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Essential Oil & Fragrance Refills for Pur-Sleep CPAP Aromatherapy (30ml Bottle)

Essential Oil & Fragrance Refills for Pur-Sleep CPAP Aromatherapy (30ml Bottle)
Manufacturer: Pur-Sleep
Part Number(s): CLM30, CLR30, SPC30, BCH30, PEA30, FRS30, FRV30, DEP30, DCT30
GTIN Number(s):
In the Box: One 30ml Aromatherapy Refill Bottle. Packaging may differ from photograph shown.
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): E1399


  •  $7.99
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Pur-Sleep Essential Oils refill bottles are designed for use with all Pur-Sleep CPAP/BiPAP Aromatherapy Diffuser Packages. Choose from a variety of scents including Aromatic Oils and AirCandy Fragrances.

Pur-Sleep's Essential Oils are natural, holistic aromatherapy products designed specifically to compliment CPAP/BiPAP therapy. cpapXchange currently offers the following scented refills:

pursleep essential oils calmPurSleep Calm Essential Oil: Blending mild Australian eucalyptus oils with pure lavender and rosemary PurSleep's CALM is an extremely pleasant and relaxing oil blend. CALM has no camphor and is similar to, but not as harsh as, traditional cold remedy aromatics.

pursleep essential oils clearPurSleep Clear Essential Oil: Minty-fresh CLEAR is made with pure peppermint, lime, and lavender essential oils, with an added touch of sage. CLEAR has remarkably pleasant and familiar aromatic qualities that can be described as minty-fresh, sweet, clear, and penetrating.

pursleep essential oils spicePurSleep Spice Essential Oil: PurSleep SPICE is a combination of essential oils from sweet orange, real cloves, and Bay Rum (a clove-like oil from the East Indies). SPICE presents a fantastic sweet orange and spice aroma that is extraordinarily effective with sleep therapy.

pursleep essential oils peacePurSleep Peace Essential Oil: Lavender has been used to help the restless sleep since ancient times and a growing number of studies support its use as a natural, holistic sleep aid. PEACE is made from a blend of pure, French lavender with a small amount of marjoram sweet and clary sage to provide enhanced sleep.

pursleep essential oils cherryPurSleep Black Cherry AirCandy Essential Oil: The deep, soothing notes in BLACK CHERRY help calm and relax you; focusing your attention on scents and sleep. Black Cherry is surprisingly persistent--just a tiny bit lasts all night.

pursleep essential oils freshPurSleep Fresh Essential Oil: Lighter and more crisp than sweet orange, the 100% pure Italian tangerine essential oils used in FRESH are amazingly pleasant. With a small amount of lime and lavender added FRESH is sweet, soothing, comforting and pure without the strength or persistence of other orange and spice based oils.

pursleep essential oils french vanillaPurSleep French Vanilla AirCandy Essential Oil: Vanilla is one of the most popular aromatics in the world and once you try our FRENCH VANILLA you'll understand why. This astounding presentation of deep, rich vanilla tones is light, warm, and extremely pleasant.

pursleep essential oils deepPurSleep Deep Essential Oil: Pure Italian lime oils blend with sweet basil and clary sage to create DEEP, a cool, relaxing and calming fragrance ideal for summer nights. DEEP is pleasantly crisp with sweet herbaceous scents and a hint of spice and licorice.

pursleep essential oils dark chocolatePurSleep Dark Chcolate Essential Oil: Surprisingly satisfying, DARK CHOCOLATE features an intense, hearty cocoa fragrance, with almost savory overtones, to sooth and calm you as you sleep. Consider blending this oil with others -- like French Vanilla or Black Cherry -- to create your own, ideal scent.

Purchaser Verified Reviews

Awesome Scent

I absolutely LOVE this scent. It somehow manages to be both relaxing and invigorating at the same time.
By erryke,


A little goes a long way. This is fantastic. the aroma you breath in is so satisfying. I will definitely keep a supply of this product.
By e|an,

You would be pleasantly surprised

Amazing what a little fragrance does for a faster sleep.
By Rick,

Essential Oil & Fragrance Refills for Pur-Sleep CPAP Aromatherapy

Just a drop or two and it lasts all night. This really helped clear my sinus. Great product.
By Lawrence ,