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  • Brand:Fisher & Paykel
  • Part Numbers:400421
  • Sizes:Standard
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

With adjustable headgear and a nearly silent, soft exhalation valve the F&P Pilairo Q brings inspired enhancements to the popular Pilairo design. Pilairo Q's self-inflating AirPillow Seal "hovers" over the face to seal gently in and around the nose. The AirPillow is so thin that it can move and flex in any direction; maintaining an effective seal without pinching or pressure.

Pilairo Q includes two types of headgear: StretchWise Headgear and Adjustable Headgear so you can choose the fit that suits you best!


  • Ultra-Light Low Profile Design
  • Self Inflating AirPillow Seal
  • Stabilizing Wings Provide Support
  • Two Types of Headgear - StretchWise and Adjustable
  • Flexible Short Tube & Swivel Elbow
  • Nearly Silent "Q Cover" Exhalation Valve
  • Just Four Parts: Simple to Clean, Easy to Maintain

Ultra-Light Low Profile Design: Like a hummingbird the Pilairo Q is light (under 2 ounces with headgear), simple, and adaptable. In use the Piliaro Q "hovers" lightly over the face on an adaptive AirPillow cushion providing soft, comfortable fit and a clear line of sight.

Self Inflating AirPillow Seal: The Pilairo Q's ergonomically designed AirPillow Seal uses CPAP pressure to self-inflate, creating an effective yet gentle double seal in and around the nose. The single AirPillow size adapts and curves to a custom fit on a wide range of faces so you don't need to try multiple pillows to find your best fit. The AirPillow is 3D contoured with fine Variable Thickness Silicone (VTS) that measures just 0.04 inches at its thinnest point and 0.12 inches at its thickest.

Stabilizing Wings: Stabilizing Wings on each side of the PIliaro Q mask provide a support for the AirPillow and assist with overall mask stability; so the mask's frame never touches the face.

PILAIRO Q CPAP MASK with HEADGEARMinimalist StretchWise Headgear (Included): Unique and minimal, Pilairo Q's StretchWise headgear made of soft, latex-free, thread that automatically stretches and customizes to fit the wearer. There is no need for manual adjustments and tightening; just slide it on and enjoy. StretchWise headgear is stable and unobtrusive; it won't leave marks and indentations on the face.

PILAIRO Q CPAP MASK with HEADGEARAdjustable Headgear (Included): Pilairo Q's Adjustable Headgear can be adjusted in three places -- on the two side straps and at the top of the head -- to add stability and provide a more custom fit. More substantial than StretchWise Headgear, Adjustable Headgear is still soft, lightweight, ergonomically designed, breathable, and comfortable. It should be worn without over tightening to ensure that the AirPillow seal can inflate naturally against the face.

Flexible Short Tube & 360º Swivel Elbow: A short delivery tube extends from the body of the Pilairo mask to provide a lightweight, super flexible connection to your main breathing tube. The flexible tube is designed to minimize pressure and/or pull on the face and therapy tubing. The Ball and Socket Elbow with 360º Swivel provides greater flexibility for tube positioning.

Nearly Silent "Q Cover" Exhalation Valve: Pilairo Q's updated Q Cover exhalation valve disperses air softly and quietly away from the user so there is minimal draft and near silent operation (23.6 dBA on average).

We sleep for a third of our lives... During sleep we grow and repair; our bodies and minds are rejuvenated. Sleep feeds our quality of life. Every detail of the Pilairo Q is engineered and precision crafted to improve your sleep therapy experience. The Pilairo Q represents minimalist, highly effective nasal pillow mask design at its best and sets new benchmarks for comfort, seal and ease of use.


  • Manufacturer:Fisher & Paykel
  • Part Numbers:400421
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Nasal Pillow Mask Pack with AirPillow Seal, StretchWise Headgear, and Adjustable Pilairo Headgear.
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:09420012427069
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Standard
  • Materials:Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Pillow Masks
  • Pressure Range:4 to 25 cm H20 Recommended

    Great dealing with CpapExchange
    Written by shgj35, -2019-09-27

  • The hard plastic piece would get pushed when I slept on my side which would cause a leakage.

