SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear


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SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth Nasal Mask
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Updated SleepWeaver Advance Headgear
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  • Brand:Circadiance
  • Part Numbers:101224, 100332, 100274, 100277, 100285, 100281
  • Sizes:Small, Regular
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

Constructed entirely of soft cloth the SleepWeaver Advance is Latex & Silicone Free so it's ideal for allergy sufferers! The SleepWeaver's cloth cushion won't get sticky like traditional nasal cushions. The breathable fabric inflates around your nose and pushes gently against the face to create a secure seal. A fine cloth inner lining -- the Zzzephyr seal -- improves fit and increases comfort.

Unlike traditional nasal masks the SleepWeaver ADVANCE has no rigid frame or hard buckles so it's great for people who sleep in any position -- side, back or stomach.


  • Great for allergy sufferers - No Latex or Silicone!
  • Unique Soft Cloth Cushion with Breathable Zzzephyr Seal
  • Cushion Inflates to Seal Without Pressure Points or Pinching
  • Quiet, Gentle Exhalation
  • Two Sizes and Lots of Great Color Options Available
  • Updated, Easy to Adjust Headgear
  • Machine washable for Easy Maintenance

Great For Allergy Sufferers: The soft, breathable, cloth SleepWeaver will leave you hardly aware that you're wearing any CPAP device at all. With NO SILICONE OR LATEX, your nostrils will be free, your forehead won't be dented, and you'll be wrinkle-free in the morning.

Soft Cloth Cushion & Zzzephyr Seal: The SleepWeaver is made of soft cloth and has no rigid parts that come into contact with the skin. It inflates to form a balloon of air that pushes gently against the patient's face to form a seal. Because the cloth is flexible and follows the exact shape of each individual's face, air leakage is reduced. The SleepWeaver Advance Zzzephyr Seal has been enhanced by reshaping the seal. The improved seal offers a better fit for a wider range of faces.

Now Available in Two Sizes: The SleepWeaver Advance is available in two sizes. The Regular size is designed to fit most users. The Small size has an updated cushion design and is about 15% smaller overall to fit more petite faces and facial features.

Quiet, Gentle Exhalation: The SleepWeaver features a series of holes on the front of the mask for exhalation. The design means that breath escapes through a wider area, minimising noise and preventing the concentrated stream of air that often leads to whistling and whooshing noises in other masks. This also allows the exhaled air to disperse more naturally, making exhalation feel more comfortable. Fabric also naturally absorbs sound, rather than the plastic traditionally used which is more likely to create it.

Updated, Easy to Adjust Headgear: The design of the SleepWeaver means that the seal is created by the pressure from your CPAP/BiPAP, rather than by the tightness of the headgear straps. Generally SleepWeaver users can lossen their headgear overall reducing pressure sores on the bridge of the nose, forehead and other parts of the face.

Machine Washable: The SleepWeaver mask and headgear can be washed in a washing machine with your regular laundry using your usual detergent. Use a gentle cycle with cold or warm water. Never use hot water, as this will cause the mask to shrink and disfigure. Once washed, hang the mask to dry. Never tumbledry it, as this will also cause it to shrink and disfigure. The SleepWeaver mask will usually hang dry in one to two hours. The SleepWeaver can also be hand washed with a mild, non-abrasive hand soap.


  • Manufacturer:Circadiance
  • Part Numbers:101224, 100332, 100274, 100277, 100285, 100281
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Cloth Nasal Mask with Updated Headgear.
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:00608938457042, 00608938455864, 00608938455871, 00608938455888, 00608938455901, 00608938455895
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Small, Regular
  • Materials:Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Cushion Masks, Cloth Masks, His & Hers Masks
  • Pressure Range:4 to 20 cm H20 Recommended

Available Sizes

sleepweaver regular
Regular Size Fits Most
The Regular SleepWeaver Advance is designed to fit most users. It is available in 5 great colors: blue, beige, pink, leopard and camouflage.
sleepweaver small
Small for Petite Faces
About 15% smaller than the Regular SleepWeaver Advance, the Small SleepWeaver Advance is available exclusively in beige.

Available Colors
  • Got a terrible sleep. Will be returning it.

    Got a terrible sleep. Will be returning it.
    Written by mcdluke12, -2019-08-19

  • Soft and quiet! Fewer marks in the morning!

    Love it! Great product and valueà
    Written by timgrowthconsulting, -2019-08-04

  • Still testing

    There are only 2 size choices, so I am in between. I do like the light weight.
    Written by kathyegregg, CALIFORNIA -2019-08-04

  • Great mask

    Love this mask. So comfortable
    Written by lindabankoski, -2019-07-30

  • Sleep weaver review

    The sleep weaver is comfortable. I can sleep on my side with less leakage than hard plastic masks. The price is almost low enough too.
    Written by DDreamer1760, Parrish, AL -2019-07-11

  • No good!!!

    I had to take it off within minutes of use. Irritated under nose and upper lips.
    Written by artesone, 33134 -2019-07-09

  • The mask that makes using CPAP easier

    As a long time CPAP user, I had gotten used to using the hard plastic masks with silicone seals. Once I discovered these, I would never willingly go back. It takes a little while to seal, yet once sealed it is unlikely to be 'pried from your face' just by changing position in the night. Over time the headgear will stretch, so adjustments to 'retighten' are needed. Over, it is something I recommend to anyone I meet who is using a CPAP.
    Written by Chris-66189, Wilmington DE -2019-06-06

  • Could not get a good seal

    I did get a good seal but only very briefly. For those few minutes it was perfect - comfortable and very quiet. But then my nose itched, I scratched and no amount of fussing for 21 minutes (documented on Sleepyhead) could get it to fit properly again.
    Written by Alan, WI -2019-05-28

  • No seal

    Tried every which way I could adjust it but it would not keep a good seal.Leakage was tremendous.I sent it back for a credit to my credit card.
    Written by YellowGreenArmadillo-2654, Canton,Ohio -2019-05-19

  • Prompt delivery of correct item.

    Prompt delivery of correct item.
    Written by patriccaswe, -2019-04-25

  • Leaks with head movement

    I like the theory of it , but air leaks around it when you move your head. It wakes you up and then you have to try to get it to seal.
    Written by mrtrumann, -2019-03-12

  • Really like it

    It was easy and fast would reconmend it to others
    Written by Bigdawg0514, -2019-02-18

  • Dis not seal

    The mask did not seal and had a funny smell. I returned it.
    Written by barb-52070, -2019-01-17

  • less on face

    I am happy about this mask comfort, with the least face straps I can find (I break out where straps touch). CPAP Exchange is always excellent in getting orders processed & delivered quickly.
    Written by peace4peka, -2019-01-02

  • Fantastic new cloth mask

    I really like the mask vs. the nose pillows I had been using.
    Written by ehaines-48417, -2019-01-02

  • Not very good!

    No matter how I adjust it there is always air escaping from areas around my nose. Disappointed with it.
    Written by donna453, -2018-12-27

  • Poor seal for cloth mask but great service from cpapXchange as in the past

    I bought this mask to see if it would be more comfortable than my FlexFit405 but unfortunately the mask does not achieve a good seal and regardless of how tight ( or loose) I set the straps the mask still leaks around the edges drying my eyes during the night so I back to the 405. I did like the lack of pressure in the forehead which can be a problem with the pads on the 405.
    Written by erpajon, -2018-12-03

  • It takes getting used to !

    It doesn’t leave welts on your face and it very comfortable, but if you move much you need to keep adjusting it so you don’t get air leaks !
    Written by thekarenleung, -2018-11-25

  • Air leak

    Would not hold air pressure and made a lot of air noise.
    Written by chuckr8500, -2018-11-23

  • Darth Vader is Defeated!!!

    My husband has been using the bipap machine for about 3 yrs. The noise from the mask some nights was louder than the snoring. I no longer am sleeping next to Darth Vader!! Amazing and thankyou. The cloth is much more comfortable for him too. Thank you so much!!!!
    Written by errica321, -2018-11-03

  • I just sent it back today. It leaks constantly. It wakes me up at night.

    I tried everything to make it work. I really wanted it to work, because I am tired Of being broke out because of my CPAP.
    Written by drivera-93501, -2018-10-16

  • Mask.

    Works well, perhaps a bit overpriced.
    Written by bdg249, -2018-10-03

  • A little more sleeping freedom

    Material is easier on the skin and it gives for belly sleepers
    Written by mcromero79, -2018-09-05

  • Leaker fit

    it does not fit as well as I would have liked it to, even with mutiple adjustments during the night it still leaks. However I like the cloth as it don't irate my skin, just to hard to adjust the fit properly.
    Written by dgcracchiolo, -2018-08-16

  • Headache !!!

    Gave me a headache every time I used it , head gear would not stay on top of head .. I would return it for money back , but your policy says once packaged opened it can not be returned !!!! How are you suppose to know if it works unless you use it ??? What a SCAM .... Will be contacting Credit Card Company with complaint !!!
    Written by reusserjohn, -2018-05-25

  • I WANTED to love this mask but it has MANY...

