Silent Night Total Face CPAP/BiPAP Mask Liners (30-Night Supply)


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Liners for Small FitLife Total Face Masks
Liners for Large & Extra Large FitLife Total Face Masks

  • Brand:Silent Night
  • Available Sizes:Small, Large, Extra Large

Silent Night Total Face CPAP/BiPAP Mask Liners help improve the comfort and quality of your sleep therapy. Silent Night Liners sit between your mask and your face to create a soft, adaptive barrier that feels good on the face while also eliminating air leaks, improving mask fit, and reducing pressure marks.

Silent Night Liners are made of plush MicroPillow fabric with Quick Stick tabs so they won't move or shift even on the most active sleepers!


  • Fits FitLife Total Face Masks
  • Micro Pillow Fabric Technology Reduces Leaks
  • Each Liner Good for 6-8 Nights of Use
  • User Friendly Quick Stick Tabs Prevent Slippage
  • Keeps Masks Cleaner & Reduces Maintenance
  • Wicks Moisture Away from the Skin for Increased Comfort
  • Reduces or Eliminates Ugly Pressure Marks & Sore Spots
  • Soft, Cushioned Fabric Improves Nasal Bridge Comfort

Especially for FitLife Total Face Masks: Total CPAP/BiPAP Mask Liners from Silent Night are designed exclusively for Philips Respironics' FitLife Total Face Masks. Two sizes are available -- Small and Large/ExtraLarge -- to fit your FitLife Mask perfectly.

Micro Pillow Fabric Improves Sleep Therapy & Comfort: Silent Night's Micro Pillow fabric is sturdy, yet light to the touch, allowing the liner act as a soft, natural barrier between you and your CPAP/BiPAP mask. Silent Night liners reduce common problems -- like leaks, discomfort, pressure marks, and skin irritation -- associated with sleep therapy masks so that you can feel more relaxed and confident with your sleep therapy. Silent Night's Micro Pillow fabric absorbs moisture and draws it away from the skin so your face will feel cooler as you sleep too!

User Friendly Quick Stick Tabs Prevent Slippage: One of the key features of Silent Night liners is the Quick Stick Tabs that attach to your mask's frame to keep the liner in place through the night, without the slippage and shifting that can occur with other mask liners. There's no need to over tighten your mask to keep these liners in place, just Quick Stick and go... it's that easy! If you don't get quite the right fit on your first try, don't worry the Quick Stick Tabs can be repositioned as needed.

Keeps Masks Cleaner & Reduces Maintenance: Silent Night liners feature antimicrobial fabric, which helps to extend the life of your CPAP/BiPAP mask by keeping the cushion cleaner so you don't have to wash it as often! Each liner will last 6-8 nights depending on local factors so they're more environmentally friendly than many other liner options too!


  • Manufacturer:Silent Night
  • Part Numbers:T101, T103
  • In The Package:4 Total Face Mask Liners
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • GTIN Codes:00869406000201, 00869406000218
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Small, Large, Extra Large
  • Dimensions:Small = 5.75 x 6.10 Inches Without Tabs; Large/ExtraLarge = 7.50 x 7.75 Inches Without Tabs
  • Materials:Latex Free, Cotton with non toxic, odorless adhesive dots.



  • Philips Respironics Masks:For FitLife Total Face Masks and similar choose T101 for Small, or T103 for Large and Extra Large.
  • Excellent Product


    I tried the other fabric face liner which was nice, but it would not stay in place. I am so glad I spent the extra money to try this one... it is wonderful! I wash my face before I go to bed, so one mask will last at least a week. It stays in place and it is soooo comfortable! An added benefit is that it really minimizes to lines on my face. I highly recommend this product.
    Written by , Emporia