    I normally use the brevida mask so I thought this would be the same only less head gear but the hard plastic piece made it uncomfortable.
    Written by nsubera, -2019-06-14

  • Good sleep

    Sleep has greatly improved.
    Written by rangermom05, Texas -2019-06-11

  • Best sleep in a long time

    Ordered a new nasal mask. Love it. No more of my mask falling apart during the night and its super comfy
    Written by honeydoexpert2, -2019-01-31

    Could not get a good seal hose pulled to the side it was very uncomfortable
    Written by MarkHuckFinn, -2019-01-11

  • My First Use

    It was comfortable! Only minor problem was a leakage on the right side that blew into my eye.
    Written by mpomedic, -2019-01-02

  • Everything went very well and we will call next time we need supplies.

    Very pleased with our experience. Great service.
    Written by BJORNSTAW, -2018-12-26

  • Best head gear.

    It's been awhile since I used a nasal pillow mask. I found them uncomfortable. This one is different. Very light and form fitting.
    Written by alicerolf, -2018-11-12

  • Didn't work for me

    I am disappointed with the product. the part that fits over your nose will fall off when the air is not turned on. It also leaked for me. I am going to try and return the product.
    Written by keel863, -2018-11-12

  • Not workable for me

    Unable to get a goid seal - seems size was too dmall, resulting in noisy air flow . I tried to Djust it as I believe it would have been a good item. Unfortunately, although the friend who recommended it loves his , I was not able after several attempts to use it.
    Written by chezanne35, -2018-09-03

  • Same mask I got with my CPAP

    Best price I could find on-line for the CPAP mask I've been using. Fast free shipping, too. This was my second purchase from cpapXchange and I'll shop there again when I need more supplies. My rating is for the seller and their service. The mask would get 4 stars because, while it works well for me, in my opinion, it could be quieter.
    Written by kbcombrink, -2018-06-08

  • Didn't work for me

    After using for 2 weeks it caused sores on the tip of my nostrils.
    Written by IRMAWILLIAMS, -2018-06-05

  • Nice quiet mask at a good price

    Great little mask if you're having "nose bridge" irritations w/your "over the nose" mask. Like the simplistic design.
    Written by rickssbc, -2018-04-15

  • The air pillow rubbed my nostrals

    The air pillow rubbed my nostrils causing the skin to be raw. Even caused a small cut. Have to go back to old mask.
    Written by Don, Illinois -2018-03-27

  • Very good seal and comfortable

    But have to watch out for nose piece separating from headgear
    Written by jay719, -2017-12-25

  • I was not happy with how this mask feels

    I really want to like this mask as I was in need of something different. This mask actually causes me pain from where it goes into my nostrils. Not sure if a smaller mask would help but this one is not working for me.
    Written by ParisGreenSeal-32546, -2017-12-14

  • Lightweight

    Lightweight and comfortable
    Written by mrshotrod54, -2017-11-25

  • Thanks

    Good prices and quick arrival!
    Written by pbrdh, -2017-11-21

  • Love it!

    I have a hard time having anything over my face and have struggled with this for the whole time I've used a CPAP--about 15 years. I absolutely L-O-V-E my Pilairo Q mask and headgear. Very minimal, and yet very effective. Takes some learning to get the mask and head strap situated just right, but it works so well once you achieve that. I toss and turn during the night, and I can keep this on normally. Have woken a few times sniuggled down in my pillow (on my side) with mask in place, and strap sitting on top of my head! Love it!!! Yep, this is my second purchase of this mask and headgear!
    Written by LanguidLavenderBarracuda, -2017-11-21

  • Comfortable and easy to maintain

    After many years, the mask that I used was discontinued. I used the “Chat” feature for CPAP Exchange and the agent was very helpful in identifying an alternative which, after a few weeks of use, has proven to be superior to the version I had previously. I recommend this product and CPAP Exchange as the source.
    Written by mikejdeson, -2017-11-13

  • Great Product!

    Took me about a week to figure out how to wear it in a way that works for me. There are two fixable problems: if the strap that goes over the head is too tight, which it was for me, the nasal septum gets very sore very quickly. Just wear the head strap that goes behind my head. Second, the nasal pillow easily dislodges unless you have it on absolutely right, so I'm learning to make sure it's seated correctly each night when I set up my CPAP. Also, make sure you pull the side 'wings" out enough to get the correct fit to your nasal area; then lift head strap over top of head and place in best area for you. I''m a very restless sleeper, and this works great, once I have it placed correctly!!!
    Written by Rene', Pahrump, NV -2017-11-06

