AirFit™ F10 Full Face CPAP/BiLevel Mask with Headgear


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AirFit F10 Full Face Mask
Cushion Size & Highlight Color:
Extra Small Cushion & Pink Highlights For Her
Small Cushion & Blue Highlights
Small Cushion & Pink Highlights For Her
Medium Cushion & Blue Highlights
Medium Cushion & Pink Highlights For Her
Large Cushion & Blue Highlights
Adjustable SoftEdge Headgear
Soft Sleeve Frame Wraps
FREE 30-Night Money Back Guarantee + Manufacturer's Standard Warranty

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  • Brand:ResMed
  • Available Sizes:Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
  • Warranty:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

ResMed's AirFit F10 & AirFit F10 For Her Masks deliver proven performance and reliability in a simple, user-friendly design.

The compact, lightweight AirFit F10 frame offers a clear line of sight with minimal facial contact; and the Spring Air cushion ensures a soft, secure seal around the nose and mouth. Premium SoftEdge headgear is included, in gray with pink or blue highlights, for a complete solution that matches your own personal style.


  • Intelligent Enhancements for Men & Women
  • Lightweight with Open Field of Vision
  • No Forehead Support
  • Soft, Spring Air Dual Wall Cushion
  • Premium SoftEdge Headgear
  • Quick Release Elbow
  • Ultra Quiet Circular Diffused Venting

his and hers airfit f10 cpap masksIntelligent Enhancements for Men & Women: The AirFit F10 is available with different cushion and headgear sizes to fit a wide range of men's and women's faces. Headgear is available with pink or blue highlights to match your personal style.

Lightweight with Open Field of Vision: Made of lightweight, durable materials AirFit F10 & AirFit F10 For Her Masks feel lighter on the face, and are less susceptible to leaks, than more traditional full face masks.

Sleek, Minimalist Frame Design: With a sleek frame and compact cushion the AirFit F10 minimizes facial contact, providing stability and an unrestricted field of vision without any forehead support or facial contact above the eyes. AirFit F10's curved frame arms are made of soft, clear silicone that hovers just above the cheeks or rests gently on them. Soft fabric sleeves are included with each mask as an optional comfort accessory for those who prefer the feel of fabric to silicone.

Spring Air Dual Wall Cushion: AirFit's enhanced Spring Air cushion has a lightly textured surface that feels more natural on the skin and improves overall seal. The dual-wall design gently inflates during therapy to create a soft, adaptable pocket of air between the mask the the face. Updates at the nasal bridge reduce pressure and leaks. Four cushion sizes are available -- ExtraSmall, Small, Medium and Large -- to fit a wide range of users.

SoftEdge Headgear: AirFit F10's SoftEdge Headgear has slim straps made of premium, rolled-edge fabric so it is comfortable to wear and reduces facial marking. SoftEdge headgear should be worn loosely to allow the mask cushion to inflate and adapt to facial contours and movement through the night without pressure, pinching or creasing.

All AirFit F10 masks come with Standard SoftEdge Headgear in gray with blue highlights; and all AirFit F10 For Her masks come with Standard SoftEdge Headgear in gray with pink highlights.

Quick Release Elbow: The one-piece elbow features squeeze-tabs so it's easy to detach with one hand at night. The elbow rotates 360º and includes an independent tube swivel to reduce tubing drag.

Circular Diffused Venting: Advanced venting, around the AirFit F10's elbow, delivers an ultra quiet performance. Air is dispersed gently away from the user and bed partners so everyone can enjoy a quiet, comfortable night's sleep.

User Friendly Design with Just 4 Parts: The AirFit F10's user friendly design is easy to fit and easy to maintain. It has just four parts -- elbow, frame, cushion, and headgear -- so there's no need to worry about losing parts or breaking clips. Headgear Loops on the frame frame make it easy to detach and reattach the headgear without constant adjustments; and the cushion attaches to the frame with a simple click and removes with a sqeeze. What could be more simple!


