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  • For Reference:Discontinued 08.23.2016
  • Brand:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:1004086, 1004087, 1004088, 1004089, 1004110, 1004111, 1004112
  • Sizes:Petite, Small, Medium, Medium Wide, Large, Large Narrow
  • Warranties:90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

With its light, pillowy soft gel cushion and forehead pad the Profile Lite mask is extremely comfortable and uniquely customizable right out of the box. A simple, 10-minute fitting process molds the mask to your individual facial contours to create a customized foam seal which fits your face and only your face. And if you change over time or would like to refit the mask you can repeat the process whenever you need to.

The Profile Lite's personlized seal means a better fit for your mask and a better night's sleep for you.


  • Comes with Respironic's Deluxe Headgear which adjusts in eight places to create a secure, comfortable fit with less chafing and pinching
  • Few moving parts and easy assembly makes the Profile Lite easy to clean
  • Great for Allergy Sufferers - Silicone & Latex Free!
  • Soft Gel cushion conforms to the user's forehead
  • Front swivel moves freely and allows a wide range of tube positioning
  • Pressure Ports allow pressure to be measured at the mask
  • Customizable gel cushion has a unique soft outer layer for a gentle fit, and a customizable inner layer that molds to a user's facial contours
  • Available in 7 sizes to fit a wide range of face shapes and sizes


  • For Reference:Discontinued 08.23.2016
  • Manufacturer:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:1004086, 1004087, 1004088, 1004089, 1004110, 1004111, 1004112
  • Warranties:90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete nasal mask pack with Cushion and Headgear
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Petite, Small, Medium, Medium Wide, Large, Large Narrow
  • Materials:Silicone Free, Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Cushion Masks, Gel Masks
  • Pressure Range:4 to 20 cm H20 Recommended
  • Mask

    Did not fit.
    Written by Larry, -2016-09-15

  • ProfileLite Gel Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask

    I have used the ProfileLite Nasal mask for years. Which, sadly, the company has discontinued. In my opinion it is the best they ever made. And regarding Cpapxchange, they are a wonderful company. They are fast and hassel-free. I couldn't ask for a better company to deal with.
    Written by Yvonne, -2016-09-02

  • Mask in hand

    Finally able to sleep again with the right fitting mask for me. I had forgotten you folks and am pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get everything.
    Written by Chris H., -2016-08-23

  • ProfileLite

    The mask is too ill fitting and has caused much discomfort.
    Written by Bill, -2016-08-17

  • ProfileLite Gel Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

    A good product, I love this mask. Unfortunately I used to get my masks thru the Veterans Affairs who ordered them from Phillips Respironics, I called the VA for a new mask and received their new WISP, after much messing with it and using it for a week it was totally not for me, many problems with it so I get my preffered mask from those with them like you.Also shipping was great and it came a day ahead of the date given in the shipping info. Will use you again.
    Written by Robert G, -2016-08-02

  • Gel mask

    I would not recommend this mask. It's loud. And very uncomfortable.
    Written by Chad, -2016-07-12

  • Save your MOney

    This mask is so uncomfortable and leaks. It left a bruise on the bridge of my nose after using for only one night and also gave me a headache. I would not recommend it.
    Written by Kazlo, -2016-07-10

  • ProfileLite Nasal Mask

    I've used the Gold Seal Nasal mask for years and was pleasantly surprised with my new ProfileLite replacement. Fits well, comfortable to wear and seals perfectly to my face.
    Written by Rick, -2016-06-28

  • Bad fit

    No problem with cpapXchange. It's with the mask. I cannot find a profile lite M, so I had to get a M-wide. I cannot get a seal.
    Written by Rich 55, -2016-06-26

  • CPAP Mask

    I am very happy with the ease of the order process and the timelines of receiving my order. And the mask works perfectly.
    Written by Janie, -2016-06-08

  • profile lite

    Love that mask, most comfortable, sorry to hear it was discontinued...
    Written by Sharlene, -2016-06-05

  • Great Shipping, Fair Prices

    If you need a CPAP mask, you know what it is, what type you're used to, what size you need, etc., etc., etc. These guys have it, at a fair price, and they're shipping is also priced right and quick. I received my mask well within the posted shipping window. Will be ordering from them the next time I need a mask.
    Written by Joe, -2016-05-30