    I WANTED to love this mask but it has MANY flaws! 1st - it doesn't seal well and blows air on my eyes. 2nd - the part that covers under the nose and above the mouth (philtrum) is too large and actually covers my upper lip and hangs into my mouth. 3rd - the hose is way too large and heavy for the fabric mask so it ultimately flops onto my face. 4th - the Velcro tabs on the straps for the headgear portion are hard to thread through and nearly impossible to find if your groggy to take the mask off (hope you don't need to remove it in a hurry because it's impossible to do!) I am returning it, cant decide if I should try another mask from CPAP exchange or just get a refund. SO disappointed this mask was a bust. Seems finding a good mask is a long and laborious task!
    Written by RRP, -2018-05-24

  • Didn't like it

    I had such high hopes but could not get rid of the air leaks into both eyes!
    Written by robincathedral, -2018-05-22

  • Floppy CPAP Mask

    This idea has merit but its still not there. There needs to be more support to the mask... otherwise the weight of the hose pulls it off to the side or collapses it when you roll to you side.
    Written by chris-93896, -2018-05-06

  • good for travel

    lite weight, does not take up much room great for travel!
    Written by cfarrell2466, -2018-04-19

  • Great Service

    Good selection, great prices, fast shipping, and outstanding customer service. I would highly recommend them.
    Written by senko9285, -2018-04-11

  • Leaked

    No matter how loose or how tight it leaked and I could not sleep.
    Written by julieklooz, -2018-04-03

  • Horrible

    Can't adjust to make a seal. Got a CD with the mask, no useful info on disk.
    Written by DJAUTO, -2018-03-27

  • Too much leakage

    Tried the Sleepweaver Advance for several nights and found it leaked air no matter how tight or loose the headgear was. Had to return it for refund. Am using the Sleepweaver 3-D and works much better.
    Written by ThistleTermite, -2018-03-13

  • Long time for shipping

    Just like the title says, a little long on the shipping but I will give them another chance
    Written by schulman93, -2018-03-01

  • Bipap mask

    Was a total waste of money doesn't seal like it should no matter what I do.
    Written by bryankobilka, -2018-02-18

  • the only way to go

    Excellent vendor, easy to deal with, tremendous selection, great prices. the SleepWeaver cloth mask is much more comfortable and easy to wear than the plastic masks.
    Written by laura-63068, -2018-01-27

  • A worthwhile struggle.

    The Sleepweaver Advance is a very comfortable nasal mask for that suffer from OSA or CSA. It's extremely quiet, doesn't produce to much excess air due to the pin hole design, and for my money's worth it doesn't look awful. The biggest downside to the mask is that it's difficult to fit so that it doesn't leak while you try to sleep, that said if you do manage to secure the leaks you can lay in most any position without worry. My advice to those who are having difficulty with it is to wear it a few nights and give it a washing as it needs to be broken in before it reaches its full potential. The mask is also very easy to accidentally move if you're given to tossing and turning or sudden movements but it isn't a problem that can't be overcome. I'd recommend this product to someone looking for something more comfortable that doesn't leave lines on your face.
    Written by jtravisjobseeker, -2018-01-26

  • Mask

    Could not keep it from leaking
    Written by mideb40, -2018-01-22

  • Not a good fit.

    I like that it’s cloth, but it leaks around the sides which makes it noisy and uncomfortable.
    Written by thompsonjeffrey1218, -2018-01-14

  • Very lite!

    For someone like me who tosses and turns a lot it works OK.
    Written by rookie1231957, -2018-01-13

  • Excellent Mask

    Very good product. I feel too claustrophobic with masks that cover the mouth too, so I only use ones that cover only the nose. This is the best that I've tried. It's easy enough to put on and adjust, and moves with me in the night quite well. The straps are simple enough to put on in the dark, or in the middle of the night when you barely wake up and realize you've taken off the mask and put it back on while groggy and in the dark. Downsides? I've never gotten a "perfect" fit, but I do get close. There's always some wind noise. Occasionally it will leak blowing air up to my eye. Some adjustments will fix that. Also, because the mask is cloth, sometimes the hose twists and pushes the connector against my nose. Overall, it's the best of the SleepWeaver, and is one of the two masks I use regularly. The other is the Dreamwear. This one has become my primary.
    Written by Chuck, SF Bay Area -2018-01-12

  • Could never get a good fit, leaks would wake me, just not the mask for me.

    Review title tells the story
    Written by yorkb49, -2017-12-21

  • Sleepweaver

    I likethe sleepweaver and have a hard time getting comfortable with the side face straps. They also leave deep marks.
    Written by caroleebird, -2017-12-15

  • Problem with hose attachment

    Hose fitting comes out of material during the night.
    Written by charlesgriffith54, -2017-12-06

  • best mask yet

    I have been using cpap for years and have never slept better.
    Written by tonypagano, -2017-11-25

  • Glad I found you!

    I love the soft cloth nasal mask. Was having issue w nasal pillows but not now. Great sleeping for me now. Thank you!
    Written by Islandgal79, -2017-11-04

  • I hurts my nose...can't wear it after 3 days

    Wish i could return it but i threw everything away..can you help
    Written by PSHERIDAN63, -2017-10-31

  • Sleep Weaver soft cloth mask is easy to wear.

    Got mask in a few days shipping. Great price only wish I could figure out how to send paperwork to my insurance company to help with the cost. Thanks again for the sleep weaver mask. Thanks Don
    Written by dcjames-12957, -2017-10-30

  • Great mask with great service.

    From the ordering process to the shipment. Then the product itself all worked out fantastic. Ordering was fast, efficient and easily understandable. The shipping was fast and efficient. The product if first rate and functional as advertised.
    Written by molosar, -2017-10-12

  • Different!

    It is a bit different to use. A little difficult to adjust and keep in place, but it is soft and I can turn my head and lay on it and it still works and I don't wake up feeling like I slept on a plastic box. Wish the nose opening was a little bigger. All things being equal, it is better.
    Written by joluhale, -2017-09-25

  • Fantastic!!

    Product arrived packaged very well. Service was wonderful and arrived in a very timely manner. Will certainly order !again
    Written by carenharagan, -2017-09-21

  • Not good

    It was not what I was.expecring. it was uncomfortable and the hose piece on the inside of the mask.poled me in the nose and was very annoying so I sent it back.
    Written by Sbrantley-41442, -2017-09-21

  • Leaks too much

    It is comfortable and so are the straps but can't seem to get a good fit and it leaks too much. Also I must be breathing through my mouth because I wake up on and off all night to drink water because my mouth is so dry, it''s extremely dry.. I am normally not a mouth breather so I don't if it's because the fabric is soft and when sleeping it presses my nostril shut or something. As another review said, the fabric cut into the side of my nose. Great concept but needs some tweaking.
    Written by RJN, MD -2017-07-28

  • Wife Does not like mask

    Wife Has Tryed Several Different masks and has not found a comfortable one yet , guess we will just have to keep looking
    Written by trikeman2, -2017-07-12

  • Terrible

    This mask does not work efficiently. The fit is poor and doesn't stop my snoring as wirh my others. It leaks air into my eyes no matter how I adjust it. Wish I could get my money back. My husband and I borh had the same problems wirh his. Just an FYI I purchssed the small for me and the average for him.
    Written by lnsmale, -2017-05-12

  • Comfort at last!

    This is the best mask I have ever used. I will never go back to silicone! I could not believe the difference it made.
    Written by jajorgen711, -2017-03-11

  • excellent product

    Works well and stays out of the way all night long. This product is very soft and does not hurt your face
    Written by JBIRDSONG7, -2017-03-08

  • good night sleep

    Really like the lightness of this mask, still would like to have something soft by where it fits under the nose, but for the most part have been able to sleep very well
    Written by Mary D, -2016-12-14

  • Small mask

    Product worked well. I was able to even sleep on my stomach.
    Written by Randall , -2016-12-10

  • surprised

    seals off mustache never leaks and is so light
    Written by MOON, -2016-12-07

  • this mask was an answer to a prayer.

    I am new to CPAP and this is my third mask. I came home with a mask that went in my nose and left it painful. Tried the dreamWear and it was comfortable. I thought I had found "the one" but woke every morning with congestion that went from my throat all the way down my bronchial system, hoarseness and a deep cough. I was afraid I couldn't tolerate CPAP until I remembered, from long ago, that I was allergic to silicone. Sure enough both masks were made of silicone. The first night I wore this mask I woke up clear. I felt wonderful compared to the awful symptoms I had been waking to every morning and lasted through the day. It is comfortable, easy to put on, for me, it doesn't leak and the best part is, I CAN wear a CPAP and still feel healthy. Thanks for this mask. I will never be without the SleepWeaver.
    Written by Mariann K, -2016-11-28

  • Just doesn't work

    I fought with this mask for three nights before I finally gave up. The mask is comfortable, light, and unobtrusive, I'll give it that... However, no matter what I did, it would not seal and stay sealed. I finally got it to seal the first night after messing with it for awhile, only to wake up thirty minutes later with a stream of air blowing into both eyes. It would appear that as long as I laid on my back and didn't move my head, the mask would stay sealed, but as soon as I turned over or even moved my head to the side, the mask would lose it's seal and direct the airflow into my eyes, which would wake me up. I tried everything I knew to try, to no avail. The mask fits snugly around my nose, however my nose is not perfectly symmetrical. Even the tiniest bit of movement off-center, and the mask leaks. I tried for three nights to make it work, but finally gave up for lack of sleep. It's too bad, because the mask is quite comfortable to wear.
    Written by Tom P, -2016-11-05

  • An excellent mask!!