  • Manufacturer:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:63101, 63102, 63103, 63139, 63140, 63141
  • Warranty:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Full Face Mask with Spring Air Cushion (ExtraSmall, Small, Medium or Large), Headgear, and Soft Strap Wraps.
  • HCPCS Codes:A7030 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:00619498631018, 00619498631025, 00619498631032, 00619498631391, 00619498631407, 00619498631414
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
  • Materials:DEHP Free, Latex Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free


  • Mask Types:Full Face Masks, His & Hers Masks
  • Pressure Range:3 to 40 cm H20 Recommended

    Exactly as advertised and prompt shipping! Thanks will definitely buy again In the future!
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  • Five stars


    Good fitting and comfortable
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    Speedy delivery. Would use again.
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    The straps of the headgear have very sharp edges , they cut my face.
    Written by , Longboat Key

  • Looked Promising But Didn't Fit Well


    What attracted me to this mask were rumors that my favorite (Respironics Full Life) was to be discontinued and that the AirFit had what appeared to be an excellent and simple headgear design. So, initially, I ordered the Medium size mask, figuring that would be the correct size since my Full Life mask uses a Medium cushion. I was surprised to find out that the AirFIt "Medium" is as small or smaller than a Full Life "Small" size mask. Thankfully, the people at cpapXchange (as always) were wonderful and replaced it with a size "Large" promptly. The "Large" was pretty much the same size as a Respironics "Medium". Try as I might (I've been a CPAP user for 9 years and have tried every mask out there) I could not get the headgear to be both comfortable and seal the mask adequately. The headgear, unless painfully tight, kept slipping out of position, and the mask would leak profusely. After a a couple of weeks, I took the mask out of service for a few months and will experiment with the headgear again in the near future. If it works out any better then, I'll post another review. Noting the positive reviews of this product, the problem may be the shape of my head (gently rounded). The Respironics Full Life was the only mask I could get to fit properly, yet several other users found it to be unsuitable. The converse appears to be true with the AirFit, but I will try it again and see if I can "figure it out". What I can say unequivocally is: Nat, Jennifer and everyone else at cpapXchange have been nothing short of wonderful every single time I contact them and, unless this company changes its business practices in a negative way, I cannot imagine buying CPAP items from anyone else.
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  • Mask Sizes Seem Smaller than Average


    I ordered the Medium size mask to try since my usual mask, a Respironics FullLife (unfortunately discontinued as of Feb. 2016) was a Medium size. I was surprised to find out that the AirFIt "Medium" is as small or smaller than a Full Life "Small" size mask. Thankfully, the people at cpapXchange (as always) were wonderful and replaced it with a size "Large" promptly. The "Large" was pretty much the same size as a Respironics "Medium". I will comment on that mask in a separate review.
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  • Love this mask


    I am very happy with this mask and so pleased with my service from CPAPXchange. Service was so fast and very much appreciated. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to others!
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  • ok


    Got my mask in two days. Mask works ok.
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  • Works Great


    Best mask I have found so far. Seal is great with very few leaks. I wish SleepWeaver would come up with a better seal for theirs. It was the most comfortable but leaked like a sieve.
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  • Airfit cpap mask


    Good product and reasonably comfortable much better than my old mask. Reasonably priced. Good service.
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  • F10 For Her Full Face CPAP/BiLevel Mask


    A very comfortable mask; however I experance leaks through the night. Also because of the leaks, I must tighten the mask to the point where the mask is leaving a red area on the bridge of my nose and lines in the face. This mask is not suitable for me but probably will be a good mask for others.
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  • Great Fit


    This mask fits great. Very little leakage no matter how much I move around.
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  • AirFit F10


    ResMed's AirFit F10 is comfortable and seals well... I tried it to see if I could get away from using a chinstrap by using it in place of my nasal pillow mask... Nope! I snored with this mask when my mouth fell open and I inhaled, even with a chinstrap. Back to the drawing board.
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