  • Excellent transaction

    Have used the Profile Lite Nasal mask for years and thankful cpapXchange had them in stock. Excellent mask and excellent service.
    Written by John, -2016-04-22

  • profilelite gel mask

    ordering was extremely easy, delivery was fast. This mask is the most comfortable one I have ever used. it fits well and does not leak
    Written by wayne s, -2016-04-17

  • Great

    This is my favorite mask. Tried many but this one works best for me. No negatives or complaints.
    Written by Mike B, -2016-04-07

  • Bipap mask

    I had this mask previously which is very comfortale but, was told by another company it was discontinued. I relunctly bought another mask from a different company and had nothing but trouble with it....I am so glad I was again able to find this mask
    Written by Robo, -2016-04-06

  • Love this mask !!!

    I know that Respironics has discontinued this mask, so I wanted to grab a spare while they were still available. Respironics: You're making a big mistake! I guess I will have to switch to ResMed in the future.
    Written by John E. B., -2016-03-24

  • profile lite nasal mask

    Respironics has discontinued this mask and it is the only one I have used for the past ten years. I appreciate cpap exchange having them in stock, their courteous conversation and their prompt shipment.
    Written by ron n, -2016-03-18

  • Unavailable in some places; not here!

    I just bought two medium size masks, the one's I have been using for years. The medium size seems to be "discontinued" on other online sites; not here! Thank you for continuing to stock this great-fitting mask. It's comfortable and just the right size for most faces.
    Written by Joe M., -2016-03-03

  • Amazing

    Absolutely ecstatic to find this site. Truly a matter of sleep or no sleep. I have used the profile lite mask for 20+ yrs. Was told it was discontinued. I have tried more than 30 masks and this is the only 1 I can use. Thank You so much. 150% satisfied customer.
    Written by Richard, -2016-02-16

  • Fast, easy, professional.

    For me it was impossible to get any med supply company to come out and review new masks with me. They're all quick to supply the CPAP respirator though. I was fortunate to find the mask I've been looking for CpapXchange, plus it was half the price. With free shipping.
    Written by Warren G, -2016-02-10

  • ProfileLite Gel Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

    It was exactly what I was needing. Easy to order and fast shipping! Thx!! Will be a repeat customer!
    Written by RLB, -2016-01-31

  • Didn't work for me. Buy the return insurance.

    I followed the instructions to mold it to my face to the letter. The thing started leaking on about 5 and I need near 20. Still love cpapXchange, very fast shipping and it clearly gives you the option to buy the insurance to return it. If you choose this mask, I highly suggest you do.
    Written by Doc, -2016-01-29

  • great service

    it was delivered as they promised , what more could you want . everything is working as they said it would
    Written by chuck, -2016-01-26

  • Excellent product

    I was very happy with the service and product. My old mask just worn out after years of service and I saw all the great reviews for the gel mask. I will buy from them again.
    Written by Steven W, -2016-01-11

  • Excellent!

    Great website, fast service, low prices. I will shop here again.
    Written by Roscoe, -2016-01-04

  • Developed a Sore

    I developed a sore between my eyebrows with this mask. Bandaids and Neosporin are being used. Somehow the gel irritated the skin. Otherwise the mask works fine.
    Written by Golf4joe, -2015-11-09

  • Small Medium

    This size works for me! tried the medium to big.
    Written by Don, -2015-11-04

  • We're sleeping soundly again!

    Thanks for the very quick shipping. Since my husband is sleeping soundly again, so am I. Happy wife - happy life!
    Written by Happy & Sappy in NC, -2015-11-03

  • Fast service, great prices

    First order with cpapXchange. I'm very impressed.
    Written by Christopher, -2015-10-23

  • Cpap mask

    I find the forehead portion of the mask uncomfortable . Thanks for following up on this.
    Written by Robert M , -2015-10-11

  • Great execution

    I was pleased to find a wide selection of options. Then when I had a question about my order using the chat session the rep was very helpful and gave a link that perfectly answered my question. It was no surprise that my order was delivered on time and complete! As an added bonus it was shipped with a tracking number that kept me updated. Nicely done...
    Written by Jay P, -2015-10-07

  • Poorly made mask

    The mask is of very poor quality. The mask nearly broke the first time using it. No way to use the mask!
    Written by J Sewell, -2015-09-12