    The mask that I had before the purchase, peeled the skin on my nose. I was looking for a mask that would give my nose relief. The soft cloth mask has been a savior. Very comfortable, and quiet. Thank you SleepWeaver for designing an excellent mask. I recommend this mask to anyone that suffers from nose discomfort.
    Written by Joshua, -2016-10-31

  • Cloth nasal mask

    This cloth mask is much more comfortable than my plastic hard one that I originally started with. It is a little tricky to get the leaks to stop when you first start wearing it, but the head gear works well. The one thing I noticed was it made my forehead break out, I have unusually oily skin and this goes straight up your forehead from your nose. Now I wear a cotton makeup pad in that area in between and the breakouts stopped. I don't throw this mask off during my sleep.
    Written by Cyndi, -2016-10-21

  • Sleep weaver soft mask nasal

    Does not fit bridge of nose well, air escapes. Harnes leaves marks on face.
    Written by Debra S , -2016-10-06

  • Worst mask EVER!!

    This mask is so bad, don't waste your money. Modeled on a skinny face for a reason, doesn't contour to a rounder most of us.
    Written by Michael, -2016-10-04

  • sleepweaver

    After reading the reviews on this mask I decided to try it out, well it is a very sweet design it's not for me.the leaking was in controllable.but as most people who wear cpap I'm searching for comfort and quality.
    Written by Alan, -2016-09-19

  • Best mask ever

    I just wished this was available two years ago. I have had many masks that i could not get a good seal from air leakage. This one is sooo comfortable. Best part no air leakages and if they do occur can be remedied in seconds without removal of mask. Also other masks would tend to blow air out front and towards eyes. So comfortable i hardly remember i am wearing it.
    Written by Henry B, -2016-08-19

  • Soft cloth mask

    Since my face gets irritated by silicone I was hoping the cloth mask would work for me. Unfortunately I find the cloth mask leaks frequently at the top of the nose. I will try it a few more times but if leakage doesn't improve, I'll be returning it and will have to persevere with the silicone.
    Written by Cjndy, -2016-08-01

  • Amazing mask!

    I have struggled with cpap masks for over ten years. I have a small bridge and nose so even petite masks have air leaks. This mask fits perfectly for my small nose and its so comfortable to wear. So glad I found this site.
    Written by C.Gross, -2016-07-29

  • Sleepweaver soft mask and misc.

    Quick delivery! Friendly! Customer service Excellant! As always Thank you
    Written by Marcia B, -2016-07-29

  • Nice idea but it leaks too much air.

    I've had the mask for a week now. It leaks air at the top of the mask and dries out my eyes at night. It also leaks in the middle of the night if the head band slides at all and then makes a noise loud enough to wake me up. I'll go back to my "comfort classic" and hopefully I can send this one back. I had great hopes for this mask but it did not meet my needs.
    Written by John, -2016-07-27

  • very soft

    I really like this mask I f I could improve one thing it would be the head strap needs more than 1 small Piece of hook & loop.
    Written by Hal, -2016-07-26

  • For a young face?

    I am over 60 and have a verticle wrinkle on each side of my mouth. This mask leaked for me. Perhaps it would work great on a smooth face. Very cleaver idea, and light. My pressures are 5 to 16,sealed on my face at a lighter pressures.
    Written by Todd, -2016-06-20

  • best cloth mask

    I love the sleep weaver mask versus the traditional masks. The material mask is more comfortable and doesn't leave marks on my face. It's very lightweight too which is nice in the summer months. I highly recommend it.
    Written by Rosemary, -2016-06-14

  • Best CPAP mask I've ever worn

    I have been on CPAP since 1998. I have tried many different masks and nasal pillows. This mask is very comfortable and doesn't leak. It conforms to the shape of your face as air comes into it from your CPAP machine. I highly recommend this mask without hesitation.
    Written by Melinda R, -2016-06-13

  • Love it

    I have used several different CPAP masks in the past but ALL of them caused by nose to stop up. This was my last try and so far it is working. My nasal passages are staying clear and I have actually been able to sleep with this mask.
    Written by Sharon, -2016-06-07

  • Cloth SleepWeaver

    Wonderful as far as the feel. Am not allergic to it. But cannot stop the leaks.
    Written by Tommy, -2016-06-04

  • soft cloth

    uncomfortable to wear and too much air coming from mask
    Written by darren p, -2016-05-26

  • Good, but not for me

    I liked that it is small and easy to transport. Did not like the hose down the front and the nose cup blistered my upper lip. But a nice extra head piece in case of breakage during a trip.
    Written by Tom, -2016-04-26

  • cloth nasal mask

    this is my 4th try at a comfortable cpap mask. I finally found it. this mask is so flexible for a person is a side sleeper.
    Written by happy camper, -2016-04-25

  • Comfort-still leaks

    I love the feel of this mask. So comfortable and easy. No pressure points. Only problem, it leaks and no matter what I do, it doesn't stop. Frustrating as this is what I would love to have, but can't have the leaks.
    Written by Penny K, -2016-04-25

  • easy to wear

    this mask lets you sleep in any position without too much trouble....i love it. won't use anything else.
    Written by michele, -2016-04-22

  • SleepWeaver Soft Cloth Mask

    My mask is too small, otherwise the light weight of this cloth mask and the position of the head gear, which allows me to read with my glasses, is wonderful.
    Written by Sfeinn, -2016-04-11

  • Comfortable, but has some quirks

    I am a side sleeper and found this mask to be comfortable, more so than the Resmed N10 I was using before. However, I also have found that if I toss and turn at night this mask gets dislodged pretty easily and is very loud when it leaks. In other words, as long as it fits it’s comfortable and quiet, but get a little bit off and it will take some adjusting to be happy with it. I also have the Resmed P10 but have found that one to be a challenge if I’m the least bit stuffy. Right now, I’m sticking with this mask (I’ve only had it a week) but can see some situations where the others masks might make more sense. As far as the vendor is concerned, they shipped very quickly and packaged it well, no complaints there.
    Written by DavidF, -2016-04-07

  • Comfort

    The most comfortable mask I have ever used. When it is adjusted right it works perfectly. The problem is it is difficult to get adjusted right. That part is getting easier over time but expect a learning curve on that. When it not adjusted properly the mask leaks air around my eyes and that is quite annoying. Be patient, keep trying different adjustments and if you ever figure it out it is one of the most comfortable masks on the market.
    Written by Mark, -2016-03-27

  • not that good

    ths mask leeks with high settings.
    Written by jim, -2016-03-25

  • sleepweaver cloth mask

    A great mask for those of us who can not tolerate the hard plastic masks. I have been suffering trying to get use to the plastic masks and cannot do it. The cloth mask is my answer to using the sleep machine so far.
    Written by nancy, -2016-03-24

  • I love this mask!

    I was having trouble with the a sensitivity to the silicone in all the masks I had previously used. This one is PERFECT.
    Written by Debbie L., -2016-03-22

  • Soft Cloth Nasal Mask

    Very comfortable. Washing everyday is a problem. I don't do it because I have a "SoClean" machine that sterilizes my tube and head gear. If I didn't have that, it would be a hassle to wash mask everyday.
    Written by Betsy, -2016-03-21

  • Ingenious Design

    I was desperate to find a mask that wouldn't leave deep marks on my face, all day. This style is working well for me. And I've been able to avoid my usual stiff neck because I can lay my head more comfortably into the pillow. The only thing that keeps it from being perfect is that it is sometimes difficult to get it into the right position to keep air escaping.
    Written by Sue, -2016-03-19

  • Soft cpap mask

    I have been searching for a fabric mask for years. I couldn't use my machine because I am allergic to silicone. This fabric mask has helped so much! Only suggestion would be to have the tubing on the top of the head so it's not in my face.
    Written by Leanne, -2016-03-13

  • Leaks

    You cannot tighten the nose string enough to stop the leaks
    Written by Shawn, -2016-03-05

  • Small as in infant size

    Tried it on, barely covered the tip of my nose, returned it. I have used a small/petite size mask for 10 years. Not sure if I should try a medium or a large in this model.
    Written by Steve L, -2016-02-22

  • So - So

    I have followed all the instructions (even watched the demo cd) yet I still have problems maintaining a good seal throughout the night. When it is sealed, it is quiet, but movement seems to disturb it easily. Not bad, but not the ideal solution for me.
    Written by Paul, -2016-02-22

  • SleepWeaver all it is said to be

    This is a great little mask. Small and great fitting I can sleep in any position without an issue. My only complaint is the hose needs to come from below your face which made me move my machine. Did I mention super quiet. A+
    Written by Rick, -2016-02-21

  • Leaks

    I really wanted this mask to work. It's so comfortable, quiet, and potentially functional but it leaks like a sieve! I simply could not adjust it to stop the leaking so I returned it and replaced it with a Philips DreamWear which is the best option I have found so far for me.
    Written by Audie, -2016-02-17

  • Soft cloth nasal headgear

    It doesn't stay my nose. Slips off very easily. Highly disappointed
    Written by Susan M, -2016-02-14

  • Like it

    I had a short adjustment time going from a gel mask to this type but now I really like it. It is comfortable and stays in place.
    Written by Jean, -2016-02-11

  • SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth Nasal Mask

    The mask is an attractive alternative to my current mask and if I were able to stop the air leak it would be my choice. However, after reviewing all the demos and the CD, I realized it does not fit me. I am not sure if the size is proper, but I am sadly returning it.
    Written by Memphis Blue Bea, -2016-02-10


    Have had a CPAP for over 15 years, finally one that does NOT make my nose sore. It is wonderful! Sometimes I get the leak around my eye but just adjust mask and all is well. Like wearing nothing at all.
    Written by Vicky T, -2016-02-02

  • Don't work.

