customer.
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