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SNAPP X Direct Seal Nasal Mask - DISCONTINUED

SNAPP X Direct Seal Nasal Mask - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer: Cardinal Healthcare
Part Number(s): TMS3020-Small, TMS3030-Medium, TMS3040-Large
GTIN Number(s):
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7034 A7035


Information Provided For Your Reference
Discontinued 01.01.2010
This Product Not Yet Rated.

The SNAPP X from Tiara is an innovative mask system with several unique features to help ensure comfort, a secure seal and compatibility.

SNAPP's cushion bellows expand and compress with each breath to provide a secure seal even for active sleepers. Its Nasal Prong design follows the contours of the face below the nares to provide a seal for both the inner and outer rim of the nose. This along with ultra soft cushioning helps prevent the soreness often caused by direct nasal cushions.


  • Butterfly Headgear attachements provide a safe and secure connection without risk of disconnnects
  • Exclusive Cushioning bellows expand and compress during movement providing a comfortable, fail-safe seal even for active sleepers
  • Single Exhalation Port directs airflow down and away from bed partner
  • Quiet Airflow Exhalation Port, even at high pressures
  • Unique Double Seal Nasal Prong Design seals both the inner and outer edge of the Nares without internal pressure points
  • Special 360º Swivel Elbows and Self-Adjusting Cushion allows SNAPP tubing to fall under the chin or extend over the head

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