    Air escapes no matter what I do.
    Written by Richard K , -2016-01-29

  • Finally

    Finally a mask which is comfortable. I used to struggle with my mask all the time and only used it after my wife would wake me up because my snoring was disturbing her. Now I put it on every night as I get into bed. I can sleep with it on and find it comfortable.
    Written by Steven, -2016-01-29

  • Best I have slept in years!

    I really get a great nights sleep with this mask. So simple of a design, light weight, and easy to maintain, Why didn't someone think of this design before.
    Written by Geary W, -2016-01-29

  • C Pap mask

    Exactly what I was looking for.
    Written by Cathy, -2016-01-28

  • C-pap mask

    I have received my mask and have been using it. For the first couple of days it worked fine but now I am having a problem with air leaking out around each side and I wake up. I have tried ajusting it several times but it still leaks.
    Written by Homer, -2016-01-27

  • cpap mask

    Should have stayed with what I was using before the different nose mask in stead of the nasal pillow just was not for my needs
    Written by John S, -2016-01-23

  • works great

    when I got the mask out of the box ,my first impression was kinda flimsy and though this not going to work. but i tried for a week and I love it ,the best mask I ever purchased and I tried all kinds over the years. It's so comfortable ,I did have to tighten mask up a little more than what they said on the box. but works great from side to side to back no leaks. love it
    Written by Ron M, -2016-01-16

  • Works for me

    I can not use the gel mask my skin brakes out. This one work fine.
    Written by Bill m., -2015-12-28

  • Moves around too much and leaks easy.

    I am not happy with it, it moves too easy and leaks, Idea is good but the strpas need to be a little diffeent for it to work right.
    Written by Lou, -2015-12-15

  • Light weight, attractive, but could not avoid the leaks

    I wanted it to work. It is very attractive, easy to put on, and looks like a great idea. But I was unable to accomplish complete seal the my wife did not like the "leakage" noises, so I had to return it.
    Written by EC, -2015-12-15

  • Maybe for some? Returning

    Comfort factor was fine but I tried for 20 some odd minutes different positions---I have a big head in fairness--but the best fit was still blowing air on my eye. The rest of the positions had major leaks and loud. Note my wife tried also and could not get it not to have leaks she has a normal size head and also uses cpap at night. Interesting idea but doesn't work for us
    Written by marccp, -2015-12-09

  • Great for all sleep positions

    I have been using the SleepWeaver Advance for 2 weeks now and simply love it. I had used the Dreamwear and Swift FX Nano before to no great success. The Sleepweaver is a keeper. I bought this second one to have when the first one shows signs of wearing out as I doubt I will ever go back to silicone. It is unbelievably comfortable, easy to maintain and I have registered 3 nights with zero leaks on my stomach and all the other nights were very low leakage as well.
    Written by Roy L, -2015-12-03

  • I really WANT to love this mask

    I love the IDEA of this mask and I really want to love the mask itself, but I just can't. After wearing it for 3 weeks I still cannot figure out how to make a tight enough seal to stop the air from leaking around the bridge of my nose. No matter how tight the seal when I fall asleep, it seems the slightest movement causes it to dislodge just enough to create an air leak. I'm giving it 3 stars anyway because it is the lightest and most comfortable mask I've tried. Maybe I just got the wrong size, or it's the shape of my face and nose... but whatever the reason I just can't sleep with these slight but annoying leaks. I will be returning it and will re-review if I decide to get another size.
    Written by Brian, -2015-12-03

  • Great Mask

    This was delivered to me fast and the first night using it was great. Unlike other masks that I have tried this one doesn't even feel like you are wearing one. All the others had to be adjusted tight to stop leaks. This one works better if you have it loose and let the inflation of the mask seal it. I would recommend this to everyone,
    Written by Daryl, -2015-11-30

  • Couldn't get a good seal

    After using this mask for the last two weeks, I just couldn't get a good seal. The mask is very comfortable, however where the straps join the mask at the cheeks the mask should be reinforced so that it doesn't stretch the material and form a bad seal I have returned this mask because I just couldn't use it.
    Written by John, -2015-11-18

  • Sleep Weaver

    This is the most comfortable mask I've EVER used!! There are no indentations on my face or nose which I love! Please don't ever stop selling this mask! Anything else would be several steps down.
    Written by Kathy , -2015-11-13

  • Very Very Comfortable

    Very happy with this mask. Had bad skin reactions to others. No problems with this one.
    Written by Katie, -2015-10-28

  • Sleepweaver Soft Cloth cpap mask

    Perfect! No problems with the mask, very soft and light! This is the second soft cloth mask I have had, I wore the first one out!
    Written by Greg, -2015-10-27

  • soft cloth nasal cpap/bipap mask with head gear

    This mask is amazing; nothing up my nose, no straps riding up, completely comfortable; wish I would have found it sooner, can't imagine using anything else.
    Written by James M, -2015-10-27

  • cpap review

    I was not happy with the product and had to go back to my old jel mask. I have to get up several times in the night and it was a pain in the rear to take it off and put it back on.
    Written by Archie, -2015-10-18

  • SleepWeaver is the best

    Have tried MULTIPLE STYLES of masks (left marks on my face), nasal pillows (felt like my nose was broken in the morning, and thwn tried this. IT IS WONDERFUL. very comfortable, no marks and works great. Highly recommend
    Written by Paula, -2015-10-13

  • soft cloth nasal cpap

    Not good at all, noisy, doesn't seal well.
    Written by Tim, -2015-10-07

  • Great, but a little leaky

    I like it a lot better than my nasal pillows, but I have a hard time getting it not to leak around my nose. I find I can prevent it from leaking by using my hand.
    Written by Jane, -2015-09-18

  • next gen better than the first

    this is a better fit for me personally. i like design and light weight head strap. A must try for people tired of waking up with heavy indentations on their face from the hard plastic masks of the past.
    Written by Buzz K., -2015-09-09

  • Sleepweaver Mask

    Great mask and easy to get used to.
    Written by Mike, -2015-09-03

  • Sleep weaver mask

    Very happy with mask so much more comfortable than a hard mask. Thank you
    Written by Joe, -2015-07-25

  • I love the comfort of this mask

    This mask is so much more comfortable than anything I have tried. It does not irritate my skin or cause pressure points. I do not feel claustrophobic or trapped. I am a side sleeper and this does not get dislodged when I change from one side to the other. If I were a stomach sleeper, this mask would still work. The material is very durable. I plan on buying another one so I don't have to plan the laundering of only one mask.
    Written by Shelley S, -2015-07-13

  • Soft and gentle on face

    I needed a mask that would not scratch or mark my face after treatment for skin cancer. This mask is very good for that! But it is much harder to get off and on in the middle of the night than my others. I also have a small crack in the connector after only 3 weeks of use. It stills seals very well and is very easy to sleep in.
    Written by Jill, -2015-06-24

  • better than full face Mask

    Because i think more info is better: Male, moderate apnea, 5'11" 210#, side sleeper, no difficulty keep mouth closed while sleeping, full beard and mustache. I also purchased the featherlite hose for it. There is certainly air leakage from the top, and finding the right combination of side and top adjustments for the headgear is important, but you are not going to prevent leaks 100%. With the full mask I also got a lot of leakage, but also intense dry mouth even with the humidifier on full. Perfect, no, much better than my previous mask, no question. You also feel vaguely like Horton from "Horton Hears a Who."
    Written by James, -2015-06-23

  • Sleep weaver soft cloth nasal CPAP

    It won't stay on. Blows right off my nose.
    Written by Vinse B, -2015-06-17

  • So far I love it

    Slept last night with this new mask. This is the first night in FIVE years I have slept all night without waking up to have to adjust my mask! I love it. It kept its seal all night. I am a back sleeper.
    Written by Paula, -2015-06-14

  • Hose confusion

    Who sleeps with the hose headed down toward your body to tangle up in your arms or lay hard and cold on your neck? You want it up over your head and out of the way!
    Written by Lisa, -2015-05-09

  • Great concept

    I was intrigued when I first saw this offered. It eliminated the blowing exhaust from most masks I have used. I gave it a GOOD rating because it is a great concept that could be developed more. The tent feature could use some more structure to help it hold it's form for sealing. I find there is leakage when I move my head at night and it has caused a sore spot under my nose. Also, a short flexible hose on the end could solve a multitude of issues. Overall, great idea and I will continue to watch it for a nasal product.
    Written by John C H, -2015-05-04

