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Sleep Comfort Care Pad for CPAP/BiPAP Masks - DISCONTINUED

ResMed has purchased the rights to the Sleep Comfort Care Pad and now distributes it under the name Gecko Pad. ResMed Gecko Pads are available elsewhere on this site.

No matter how well your mask fits, the nightly pressure from the frame on the bridge of your nose can cause skin breakdown, pain and even sores. The Sleep Comfort Care Pad is a great sleep accessory that protects against skin irritation, red marks, sores and swelling, at the bridge of the nose, caused CPAP masks. In addition the smooth gel pad gradually moisturizes your skin and helps to prevent air leaks in the hard to fit areas at and around the top of the nose.

The Sleep Comfort CPAP Mask Care Pad is made from a polymer gel material that is hypoallergenic, silicone free and latex free. To use it, simply apply the pad to your face and place your mask -- nasal or full face -- on over the pad. There are no adhesives! The winged design of the Care Pad covers the bridge of your nose and cheeks. Your mask to rests on the pad creating a comfortable, leak free seal.

When you awake after a refreshing nights sleep wash the pad with a mild soap and water and pat it dry for continued use or storage. With proper maintenance, a single Sleep Comfort Care Pad is designed to last for up to a month. Care Pads should be replaced routinely, just like standard mask cushions or headgear.

-- Most CPAP/BiPAP users will wear the SMALL Sleep Comfort Care Pad. The Small Care Pad measures 3.25 inches wide, the Large Care Pad measures 4.125 inches wide. The LARGE Comfort Care Pad has been discontinued. If you need the large pad consider the Gecko Pad from ResMed as an alternative.

Manufacturer: SeQual
Part Number(s): 7511-Small, 7510-Large
GTIN Number(s):
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7032


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Customer Reviews

Too small, larger size is discontinued

I tried these small sized pads since the large size was discontinues. They don't seem to provide protection of the bridge of my nose very well. They are nicer in that they aren't as wide and don't extent into the outer seal...but what's the point since my purpose in purchasing them is to protect the bridge of the nose.
By Larry,

Sleep Comfort Care Pad for CPAP/BiPAP Masks

Needs a little getting used to. I have a small mole on the side of my nose that i sometimes irritated by my newest mask. This has helped a lot with that problem. The material it is made of is like those things you throw at the wall & they stick, so it is a little tricky putting my gel mask on over it. If you don;t get it in just the right spot & have to move your mask, it sticks to it but it is worth a little extra effort. Once I have it on, I am very pleased with the results.
By Cheryl,


I use it every nite no more sore nose some minor leakage just tightend up my mask a little and everything was ok
By Raymond,

Great pads

Hubby has been using these pads for the past two years. They are comfortable and readily adjustable for the different masks that he has had. They usually last about a month, maybe a little bit more. The service from cpapXchange was super and fast. I highly recommend them. I just hope they don't get cut from the inventory. The price is great, too.
By gatorlvr,