  • F&P Pilairo Nasal Pillow Mask with Strechwise headgear

    service was very good, item arrived on time and good condition. This mask didn't work well for me. It didn't fit properly and was very noisy due to leakage around nostrils. Like the light weight and minimal headgear but couldn't make it work for me.
    Written by jrbuck56, -2017-10-16

  • Poor quality

    The light weight of it I liked. The pillow part kept coming off in the middle of the night. I mean it would come apart. I found it to be quite loud.
    Written by Tap, Alabama -2017-09-08

  • Mixed review

    First I love CPAP exchange- what a fantastic company- everything is so easy. I have tried so many of these and returned once I'm sure it isn't going to work- always prompt with a refund- just a great company. This mask was absolutely the best ever- ever, for about 10 days. the liner is so soft that it began to separate from the liner housing and leak and make noise. I am an extremely restless sleeper so if you're normal, it is definitely worth a try. Just not rugged enough for me, too bad. It was the most comfortable and quietest mask I ever tried.
    Written by Big D, -2016-11-22

  • Nasal pillow mask

    Mask stays in place fairly well. Pressure on nostrils is minimal with small amount of discount. Not noisy at all. Head band is comfortable.
    Written by Bill L, -2016-11-04

  • Design Flaw (In my opinion)

    The silicone piece that fits over one's nose is extremely thin at its base. Mine developed a small tear in it overnight while I slept. I do not know how this tear took place. I have been using a CPCP machine for over ten years now and this is the first time I have had an issue with the mask. Overall, the mask itself is comfortable to wear when it inflates. The ones that use the fabric design are much more durable than the thin layer of silicone at the base of the nose piece. I would suspect more issues with other customers have the same problem with the thin design (it is thin because it inflates like a balloon around your nose...which is extremely comfortable when it is working). I intend to keep mine but I had to mail back the entire mask for a warranty replacement request when I only needed the nose piece replaced. The cost of the return for the entire mask and parts cost almost as much as just taking "a hit" and buying a replacement myself online (without the benefit of a warranty replacement request).
    Written by Charles, -2016-10-20

  • Love my nasal pillows

    Love these nasal pillows. After trying many masks. I found the perfect one!
    Written by MarySue , -2016-09-27

  • No seal

    I tried to use this mask twice and never get it to seal. I returned it.
    Written by JimP, -2016-09-25

  • Not worth it

    It is not worth the money every night it comes apart. I have tried many head sets and this is the worst one by far.
    Written by Carolyn L , -2016-08-21

  • Poorly designed mask

    I purchased this mask because I was looking for a mask that would seal around my nose and wouldn't leak air. I wore it for 3 consecutive nights. The bridge of my nose was bruised from the first night. The 2 nipples that go into each of your nostrils are so poorly designed that they pressed too hard against the bridge in your nose. After the third night I could not handle it any longer and it took a whole week for my nose to heal. I do not recommend this mask.
    Written by Joao A, -2016-08-16

  • F&P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow

    Not sure I like this, I'm yanking it off within a couple hours. The air flowing through the nostrils is intense. I'm not giving up on it, but right now it's more intense than another mask I have.
    Written by TryingToStayAsleep, -2016-08-11

  • Interesting Mask

    This is a bit premature as I am sure how I feel. I like the small footprint of the mask compared to my old one that covered my nose. Leaks are about the same depending on how much I roll over. It is a all one size mask which I think would be better if I had a larger mask. I have a large head and the straps are at maximum and still a bit tight. I also have had to turn the humidity up to keep my nostrils from drying out and burning. Last thing is my machine is supposed to turn off automatically but does not. I actually have to manually disconnect the hose to let all the pressure to for the machine to turn off. Just a minor issue. I am sticking with this for now.
    Written by Steve, -2016-08-10

  • Pilairo Q Nasal Mask

    I'm impressed. My first CPAP mask was a nasal pillow type...never liked it. It was difficult to keep in position, so the seal was nearly always leaking. This mask however, has a nice design which helps with maintaining the seal...even with facial hair (mustache) the seal works! Also, a big plus factor over the previous full-face mask I used to use is that the nasal pillow membrane is much easier to clean. Very pleased thus far
    Written by art, -2016-07-27

  • Too Sensitive of a nose

    Let me start out by saying that I have a very sensitive nose. I tried wearing the mask 3 times and each time the septum of my nose became so inflamed and painful after an hour that I had to take it off. The headgear was very comfortable. I liked that fact that I could wear glasses with the mask. I like to read at night and for that reason I really wanted this mask to work. Unfortunately I have a bummer nose. So if you have a sensitive nose don't waste your time trying this mask out. It is not going to work. If you have a tough nose this mask is for you. Wish it worked for me.
    Written by Gregory, -2016-06-20

  • Good CPAP Mask

    The Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiPAP Mask is very comfortable to use. I use it with the "StretchWise" band which allows me to wear glasses to watch TV before going to sleep. It also does not leave impressions around your nose when removed in the morning.
    Written by JFR, -2016-04-27

  • Mr.

