Pad A Cheek Original Micro Fleece CPAP/BiPAP Headgear Strap Wraps (1-Pair)


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Charcoal (Heather) Gray

  • Brand:Pad A Cheek
  • Part Numbers:PAC-Navy, PAC-Pink, PAC-Black, PAC-Blue
  • Colors:Black, Blue, Navy, Pink

Pad-A-Cheek CPAP/BiPAP Headgear Strap Pads slide neatly over the headgear straps common to most CPAP/BiPAP Masks to prevent red marks and skin irritation on the face and cheeks. Pad A Cheeks are made with multiple layers of micro fleece that is soft, breathable, and very comfortable to wear.


  • Can be machine washed and dried at a low setting
  • Made of soft, breathable, fade resistant micro fleece
  • Variety of colors available to suit your taste and decor
  • Comfortable and non-medical

With Pad A Cheek's you can select up to three layers of padding between your cheek and mask straps to ensure you have just the right amount of cushioning for your personal comfort and fit. Pad A Cheek Strap Wraps are machine washable and are dryer safe at low temperatures.

Usage Information: Pad-A-Cheek Strap Wraps are made of durable, hypo-allergenic, fleece fabric with Velcro pads to secure the each strap around your headgear. Pad-A-Cheeks are machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle. They should be air dried or machine dried at a low heat.


  • Manufacturer:Pad A Cheek
  • Part Numbers:PAC-Navy, PAC-Pink, PAC-Black, PAC-Blue
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Colors:Black, Blue, Navy, Pink
  • Dimensions:6.0 x 1.6 Inches


  • COMPATIBILITY NOTES:Pad A Cheek will work with any mask that uses standard four-strap headgear including the ComfortGel, ComfortClassic, Profile Lite, Ultra Mirage, Mirage SoftGel, Mirage Activa, Mirage Activa LT, FlexiFit 405, Aclaim 2, FlexiFit 407, FlexiFit 431, FlexiFit 432, EasyLife, EasyFit, Mirage Micro, and all similar masks. Pad A Cheek WILL NOT work with some nasal pillow masks and masks with alternative headgear designs like the Swift, Breeze, Oracle, Nasal Aire II and similar masks.
  • Fabulous

    Finally! I can stop using old socks, that I cut to put over my straps so I don’t get strap marks on my face! They would fall off every time I took my mask off and I would have to look for them in the dark. These are great! I got these for myself and my husband and neither one of us have any marks on our face. I WILL buy these again if I need to in the future!!!
    Written by Tommyphatt, Marshall Wisconsin -2019-04-29

  • Cheek pad

    Have used before. Keeps marks off my cheeks when I awaken
    Written by nicholsw, -2018-12-25

  • Great and comfortable!

    These are a great find--comfortable and no strap marks!
    Written by thomasgaige-17543, -2018-09-26

  • By Jove, It Works!

    I got these for the cheek strap and I'm back to get another pair for the jaw **** my mask. They fit great on the ResMed AirTouch F20 headgear. So soft and comfortable! Much better than without them. No velcro to mess with or come off, just thread the headgear strap through the padacheek and you're good to go!
    Written by SleepyTiki, Texas -2018-08-25

  • 2nd purchase, still great!

    Great product. Fast shipping.
    Written by recampb, -2018-05-13

  • Reduces facial lines from masks

    Bought two pairs of strap wraps. They reduced the appearance of lines on my face, but didn't eliminate them altogether. Very comfortable, worth the price and I recommend them.
    Written by mannjen, -2018-05-03

  • Straps make such a difference

    I am so happy I ordered these, they have made my sleep comfort so much better. I was having difficulty getting a good nights rest because of my straps being so uncomfortable these straps have made a great difference.
    Written by oneatpeace, -2017-12-06

  • Works great

    I have been using 3 1/2 x 4" cotton pads for years and this is so much better. The pads would slip or come out. Will have to order a spare pair
    Written by carefog, -2017-09-21

  • Headgear Strap Wraps

    These are awesome! Very comfortable to sleep with, and no more track marks on my face in the morning. Wish I had these years ago....
    Written by CLS3911, -2017-09-15

  • Headgear strap wraps.

