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Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy (30-Night Starter Kit)

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Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy is a simple and effective treatment option for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Provent is FDA Cleared and only available with a prescription.

Designed for new users, the Provent 30-Night Starter Kit includes a Welcome Guide and 3 phases of Provent Therapy that step up in resistance -- from light to medium to standard -- so you can adapt to breathing with Provent gradually over the first few nights.


  • Provent is Easy to Use
  • Provent is FDA Cleared
  • Provent is Clinically Proven
  • Provent is Effective for Mild, Moderate and Severe OSA
  • Provent is Portable and Ideal for Travel
  • Provent is Hypoallergnic & Latex Free
  • Provent is Proudly Made in the USA!
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Customer Reviews

much cheaper than what I pay to kaiser/medicare.

very excellent customer service
By cbareng,

Not for me

I guess if one has a deviated septum, one is unable to even breathe in with Provent. I thought I would have issues with breathing out, and even with the starter kit, that was not the issue. I could NOT get a breath in! I have absolutely no problem with my Cpap machine that I've been using for over a year, and was hoping I could use Provent when travelling. I guess it's just not for everyone.
By lindacurlee,

Block too much air

The holes are too small and when I am exhaling there so much air blocked that i have trouble completing the exhale. It does not promote natural breathing. I couldn't get to the therapeutic ones. I wish I could send them back
By easybreezy5102,

Great for travel

CPAP on an airplane isn't possible. Snoring on an airplane is a no no. Porvent takes care of it all.
By louella1940,

Beats the heck out of a mask!

After years of trying four types of masks and struggling with all of them I think I have found the solution . So far the Provent is working well for me without too much getting use to. Very convenient . It would be nice if they came in smaller sizes but I have adjusted to them. If one struggles with a mask Proventil is worth a try.
By mdsmithwmbg,

Dry mouth

After a week I stopped using it. Mouth was to dry . I kept water by the bed very little help. Would not recommend.

Happy with purchase

The ordering experience was easy and efficient. I ordered the kit Monday evening and received it on Thursday. Instructions are clear. Only time will tell if Provent addresses the issue I have. It is certainly easier and more cost effective than a cpap machine.
By ann1019ainslie,

Starter Kit for Travel

I decided to try Provent for a trip last month where I was going to be away from electricity for several nights. I had my CPAP along for the days in town but I used Provent for the nights camping. It worked almost as well as my CPAP I thought (and maybe it would have worked better if I had had a bed LOL). Since getting back I've used Provent a few nights and my CPAP other nights just to see what it's like for the long term. So far really liking it. We will see. (I use a P10 with my CPAP so that's good too.) Whatever gets me a good sleep!!!
By Rod W.,

So far I have been happy with the Provent Sleep...

So far I have been happy with the Provent Sleep Apnea kit. It is easy to use and came in the mail very quickly.
By mryorec,


Great for primitive camping. Slept great.
By Gretchen ,