  • Should've opted for the money-back guarantee

    The first mask I ever used was nose-only one and never had an issue. Switched to full-face variety a few years back but I found myself in need of a replacement mask in a sort of emergency situation and little money. I decided to go with a nasal mask again because I couldn't afford what I wanted. The cushion between the eyes caused me to have an enormous pimple-like reaction that lasted for 2 weeks after only one night of use. And, of course, I cannot return it because it has been used.
    Written by Terry J., -2015-08-31

  • great service

    seems like i just pushed the enter button and the mask was arriving.
    Written by ed, -2015-05-06

  • Profile Lite Gel

    I have tried other types of masks and they do not last very long and no where near as comfortable. I will probably never use a different kind.
    Written by Linda, -2015-04-25

  • Profilelite Gel Nasal CPAP mask

    I order the same size of mask as my old mask (of a different type) but it was not even close to fitting. Very uncomfortable.
    Written by Jerry H, -2015-04-24

  • review

    good job , thanks for your help
    Written by james c, -2015-04-12

  • Large pressure wound

    I tried and failed to find a comfortable fit for this soft-gel mask. There is a seam where the soft-gel attaches to some clear plastic this combined with the mis-shaped mask left a large pressure wound on top of my nose over an inch long and 3/4 of an inch wide actually sloping down the side.
    Written by Greg G, -2015-03-29

  • Worse mask ever

    There mask leak constantly, it also caused a bruise across the bridge of nose. I only wore it for Three days when I got and went back to my original mask. I had nothing but problems, would never purchase this again
    Written by Greg, -2015-03-19

  • Just what the doctor ordered.

    The mask that I ordered arrived quickly, It fit great and came with pretty good headgear. I was completely happy with both the price and quality of this mask. Within the next month or so I'll be ordering another just like it as a backup and a spare.
    Written by Stan , -2015-03-14

  • Perfect mask!

    This is the only mask my husband likes to use. Our previous provider no longer carries it, so we were very excited to be able to purchase it from you. Thanks so much.
    Written by E Yon, -2015-02-23

  • jell mask

    I have used this mask before but it has been discontinued by the manufacturer. I will buy these until there are no more because they fit me the best of any I have tried. Fit and durability is a real plus.
    Written by Jay, -2015-02-12

  • unknown information

    When attempting to use this item the pressure on the bridge of the nose becomes unbearable after about an hour. Unable to use product.
    Written by Rick, -2015-02-05

  • leaks

    For the first hour it was great! Then it started leaking and hasn't stopped no matter what I do.
    Written by Mike H, -2015-01-07

  • Very Uncomfortable

    This mask made the bridge of my nose very sore and it was not too tight.Thought the gel pad would be very comfortable but not for me.
    Written by JSD, -2015-01-06

  • Profile lite gel nasal

    This mask is a great looking mask but I do not recommend it as it conforms to face it digs into the bridge of your nose and is very loud not to mention it starts to leak air within a few times using it.
    Written by David W. G., -2015-01-02

  • great service & love the mask

    Mymask had broken, and i was scrambling to find another one. Placed my order, paid for expedited shipping, and was here the next day. Great fit, very comfortable.
    Written by Troy , -2015-01-01

  • Awesome mask

    Quick delivery-I love this mask-fits very well-very soft-stays in place! Will order again-great mask for the price
    Written by S.K., -2014-12-24

  • ProfileLite Gel Nasal CPAP/BiPap Mask

    Top quality ease of order placement
    Written by RC Jensen, -2014-11-28

  • Gel Nasal CPAP

    REally a nice mask that fits well with a good seal. The only very small complaint I have is that the forehead gel pillow is really small and sometimes if I wind up with my face buried in the pillow the next morning I have a major depression in my head where the gel bumper was.
    Written by jay, -2014-11-14

  • ProfileLite Gel Nasal Mask

    Using you online ordering and same mask for years. Both give great service.
    Written by Anthony K, -2014-10-29

  • Comfortable but a little noisy

    Fits well, soft, no leaks, but exhaust port is louder than other masks I've used (louder than the Cpap & sounds like an air leak).
    Written by JB, -2014-10-13

  • Respironics Nasal Cpap Mask

    Does not get any better than this... Perfect fit, no leaks, lasts for a year, at least.... After 10 years of Cpap have not found anything better!..
    Written by oz, -2014-10-11