  • Wish I ordered smaller

    The mask is a lot lighter and more comfortable to wear, but I have a problem of every time I exhale I have air blowing on my eyes which is not that comfortable, I have tried every adjustment there is to no avail. Next time I will order the small size, even though I do not have a small face.
    Written by Judy J, -2015-05-03

  • Have problem keeping seal while sleeping

    The mask doesn't keep a good seal. Having to adjust too many times during the night. Disappointed with quality for the cost!!
    Written by Nadine W, -2015-04-27

  • Best ever

    100 times better than any other mask I have used
    Written by Dave, -2015-04-09

  • Like sleeping with no mask

    Very easy to use. Light weight does job for side sleeper. Easy to adjust. Love i
    Written by RWB, -2015-03-10

  • Not impressed

    I find the product of poor flimsy material which I do not think will last long, especially around the attachments to the headgear. These should be reinforced. Also, I find that I am loosing the seal a number of times, sometimes waking 5 to 6 times a night, with extended periods of wake time.
    Written by D. Evans, -2015-03-08


    This mask rarely seals and actually left a cut under my nose from the "soft" fabric edge. Would not recommend.
    Written by Greg, -2015-02-22

  • Leaks

    Could not get mask to stop leaking. It fit good, was very comfortable. It would just kept leaking.
    Written by Chuck P, -2015-02-04

  • SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth CPAP Mask... So far, only 1 issue...

    There's a lot to like about this mask, such as the light weight and comfort. The one problem I have however is that there are times when I'm sleeping on my back and the seal breaks, resulting in a loud, harsh squeal like when a child lets air out of a balloon by stretching the opening. Admittedly, I toss and turn a lot and have a very high H20 setting (18 centimeters), but it happens at least once or twice, and sometime several times throughout the night :(
    Written by Frank, -2015-02-03

  • CPAP Soft Mask

    Excellent product that I have used for several years. Pricing on your web site is well below going to a retail local pharmacy or medical supplies store. Well worth the extra actions to get it applied to insurance or flex plans.
    Written by Dave C, -2015-01-25

  • Best soft clap mask on the market

    I love this mask!! I now have three to keep a relatively clean one on. It allows me to sleep on my back and either side. Works best when it's a little loose.
    Written by Jeff E., -2015-01-04

  • Best I have found

    I have gone through various types of masks but this undoubtedly the one that fits most comfortably on my face and I can easily adjust. I now awake in the mornings feeling rested since you hardly feel the mask or hear the air passing through it.
    Written by Arym, -2014-12-23

  • nice but not for me

    This mask was VERY comfortable. I loved it - but - it just wasn't for me. I'm a side and back sleeper so when I changed positions during the night, the mask would slip and wake me up. I would have to reposition it to seal the air leaks. I tried it for 3 nights in hopes I could figure out how I could make it work but that just didn't happen. If the plastic part that connects to the hose were to swivel, maybe then it would work for me. I can't stress how very comfortable this mask was. It was wonderful but luckily they have a return policy.
    Written by Terry B, -2014-12-17

  • Very comfortable mask

    I found this mask to be very comfortable and lightweight. Hardly know I'm wearing it. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it does take a little bit of fiddling with the get a proper seal. I washed in the washing machine like they recommended, even put it inside of a pillowcase to protect it and I find it leaks a little more now. Still a good concept, but I'm hoping the next generation of cloth masks see a little improvement in the seal.
    Written by Terry, -2014-12-04

  • Sleepweaver Advance cloth nasal mask w/ headgear

    Since suffering with acute allergic reaction to my former nasal pillows made of silicone it's a huge relief to use this device. I do wish there was a cloth nasal mask with ear loops though. I wake up sometimes with a sore scalp and the back of my head looks flat because of the headgear.
    Written by Cher, -2014-11-20

  • The New Small Size is Perfect

    As a petite sleep apnea sufferer, I have always loved the Circadiance SleepWeaver masks, but had some trouble with leaks. Recently I found the new Small size. No more leaks! Quiet sleep! And, my husband doesn't have to use ear plugs.
    Written by Anita, -2014-11-19

  • SleepWeaver

    This is the second one I have purchased and the only kind I am able to tolerate
    Written by Peggy, -2014-10-26

  • SleepWeaver Cloth Nasal Mask

    I absolutely love this mask. No more raw nose/face from the silicone masks. The mask fits perfectly and my leaks are minimal. My AHI has consistently been lower since wearing it.
    Written by Lorena, -2014-10-15

  • New cpap mask

    I've had a cpap for years and have worn all types of masks from just covering my nose, to full face, to nasal pillows. This new mask has to be the most comfortable mask I've ever tried. I will definitely order this mask again.
    Written by Nancy G, -2014-10-15

  • Changes CPAP use forever!

    This mask changes EVERYTHING! I've been using this for several years now and it's completely changed my sleeping. No lines in your face, no hard plastic, completely comfortable!!!!!!! Takes a little patience to get to fit right, but once it dies it's a cinch. Watch the included video for help. Doesn't last quite as long as other masks, but us cheaper too. I replace mine several times a year. You NEED to wash this mask with soap and water or you will get leaks. I can do this every 2 days and simply wash in my hands with a little hand soap and hang until that night. Everyone has to at least give this a try!!!!
    Written by Juline L, -2014-10-14

  • Mask

    Best mask I have had so far it fits well and no rubber to tear up your skin!
    Written by Jeremy, -2014-10-10

  • Dissatisfied

    Dissatisfied. It never sealed and hummed. All night.
    Written by Tommy, -2014-10-06

  • mrs

    This is the only mask that doesn't irritate my face
    Written by pro, -2014-10-06

  • SleepWeaver 1

    Have used nasal cannula (style masks) and they are very uncomfortable. This new product fits and wears well and I can now sleep on my side and stomach without air leaks !
    Written by Terry D, -2014-10-05

  • sleepweaver cloth mask

    Very comfortable to wear once you adjust it properly. Problem is it seems I'm constantly adjusting. Much nosier than previously worn masks. Would prefer over the top air supply, since this is what I am used to.
    Written by John, -2014-10-05

  • Works for me!!!

    This cloth feels so much better to my face. My face is not red and blotchy every morning like with other kind of mask. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
    Written by okcthatsme, -2014-09-23


    This is the ONLY mask I have ever felt comfortable wearing. Thanks to this mask, I can now get some good/great sleep.Ordering another one now just in case needed
    Written by Ron M, -2014-09-13

  • Not a good fit for me

    There is an opening inside the mask where the nose goes. This opening is too narrow for my nose and causes my nostrils to be pinched slightly. That's the main deal-breaker for me. The mask is soft and pliable which makes it potential quite comfortable. However, because the hose is directed downward, movement of the hose causes the mask to be distorted. It would have made more sense to direct the hose upward and brace it on the headgear. I am very sensitive to leaks in the eye area, and the light fabric and movements of the hose made it difficult to get a leak-free fit.
    Written by Jon S, -2014-08-15

  • Comfortable

    So much more comfortable than traditional masks.
    Written by bonnie, -2014-08-05

  • Sleep weaver mask

    Much more comfortable than plastic masks. New smaller size is a good improvement for me.
    Written by Kay, -2014-07-17


    I have bought 3 of these masks so far. I have had sleep apnea for many years and also have insomnia, so a mask on my face doesn't help. This is the most comfortable mask I have ever used and I can sleep on my side and on my stomach with it so that really is a plus. I recommend this mask highly.
    Written by Georgia G, -2014-07-12

  • SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask

    Use it nightly, have switched to other mask one due to not shaving and the it was leaking. Shaved face fixed that problem
    Written by Jetmanpro, -2014-07-10

  • Not what I hoped for

    Looks like a great idea. I have a petite face and this looked like something that would fit and not involve rubber/plastic, hard forms around my face. Well, it feels great! But unfortunately it keeps me up all night long with leaks. Some leaks are very hi pitched (like a balloon having air squeaked out!). Yikes! Tried every adjustment and can eventually get the leaks least until I turn over again...!
    Written by PMC, -2014-06-30


    Sleepweaver mask was everything my friend said it was. I sleep like a baby for the frist time in months.
    Written by Ron, -2014-06-25

  • not too bad

    the mask does leak quite a bit, it also does a lot of whisling, but it is soft and a lot smaller than all other mask.
    Written by Debbie, -2014-06-06

  • WOW!

