SleepWeaver 3D Cloth Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear (Featherweight Tube Free)


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SleepWeaver 3D Soft Cloth Mask with Regular Headgear
SleepWeaver 3D Soft Cloth Mask with Large Headgear
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  • Brand:Circadiance
  • Available Sizes:Regular, Large
  • Warranty:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

The first truly minimal cloth CPAP/BiPAP mask, SleepWeaver 3D merges a low profile design with an ultra-light, soft fabric cushion to provide a comfortable, convenient sleep therapy experience.

SleepWeaver 3D's "wing shaped" headgear adjusts easily to fit a wide range of users; and has rounded strap edges that reduce pinching. With only soft fabric touching your face, SleepWeaver 3D is a welcome, natural addition to your sleep routine!


  • Cool, Breathable, Elasticated Soft Cloth Cushion
  • No Rigid Frame or Forehead Support
  • Single Size Designed to Fit Most Users
  • Low Profile Design Eliminates Forehead & Nasal Bridge Pressure
  • Soft, Adjustable Headgear with Unique Wing Design
  • 360° Rotating Elbow & Quiet Vent Holes
  • Small & Easy to Pack Away. Great for Travel!
  • Great for Allergy Sufferers: Latex & Silicone Free

Cool, Breathable, Elasticated Soft Cloth Cushion: At the heart of the SleepWeaver 3D is a soft fabric cushion that gently inflates to create a reliable, flexible, leak free seal. SleepWeaver 3D cloth is breathable, wicking moisture away from the skin so the mask feels cool and dry to wear; and the fabric feels natural on the face unlike the plastics, gels and silicones found on most CPAP masks.

No Rigid Frame or Forehead Support: The SleepWeaver 3D has no rigid frame so the entire mask is free to flex, bend, compress and move with you as you sleep. The low profile cushion eliminates troublesome contact at the nasal bridge and forehead; providing a clear line of sight for people who wear glasses, or who like to read or watch TV in bed.

Soft, Adjustable Headgear with Unique Wing Design: SleepWeaver 3D's unique wing-shaped headgear has soft straps with rounded edges that channel just above and below the ears. 3D headgear is easy to fit and simple to adjust. It is available in two sizes -- Regular and Large. Regular headgear is the best option for most people with neck sizes of 16.5 inches or less; and Large headgear is the best option for most people with neck sizes of 16.0 inches or more.

360° Rotating Elbow & Quiet Vent Holes: The SleepWeaver 3D's double swivel elbow means that tubing can be channeled in any direction -- over the head, down the chest, or to the side -- so you can sleep your way without tubing interference. And the mask's exhalation valve is made of a series of small holes so there is no direct stream of air to irritate bed partners. Exhalation is very quiet.


  • Manufacturer:Circadiance
  • Part Numbers:101486, 101491
  • Warranty:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Cloth Nasal Mask with Cushion, Headgear, and Instructions.
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:00608938457325, 00608938457370
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Regular, Large
  • Materials:Latex Free, Silicone Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Cushion Masks, Cloth Masks
  • Pressure Range:4 to 20 cm H20 Recommended
  • This-item was returned and am waiting for refund


    This mask was not what I expected, not having a quick release (hose from mask) masks getting up for bathroom too difficult and slow.
    Written by , Georgetown, TX

  • thumbs down


    This mask did not work for me. I returned it.
    Written by ,

  • I’m really not impressed. It is too easy to move and the mask leaks too easy.


    I am used to my gel mask and it seems to keep on my face positioned where it should be.
    Written by ,

  • Horrible


    I absolutely hate this mask! I’m sorry but it take me 15 min every night to get it on my face with a decent seal. It leaves marks on my face that are hurtful and it is killer to put on. I just ordered a different mask night before last. I do not recommend this product.
    Written by , Boerne Texas

  • Sleep weaver 3D


    Sent the mask back for credit. It doesn’t do well if you move around at all. Nice thought but poor design.
    Written by ,

  • Unhappy


    The cloth nasal mask did not work for me it left me with a headache when I woke up, that let's me know there wasn't a good seal around my nose even though I followed instructions before laying down to sleep, I will be returning the cloth nasal mask but not for a refund but for replacement nasal pillow headgear and nasal pillow replacement. Thank you for the ability to test out your product with option of 30 day return.
    Written by ,

  • Choose the Starter Kit


    I wasn't sure of what headgear size to order. I thought it was the regular; but that leaked a bit after a few hours of sleep. I changed to the large headgear and it works much better. The cushion inflate a bit more and overall the fit is better. Also using the light connector tube thing which is a good option.
    Written by , Harvard