    Written by RON S, -2014-09-20

  • Nice mask

    Nice fit and function. No complaints at all.
    Written by David, -2014-09-18

  • Profile Lite

    Excellent customer service.
    Written by Steve, -2014-09-08

  • best mask ever

    I have struggled with comfort and leaks for years. This mask is by far the best I've tried. Absolutely no leaking around the bridge of nose into eyes. Its also the most comfortable mask I've worn. I will buy another after this one wears they all do And a great price!
    Written by Rick M, -2014-06-04

  • ProfileLite Gel Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

    Product was exactly as described, 50% of the cost I had been paying locally, delivered in 2 days. Excellent
    Written by jlb, -2014-05-05

  • Excellent service.

    Exactly as promised!
    Written by Jerry , -2014-04-21

  • cpap mask

    This is my favorite cpap mask and I enjoy doing business with cpapxchange
    Written by joseph z, -2014-04-16

  • gel nasal

    Hi' I did not like the mask because it caused a sore on my forehead. It is very uncomfortable against my face.
    Written by Profilelite Gel Nasal, -2014-02-28

  • Respironics going down hill

    I want to start by saying, this review is in no way against The people there are great! Now, along with many of their other gel masks, Respironics is changing to a "blue gel" that is very stiff and thin, and doesn't seal to your face. This mask, and any others with their new "blue gel" are worthless!!!
    Written by Tim S, -2014-02-25

  • Best I've Found

    After 10+ years using a CPAP, this is the best mask I've used. I've probably had 6 at least. They are comfortable, don't leak or hiss air, and leave minimal "tiger stripes" on my face in the morning. is SO reasonable, it's cheaper than using my ins and going thru local med supplier. Plus their service is great!! I even bought a new lightweight cpap machine from them, and it is GREAT!!
    Written by Linda, -2014-02-17

  • Mask

    Fits nice, seals good, is quiet, but could be a little lighter.
    Written by Pam, -2014-02-04

  • profile lite

    maybe I got the wrong size but leaks a lot everytime I move
    Written by kevin, -2013-12-06

  • Purchase of ProfileLite Gel Nasal CPAP Mask

    First, the lady who took my order was excellent. She helped me identify the product that I had previously purchased, as I wanted one just like it. I received the order at the proper address in a timely manner. It seemed that the mask was thinner than it had been in the past, and I was concerned that this would be an issue. However, so far, the mask has performed extremely well. It seals well to my face with little problems with leaking. The only "issue" I have with it is that there is a small amount of excess plastic that tickles my nose and sometimes it is hard to adjust the mask to eliminate that. But I have tried other masks and I like this model the best.
    Written by Phil J, -2013-11-26

  • Mask

    Used mask first night cut bridge of nose mask none adjustable
    Written by Ric, -2013-09-13

  • ProfileLite Gel Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

    I have had quite a few of these in a row, they are ok. comfortable, only weakness is that after a few months the sidewalls slowly but surely start to collapse, and the face-seal leakage gets worse, but I probably try to use them too long anyway. I continue to get these because the fit is comfortable, and trying others is not a worthwhile process.
    Written by Texan, -2013-09-12

  • Terrible Odor

    This mask has such a terrible oder I cannot wear it. To me it smells toxic. I do not recommend you buy this mask. For me it was a total (and disappointing) waste of money.
    Written by Gail D., -2013-08-03


    My insurance covers only certain kinds of masks. The last one I got cost me $300 co-pay! This Profile Lite Gel Nasal CPAP mask feels much better, works better, lets less air escape and cost less! It's absolutely unbeatable! I will always buy my supplies from CPAPXchange from now on. I am extremely happy with the company, the products and the prices!
    Written by Masked Lady, -2013-07-30

  • Fast service

    My mask was shipped and received within 4days. I was kept informed the whole time.
    Written by Terry, -2013-07-25

  • Review of Profilelite nasal mask

    I have used this type mask for a few years, after using others. This is the most cofortable and durable mask that I have used in the 20 years of cpap use.
    Written by Roscoe F, -2013-07-20

  • Mask Asssessment

    This mask is the exact one I wanted. It came promptly after ordering and just as I ordered it. Thank you!
    Written by Dolly, -2013-06-30

  • mask

    The product is good. I needed it badly. I think that next time I would order medium. The small is a bit tight. I am delighted to find your company on line.
    Written by Christine, -2013-06-27

  • cpap Bipap mask profile lite w/ headgear

    excellent, fits perfect love it
    Written by Shane, -2013-05-27

  • great service and prices

    I received my order in very few days and merchandise was exactly what I ordered. cpapXchange has the best deals that I have found anywhere else.
    Written by Helen W., -2013-05-15

  • Profile lite-sometimes it works-sometimes not!