    Great product and received quickly.
    Written by M E, -2016-03-26

  • Wow!

    I have tried several different CPap appliances over the past 3 years, and this is the best I have found by far. With other masks and nasal pillows, I normally pull them off halfway through the night as they get so uncomfortable. For the first time since I started using my CPap, I am sleeping through the night, and my nasal pillows are still in place when I wake up. As I am a side sleeper, this is quite an achievement. I just love this appliance, and no longer need to experiment with others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Written by cammycay, -2016-03-05

  • Ok but not great

    Very comfortable and easy to wear. The stretch wise headgear is the most comfortable, but the mask may slip away during the night if you move in bed. Leaves marks on your face that tend to get worse with time
    Written by Giorgio R, -2016-02-14

  • Pilairo is the best mask on the market

    I just ordered my second piliaro mask. It is hands down the best mask on the market. I am so thankful someone finally answered prayer for a mask that is ultra comfortable, lightweight, has great seal that conforms to your face, soft comfy head gear. I WILL NOT EVEN CONSIDER USING A DIFFERENT BRAND. Thanks to cpap xchange for fast, reliable service. If taken care of properly, even tho this mask appears flimsy, it will last a long time. I had my first one for probably three years.
    Written by joni b, -2016-02-04

  • Excellent Fit

    Finally I was able to find a perfect fit. I have been sleeping amazingly!
    Written by Elizabeth, -2016-01-24

  • Excellent Mask

    This is by far my favorite mask! It truly does float over my nose and means I'm getting a great seal all night even when I move around. Pricing and shipping with this company can't be beat! I'm a customer for life now!
    Written by Nurse K, -2016-01-11

  • Clap mask

    Good delivery. Works well. Thanks
    Written by James, -2016-01-11

  • Mask hose

    Great product.
    Written by Betsy, -2015-12-17

  • Nasla Pillow Review

    The reason for the three star rating is that I have not had enough time with the product yet. I'm still trying to get it adjusted properly. This is the first time with this particular nasal pillow. If I can get it adjusted properly, I'm sure it will be a good mask. The problem that I am having with it is the head gear adjustment. It is putting too much pressure on the under side of my nose and in the morning it is sore. If I loosen the straps too much then I get blow by and it leaks. There is a happy medium I'm sure I have not yet found the combination.
    Written by Paul, -2015-12-08

  • C-PAP Heaven...if such a thing is possible.

    I have been plagued with Apnea for about six years now, and have never had a comfortable nose piece...until now. The F&P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Adjustable & Stretch Wise Headgear is by far the most comfortable nasal piece I have ever had, and I thank the CPAP Exchange for providing me with this wonderful unit, at a fair price, with extremely fast shipping. My sheep thank you...as do I. Your ob't, Stephen K
    Written by Stephen K, -2015-11-30

  • works great

    Have tried several nose pillows. This one better than others: 1. have not needed to readjust seal in the middle of the night. 2. more comfortable on my cheeks-- no pressure marks on cheeks in morning. 3. softer to the feel on my nose. There is more coverage on the upper lip, but it is worth it, and I have gotten used to it.
    Written by Myra, -2015-11-17

  • Nasal Pillow Mask

    It works great. This mask is by far the most comfortable one I have used.
    Written by Scott, -2015-09-28

  • My nose is sore!

