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Nasal Soft Cushion Mask Pad for Various CPAP/BiPAP Masks

Made from a patented gel containing pharmaceutical grade mineral oil the Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion is designed to help CPAP/BiPAP users prevent nasal skin irritation, nasal bridge soreness and mask leaks.

The Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion is compatible with a wide variety of nasal and full face masks from all major manufacturers.

BUY MORE & SAVE: 3+ = $13.95 Each.
Manufacturer: Sleep Care Technology
Part Number(s): 1098511
GTIN Number(s): 00752030041002
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7032

Available Colors: Blue
Dimensions: 3.5 Inches at the Widest Point (Approximate)
Materials: Latex Free, Silicone Free

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Customer Reviews


It was a very good experience, I'm very pleased with the product it works great. And I will buy more.
By carma61,


I can't fit it comfortably under my mask.
By tgins0429,

Great little product that solved the sore nose issue

My mask was causing sore on the ridge of my nose. This product stopped that from happening. The only reason this product didn't get 5 stars, was the cost and longevity. (lasts only 30 days)
By onelunglow,

Do not like

It is hard to get it to stay in place, infact, it is hard to put on. I like the other brand way better
By sami,


I had high hopes that using the nasal cushion mask pad would help keep the mask in place and stop the dinky little air leaks during the night. No such luck. I don't understand how the device stays on the faces in the ads. My cushion pad keeps slipping and makes putting the mask on a frustrating experience. On those nights when I am successful in getting both the cushion pad and the mask comfortably on my face I find that the cushion pad is easily displaced during sleep. I'm still trying but as of today the mask functions better without the pad, my sleep is better and I am more comfortable without it.
By cynliss88,

Waste of Money

It doesnt stay on and it doesnt help prevent c-pap mask marks
By Lillkordik,


received item did what was said to do wash with soap after it dried tried to use it would not stay on my nose or my flash $17 down the drain would like a refund can send back if u want
By hunterjohn60,

easier on the nose

I have trouble with the cpap mask irritating the bridge of my nose and leaking. This solves the problem. Only thing is that the cushion is designed for a much larger nose and face. Once I get used to positioning the cushion, I may trim it down so less is flopping on the bridge of my nose.
By raeanne65,

Blue cpap/bipap

I ordered 2 blue cushion mask pad. I am so dissppointed. It never stayed on an yes. We followed directions. My money was wasted, not good.
By mpaulette43,

My cushion mask pad

This particular mask pad did not work well on my nose. I ha a very narrow bridge on my nose, and the mask always leaks. I have a small mask, and my sleep doctor recommended this one to me to see if it is a good fit. It was not. I have tried others too, but none of them can get a grip right enough to stop the air from leaking out. I am open to your feedback, and your recommendations. Alisa Grant
By michellegrant1967,

Not Worth Purchasing

The cushion mask did not alleviate the irritation caused by the mask.
By mlfsoloway,

Nasal Soft

Doesn't stay in place -does not help seal or comfort
By croneleetun,

Don't use it with a silicone mask

My TrueBlue mask is now ruined. The liner worked great the first night, kept a tight seal and I was in heaven. No more pressure point marks/bruises on my nose bridge. HOWEVER, I noticed the second night that my mask wasn't sealing like before. Third night, same thing. I took my mask off and really looked at it the next morning and the cushion's soft outer flap (silicone) was warped out of shape and felt "thinner" where the mask pad had been. Now it's ruined. So, I recommend this but with a big BUT: don't use this if you have a silicone mask flap. It'll ruin it quickly. Now I'm in the market for a new mask!
By Renee V.,

Nose guide

It is wonderful as it saves any soreness to my nose
By Mike ,

Finally-No more pain

I never knew these existed. It is wonderful and helps with keeping the bridge of my nose from hurting. Only complaint, you do have to keep it in place until you place your mask. Not really a complaint.
By Penny K,