  • Whistling while I sleep


    Tends to leak air and whistle far more than old mask.
    Written by , Tampa

  • Can't get it to work


    Noatter how I adjust the mask there is constant air leak.
    Written by ,

  • Good Idea but Disappointing


    I was looking for a replacement for my P10 and from the description this mask seemed that it may have been a good replacement. Liked the idea of the soft cloth seal without any plastic parts. In execution however, after multiple attempts to adjust for a better fit was not able to eliminate quite a bit of air leakage. My prior mask, adjusted once, no leaks. the SleepWeaver was adjust, adjust, adjust and still could not obtain a satisfactory fit. Hopefully they will keep working on it, maybe one day it will meet expectations
    Written by , PA

  • Not as hoped


    The mask was not as good as I had hoped. Air leaked into my eyes and it left a red streak on my face and it was very hard to adjust when I put it on because the slits that the strap went through were hard to use. There was no reinforcement around them and hard to find the slit when you have it on trying to secure the headgear. I would not buy again.
    Written by ,

  • Worked VERY WELL for about 10 days.


    ....Now leaking is a problem, compounded by the smaller amount of air volume available in the fabric "bag". Need to see if the problem is workable.
    Written by ,

  • Rate


    It cuts in my nose! Horrible if I could return I would
    Written by , Green Bay

  • Headgear Head ache


    The headgear is difficult to put on and adjust.
    Written by ,

  • Lives up to hype!


    Works exactly as described. Don't have to adjust every time you move, sleeping on side great. Actually slept solid for hours!! Very comfortable! Highly recommend.
    Written by ,

  • I LOVE IT!!!


    I used to use the silicon nasal masks years ago. After I realized that I was allergic to the silicon, I had to attach moleskin to keep the silicon material away from my skin. Then, lo and behold, man made the soft cloth nasal mask!! Eureka, my prayers were answered. I love'll love it, too.
    Written by ,

  • no more problems with skin reactions


    Since I discovered the cloth masks from Sleepweaver, I no longer suffer from skin out breaks. The main problem I had until the 3-D came along was leaking from the other masks. The main concern I have is the limited durability of the cloth masks. They seem to start leaking after about 2 months. The headgear starts to stretch too much and the perforations in the masks for the head gear attachment starts to stretch causing air leaks. But I'll put up with that as long as my skin is comfortable.
    Written by ,

  • New CPAP Mask


    The purchase was easy, fast shipping and a great value
    Written by ,

  • It leaks air into my eyes bad.


    I was so hoping this one would work. It leks bad, and the straps are very chinsy and cutting. The company was very good and prompt in selling...not their fault.
    Written by ,

  • Small but perfectly formed


    When I first got this mask I just didn't think it was going to fit. I've got a fairly big head (my wife says I sure am big headed!) and this mask is small small small. I put it on and adjusted while lying down though, so a bit of the white showed like in the picture, and it works great. Much les cumbersome than a plastic mask and it feels more natural too.
    Written by , Nashua NH

  • Awful fit


    This is not the mask for me, although other mask may be painful to wear this mask is unable to be worn. Was unable to get a good seal, air was blowing in my eyes continuously alright long. Will be returreturning for a refund.
    Written by ,

  • Easy & Quick


    Ordering was simple and received my Sleepweaverr 3D a week before I thought I would. It's comfortable and easy to wear. This is my 3rd Circadiance mask since I've used the Advance and Elan before but this one is easier to wear with glasses so I can read before falling asleep. Nice improvement.
    Written by , Ohio

  • Good, but still looking


    I really wanted to like this mask because of the cloth and softness. It IS really soft and I slept well with it; but I think it's too loud for me. The noise doesn't seem to be from the mask; but my machine seems louder with it on. I'm buying the feather tube to see if that helps. Only time will tell. It's a good spare either way. Might not work for me but might be great for you...
    Written by , Connecticut

  • great mask


    this new 3d is a great cloth mask. i was so tired of trying mask after mask and throwing them away that i decided to go crazy and buy this one. glad i did this 3d is very light for the summer months and my nose doesnt hurt anymore. it does leak if you dont put it on right, but if you adjust it with the white bit out a little it works very well. 5 stars!
    Written by , kcmo

  • Could not get it seal properly.


    I really wanted this to work. Other nose pieces make my nose sore. No matter how hard I tried to adjust the mask, I just couldn't get it to seal; the air was constantly blowing in my eyes. I am a very petite woman and perhaps it was just too big for me.
    Written by ,

  • Works but very noisy.


    It works but it is very noisy. Seems to seal well though. I probably would not buy it again. As for recommending it there should be a "maybe" option.
    Written by , Cleveland

  • Leaks Air


    You cannot adjust this product enough to stop the air leaks. It leaks at the top right under your eyes so I was not able to get to sleep with this on. I had to go back to my other product.
    Written by , Phoeniss