    I wore the big plastic mask. My husband was talking to our neighbor about Sleep Apnea. The neighbor stated his wife has Sleep Apnea also. The neighbor said his wife used to wear that plastic mask and she always complained about how difficult it was to get a good night sleep and be comfortable. She looked on the internet and saw this new fabric mask. She ordered it and was very happy with the results. So my husband showed me the print out our neighbor gave him and I ordered one to. WOW! I LOVE IT. I CAN SLEEP ON MY STOMACH NOW. What a good night SLEEP.
    Written by Vanilla, -2014-06-05

  • Really wanted this to work

    I really really wanted the Sleep Weaver to work for me. I have never slept a whole night with my old mask on. I got this one and there is a constant stream of air into my eyes. I got an eye mask and still it doesn't really help. It gaps all the time and makes the wooshing air noise. It is SOOO MUCH more comfortable than anything I have worn, but unfortunately I think I will be sending this back under the 30 day warranty. It is EXTREMELY comfortable...but the gaping and air in my eyes just isnt working for me.
    Written by Tammy, -2014-05-29

  • Kasey

    The soft cloth mask will not seal and leaks all around the face piece making lots of noise a loss of pressure. I wish it would work because it is very light and soft.
    Written by Kasey, -2014-04-28

  • Sleepweaver Advance

    I have tried both the Advance and the Elan and find the Advance to be a better fit for me and an excellent product. My only complaint would be that they do not make three sizes like the Elan. or that the hose attachment does not have an elbow like the Elan. They are both great products, but the Elan has more variations that would also be suitable and improve the Advance.
    Written by David, -2014-04-12

  • Comfortable soft cloth Mask

    I have only used this for a few days, so am still making adjustments, however it seems to work better for me than the nasal pillows, which get dislodged, or the plastic masks, which leave pressure spots. I think I will continue to used this product.
    Written by masked lady, -2014-03-25

  • Great Product

    Just received this product. As of today (1st use), it is all that I could hope for. Very light and is tremendously more comfortable then the mask I had been using.
    Written by John, -2014-03-21

  • Unfortunate news

    The SleepWeaver is a great concept and a good design. I just cannot get a good seal with my face.
    Written by Charley, -2014-03-19

  • Great mask

    1. I can wear my glasses 2. No claustrophobic feeling 3. Wish it was easier to remove and put on.
    Written by WR, -2014-03-17

  • Poor quality

    I bought this and used it for about a month when my Velcro straps wouldn't hold any longer. I contacted SleepWeaver and the sent me new headgear. I used the mask for another couple of months and a hole appeared in the side of the cloth on the mask during the night. It was never mistreated or used incorrectly. I went back to my Respironics mask.
    Written by Randy G, -2014-02-19

  • Couldn't get to fit

    I really hoped to make this work as I don't like the usual nasal masks. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to not leak.
    Written by Betty, -2014-02-12

  • Comfortable, but noisy if straps aren't tight

    I've alternated between the Sleep Weaver and my old mask for about a week. S/W is amazingly light and comfortable about the nose, BUT the straps have to be quite tight to limit the noise. I'll keep on trying for a while, but have a feeling my old, heavier, clunky, mask may be the ultimate winner. Innovative product, reasonable price, worth a try.
    Written by Jac, -2014-02-03

  • Favorite mask

    Ive been using the hc405 for the past several years. Each wnter i get dry red marks from the dry air. So i order this new mask.....and gotta say i love it. I am careful to properly adjust....and always perfect. Love this mask!
    Written by Brett, -2014-01-24


    I wore it two nights and I spent both nights constantly adjusting the mask. It is not worth the effort of putting it on.
    Written by CeeDee, -2014-01-05

  • sleepweaver

    does not stay on and leaks every time you move
    Written by kevin g, -2013-12-06

  • Going back to my old mask

    Air leak around my nose tried for 7 days going back to my old mask.
    Written by Larry K, -2013-11-28

  • A total game changer!

    I've been a cpap user for almost 13 years now, using various gel and silicone mask models. Usually the least expensive I could find. I decided to take the chance with the Sleepweaver mask this time around. I am so very glad I did! It is so comfortable, I am not aware of it while sleeping. It will take the new user a bit of adjustment and an open mind, but it does work!
    Written by Tracy , -2013-11-26

  • comfortable

    I find it comfortable. I roll up a bandanna and tie it across my eyes, partly to block out light, but it also helps hold the cpap mask against my nose, to help stop air-leaks and keep it from shifting.
    Written by Kit, -2013-11-22

  • This is the ONLY mask I can wear to avoid potentially serious rash on my face

    I used other masks for several years, then developed a bad rash which the doctor wanted to treat with antibiotics. He said it was potentially a staphylococcus infection. It got worse and worse; nothing helped. Then I learned it might be avoided by using a "cloth" mask. I finally found this one and it has taken over a year, but the rash is almost gone. I will never wear the other kind again.
    Written by Nana-B, -2013-11-05

  • Does not seal well

    I like the cloth, it's easy to put on and off. It doesn't leave marks on my face, but I do have trouble keeping it sealed around my nose.
    Written by Pnelson, -2013-10-20

  • nasal cpap

    poor rating, does not provide a good seal and it is loud.
    Written by E, -2013-10-14

  • Sleep weaver

    No matter how I adjusted the mask, it leaked and blew air into my eyes. I have returned it for a refund.
    Written by Roberta W, -2013-09-13

  • most comfortable, non-leaking mask i have tried

    I have a full beard and mustache. This is by far the most leak free mask I have tried. It is also very comfortable for side sleeping, which is my most likely position.
    Written by Mike, -2013-09-04

  • not good for round face...

    can not get a good seal so i dont use it. feels good but if i move in my sleep i have to start all over again. may be not so good if you have a round face.
    Written by angel, -2013-08-23

  • SleepWeaver Advance mask with headgear with comments about Elan mask

    I have tried over ten masks by now, and this is definitely the most effective. I gave it four stars because I do have problems with it. The straps often leave deep lines in my face. I have tried loosening them, but then I don't get enough of a seal. Sometimes, even with the straps pulled tight, I get woken up by the sound of air escaping from the mask. If I pull the top strap tighter, that goes away. I tried the Elan mask before I got this one. It is more comfortable and seems to have a good seal, but I wake up feeling very tired. Another draw-back to the Elan is it can leave lines on my upper cheekbones that sometimes take hours to go away.
    Written by Lori, -2013-08-22

  • It blows air into my eyes

    It is comfortable but will not seal to my face. It blows air into my eyes and makes a loud whistle sometimes.
    Written by Annie, -2013-08-16

  • I really liked the mask

    The Sleepweave mask is great. Comfortable, lightweight, easy to use, basically wear and forget about it being on. I tried very hard to make it work, but I just couldn't get a proper seal. It just killed me to send it back for a refund. I would recommend it to anyone to try. I think it is a great product.
    Written by Trey P, -2013-07-31

  • I love this mask!

    I am so pleased with this mask, I can't say enough about it. It was a little weird the first couple of nights, but I quickly got used to the lightness of it and have stopped being paranoid that the cloth can't possible produce the same results has the hard plastic masks. The truth is, I have slept better over the past week and a half than I have in years. A word or two of advice: WATCH THE DVD that comes with it. This mask is tricky to get used to and to learn to put on properly. Watching the DVD will make the difference between being frustrated and not getting a good fit and learning what it's like to not have to deal with that hard plastic. Additionally, give it a couple of nights before making a firm decision about whether or not it works for you. It will feel weird at first. It took me 3 or 4 nights to get used to how it felt and worked. I haven't had any trouble with the seal or any leakage, but I still kept thinking there was no way it could work. I had to give it a week before I was able to admit to myself that not only was it working, but I was sleeping SO much better. Now I'm not sure that I could go back to a heavy plastic mask. I love that I can wash this thing in the washing machine. Keeping those old masks clean and sanitary was always an issue for me. This mask takes away that stres completely. It might not work for everyone, but it has become essential to me.
    Written by Melinda, -2013-07-20

  • Love It

    First mask I have been able to sleep the whole night through. Definitely recommend!
    Written by KD, -2013-07-05

  • Leaves strap marks!

    The mask works fairly well but no matter how I adjust it to try to stop the deep red gouge marks that the top elastic strap leaves on my forehead and the red stripes on the side of my face, not much seems to work. I tried adding my own padding, especially over the abrasive elastic up over the forehead strap which then does seem to work but find that overall, when I wake up, one can most definitely tell that I had some sort of mask on my face. The effect does not go away fully for at least a few hours. Not good when going into the office! Also, just last night the plastic tube connector pulled free in the middle of sleep startling me awake and ruining the mask. This is the second mask that I have owned. Not very durable. The first one's seal literally crumbled apart with only light water and mild soap clean up. Sure, the mask works when it is placed properly, but does not last...and those red contact marks! Better engineering is called for!
    Written by MJ, -2013-06-24

  • The only thing that works for me....

