Nasal-Aire II Cannula Style CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear


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Nasal-Aire II with 1 Prong - ExtraSmall
Nasal-Aire II with 1 Prong - Small
Nasal-Aire II with 1 Prong - Medium
Nasal-Aire II with 1 Prong - MediumPlus
Nasal-Aire II with 1 Prong - Large
Nasal-Aire II with 1 Prong - ExtraLarge
Nasal-Aire II with 6 Prongs - FitPack with All Sizes
Adjustable Headgear
FREE 30-Night Money Back Guarantee + Manufacturer's Standard Warranty

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  • Brand:InnoMed Technologies
  • Part Numbers:XS301, SM302, MD303, MP304, LG305, XL306, K2A
  • Sizes:Extra Small, Small, Medium, Medium Plus, Large, Extra Large
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

The Nasal-Aire II is a breakthrough "cannula style" mask with no hard frame and extremely minimal facial contact so it can be worn for any length of time without discomfort. Nasal-Aire II Prongs (or Pillows) are soft and lightweight with six sizes available to fit a very wide range of users. Adaptive, adjustable headgear straps are also included for optional use.


  • Ergonomically Designed, Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Minimal Contact with No Hard Frame
  • Six Prong Sizes Available to Fit a Wide Range of Users
  • Unique "Wear it Your Way" Headgear
  • Built in Tubing Swivel

Ergonomically Designed, Lightweight & Comfortable: The Nasal-Aire II is lightweight and comfortable to wear with an ergonomically designed shape that follows the contours of the face without pinching or pressure points. The minimalist construction has no hard frame and requires minimal facial contact so it's great for people concerned about facial marking or tight headgear straps.

Six Prong Sizes Available: The Nasal-Aire II is available with six different prong/pillow sizes -- ExtraSmall, Small, Medium, MediumPlus, Large, ExtraLarge -- to fit a very wide range of users. If you're uncertain of which size you need, choose the FitPack option in your shopping cart so you can try all of the sizes to find your best fit.

Unique "Wear it Your Way" Headgear: Nasal-Aire II comes with uniquely adapter headgear straps that you can wear your way or not at all. Nasal-Aire II's headgear isn't required, but it is included for people who prefer added stability with their mask. Use the complete set of headgear straps for extreme stability; wear the headband only for medium stability; or use just the bolo velcro strap for minimal added stability.

Built in Tubing Swivel: At the end of the Nasal-Aire II is a 360º Swivel that lets your CPAP/BiPAP Tubing swivel freely as you move and shift during the night reducing tension, drag and pull on the Nasal-Aire II Mask.


  • Manufacturer:InnoMed Technologies
  • Part Numbers:XS301, SM302, MD303, MP304, LG305, XL306, K2A
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Nasal Pillow Mask with 1 Nasal Pillow/Prong (ExtraSmall, Small, Medium, MediumPlus, Large or ExtraLarge) and Headgear. Upgrade to a FitPack with All 6 Nasal Pillow/Prong Sizes in Your Cart.
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:00885304017578
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Extra Small, Small, Medium, Medium Plus, Large, Extra Large
  • Materials:Latex Free, BPA Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Pillow Masks, FitPack Masks
  • Pressure Range:4 to 20 cm H20 Recommended
  • Worked very well

    Found it, bought it, it showed up. Just what you hope for !
    Written by stevep-27545, -2019-07-28

  • Thanks

    Good price and quick shipping
    Written by cheifjosef, -2019-02-24

  • Great Company

    This was an easy purchase!
    Written by beaviszoe, -2019-02-02

  • satisfied customer

    My medical supply company does not carry the Nasal Aire II cpap mask. I really appreciate being able to buy this mask, since it is the most comfortable for me. I always get prompt service from this company. Thank you.
    Written by delorahagen, -2018-10-11

  • best Cpap mask for me. minimally invasive and comfortable.