    I purchased this nasal mask and used it one night and I'm not sure what is causing it but each time I use the mask it makes my nose sore the next morning. I don't know if it is where it inflates the nasal pillow so much that it stretches the skin on the tip of my nose or what. However the 3 times I've used it each time I have a sore on the inside of the end of my nose like it's split skin. I'm sending it back.
    Written by Sore Nose in Nashville, -2015-09-02

  • F&P Pilairo Q CPAP nasal pillow

    First time using a nasal pillow and found it pretty comfortable, light and easy to use. There is no blow by around my nose and so far sleeping through the night with out fighting the mask. tried a lot of masks over the years and this by far beats them all.
    Written by Larry D, -2015-08-11

  • Owner

    Written by William, -2015-07-08

  • F&P Pilairo Q nasal pillow

    not a good fit for me, for people who use that style it could be a good fit.
    Written by chris k, -2015-07-07

  • Definite upgrade

    The new mask is way more comfortable and secure than the old one. Wonderful!
    Written by Andy, -2015-06-19

  • Very effective and comfortable

    This is the first time I have used the nasal pillow delivery system and it definitely took some getting used to. The sensation of having the air flow directly into the nostrils initially made me feel out of breath. After less than a week, though, I adjusted to the sensation and have had no issues since then. The mask is comfortable and for me has stayed sealed through the night. It is easy to put on and adjust to the face to get proper airflow into the nostrils. The headgear is easy to adjust and is much more comfortable than other headgear I have used. I would definitely purchase this mask again.
    Written by Ray, -2015-05-28

  • Returning this mask

    I wore this mask for 7 nights. Despite trying to wear it loosely, I still got terrible pressure sores on my nostrils. I really wanted this mask to work because it was comfortable and had a great seal.
    Written by Kat T, -2015-05-24

  • Very happy with this mask

    I have used the Optilife mask ever since I was first diagnosed with sleep apnea a number of years ago but I have been having trouble with the fit of the mask for some reason in the last year or so and it became so troublesome that I had sores on my nose (no it wasn't on too tight). Anyway, when I saw your advertisement for the F&P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP mask, it seemed like it would give me what I have liked so much about the Optilife but the pillow aspect would be softer and I was delighted that I have found this model to work well for me. Thank you for sending out that ad. I was dreading having to go to the health care company and ask for how to tell what would fix my problem.
    Written by Sharon, -2015-03-10

  • Great Mask - Definitely a winner

    I have tried several masks and none of them worked for me. This mask does work. It does not hurt nor slip off during the night. It is quiet and doesn't blow a lot of air onto my husband. Finally something that works!!!
    Written by TD, -2015-03-05

  • Nasal Pillow

    I thought this unit with the "Stretchwise" headgear would be great but it does not work for me, it keeps seeping air regardless of how adjusted. The adjustable headgear works fine but, it to, has a tendency to start leaking air during the night.
    Written by Paul, -2015-02-04

  • F&P Pilalro Q Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiPap Mask

    I't didn't work for me.
    Written by Mrs. L. Miller, -2015-01-29

  • not the mask for my needs

    the mask itself is extremely comfortable. But I found out that this certain type of mask/nose pillow is not a good choice for CPAP users with higher pressure settings. It started giving me sores around the edge of my nose and my nose felt like it had been punched. It took a few days for all this to start happening. But anyone that uses a low pressure would benefit greatly from this one. It was so soft and loved the minimal amount of facial coverage.
    Written by Bonnie S, -2015-01-24

  • F&P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiPAP Mask

    Amazing Nasal Pillow ...so quite and well recommended but the draw back was the short tube was literally "short" hopefully they can come up soon with solution about this short tube.
    Written by Rod, -2015-01-24

  • Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Adjustable & StretchWise Headgear

    Like many others who suffer with Sleep Apnea, I have had my struggles finding a mask that I could sleep with comfortably. Full masks, nasal masks and nasal pillow masks, Although I eventually found the most comfort with the nasal pillow masks I always had trouble with the Velcro headgear's not fitting well and falling apart. BUT!!! This mask comes with a single strap and additional headgear...With the single strap It's the most comfortable mask I've ever had hands down!!!
    Written by Mark, -2015-01-07

  • mask

    I need to return the mask. Very comfortable but struggled to get enough air.
    Written by Bill T, -2014-12-18

  • F&P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Adjustable & StretchWise Headgear

    I love the mask but it is too big and have to keep adjusting. But 1000 times more comfortable than any other nasal mask I have ever used and man have I gone through the masks. Love it!
    Written by Ruth H, -2014-12-16

  • Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow Mask

    A very comfy mask to wear; so soft, compact, light weight with freedom of movement. I've tried other styles over the past 14 yrs, but the Pilairo Q is by far my go to mask. This is my 2nd one.
    Written by Larry , -2014-12-12

