Bella Loops Headgear for Swift™ FX & Swift™ FX For Her CPAP/BiLevel Masks


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Pink Bella Loops Headgear with Soft Wraps
Gray Bella Loops Headgear with Soft Wraps
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  • Brand:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:61581, 61582
  • Sizes:One Size Fits Most

ResMed's unique Bella Loops Headgear fits comfortably around the ears, staying out of the way of a wide range of hairstyles and providing a more streamlined, minimalist look and feel. Bella Loops are made of a soft, silicone material with fabric Soft Wraps to cushion contact with the cheeks during use.

Color Information: Two colors -- Pink & Gray -- are available.

Compatibility Information: Bella Loops come standard with all Swift FX Bella & Swift FX Bella Gray Masks. They can also be used with all Swift FX & Swift FX For Her Nasal Pillow Masks as an alternative headgear style. While the fittings are compatible, Bella Loops are NOT recommended for use with Swift FX Nano Series Masks. This is due to subtle differences in the mask design required to position nasal pillows properly against the face.


  • Manufacturer:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:61581, 61582
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • GTIN Codes:00619498615810, 00619498615827
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:One Size Fits Most
  • Materials:Latex Free
  • Grrreat

    I was losing hair on the back of my head from wearing the head gear for a couple of years. These seem to have solved that problem
    Written by liziwanowski, -2017-09-15

  • Quick delivery

    Thanks for sending exactly the product I ordered in a good amount of time for delivery.
    Written by brkhnd, -2017-08-11

  • Swift FX Bella Headgear

    It's comfortable I can acutaully change from side to side without loosing seal on my nasal pillow.
    Written by Tito, -2016-11-11

  • Love it

    I have inflammatory rosacea and have to be careful what I put next to my skin. This is the least contact mask I have found that is comfortable
    Written by Kris, -2016-10-15

  • Get the Pad-a-Cheek Set

    I wanted to be able to use the Bella loops very badly, b/c I have curly/frizzy hair I can only wash every other day. This looked like it would preserve my do, and it does! But I had bad cheek marks each morning, and the tops of my ears hurt. Found the "Pad-a-Cheek" set, and problems solved!
    Written by Curly, -2016-03-02

  • New Headgear for nazal pillows

    Works good, however, still experimenting.
    Written by Bill, -2014-12-15

  • loops

    Delivered fast, especially during the Holiday week! They work as advertized. Not really suitable for my face as I found out afterwards, so no longer using.
    Written by Eddie, -2013-12-29

  • Comfortable Freedom

    The Bella Loops Accessory for the Swift FX is freedom. It is a very natural way to secure a nasal pillow. It stays in place without having your head wrapped in straps. If you have to get up during the night it is easy to get free of the nasal pillow. The only change I'd make is to have ResMed offer a changeable/washable wrap for the straps.
    Written by DM, -2013-05-11

  • Not too happy

    I ordered this item because a cousin uses one and loves it. I didn't have the same luck. Mine marks my face and hurts the top of my ears. I am not using it, I've gone back to using my old one.
    Written by Faye, -2013-04-15

  • Perfection

    Was skeptical if the loops would work for me, but decided to give it a try anyway. Fits like a dream, pun intended. I've had no I issues with my Bella Loops I love them! I wear many different hairstyles that often interfeered with my headgear. Not anymore, this is perfect for me and my seal stays tightly throughout my sleep.
    Written by Tracey, -2013-04-10

  • Bella Loops

    Very comfortable. Provide more freedom than the Swift 2 headgear. First time using. Durability will be a concern.
    Written by Robert Moers, -2012-04-01


    I love not having 2 pieces on my head at night, the ear loops feel more natural.
    Written by L.S., -2012-03-05

  • Bella Loops Headgear

    Bella Loops Headgear Accessory for Swift
    Written by CharsCreations, -2012-03-03