    They are awesome! No more tracks on the sides of my face. Wish I had them years ago......
    Written by CLS3911, -2017-09-15

  • Absolutely Great

    This is my third set of Pad-a-Cheek strap wraps. My first pair were for use at home, to avoid the morning imprint of a CPAP mask on my face. They worked so well that I bought a second set to keep with my traveling CPAP setup. This third set was purchased to replace the original set, which have gotten old and less fluffy after several years of nightly use and a lot of washing and drying. The new ones are longer and softer than the originals.
    Written by Eric_Fleetwood, Dana Point, CA -2017-04-15

  • Cheek covers

    Awesome. Before my cpap straps rub against my cheek and would irritate them. Now no more irritation. love them. Thanks!!
    Written by Bob, -2016-12-18

  • This works!

    This product really works!
    Written by LC, -2016-11-13

  • Pad A Cheek

    These are comfortable. A little difficult to install.
    Written by Stephen, -2016-04-01

  • Fast shipping, happy with product

    Fast shipping and happy with product and quality.
    Written by Cpap user, -2016-03-21

  • A little pricey, but so far so good

    I thought they were a little overpriced but they are comfortable. So far they have done as advertised.
    Written by The Roger, -2016-02-21

  • cheek pads

    I had made some home made cheek pads but these are so much softer. I love them!
    Written by Mary, -2016-02-01

  • Pad A Cheek Original Micro Fleece CPAP/BiPAP Headgear Strap Wraps

    I am so glad I bought this item. They make the cpap straps so comfortable and no strap marks in the morning. I highly recommend this product.
    Written by C Weatherford , -2016-01-03

  • A big improvement

    These wraps definitely minimize those tell-tale headgear lines on the cheeks. There are also days that I wake up without any lines at all. Most of the time I see one very faint line, which goes away quickly. Much much better than the "tracks" the headgear straps leave on my face for hours. I definitely recommend them.
    Written by valsatt, -2015-10-05

  • Soft

    I bought this item hoping that it would stop/prevent the "dent" in the top of my head caused by the CPAP strap. This cylindrical cushion seem fine in quality and is very soft so I am hoping that it will do the trick. Only used it for about a week now so I can't really tell yet.
    Written by cobra888, -2015-07-02

  • Just a little too big.

    These are great and they go on very easy but the one objection I have is that they are somewhat too big to fit my straps and stay put. Every night I have to feed them back up the strap to get at the hooks, then I have to make sure the seams are facing outward so they don't leave seam lines on my face and after the hooks are attached I have to review that everything is covered correctly with no exposed plastic or strap to defeat the purpose for which they are intended.
    Written by chgodonnie, -2015-04-24

  • Cushion

    Does a great job. Had some like this made by another co. And these are much better.
    Written by Rene, -2015-04-15

  • Pad A Cheek

    Thank goodness I found these for my face mask straps! I quit wearing my mask for long periods of time because I didn't like going to work with indentions in my face. Now that is not a problem! Very comfortable and easy to put on.
    Written by Teresa, -2015-04-08

  • Still get strap marks

    Comfortable addition to my face mask, but I stll get significant strap marks. I'm going back to using strips of neoprene under the straps to eliminate lines. Crude but effective.
    Written by Dan, -2015-02-25

  • Fleece pap strap covers

    The wraps are great it leaves no marks on my face, like the straps did before I got my covers..
    Written by Joanne, -2014-12-29

  • Pad A Cheek Original Micro Fleece CPAP Headgear Strap Wraps

    My cheeks look great! I was just too lazy to order them, because I no longer have the marks across my face from the standard straps. These padded straps give me a peace of mind and I can actually sleep longer and comfortable, not worrying about having strap marks on my cheeks. Thanks for helping.
    Written by R.T., -2014-04-04

  • soft and insulates

    I have another one before I purchased this one. It's soft and keeps the tubing insulated. It washes well in delicate and then I hang dry it.
    Written by angela , -2014-03-10

  • Work Well

    These strap covers are very comfortable and easy to use. They eliminate about 90% of the strap marks on my cheeks. They were too long so I cut them to size with no problem. Would definitely recommend.
    Written by Sue, -2014-01-08

  • head gear strap wraps

    I love them, very comfortalbe. Wish I would of bought them 2 years ago when I started the Cpap.
    Written by Mary, -2013-06-20

  • they protect your face

    they protect your face well, very satisfied, wishe I knew about them sooner.
    Written by Steve, -2012-12-13

  • Works as advertised

    Does what it is supposed to. Price is a bit high for what it actually is, but is a small investment compared to the rest of your equipment. Might as well splurge for a little comfort.
    Written by silmjim, -2012-11-05

  • Great Place

    Fast & Great To Work With
    Written by Dennis, -2012-06-01