AirFit™ F20 Full Face CPAP/BiLevel Mask with Headgear (2 Extra Cushions Free)


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AirFit F20 Full Face Mask
Color & Size:
Small Cushion with Blue Highlights (Plus 2 Extra Cushions Free)
Small Cushion with Lavender Highlights For Her (Plus 2 Extra Cushions Free)
Medium Cushion with Blue Highlights (Plus 2 Extra Cushions Free)
Medium Cushion with Lavender Highlights For Her (Plus 2 Extra Cushions Free)
Large Cushion with Blue Highlights (Plus 2 Extra Cushions Free)
F20 Plush Headgear with Magnetic Clips
FREE 30-Night Money Back Guarantee + Manufacturer's Standard Warranty
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  • Brand:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:63400, 63401, 63402, 63403, 63404, 63451, 63452, 63453, 63454, 63455
  • Sizes:Small, Medium, Large
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

Sleek, soft, and adaptive AirFit F20 & AirFit F20 For Her Masks combine ResMed's most advanced cushion, frame and headgear designs into a pair of full face masks that deliver superior comfort and seal with a minimal of facial contact.

AirFit F20 features an InfinitySeal cushion paired with a soft, flexible frame that includes integrated padding. The result is a mask that comfortably moves with you and provides a reliable seal throughout the night, even at the highest pressures, regardless of sleep position. Premium plush headgear is included, with blue or lavender highlights, for a complete, comfortable, lightweight full face mask solution.


  • Intelligent Enhancements for Men & Women
  • Sleek, Soft Design with an Open Field of Vision
  • Amazing InfinitySeal Full Face Cushion
  • Premium Plush Headgear with Magnetic Clips
  • Quick Release Elbow with Circular Diffused Venting

his and hers airfit f20 cpap masksIntelligent Enhancements for Men & Women: The AirFit F20 is available with different cushion and headgear sizes to fit a wide range of men's and women's faces. Plush F20 Headgear is available with lavender or blue highlights to match your personal style.

Sleek, Soft Frame with an Open Field of Vision: With a frame that flexes naturally to fit each individual user, the AirFit F20 minimizes facial contact, providing stability, and an unrestricted field of vision, without any facial contact above the eyes. Integrated padding within the frame adds softness so you can read, watch TV and enjoy your nighttime routine without worrying about pinching, red marks, or pressure from your mask.

Advanced InfinitySeal Full Face Cushion: AirFit's amazing InfinitySeal cushion features specially-designed "infinity" loops and varying thickness levels that help reduce blowout and provide support at the sides of the nose while relieving pressure at the nasal bridge. The full face InfinitySeal's soft, frosted surfaces feel more natural on the skin and maintain a secure seal even at the highest sleep therapy pressure levels. Three cushion sizes are available -- Small, Medium and Large -- to fit a wide range of users.

Premium Plush Headgear with Magnetic Clips: AirFit F20's Plush Headgear is specifically designed for extra softness and stability. The rolled-edge fabric is designed to be worn loosely to allow the mask cushion to adapt to your facial contours. Magnetic clips on the lower straps guide the headgear to the frame so it is quick and easy to put on and take off.

All AirFit F20 masks come with Standard Headgear with blue highlights; and all AirFit F20 For Her masks come with Small Headgear with lavender highlights.

Quick Release Elbow: The AirFit F20 elbow features squeeze-tabs so it's easy to detach with one hand at night. The elbow rotates 360° and includes an independent tube swivel to reduce tubing drag. Circular diffused venting around the AirFit F20's elbow, delivers an ultra quiet performance. Air is dispersed gently away from the user and bed partners so everyone can enjoy a quiet, comfortable night's sleep.


  • Manufacturer:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:63400, 63401, 63402, 63403, 63404, 63451, 63452, 63453, 63454, 63455
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Full Face Mask with Infinity Seal Cushion (ExtraSmall, Small, Medium or Large) and Headgear
  • HCPCS Codes:A7030 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:00619498634002, 00619498634019, 00619498634019, 00619498634033, 00619498634040, 00619498634514, 00619498634521, 00619498634538, 00619498634545, 00619498634552
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Small, Medium, Large
  • Materials:DEHP Free, DBP Free, BBP Free, Latex Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free


  • Mask Types:Full Face Masks, His & Hers Masks
  • Pressure Range:4 to 40 cm H20 Recommended
  • Did not like.


    Bad fit for me. Returned.
    Written by , Ohio

  • Good service


    Fast. Arrived in perfect condition. Mask is high quality and comfortable.
    Written by ,

  • Excellent Customer Service


    I ordered the wrong size as this was a new mask for me. They made the exchange simple and easy. I have worn the mask twice and I love it. I am on a high pressure and it fits great. I am a side sleeper and so much more comfortable than the amaraview full face that I have been using for two years .
    Written by ,

  • The Perfect Fit!


    This full face mask fits me perfectly. I love the foam cushion seal - it allows me to sleep on my side and not lose pressure because it molds to the contours of my face. I'm a mouth breather, most of the time and I find this style to be the best for my sleep style. If you're a drooler, you'll need to replace it when the foam gets funky - that's the only down side. The headgear is adaptable and comes in different sizes. Then you can adjust the snugness around your nose with the cheek straps and the same with the jaw straps. The latter is magnetic, so it's easy on and easy off. I started with a fabric style mask that had a nose compartment and a mouth compartment and in between was material that would agitate the area between my upper lip and nose. I like this one so much better! I highly recommend it!
    Written by , Texas

  • This one leaks too


    I was hoping that this mask seal was better than the blue gel mask, but it leaks too. I cannot get a good seal. Will be sending it back. CPAP Exchange has been great though. I am rating the mask not the exchage!
    Written by ,