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Premium Headgear for Various Respironics Comfort Series CPAP/BiPAP Masks

Premium Headgear for Various Respironics Comfort Series CPAP/BiPAP Masks
Manufacturer: Philips Respironics
Part Number(s): 1033678, 1059236
GTIN Number(s): 00610370435052
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7035

Available Colors: Black
Materials: Latex Free

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Respironics Premium Headgear has a simplified design for improved comfort and durability. It features soft, wide Lycra stretch fiber straps to provide a stable fit that stands up to long term use. Premium Headgear is highly resistant to fraying and curling and eliminates the stitching which can cause irritation.

Sizing Information: Premium Headgear is available in two sizes -- Standard and Reduced. The STANDARD SIZE headgear is provided on all ComfortGel NASAL, ComfortGel BLUE, ComfortFull 2, Comfort Gel FULL, and ComfortGel BLUE FULL CPAP/BiPAP masks. It can also be used with most other Comfort Series masks. The REDUCED SIZE "RS" headgear is approximately 25% smaller than the Standard Size and is available as an alternative for any mask that is compatible with Premium Headgear.

Color Information: Premium Headgear has been produced in various colors and patterns including black, light blue, stars and stripes, etc. Currently only the black color is available for sale.

Purchaser Verified Reviews

very good fit

Good experience with the products
By msaidi7370,

Respronics headgear.

It's much more comfortable than the universal ones.
By debbie6569,

Breathing easy

Price was right shipped quickly
By coopsville,

Total satisfaction!

Website was easy to navigate and responded as expected but so often not achieved by many portals.
By jasjr48,

stretch as thay are used

these are good in fit -- my only problem is that they stretch over time and the straps must be adjusted to make up the difference; eventually there is no place to stick the velcro. The last one did not last as long as the blue gel part of the facepiece, but still a good fit untill it cannot be adjusted any more.
By LW,

CPAP Purchase

Great response and service. WILL recommend.
By Stephen A. Z.,

RS Headgear is made for a child, not an adult

I am a petite female and I saw that a reduced sized headgear was available. Typically a one-size adult hat is way to big and if I can get a childs large hat it will fit me better so I asked about it. I was told that it is like a small and the regular is like a medium so I ordered it. The RS headgear when adjusted to be as large as possible it didn't fit around my head. However, the regular headgear, when adjusted as small as possible (with the velcro tabs almost touching in the back), was too loose and couldn't hold the mask to my face. RS is made for a child and regular is like an adult large or extra large.
By erica,

Product has changed

Comfort Classic headgear has changed in the past year (2nd review). There is NO flexibility to it, as in the past. Very rigid---there is no Comfort to it.
By Bob Z.,

Change in materials

For years I have ordered and used #1033678 headgear. This past order, the order shipped me under the same part number was highly inferior to what I have previously received. There is no elasticity in the headgear, rendering it very uncomfortable. This was true for each of the headgear received under that part number. Very disappointing.
By Bob Z.,


Perfect fit, great price, fast shipping, and good quality!
By phyllis,

ComfortGel Blue HeadGear

The headgear adjusts easily and is very comfortable. It's the same as the headgear that comes with each new ComfortGel Blue mask.
By Alan,

eh, same old

Nothing special about this head gear - it's the same old neoprene type everybody is using in their masks. Be nice if someone would actually make headgear that is more durable and more comfortable. I got the "standard" size and it is nearly too big for me, and I am a big guy.

product review

It fit perfectly was exactly what I wanted
By Anthony,

Great Premium Headgear Product

I really like this headgear and wanted another one for my second machine. Its comfortable and stays in place. Thanks for the prompt and courteous service. The customer service employee was very helpful in assisting me to find the one I was looking for.
By Ed D.,

Great mask!

I ordered this as a replacement mask for my husband. It's a great mask. Very comfy.
By JK,