  • Solves alot of little quirks

    I love the Pilairo Q mask! I have been using it for over 2 years now and it solved many of the little quirks that annoyed me with all the other nasal masks I tried. The new diffuser on the Q helps with blow back, great if you are a person that likes to sleep with your hands near your face. The other major design feature is the nasal pillow itself. I used to get drowned when ever I rolled over in bed. Water up the nose is a guaranteed unpleasant wake up. This pillow has ample room for the condensation to run down into it and not out into your nose. And the strap is different than any other, being a single stretchy band. The new Q comes with a choice of head gear, and I have to be honest, I haven't tried the harness one because I am so happy with the single strap. I wouldn't go back to the other masks for any reason.
    Written by Kimberley D., -2014-11-30

  • Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow mask

    I have had many nasal masks (8+), and have had a CPAP/BI-PAP for 10+ years. This mask by far is my favorite. It seals well, quiet and doesn't blow air at my wife like all the others do (which my wife appreciates), soft and comfortable for my nose. I am ready to order another one for a spare, and as I was thinking should I get another type so as to have one a little different, but I thought nothing even comes close to the quality, funtionality, and comfort of this mask. I highly recommend it.
    Written by Robert, -2014-11-21

  • cpap masal pillows

    I find this to be off poor quality and does not seal well letting air escape.
    Written by Doris, -2014-10-19

  • New style

    I was excited to get this and disappointed when I did. The inner side of the mask was not shown in the ad. I tried it and the actual mask was OK but the part that went into the nose made my nares very sore and I could not wear it.
    Written by PP, -2014-09-26

  • Disappointed

    I returned it because it does not fit and wont seal on my face.
    Written by Returned, -2014-09-24

  • Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow

    I am very satisfied with the product
    Written by Melba P, -2014-08-26

  • Awesome

    Very pleased with the mask and the transaction
    Written by Mike, -2014-08-20

  • Like all masks some good, some not

    I really like the "pillow" part of this mask. It gives the best seal of all masks I have tried (about 4). BUT...the openings are a bit small and I felt like I was working to get air. I feel that a bit with all masks so not sure. I have a big nose! I also like the whisper air port. It is quiet and does not blow air on me. Two things I DON'T lIke- first is the short connection hose. Not sure why they made it so short but the large hose then lays over your head when on one side. Second, the hard plastic part that the headgear attaches to sticks out to the side and when sleeping on my side then smashes into my face and just at the bottom of my eye. I don't know why they made it so wide. The pillow does not go that far out. I have to hang my head over the end of the pillow so it does not dig into my face.
    Written by Sleepless in KY, -2014-08-07

  • CPAP mask

    Mask is too tight and leaves mark on face, although is it not bad for leaks.
    Written by Sue, -2014-08-01

  • F&P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiPAP Mask

    I've always liked this mask a lot, but the adjustable headgear is a huge step forward compared to the StretchWise headgear that wears out quickly and provides too little support. Great addition! I love it!
    Written by JJL, -2014-06-13

  • Trying to find the perfect mask for me

    The straps were not tight enough and mask continue to slip
    Written by Vilma, -2014-05-29

  • Great Mask

    I've tried quite a few mask over the last 4 years, but none compare to this one. Very comfortable, non-intrusive. I sleep much better with this mask.
    Written by Steve, -2014-05-19

  • Review

    The service and product we're perfect.
    Written by Russ S, -2014-05-05

  • Mask Pilairo

    It is easy to use and very comfortable. You do not feel that you are wearing it
    Written by Melida G, -2014-05-01

  • Pilairo Nasal Mask / Pillows - Most comfortable mask ever!!!

    This is my favorite mask and I tried just about all of them over the last 15 years. I like the fact that it comes with both the the single band and the adjustable headgear. My only requests would be: 1 - single stretchwise band be made adjustable and as easy to remove from mask when cleaning is needed as the adjustable headgear is 2 - nasal pillows be made to fit a little more snugly into the mask
    Written by C Guffey, -2014-04-26

  • Nasal Pillows

    The nasal pillows did not work for me. Had to keep deep breathing with them. So for now went back to my old mask. The headgear that came with the nasal pillows was very good. just could not get used to the pillows
    Written by RandyG, -2014-04-18

  • F&P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow

    I have been through a bunch of nasal pillow masks over the years and this is by far the best one yet. Fits perfect, seals all night, very light weight. I am sleeping all night now without having to mess with leaks and being uncomfortable and having to re-ajust. Hats off on this one!!
    Written by John S., -2014-04-08

  • Best CPAP Mask yet!