    good service and great product.
    Written by unruly6835, -2018-08-28

  • excellent system

    Was kind of confused with all the different masks but it was ok when I figured it out. I thought I was ordering just the tubing but this was my mistake.
    Written by psteak8913, -2018-07-08

  • worst that I have tried

    The hoses kinked during the night when I must have rolled over and it shut off the air.....very dangerous!!!!
    Written by donb37873, -2018-03-04

  • best of four that I have bought

    I had finally switched to the Opus 360 and used it for years but it required the headgear to be too tight on my head causing discomfort. This new Mirage Swift II takes much less tension on the head gear and is more comfortable. Cpapexchange made me a deal because I had just purchased a different headgear from them that was horrible. I bought my cpap machine from them several years ago and have always had a good experience with them.
    Written by donb37873, -2018-03-04

  • only for sleeping on your back

    I tried this after using the opus 360 for several years and during the night I must have rolled over and it kinked the air hoses and I woke up feeling terrible with no air coming into the mask. That's dangerous. I had the hoses installed correctly like in the photos and the directions. I don't recommend this unless you sleep on your back reliably. Maybe I can use the hoses to siphon gas out of my lawnmower each fall!
    Written by extrainattendant, Surgoinsville, Tn -2018-02-26

  • Only mask I use

    Only mask I’ve found that both works without leaking and is comfortable. Been using this mask for years
    Written by secjcc, -2018-02-19

  • not confining

    Most comfortable. Highly recommended
    Written by pascotomhughes, -2017-09-17

  • Just as I expected

    I've used the Nasal Aire since I began using a cpap in 2003 and I'm completely satisfied. The only time I wear a full mask is when I have sinus issues and need to mouth-breath.
    Written by John, Bagdad, Ky -2017-08-23

  • Head c pap

    Haven't gotten use to it yet, diff from the one I got.
    Written by dhobart-68363, 28147 -2017-08-14

  • Suits me

    I have used this product for years but Medicare will no longer supply it so I have to buy it on my own. I'm very glad to find it at a reasonable price.
    Written by jrsrer, -2017-06-22

  • nasalaire

    thanks for still carrying the nasalaire. I have been using this for years and it is so comfortable for me...dont use straps and it works for great for me. you seem to be the one of few providers available and every time I call everyone is so nice and prompt. thank you so much.
    Written by Darlene Thompson, -2016-12-15

  • Nasal-Aire II Cannula

    I love the Nasal-Aire II cannula system for using my CPAP. I get claustrophobic with masks and the cannula system gives me the freedom I need to be able to use my CPAP. The soft silicone of the nasal cannula makes a great seal and I don't even notice it. I do wish the tubing for the cannula was about 4-6 inches longer to connect with the tubing to the CPAP. I think the headgear is a bit too complicated. I only use the one strap across the back of my head that holds the tubing back and not hooked into the loops and extra straps across the top of the head. The strap holds the tubing fine and I am a restless sleeper and shift from my side to back all night long and have never had the nasal cannula come loose or disconnect. This is probably the only type of CPAP delivery I will ever use.
    Written by Tamye , -2016-12-08

  • Nasal cannula

    I ordered the various sized package and the smallest sized one is too large so I am unable to use any of them. I think they need to make smaller ones.
    Written by Dee, -2016-04-28

  • Mrs.

    This Nasal 11 Cannula Style "mask" works very well for me. It is way too long for my short frame so I doubled it up (It twists at the back of my neck). I do not use the headgear. A couple times during the night I need to tighten the bolo to keep the tubes from sliding off my ears. I am sleeping sounder than I used to. I bought this style "mask" to keep the headgear off of my hair, which was breaking due to the headgear movement.
    Written by Connie H, -2016-04-07

  • Nasal-Aire II

    Excellent product - allows stomach sleeping - numerous air pillows allow you to choose the proper size to eliminate nasal air leaks
    Written by J Bryan, -2016-01-20

  • Very Pleased

    Very positive experience, delivery just as promised. Very smooth transaction.
    Written by Will, -2015-11-05