    I get claustrophobic with most face masks and can't get nasal pillows to seal. The SleepWeaver is cool, light and comfortable.
    Written by John D, -2013-06-07

  • Great Mask

    This is the best mask that I have used. Tried all different types from nasal pillows to full face. Very light weight and comfortable.
    Written by Walter, -2013-06-06

  • SleepWeaver soft cloth cpap mask

    This is the 2nd sleepweaver mask I have bought from here...Love the mask as I cannot sleep in the hard plastic masks (I have tired three different plastic masks) This mask is perfect..You cannot go wrong buying from here..I will continue to buy from this company for my future cpap supplies...Good company, fast shipping, good communication...excellent prices! This mask is great for those like me who cannot sleep in the hard plastic masks...and for those who sleep on their side....
    Written by Beverly, -2013-05-26

  • Bad fit

    I bought the sleep weaver mask for the comfort but with a mustache there was a poor seal under the nose with a lot of irritation. Also I found I need a full face mask so it doesn't work for me.
    Written by As, -2013-05-03

  • sleepweaver

    My husband has had a difficult time getting comfortable with the standard device. He had decided that he did no want to use anything if it had to be so uncomfortable. I felt we needed to try one last option. We bought the sleepweaver apparatus and so far he has been able to sleep through the night.
    Written by Fran R, -2013-04-10

  • Felt like I was suffocating

    I was hoping that I could get use to this very comfortable mask. With my high pressures of 15 and 12, I felt like my exhaled air was staying in the mask. I felt like I was suffocating. High pitch whistling sounds seemed to be cause by leaks when some air leaked out. I am going to give it one more try tonight.
    Written by Chris, -2013-04-02

  • reduce or eliminate air leakage

    I will rate this at 10 stars. I have found a lite application of vaseline over the bridge of my nose and under my eyes eliminates the leakage problems for me. As I am severely claustrophobic, I could not tolerate the other masks.
    Written by Michael M., -2013-03-16

  • SleepWeaver leaks for me

    I was very disappointed with this mask. It is comfortable if you can get it to work but I couldn't. I could use it for a few hours but then I always ended up with leak that I could not make go away and I would then need to revert to my usual Ultra Mirage mask. I have been using the Ultra Mirage for over 10 years and I haven't found anything else that I like better. The SleepWeaver was also more noisy and I didn't like the way that it vents air.
    Written by JZ, -2013-03-13

  • Leaks leaks

    All you hear all night is air terrible, good idea but I don't know where they got 55 good reviews
    Written by Iris, -2013-02-24


    I love the mask. Very comfortable to wear. Sevice was excellent. Jim
    Written by Jim H., -2013-02-18

  • sleep weaver

    mask is very comfortable,at this point i am still trying for a leak free adjustment. i have only had the mask for a short time, hopefully i can make it work for me as i really like the comfort.
    Written by ken, -2013-02-08

  • Disappointed

    I am very disappointed that I could not use this mask. I am returning it today. I can adjust it at the beginning of the night but about mid-way through it starts leaking and squeaking terribly and I could not adjust without creating even louder noise. I might have been able to live with it if not for the fact that the squeaking and noise interfered with my husband
    Written by PLM, -2013-02-05

  • Very Nice... and in Camo!

    Man, I love this mask. I've got a good sized nose, and it fits great. I'm sold.
    Written by Delta Pi, -2013-01-19

  • SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth Nasal Mask

    The SleepWeaver cloth mask is awesome. It is the first mask that I have been able to use since I using my cpap machine two years ago.
    Written by Janis, -2013-01-09

  • Sleep Weaver Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask

    I have used nasal CPAP for over 10 years, and have had multiple types/brands of masks. I recently tried the SleepWeaver cloth mask, and I say it is hands down the best mask I have ever used! It does not leave any marks on my face, is lightweight, and it seems to float on my face, so no need to make the headgear really tight or uncomfortable.
    Written by Linda, -2012-12-20

  • Sleep Weaver

    I have used the sleep weaver for the past 3 years and can only say it is the "BEST" and most comfortable mask I have ever used! It's easy to clean, lightweight and doesn't leave marks on your face! Great mask.
    Written by Sleepinginpeace, -2012-12-10

  • Soft Mask

    OMG.. what took them so long to come up with this. It is wonderful. I sleep so much better not having to fuss with the mask or the tubing all night long. It is quieter and less offensive to my husband when we decide to snuggle close. I love it.
    Written by Trina, -2012-12-05

  • A change from the hard masks

    I bought one of these hoping it would be a vastly different and more comfortable change. It is different, that is true. It drapes farther down on my face than it does in the illustration, so it's over my upper lip. Doesn't fit as closely on the skin as it might, so there is some air escape. I really needed to get an adapter hose with it but didn't know. I have to plug it in to my hose instead of using adapters for my other masks so it makes for a shorter hose and am more likely to pull the hose off of the machine.
    Written by Carole, -2012-12-04

  • Love it!!!!

    I will never go back to the traditional cpap mask. I love this product. I have no difficulty with keeping it sealed and the comfort is wonderful. I will buy this product again!
    Written by Karen H., -2012-11-30

  • not happy

    I had a very poor experience with this mask. I purchased it because a friend recommended it so highly. I had two good nights with it, but after three nights of frequent leaks and being awakened numerous times, I went back to my old mask. My pressure is fairly high (15) so I don't know if that makes a difference.
    Written by Gary S., -2012-11-13

  • Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

    It is more comfortable to me than a full face mask, the type I have used for a long time. A disadvantage is that there is no swivel at the air tube attachment to allow positioning the air tube over my head. However, I am adjusting to that.
    Written by Sandra, -2012-11-01

  • Wrinkle-free is a myth

    It's comfortable and quiet and doesn't leak for me (although I usually have to tighten the strap somtime during the night) but, as with all the CPAP devices I have tried, it leaves lines on my face where the mask is and where the straps are. I've even tried lining the straps with fleece. So - I take it off around 4 o'clock in the morning - otherwise the marks are my face half the day.
    Written by Pam, -2012-10-30

  • Didn't work

    Seems to be a good idea and a good product, but won't seal to my face. . . but neither does any other nasal covering mask. Wish it would have worked!
    Written by Irene, -2012-10-28

  • I love my Sleepweaver

    When I first got the Sleepweaver I was using the plastic nasal mask which was bulkier and left a mark above my nose each night. I am very please with the comfort level and liteness of the Sleepweaver. No more marks on my face and the flexibility and look of this mask has made it a winner for me.
    Written by Lori, -2012-10-24

  • Sleep weaver

    I have been using this mask for 10 days. I really like the comfort of it! I am sleeping much better. At first I had some difficulties getting it adjusted and that caused me to make a honking noise like a goose a couple of times. Quite funny. But now I have solved that problem. My only concern is it's durability. Only time will tell on that one but meanwhile I am sure enjoying this mask.
    Written by Althea, -2012-10-23

  • sleepweaver cloth nasal with headgear cpap

    this is my second sleepweaver and its everything i expected. Thankyou for such quick delivery. Will absolutely use cpap exchange again and again. Jackie
    Written by jackie, -2012-10-22

  • This is my second, and I love them

    This is my second "SleepWeaver" and I love them. I am extremely claustorphobic, and I could not sleep at all with the other masks. I put the sleepweaver on and fell asleep, slept a full sleep for me, and had no problems or leaks at all. However, I handwashed this first mask as the instructions said, and now it leaks (blows) into my eyes really bad. My new one does not, so we will see.
    Written by Mike M, -2012-10-02

  • My opinion on Sleep Weaver Advance

    I have tried this product on multiple nights and I was hoping it was my mistake when I could not sleep well. All the days I used this mask I woke up with tireness, could not concentrate. When I switched back to my original mask, it was all right and went back to normal.This mask was not holding the pressure I think and hence I was not sleeping well. One more thing, I had all the nightmares while using this mask. I am not going to buy this product again.
    Written by Ravi, -2012-09-24

  • SleepWeaver

    Works OK and is comfortable as long as you stay still and on your back. When you turn onto your side the mask, at the tubing connection, crimps and cuts off most of the air flow. Also does not take much to make it start leaking.
    Written by MM, -2012-09-19

  • Good for certain people

    This is my second Sleepweaver mask. This 'improved' model is only slightly better than the original for me. This mask would be great if you have the right face. Average or small nose with a low nose bridge would work best. It's difficult to get a perfect fit and it. It becomes noisy if any leaks materialize. I gave it 4 stars because it is very comfortable, which is my main concern with hard framed masks. I use this mask occasionally as a change of pace and I put up with the small leaks.
    Written by Sammytosk, -2012-09-14

  • I am ordering a second one!

    I was worried that this mask wouldn't fit because they only show petite female models on the web site - and I wear an "extra large" hat and have a big nose to boot. Anyway, not only did the Sleepweaver soft cloth mask fit - but it is the most comfortable CPAP mask that I have found. It does leak a bit more air than the silicone ones. After using it for a few weeks I'm getting used to that.
    Written by Steve, -2012-09-03

  • Great Start with CPAP

    I had a sleep study years ago, but never went on CPAP. the masks were too uncomfortable, and looked too much like I was trying to launch a plane. I was uncomfortable and decided to just do without CPAP I finally decided to try CPAP to see if it would help with me being tired. I got a CPAP machine and was worried about the masks. I saw this one and bought it hoping it would be easy to use and not look like a full fighter mask. I have had it for four nights now and it's extremely comfortable. after messing with the fit a little bit, I got it to fit well enough to keep my airway open. I barely feel it on me, and unlike hard masks, which I have to work to ignore, this one is almost comforting on your face. the first couple nights I had slight leaks, but they are small and don't let my airway collapse. I spent some time messing with the straps and got it fitting well now so I don't hear or feel any leaks, and I can barely hear it on. I am very happy with this and the last two nights my wife said I didn't snore a single time. I normally tear it up and I wake up with a sore throat and feeling tired. She says Im sleeping like a baby and so is she. it's very small and unobtrusive and doesn't look too nerdy. You do look a bit like horton in horton hears a who but that's way better than a full blown hard plastic fast mask. i'm using it with a resmed s9 auto and tried using a little humidity last night and it was even better. great mask, I'm going to get a backup and a spare.
    Written by Mattm, -2012-09-01

  • What an improvement

    I thought these masks couldn't get any better, but the new design proves me wrong. The fit is much more secure and adjustable. I love how the side straps are low on the face and the top adjustable strap stays in place more securely. Both my husband and I use these masks and are totally satisfied with the results.
    Written by Anne, -2012-08-22

  • Still getting used to it.

