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F&P Pilairo Nasal Pillow Mask - DISCONTINUED

The original Pilairo has been upgraded with additional headgear options and quieter performance! Try the updated F&P Pilairo Q with Free Money Back Guarantee today!

Inspired by the aerodynamic precision of the world's smallest bird, the F&P Pilairo is a new type of CPAP/BiPAP mask with a self-inflating AirPillow Seal that "hovers" over the face, gently filling with therapy air, to seal into and around the nose.

PILAIRO CPAP MASK with HEADGEARPilairo's AirPillow is so thin that it can move and flex in any direction; maintaining an effective seal without pinching or pressure.


  • Ultra-Light Low Profile Design
  • Self Inflating AirPillow Seal
  • Stabilizing Wings Provide Support
  • Minimalist StretchWise Headgear
  • Flexible Short Tube & Swivel Elbow
  • Just Three Parts –– Simple to Clean, Easy to Maintain

Ultra-Light Low Profile Design: Like a hummingbird the Pilairo is light (under 2 ounces with headgear), simple, and adaptable. In use the Pilairo "hovers" lightly over the face on an adaptive AirPillow cushion providing soft, comfortable fit and a clear line of sight.

Self Inflating AirPillow Seal: The Pilairo's ergonomically designed AirPillow Seal uses CPAP pressure to self-inflate, creating an effective yet gentle double seal in and around the nose. The single AirPillow size adapts and curves to a custom fit on a wide range of faces so you don't need to try multiple pillows to find your best fit. The AirPillow is 3D contoured with fine Variable Thickness Silicone (VTS) that measures just 0.04 inches at its thinnest point and 0.12 inches at its thickest.

Stabilizing Wings: Stabilizing Wings on each side of the PIliaro mask provide a support for the AirPillow and assist with overall mask stability; so the mask's frame never touches the face.

Minimalist StretchWise Headgear: Unique and minimal, Pilairo's StretchWise headgear made of soft, latex-free, thread that automatically stretches and customizes to fit the wearer. There is no need for manual adjustments and tightening; just slide it on and enjoy. StretchWise headgear is stable and unobtrusive; it won't leave marks and indentations on the face. StretchWise headgear comes in one convenient size to fit a wide range of users.

Flexible Short Tube & 360º Swivel Elbow: A short delivery tube extends from the body of the Pilairo mask to provide a lightweight, super flexible connection to your main breathing tube. The flexible tube is designed to minimize pressure and/or pull on the face and therapy tubing. The Ball and Socket Elbow with 360º Swivel provides greater flexibility for tube positioning. Pilairo's exhalation ports ensure the flow is directed away from the patient and their bed partner for a quiet sleep.

We sleep for a third of our lives... During sleep we grow and repair; our bodies and minds are rejuvenated. Sleep feeds our quality of life. Every detail of the Pilairo is engineered and precision crafted to improve your sleep therapy experience. The Pilairo represents minimalist, highly effective nasal pillow mask design at its best and sets new benchmarks for comfort, seal and ease of use.

Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel
Part Number(s): 400420
GTIN Number(s):
In the Box: Complete Nasal Pillow Mask Pack with AirPillow Seal and Headgear.
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7034

Mask Type(s): Nasal Pillow Masks
Available Size(s): Standard
Materials: Latex Free

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Customer Reviews

F&P Pilairo Nasal Pillow Mask

I like this mask because it is lightweight and stays in place well. First couple of nights, made my nostrils a lil sore, but I think I needed to get used to it. I do have some marks on side of face when I wake up but they go away.
By Regina ,

Didn't work for me.

After 3 sleepless nights i have to say this is not the mask for me. i guess i toss and turn too much for this mask to work properly. it kept coming off and not sealing right. i was disappointed too because i'm tired of the strap across the top of my head messing up my hair. i say it would probably work for someone who doesn't move much at night.
By joseph s,

Very happy with Pilaro

When I saw this mask on this site I knew it's minimalist design would work for me. I awaken often to go to the bathroom and this mask is easy to remove & replace so I can stay in a half asleep state while tending to business. I love the non-irritating air seal nasal pillows that cause no irritation or morning after marks. I've used this mask for over a year of my 15 year CPAP history and can't recommend more highly.
By CPAP Nan,