  • Very good

    Directions for the head gear could be a little more specific
    Written by Marion Q, -2015-08-05

  • It's what I ordered

    Been using this headgear for 10+ years, replacement is exactly as described.
    Written by Tony, -2015-07-30

  • so rigid and loud!!

    trust me after 10 years of CPAP , This one was the bulkiest and loudest by far. After 3 minutes I threw it away!!
    Written by Mike G, -2015-07-27

  • Could not use

    Most uncomfortable thing I've ever tried to use! Could not even sleep one night with it.
    Written by Denny B, -2015-05-26

  • As Promised!

    I have always used the Nasal Air but went through a home health agency. This was much easier and I will use again.
    Written by Lou Ann J, -2015-04-30

  • Nasal-Aire II

    Nasal-Aire II Cannula Style CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear was my 4th replacement. Couldn't get a better sleep without it. The soft hose makes it easier to sleep on my sides when I turn during the night.
    Written by David J, -2015-04-04

  • Nasal Aire II Cannula Style CPAP Mask

    I have been most comfortable with this type of CPAP mask since using my machine 8 years ago. Since the local medical equipment store in my area does not carry this type anymore, I researched online and found cpapxchange. Their prices are better than any other websites I looked at. I get a good night's sleep, it is long lasting and am happy this product is carried by cpapxchange.
    Written by Linda C, -2015-01-26

  • Long-Term Satisfied User

    I've been using the Nasal-Aire II for years and years. At least 10 years. It's perfect for me, and when I use it, I sleep straight through the night. I do use them until they wear out so totally that I can't even mend them with cloth tape, then I go looking for a replacement. Yay for me, I found this one. Perfect complete set for a terrific price. I'm sold.
    Written by c2, -2015-01-21

  • Frustrating choices

    The Nasal--Aire ll came with several different pillow sizes. I have tried three sizes but they don't stay in my nose. Air leaks and the machine makes double the amount of noise with this mask set compared to my old set. There were more headgear pieces in the kit than I am used to or expected. They give lots of options for fitting it to your head. It seems like the tubing and pillows are made with slightly stiffer ot thicker material than previous ones. I am using the headgear and the tubing from the chin to the nose but I ended up reusing my old pillow, germs and all. I spent too many nights sleeping poorly die to poor fit of the ones in the kit. What was sent was delightfully complete. Unfortunately, I can't find one I like.
    Written by Sleepy, -2014-11-16

  • CPAP Nasal Aire II

    The nasal cannula is easier to use and more comfortable. I am still trying to get used to it so I haven't tried a full night in bed with it. I am however up to 2 hours of watching TV with it. I guess my gripe at this point is the thickness of the tubing. I sleep mostly on my stomach and on either side so I am not sure how well this will work with my current sleeping habits. I guess I will need to change to sleeping on back to make it more comfortable.
    Written by Pierce M, -2014-10-23

  • nasal air II mask

    Item was received as stated and at a good price.
    Written by Robert, -2014-10-09

    I have bought this product before and it works perfectly for me. It is less confining than the mask that fits over your nose and mouth.
    Written by , -2014-09-11

  • Nasal Aire

    Works fantastic !!! Also a person does not need to wear the full head gear simply wearing pulling the hoses tight together with the elastic clamp and around the back of the neck harness is more than enough and comfortable to sleep with on your back or side...
    Written by JC, -2014-06-21

  • A Bit Muchy

    May be OK for back sleepers but not so much for sleeping on side. All the hoses and clips and connectors don't feel too good on the head and wrapped around the neck etc..
    Written by RD, -2014-06-07

  • Idea was good, didn't work that well.