    I like the soft fit. It seems to work better than other masks I have used. It is taking time getting used to it. Overall, I like this mask.
    Written by JAS, -2012-08-20

  • Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

    Can not believe how comfortable this mask is!!! Thank you so much!!!
    Written by Jan, -2012-08-15

  • Love it

    This is my second Sleepweaver mask and I love them. After years of having to lay still when you sleep in the plastic mask, this is like a dream ome true. I can lay on my side and the mask stays put. I would definitely recommend these masks.
    Written by Tammy, -2012-08-06

  • Closest thing to no mask at all

    So simple and comfortable. Great sleep. Virtually no bulk when sleeping on the side on the pillow.
    Written by Ildefonso C., -2012-08-03

  • Sleepweaver

    love it...did not realize it was nasal only. I sleep with my mouth open. but it is so awesome, yet so simply....why did it take so long to make something so comfortable to ware and yet leak proof
    Written by Ggirl, -2012-07-30

  • Wonderful Mask!

    This is the most fantastic mask that I have used! I would not ever go back to the hard mask! I sleep on my side and it's so comfortable against the pillow! I was skeptical at first because I just couldn't imagine that anything this feather soft and light weight could work...but it does! I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to sleep once again without feeling the bulk of a mask! You will be thrilled!
    Written by T Vaughn, -2012-06-13

  • It's about time

    This is "just what the doctor ordered" The pressure sore on my nose was causing me to remove my mask at night. Now I'm sleeping like a baby.
    Written by cn4873, -2012-06-13

  • Sleepweaver - great comfort, horrible leakage

    I've tried to the Sleepweaver Advance for two months. No mask has greater comfort. The downside (and a huge downside) is that I've yet to get it to work without leakage. There are no written instructions for it nor is there anyway you can replace the swivel without reordering the entire mask. The video is just that: a video. No listing of parts or how to order them. When they perfect it, this could be the best mask ever. In the meantime, it's a waste of money.
    Written by yturra49, -2012-06-04

  • Best Yet

    My fifth mask in a year. Could be a keeper. Flimsy looking...don't know how long it will last, but I'll see. After two weeks of my best sleep in years I'm keeping my fingers crossed. So light you hardly know it's there. Makes more noise than the plastics so I put plugs in my ears and now I don't hear the air conditioner either. At first I thought the noise was from air leaks but it's actually air circulating through the mask. The seal is great if the straps are tightened properly. I use strap covers to prevent face marks and also the recommended lightweight tubing. Don't give up on CPAP therapy until you try this mask. Five stars if I can get 6 months use out of it.
    Written by Marty, -2012-06-04

  • Wish there were 4.5 star ratings available

    I decided to try this mask and another -- I'll review that one later, but this lightweight mask turned out to be a total surprise. Initial impression was less than favorable, as I could not position it to not leak somewhere. The use of multiple Rem-zzzs helped that, but is is an added expense. I find I have to strap the mask on pretty tightly (so much for no mask lines) but now, it's my mask of choice. It's lighweight and with the use of the feather weight connector tubing, allows me to sleep in all sorts of positions, without discomfort from the mask. I'm buying another....'nuff said.
    Written by Sleep Apnea in the Poconos, -2012-06-03

  • The best ever!

    After using a CPAP since 1995, I have finally found a mask that fits comfortably and doesn't leak. Fighting with the device keeps one awake also. For once, sleep is refreshing and without nose marks.
    Written by Barry, -2012-05-26

  • Super comfortabel

    I love this mask. It is soft and comfortable, doesn't leak air so it's supper quite. Never going to use one of those hard plastic masks again.
    Written by Dave D., -2012-05-22

  • Love it

    I have purchased two of these so far and will continue to as needed. I am a side sleeper and these things are awesome. The new headgear just makes it better. If you have had issues with any of the other options i strongly suggest you try one of these.
    Written by Bryan G., -2012-05-08

  • Sleepweaver

    This mask is outstanding. I've been using the typical over the nose mask, this mask doesnt have all the pressure points, gels, etc., it just works great.
    Written by Phil, -2012-04-26

  • Soft cloth CPAP mask

    Fantastic !!! Best investment I have made in years ! Such a simple idea that provides so much comfort for those of us that have sleep apnea !
    Written by Bob Turner, -2012-04-25

  • Great mask, but steam from humidifier accelerates need to replace.

    This is a great mask. I've tried a few and this works best. A couple of problems. 1. The major problem is that if you use the humidifier, the heat seems to deform the mask. If you don't wash it and don't use the humidifier (atleast not in high humidity setting), it can easily last 6 months or more. Right now, I'm lucky to get it through 3 months. The website does say that it cannot be washed in hot water and that's correct. If you must wash, use cold water. 2. The new headgear is better than the old one. However, it loses elasticity very quickly. In about a month or so.
    Written by SMV, -2012-04-25

  • The Sleepweaver Mask

    Finally, a mask that is both comfortable and effective. I have tried them all. Some are very effective, but make me feel like I am trapped in an iron lung. I can't move, I wake up because the mask has either come off or I have removed it in my sleep because it is so uncomfortable. Others are simply not effective because I cannot get an acceptable seal, or they just don't fit my face. The Sleepweaver is great! After the first 5 minutes, I forget that I'm wearing it. I can finally sleep through the night. I can toss and turn without losing the mask or the seal, I can sleep on my stomach, back, or side. I wake up feeling refreshed. I love it!
    Written by mikeybaby, -2012-04-22

  • I love this mask

    I love this mask. This is my second one. I do sleep with a sand filled eye pillow which helps with reduce any air leakage around my upper nose and eyes. It is my favorite mask after 2 1/2 years of searching.
    Written by MGW, -2012-04-12

  • SleepWeaver soft cloth mask

    Thia is my third SleepWeaver mask. It is SO much better than the rigid rubber kind. You hardly know you are wearing it
    Written by Alice, -2012-03-30

  • Finally - no pressure on the bridge of my nose.

    I have been frustated for the 6+ years I have had to use a CPAP. Either they were noisy or you couldn't keep it in place on your side or they were almost painful or they marked up my face. This mask does still leave the marks on my cheeks so it doesn't get a 5 but I no longer have the pressure on my face that irritated me so much and being a side sleeper it stays in place better than any mask I've tried (still not perfect - have to adjust sometimes for eye leaks but the least problems I've had). It isn't any noisier than my last mask either - not like the nasal canula ones I tried.
    Written by Julie E, -2012-03-14

  • Best mask, but hard to get right

    This is the best and most comfortable mask I've ever used. The only problem is it is very hard to get adjusted right, but once you do it is great. I found that you should ignore the instructions for keeping the fit loose. A tight fit works a lot better to keep it from shifting over night and leaking. Also the headgear has problems with stretching. I found washing it weekly keeps it tight. I just ordered the updated headgear. Hopefully that helps. I also just got the 18" lightweight hose extender. That helps a lot. With a regular hose the mask tends to get pulled out of alignment when you change position. The things I really like about the mask are that it is very comfortable for a side sleeper. It allow you to have your head completely on the side without having the pillow push the mask off. It also does a great job at defusing the outgoing air. No stream of air blowing on your partner.
    Written by nicholb, -2012-03-11

  • Allergyk. problems

    This is great! I had an allergic reaction to my Resmed mask. This works perfectly with no allergens.
    Written by Lois Smith, -2012-03-09

  • Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask

    I have been looking for a mask that would be comfortable and this one certainly fits the bill. It's nice not have hard plastic on my face.
    Written by Kim, -2012-03-06

  • So far it's a "No Go"

    I've only used my new sleepweaver for two nights and it leaks air around my nose and eyes. I'm not giving up just yet but so far it's not what I had hoped for.
    Written by Marc, -2012-03-01

  • Tried Mask for Three Weeks....

    Great idea and design concept. However, I was unable to maintain a good fit for extended periods. I'll keep the mask as a backup. Not sure I would buy another one.
    Written by C, -2012-02-27

  • wish it worked better

    I am having a terrible time with face is breaking out. I thought this would be the answer. I can't seem to get it adjusted and it is hard to rollover to your side while wearing. It is noisy and "leaks". I think if they could put an aluminum or some type of strut in the nose piece like they have in those hard surgical masks it would help. Do not waste your money. I do not know what I will do now!
    Written by Joy, -2012-02-22

  • cpap mask

    never could get a seal
    Written by CYNDEE, -2012-02-20

  • I'm Back on CPAP

    The SleepWeaver Mask has really improved since I purchased my last one. I have been a faithful SleepWeaver user for a couple years after having to stop using a CPap for about three years. Consider making the fabric at the end of the face strap thicker as it would help users with difficulties in their hands. The older SleepWeaver's had thicker fabric but the newer ones are thinner at that point.
    Written by Maria, -2012-02-01

  • Leaks

    Unable to stop leaks around eyes especially...
    Written by Bev, -2012-01-31