Swift™ FX Bella Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiLevel FitPack Mask with Headgear


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Swfit FX Bella Pink Mask with Extra Small, Small & Medium Pillows
Swift FX Bella Gray Mask with Small, Medium & Large Pillows
Bella Loops Headgear & Swift FX Open Style Headgear with Soft Wraps
Short Tube Assembly (with Elbow & Swivel)
FREE 30-Night Money Back Guarantee + Manufacturer's Standard Warranty
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  • Brand:ResMed
  • Available Sizes:Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
  • Warranty:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

ResMed's Swift FX Bella offers all of the advantages of the Swift FX with the added benefit of Bella Loops. Bella Loops are a truly unique headgear option that gently curves around the ears to create a secure fit and eliminate the confines and crush of more traditional headgear straps.

This Swift FX Bella FitPack comes with 3 cushion sizes and 2 headgear styles so no matter what size you are, or what headgear you prefer, you'll find your best fit right in the box.


  • Compact, Lightweight, Open Design
  • Dual-wall Nasal Pillows Provide a Gentle, Secure Seal
  • Four Pillow Sizes Available To Fit a Wide Range of Users
  • Both Bella Loops & Low Profile Headgear Included
  • SpringFlex Tubing with 360° Swivel
  • Simple To Use, Easy To Maintain, Travel Friendly
  • Ultra-Quiet Diffused Venting & Performance
  • Intelligent Enhancements for Men & Women

his and hers swift fx bella cpap masksIntelligent Enhancements for Men & Women: The Swift FX Bella is available with different nasal pillow sizes and headgear colors to fit a wide range of men's and women's preferences. Headgear is available with pink or gray highlights; while nasal pillows are available in four sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large.

Compact, Lightweight, Open Design: Swift FX Bella Gray and Swift FX Bella CPAP/BiLevel Masks feature a compact design, made of ultralight materials, that flexes and moves with the you as you sleep. The simple, elegant design promotes a natural seal that requires minimal facial contact and has no rigid plastic frame or annoying forehead support.

Dual-wall Nasal Pillows Provide a Soft, Secure Seal: Identical to the pillows found on the Swift FX, Bella's innovative Nasal Pillows feature a soft outer wall for comfort and a secure inner wall for support. Swift FX Bella pillows rest on an integrated flexible air chamber that adapts to your natural movements during sleep providing a soft, and secure seal even for the most active sleepers.

Both Bella Loops & Low Profile Headgear Included: Swift FX Bella's Loop Headgear is truly unique with two soft silicone loops that gently curve around the ears to promote a secure fit and eliminate the confines and crush of more traditional headgear straps. Because Bella Loops are so minimal they work well in any sleeping position. In addition ResMed includes soft wraps in each mask pack for added comfort.

In addition to Bella Loops, this mask pack includes low profile Swift FX Headgear. Swift FX Headgear is very minimal with two soft, silicone side straps that follow the contours of the face and adapt to your every move. At the back of the head a single, fabric strap makes fine adjustments easy. With two headgear options included you can switch from Bella Loops one night to Low Profile Swift FX Headgear the next. You sleep your way!

SpringFlex Tubing with Swivel: ResMed's Spring-flex connector tubing reduces pull on the mask, bending and stretching to minimize drag and enhance stability. A swivel built into the tubing allows 360° rotation for even greater reduction of torque and drag.

Simple To Use & Easy To Maintain: With just 3 parts -- headgear, nasal pillows, tube -- the Swift FX Bella is easy to assemble, easy to adjust, and easy to clean. Because all of the mask parts are soft, and there is no hard frame, the Swift FX Bella Gray & Swift FX Bella are great for travel too.

Ultra-Quiet Diffused Venting & Performance: Tiny whisper-quiet vents in the elbow of the Swift FX Bella gently diffuse air as it is exhaled -- reducing noise and distributing air away from you and your bed partner.


  • Manufacturer:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:61568, 61560
  • Warranty:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Nasal Pillows Mask with 3 Pillows and 2 Headgear Styles (Bella Loops and Low-Profile Headgear with Soft Wraps)
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:00619498615605, 00619498615681
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
  • Materials:Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Pillow Masks, FitPack Masks, His & Hers Masks
  • Pressure Range:4 to 20 cm H20 Recommended
  • Excellent service, great product and fast delivery.


    Excellent service, great product and fast delivery
    Written by ,

  • Fitpack worked for me.


    I've been using the Bella for a while. It really is the best headgear for me. It's just like wearing glasses I think. Anyway, lately I've thought that my nose was getting sensitive to the pillows so I bought this package to try the smaller pillows. Worked like a charm. No more sore nose and extra pillows in case I need a backup sometime in the future.
    Written by , Sharon