    This type of mask was recommended by a Pulmonologist but I'm not sure he was full aware of how this actually works. The idea of not having headgear was what I liked about this mask. Two things happened though. I could not figure out how to get the mask to make a tight seal in my nose. It might have worked had I used the headgear, but I already have one that I like using headgear and the nose pieces also didn't seal very well either. It was worth a shot, but I went back to my Opus Nose pillows.
    Written by Jerry, -2014-05-14

  • nasalaire ii cannula style cpap bipap mask

    This is the 3rd time I have ordered this replacement type mask. The service has always been excellent, quick delivery with standard shipping, and good quality
    Written by Dave, -2014-03-08

  • Love Nasalaire

    I've started using the Nasalaire II again from the pillows. Nothing seals as well, really, and that's the bottom line on high pressures. For me, it's comfortable all night. Make sure you get a full size set up if you've never tried it, but it seems a little wasteful if you know what size fits you. This mask is wonderful for me to side sleep . It doesn't leave marks on my face and doesn't push up my nose, although not all pillow kits push my nose up like the old ones a few years ago. I'm glad they haven't changed the NA's. I just don't like wasting the pillows and straps that they add now .I was looking for the old one, the Nasal Aire Classic? If it's less expensive , I could just get that next time around. I don't see it here. and the prices are real good here. My husband and I both like this dealer.OK, yes, also, you can turn off the humidifier with these and even if you don't, if your house is dry, it never collects condensation-(really, never.)
    Written by fran, -2014-01-16

  • Nasal-aire 2 mask

    I love this mask! And cpapxchange is fabulous as well. No prices cheaper out there that's for sure! Fast shipping and fully stocked. You won't be dissatisfied!
    Written by Mark, -2013-07-18

  • Nasal-Aire II is the best for me

    I have been using a CPAP for about 15 years. The Nasal-Aire II is the most comfortable mask on the market. You can roll over and sleep on your side with no mask shift. I am surprised that more sleep apnea folks aren't using it. I have tried the other styles and could never get a tight fit without straps and headgear snugged up all over my face and head. All that is needed with the Nasal-Aire is a single strap behind your neck/head to hold the tubes and a "bola" splip strap to hold the tubes as the come below your neck - all the other straps and headgear that come with the kit are unnecessary for me. The original nasal-aire (from about 5 or 6 years ago) was available without the head gear - only had a couple of the straps I mentioned above. Wonder if the price would be less if you could buy one of the old type kits? One other recommendation for new users - buy the full set of cannulas (in all sizes)the first time - getting a good fit on the nostril inserts is critical. After you find your size, then order the size you need only the next time - in fact the cannula will outlast several sets of the tubes. Over time the tubes get stiff and seem to want to come out of the bottom tee easily - I used to order just the replacement tubes; but the entire set of tubes, cannula, and straps is only a few bucks more and you get a new set of the velcro straps with the entire kit (the velcro wears out over time).
    Written by Terry D, -2013-06-30

  • Nasal-Aire II Cannula Style CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

    Once again, great service in providing another set of Nasal-Aire II components.
    Written by Scott D., -2012-09-24

  • Love this mask!

    This is the most comfortable mask I have found. It is the only one that will let me sleep on my stomach! I highly recommend it.
    Written by bchilese, -2012-09-20

  • Great

    I love the speed of the delivery. It would be nice if just the tubing that goes to the nasal prong were sold separately. This is what needs replacement more often than any of the other parts.
    Written by Edward, -2012-07-21

  • Nasal Aire II

    I received the product within 2 days of ordering. Very timely. It was more than I expected. In the past I had received only the hoses, Velcro, and a prong that cost over 300 dollars from a local business. I received all size prongs, hoses, and Velcro for less than 100 dollars including shipping. All expectations were exceeded with my first order. I have been looking for just this solution for over 2 years. Thank You So Much
    Written by Gary, -2012-07-17

  • luv this mask

    the nasal-aire II is still better than the pillow masks for me. I love it.
    Written by Karen R., -2012-05-04

  • Quality declining

    I have loved the nasal aire 2, only the last 2 I have purchased are thinner and lighter in a bad way. The swivel comes apart very easy and can do so while sleeping. Still the best mask just needs better quality.
    Written by Ken, -2012-04-09