OxyArm Plus with Nasal Cannula Arm & Oxygen Supply Tubing


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OxyArm with Nasal Cannula Arm & 7-Foot Oxygen Supply Tubing

  • Brand:SouthMedic
  • Part Numbers:OA-PLUS-3125-8

The unique OxyArm incorporates a telephone like headset and adjustable cannula arm, that extends in front of the face, to provide a direct nasal cannula interface without direct contact to the cheeks or ears. The head band adapts quickly for left or right sided positioning and is adjustable so that you're sure to get a comfortable fit.

Available Length: OxyArm Nasal Cannulas are available exclusively in 7 foot lengths.


  • Manufacturer:SouthMedic
  • Part Numbers:OA-PLUS-3125-8
  • HCPCS Codes:A4615
  • GTIN Codes:00705968370102
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Dimensions:7 Feet
  • Materials:Latex Free


  • Cannula Flow:Up to 15 LPM Maximum Recommended
  • Junk

    No way cannula will stay in place very unsatisfactory with product.
    Written by Joewilliams151, -2019-08-06

  • Great ptoduct!

    Great product..alternative to normal cannulas.bettering fitting as well
    Written by trickshaw, -2018-08-03

  • An effective innovative improvement over the common cannulae

    Performs as well as described, easy to use and fit, no problem wiping one’s nose or rinsing the mouth. The oxygen supply is dependable, I added a flexible strap for the back of the head to stabilize the accessory. The only thing that I find to be a disadvantage is having to replace the OxyArm and refit a new one every so many (10) days instead of strictly the Cannula part of the Arm. Easy engineering.
    Written by leanpower, -2018-05-05

  • Awesome

    My dad only has one ear and this is perfect. Ordering another now!
    Written by onenonly2, -2018-03-04

  • The cannula will not stay in nose.

    It is of no use since the cannula will not stay in nose. Very disappointed.
    Written by lav718, -2018-02-21

  • gives you a break

    It's a change from having tubes across your cheeks. It's not a stand alone thing, because you can't put your head down with it. However it is a good thing to wear when typing, working, sitting up.
    Written by daveandceleste, -2018-01-17

  • Excellent Device!

    This device definitely gives my ears and nose a break from being sore all the time. My medical provider and oxygen provider are looking into approving it so it can be offered as an option to their patients.
    Written by mmack33, -2017-11-03

  • Very dissatisfied

    We were very disappointed with the product...it is very impractical and my husband could not even adjust the cannula to a position where it would stay in his nose to deliver his oxygen properly... According to the paper I received with the product, because the package was opened, I could not return it...Not a happy customer, at all!!!
    Written by agcleveland55, TN -2017-07-28

  • Oxy arm plus

    Head band needs a full length cushion to prevent painful episodes causing loss of sleep IF user tries to sleep on side.
    Written by william l, -2016-04-19


    My husband is on oxygen 24/7 with IPF – this product gives him a change of venue during the day. At first, he couldn’t get it to fit his head, and he wouldn’t use it. Then we tried together to adjust it, and now he uses it EVERY DAY! It gives his ears a rest from the rubbing of the ear loops. THANK YOU FOR DESIGNING THIS PRODUCT!
    Written by J.W., -2015-04-24

  • headset with nasal cannula and oxygen tubing

    The headband, nasal cannula, and oxygen tubing are as described in the ad. My husband tried to use it, but found it difficult to keep it in position. He is not using it.
    Written by Jan W, -2015-04-06

  • Awesome Product!

    As a lady concerned about her appearance, I was thrilled to fine the "headband" cannula option. It takes some adjustment, but is far preferable to the other nasal cannula. Frankly, I didn't want to look like an elderly person, even though at my age of 67 I am considered one. I, of course, wear the other cannula at night. I'm sorry others have had such problems adjusting to the headband. My grandchildren think it makes me look like a rock star! Thank you for such a wonderful product.
    Written by Mrs. Sonja H-W, -2014-11-13

  • OxyArm Plus Clear Head Band w/nasal arm.....

    It is hard to keep on your head n hurts a little. Nose piece needs to be more flexible.
    Written by Betsy, -2014-07-18

  • Impossible fit

    I dont know what sort of human this must have been designed for, My son and I worked for hours and the only way we coudlget any kind of fit was to take the wire cutters and clippers to it to make the nose piece fit a face...reaLLY DISAPPOINTED in product.
    Written by Nora G., -2012-07-08