Simplicity Nasal Mask - DISCONTINUED


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  • For Reference:Discontinued 2014-02-24
  • Brand:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:1002757, 1002759
  • Sizes:Small, Medium

With its innovative design and streamlined construction, the Simplicity is an ideal alternative for those who find more traditional masks too heavy on the face or painful to the nasal bridge. Simplicity's small, lightweight cushion works with no contact to the nasal bridge eliminating common sources of pressure and irritation.

In addition the Simplicity's built-in exhalation port produces a quiet exhalation flow eliminating airflow to the eyes and dispersing air gently without disturbing the CPAP patient or bed partners.


  • 360º swivels at the top and bottom of the tubing allow the tube to twist more freely during active sleep
  • Integrated exhalation port disperses air creating a quiet airflow without the need for additional valves or ports
  • Mask cushion is made of soft, pliable silicone that gently contours around the tip of the noes to provide a snug comfortable seal
  • Flexible, lightweight tubing is permanently attached to the mask and connects easily to standard CPAP and BiPAP hoses and tubing
  • Stability Clip on the tubing may be attached to sleepwear or headgear for added support
  • Soft, flexible Neoprene headgear features a unique five-strap design that evenly distributes tension, adds stability, and helps prevent mask leaks. Velcro® tabs allow easy adjustment for a custom fit


  • For Reference:Discontinued 2014-02-24
  • Manufacturer:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:1002757, 1002759
  • In The Package:Complete Nasal Mask Pack with Cushion (Small or Medium) and Headgear
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Small, Medium
  • Materials:Latex Free
  • Simplicity nasal mask-excellent in every way

    The best mask I have ever used. Just saw that it has been discontinued. Terrible news!!!! Really hope there is a comparable mask to replace it.
    Written by Randy D, -2014-03-04

  • the best one I have ever used

    I was very upset to find out my homecare company was no longer carrying this I am going to be a "simplicity" hoarder and buy two now...and try to care for them forever!! thank gosh I have a couple I can clean and make due with. If this product goes away forever.....I don't know what I will do..I have tried others..but there is nothing like the Simplicity!!
    Written by Kellie, -2014-02-14

  • cpap headgear

    Got exactly what I was looking for at a good price after searching through several suppliers on the internet. Ordering and delivery was easy.
    Written by Larry, -2014-01-02

  • Works Well

    I have been using this product for 13 years and have had good results. As long as you clean and replace the nose cushion on a regular bases it will get the job done
    Written by K Brooks, -2013-08-26

  • Simplicity mask

    Unfortunately I am unable to use this product. The nasal mask is too small to allow me to breathe comfortably. In addition, I have no idea what to do with the clip that comes with the tubing and to the best of my knowledge there are no instructions explaining its use. Finally, one has to have an engineering degree to figure out how to put this mask on; it's unbelievably complicated. Other than that, this product is great!!!!!
    Written by Jack B, -2013-04-03

  • Exactly what I wanted

    I have been using this type of mask for 13 years. I tried a different type of mask but this one works best for me. The elastic straps on my old mask were finally loosing their elasticity. This type of mask is minimal and comfortable. It stays in place regardless of my movements while sleeping. The new mask and straps feel great and I am very pleased.
    Written by Jacques M., -2012-11-27

  • Simplicity Nasal CPAP Mask Medium

    I have been trying several masks now somewhere in the neiborhood of a dozen or more. My biggest complaint about this and several others have to do with the headgear. This mask has a strap that runs down from the forehead to hold the top edge of the nasel portion against the face. This is very obtrusive could possibly be eliminated if the 2 remaining straps were positioned a little higher on the sides. Also the medium size of the nasel piece was never comfortable on my face. Maybe more size selections should be offered. Maybe even allow custom sizing.
    Written by Adrian BB, -2012-09-03

  • My fave mask

    This has been my favorite mask I have used it for over 5 years. My only frustration was not being able to find replacement filters for my Cpap.
    Written by Linda T., -2012-03-01