    Even my wife asked why I wasn't wearing my mask because it was so quiet and it stays on all night. It is hard to tell if it is even working when you put it on, I keep checking to see if the machine is on.
    Written by Gregg, -2014-03-06

  • It's OK,

    Used it for a couple of nights but found it to be loud and couldn't get a proper seal. However it does seem to be well made. My sense is that it a very good item, but I just don't think I like nasal pillows.
    Written by Paul, -2014-03-03

  • Almost got it right....

    Eight year CPAP user, have used many masks. The idea is great. The reality is mediocre. This mask is extremely loud on inhalation, seal is good but, the connector hose is way too short. It puts all the stress on the CPAP hose and it will dislodge the seal. I'm back to the old standby Breeze mask.
    Written by alan, -2014-02-28

  • No leak, no problem

    I love this mask, after 4 mo. no problems at all. I have tried at least 8 or 10 different masks, this is the only mask I am going to purchase again.
    Written by Bruce H, -2014-02-19

  • F&P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

    VERY HARD ON MY NOSTRILS. After only 4 nights, I have a big red sore at the tip of my nostril. I have had to discontinue use.
    Written by Dave K, -2014-02-03

  • The one that works

    I have been trying to find the right mask for almost 2 years. I had concerns with the original Pilairo but now, the new adjustable head gear works for smaller heads and the filter over the exhalation valve has eliminated the noise. Since I started using the Pilairo Q I can use the mask every night. I am happy!
    Written by Gail, -2014-01-15

  • Not For Me

    As a new CPAP user, I am still subject to finding the best mask for me via trial and error. I was so hoping this would be the one that I purchased a second one for a family member to try, but I just found the nasal plug design too uncomfortable. However, I would like to suggest adding a second rating button for service so I could offer five stars! Since my insurance does not cover anything related to CPAP, I really appreciate the 30 day free trial offered for some masks and the service provided by CPAPxchange.
    Written by PJC, -2014-01-10

  • F&P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Adjustable & StretchWise Headgear

    This is the best head gear I have ever owned. Wish I had had this 10 years ago. Sleep is so much more comfortable. Price was right also.
    Written by Tom P, -2013-12-25

  • Great mask----NO LEAKS!

    I used to use a regular nasal mask but had a hard time not getting leaks right under my nose. Even the nasal pillow masks I changed to still sometimes leaked a little. But no more leaks with THIS mask! At first I felt a little smothered by the feel of the cushion because when it inflates, it touches the face below the nose and also the lower front part of the nose. But I changed to the original style headgear which consists of only one thin strap, & immediately I didn't feel smothered any more. Both headgears seem durable and well made. I always sleep on my side or back, & this mask works great for me.
    Written by tlb3900, -2013-12-06

  • No Air Leakages

    I am very pleased with this mask and am able to sleep better, with no air leakages or whistling. It is quite comfortable, the only negative being that there is more contact with my face than the Swift nasal pillow mask.
    Written by Kathy, -2013-11-24

  • GREAT !!!

    This product is absolutely fantastic. Great seal that does not come loose and the tubing cannot kink to block the air flow.
    Written by Mr Ed, -2013-11-12

  • F&P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP mask

    This mask has such potential. There is one problem big enough to be an issue and it is the headgear. It simply will not stay on my head. I have long hair and it makes my hair slide up with the headgear and off it falls. To be fair, I sleep on my side and move around a lot. I tried everything I know to do to make the headgear work. I really like the the mask. The mask is comfortable to wear. It is quiet, snug and works well for sleeping on my side. Just the headgear is enough to move this mask to number three in my collection.
    Written by PH, -2013-11-08

  • best yet from my viewpoint

    Light. Quiet. Fits well. Rests lightly. Easy on & off. Stays put after fully inflated (with pressure ramp up).
    Written by mike, -2013-11-04

  • Best Mask Ever

    This mask just "floats" on my face. I have been using cpap for 15 years, and this is the best mask I have ever had. It is practically perfect for me.
    Written by Jenny, -2013-10-29

  • F&P Pilairo Q

    Works really well and is comfortable. Some leakage but way better than the last mask I used. Don't feel trapped. Replacement parts expensive is the only drawback I have found so far.
    Written by Sharon B-A, -2013-10-27