Pilaro Q nasal mask

I have worn this mask off and on for a year and like everything about it except the one-size-fits-all strap. It is much too tight and I wake up in the middle of the night with pain around my nostrils and tip of my nose. This mask would be perfect if the elastic strap were adjustable.
By Chris,

Not durable

This is my second CPAP mask after using the ResMed FX for 6 months. I like that it is less noticeable when wearing but its durability is definitely questionable. My Pilairo blew out in the top right area after the warranty period had expired... I contacted F&P and they blew me off just like their mask had blown out. I would expect to get more service time out of a well cared for mask. I would expect a manufacturer to be more receptive to those who experience issues with their product and not simply tell them too bad, too late, go buy another. I'll go back to a ResMed and avoid F&P products in the future.
By Mick,

Pilaro Mask

I like nasal pillow masks the best, first time I have tried this type. It is very minimal which I also like. The nasal pillow piece needs to be cleaned of skin oils daily - I just use wipes between the water bath cleaning. Satisfied so far.
By Wendy R,

Simple and Effective

I've been a CPAP user for over 25 years. Masks and machines have changed dramatically since the beginning. For many years now, I've looked for a different mask. Something more comfortable. I have insurance the helps with the costs but I am limited in my selection. I found myself between times to actually get a mask via my insurance. I had to make a choice; live with what I had or buy one out of pocket. I chose the latter and I'm so glad that I did. I loved the look of this mask. It's simple and very small, leaving very few places to actually come into contact with my skin. I hate the marks left behind by the typical masks. I was hesitant to try it, but the website offered a 30-day trial on this one. I could try it and if it didn't work for me, I could get a refund. Also, the price out of pocket wasn't too bad either. It has taken some getting used to. The nasal "prongs" that fit into the nostrils are comfortable, but I'm not used to having something in my nose like this. It's almost like wearing nothing. My face feels so free. And NO marks the next morning when I get up. I'm completely happy with my purchase!
By Lisa,

needs adjustable head strap

The nasal pillow is very soft and comfortable. I prefer the nasal pillow style mask. I think they are easier to use. my only complaint is the headstrap is not adjustable. If you have a large head, it might not fit. I am using this every night. I tried 6 different masks. This one and Opus mask are my favorites.
By Becky,

CPAP Mask 'nasal type'

It works fine just a little costly for what it takes to make it....Time will tell if it last for several years if it was worth what I paid.
By Bruce B,

Best one I have used

The Pilairo Nasal Pillow and Mask with headgear is light weight and comfortable. The only drawback is that when I washed the nasal pillow, it was difficult to reassemble. Eventually I tore a hole in the nasal pillow and needed to replace it.
By elkauffman,

Your search is over! This is the one!

I'm a 20 year CPAP user so I've tried them all. The Pilairo is the gold standard! Best one out there! Super comfortable; no leaks; no nostril irritation; ultra lightweight; self-adjusting; it just plain works better than anything else on the market. Try it and your search for the perfect nasal pillow will be over! I couldn't be happier!
By Bob N,

Interesting offering, but not for me...

I started with a mask about 10 years ago, moved to the F&P Opus 360 nasal pillow due to a recommendation from a fried, which I like very much. I decided to give this one a try, as the email solicitation was enticing. Well, after 3 weeks of trial/error, I'm back to the Opus 360. Pilairo... Good: Attractive, minimal one-strap design; very good seal; literally an 'airpillow' after inflation; can wear glasses with it. Bad: The 'airpillow' covers a LOT of facial surface area, making it warm/hot; when I toss/turn at night it would tug on my nose, making it sore; side sleeping was uncomfortable, like having an obstruction on my face. I switched back to the Opus 360 last night, no comparison. Dealing with cpapXchange was a great experience, as always...
By S W Hurlbutt,

Not for me

I could never get it to seal right. Every time I tried it I would constantly wake up. Plus it irritated my nose.
By Craig,


With the pressuremy machine is set at, using this mask is like having spikes shot up each nostril. It is a very comfortable mask before the air hits and a great low profile. With a lower pressure this might be quite good.
By chris,

Not ideal for auto SV bipap

I have central apnea, so I do not use a regular CPAP machine, but a special machine that adjusts to my breathing. When this pillow is puffed up fully, it pushes away from the face and is comfortable. Since my machine does not use a high pressure unless I stop breathing, the pillow sits right on my face causing nose and tooth pain (and the straps are not adjustable). I think it might be great for CPAP users.
By Jennifer,