    The profile lite is the only mask I've used with my sleep apnea machine. It fits. Sometimes however, the masks don't last for long at all. I bought two and the first one out of the package was constantly coming apart by the hose and by the nasal bridge. I suppose someone had a bad day at the factory. These masks are good masks on the whole. The 4 is just for the bad one out of the bunch.
    Written by Bev, -2013-05-10

  • great price, quick service and delivery

    Great to find you on the net. Easy product location on site, and the explanation on what is needed on prescription was very helpful. Thanks
    Written by David, -2013-05-03

  • ProfileLite Gel Mask

    I've been using this mask since I was first diagnosed with sleep apnea. I've been ordering it from cpapExchange along with filters, hose, etc. for several years for myself and for my mother and have been very satisfied with the pricing and the quick delivery.
    Written by Diane M W, -2013-02-13

  • BiPAP Mask with headgear

    The mask and headgear is great. I however, even though I have had the size I ordered , feel I need a size just a bit larger. I will need to order one like that the next time. I will definitely order form you company again.
    Written by Brenda, -2013-02-06

  • CPAP Mask

    this was the worst mask I have ever owned. I could not get it to stop leaking air around the sides. I had wind blowing in my eyes until I pulled the straps really tight. I next morning I had a red ring on my face most of the day. The second night I wore it a little less tight but had leaks all night and slept badly. Next morning red ring again and a bruise on my nose.
    Written by Alan, -2013-01-27

  • price

    Alot cheaper then going through a medical supply place here for my husbands supplies.
    Written by Kristina, -2013-01-14

  • Profile lite

    My order came fast and they sent tracking number which helped in knowing when it would arrive
    Written by Carl, -2013-01-12

  • Nasal Mask

    Very good quality. Excellent process for purchase.
    Written by Randy, -2013-01-11

  • nasal mask

    I purchased the wrong mask, It was comfortable on my face but I'm a mouth breather and I need a full facial mask.
    Written by Jeffrey H, -2012-12-19

  • Okay but for the money too uncomforatable

    I was hoping this would be super comfortable but I bought a cheaper one that was better. It might be me though - just the contours of my face - but I am keeping it as a spare and will "tweek" it if I ever have to use it
    Written by John M S, -2012-12-05

  • Fantastic!

    Finally, the perfect nasal cpap mask! By far the most comfortable mask that I have ever used and I have used 9 different masks. There isn't a single annoying feature and everything feels like the designers have cpap themselves because there is definate care in it's creation throughout. I recommend it to all cpap sufferers!
    Written by John C., -2012-11-27

  • Great piece

    Have had several, lasts about a year an a half, fits good right out of box, company shipped quickly, no problems, would order again.
    Written by B. Lee, -2012-11-23

  • c pap mask

    i'm happy with the product.
    Written by Jayne, -2012-10-18

  • BiPAP mask

    Not happy with this mask. It' bulky and can not get it to seal around my face , leaks so bad machine kicks off do to leaks.....
    Written by Michael F., -2012-09-18

    Written by Dave, -2012-08-03

  • ProfileLite Gel NaaL cpap MASK With Headgear

    This is my 4th or 5th of this mask so what more can I say.... Except its the best of all I've tried and love it..
    Written by Ron Herring, -2012-08-03

  • my new CPAP mask

    very light weight and easy to use. Totally comfortable.
    Written by frannie v., -2012-05-20

  • Profile lite Gel Nasal Mask

    This has been a life changing item for my husband. He has had his CPAP machine for over a month but the nasal pillow face mask just wasn't working. I ordered this one and got it within 3 days. He is a new man with the sleep he is able to get now! Thanks!
    Written by RS, -2012-05-16

  • Outstanding

    Product and service was great. My product arrived in 2 days. I am very pleased with CPAP Xchange.
    Written by Kendra Bausch, -2012-03-01

  • Good service

    good service and delivery time. will purchase from this merchant again.
    Written by Dan, -2012-02-20