Humidifier Connector Tubing for Various Oxygen Concentrators (10 Inches)


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Humidifier Connector Oxygen Tubing

  • Brand:AG Industries

This Humidifier Connector Adapter Elbow with Oxygen Tubing can be used to attach a humidifier bottle -- like the Bubble Humidifier Bottles found on this site -- to most continuous flow oxygen concentrators. The connector is approximately 10 Inches long with standard oxygen tubing on one end and a male thread grip elbow on the other end.

Compatibility Information: Compatible with most continuous flow oxygen concentrators including the SimplyGo, iGo, EverFlo, EverFlo Q, Millennium, Millennium M10, Eclipse 1, Eclipse 2, Eclipse 3, etc.

Usage Information: In use the male end of the Humidifier Connector Adapter Tube should be screwed into the oxygen outlet port on your humidifier bottle. The tubing end should be attached to the tubing outlet port on your oxygen concentrator. Please refer to your Oxygen Concentrator's User Manual for complete instructions on using humidification with your oxygen system.


  • Manufacturer:AG Industries
  • Part Numbers:AG1039642
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards
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    Product was as described and it was received very quickly.
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  • humidifier


    This works well for the portable O2 concentrator except that the tubing that connects to the machine is too short for the height of the machine. You either have to put something under it or it hangs crooked.
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