SoClean 2 CPAP/BiPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer (Includes Tubing Adapter)


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SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer
FREE Tubing Adapter:
Adapter for Standard & Premium Tubing
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Cartridge Filter Fit
Cartridge Filter Kit + Extra Cartridge Filter Kit
Pre-Wash Starter
Pre-Wash Starter + Extra 8oz Pre-Wash
Side Slot Plug:
Side Slot Plug
Side Slot Plug + Extra Side Slot Plug
AC Power Supply With Cord
Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee + 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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  • Brand:SoClean
  • Part Numbers:SC1200
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

The SoClean 2 cleans and sanitizes your CPAP/BiPAP equipment automatically every day so you'll sleep well each night knowing your sleep therapy routine is germ, virus and bacteria free!

Free Adapter for Your Machine Included: CPAPXchange includes a hassle free machine adapter with every SoClean so setting up your new Cleaner & Sanitizer is quick and easy. Just select the adapter you prefer after clicking the "Add to Cart" button on this page.


  • Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee
  • Includes Free Adapter for Your CPAP/BiPAP Machine
  • Quick & Convenient Cleaning Without the Hassle
  • Cleans & Sanitizes without Water or Chemicals
  • Automatically Activates Daily for Regular Thorough Cleaning
  • Cleans Masks, Tubing & Humidifier Chambers Without Disassembly
  • Kills 99.9% of Germs & Bacteria

Includes Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee: William Shatner loves SoClean 2; and we know you will too. That's why we offer an exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee with every SoClean we sell. Buy it and try it at home. If you don't love SoClean with your CPAP just send it back for a full refund of your original purchase price.

Kills 99.9% of Germs & Bacteria: SoClean 2 has been independently lab tested and proven to destroy 99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses and mold using a 100% natural and safe Activated Oxygen process. No chemicals are used!

Cleans & Sanitizes without Water or Chemicals: The SoClean 2 uses Activated Oxygen -- a powerful, natural sanitizing agent -- to thoroughly clean and disinfect your CPAP/BiPAP equipment without water or harsh, smelly chemicals.

Activated Oxygen has been used in hospitals, food production and water purification for many years. It is created when a third atom of oxygen combines with the two-atom oxygen molecule that makes up the air we breathe. The SoClean 2 generates Activated Oxygen from room air and pumps it through your CPAP/BiPAP equipment to destroy molds, bacteria and viruses. A special filter then converts the activated oxygen back into the air we breathe.

Compatible with All CPAP/BiPAP Machines: SoClean 2 is compatible with virtually all CPAP/BiPAP masks, headgear, tubing, and machines. For machines that use standard or premium tubing you simply attach the included Standard Tubing Adapter to the back of your CPAP/BiPAP and SoClean 2 is ready to go. For machines with a heated heated humidifiers and/or heated tubing we include a special adapter so that you can leave your humidifier and heated tubing attached to your SoClean 2 at all times for simple, effortless sanitation and cleaning. Available Adapters Include:

Automatically Activates Daily for Regular Thorough Cleaning: After a simple initial setup, SoClean 2 will automatically sanitize your equipment each day so it's clean and ready for you to put on when you go to bed each night. And if you ever want to sanitize your equipment manually -- after a nap or just for extra protection -- it's as easy as the press of a button! SoClean 2 is simple to use and intelligently designed so you'll be sure your equipment is properly sanitized and disinfected whenever you use it.

Quick & Convenient: The SoClean 2 cleans masks, headgear, tubing and humidifier chambers quickly and conveniently without disassembly. When you wake up from a restful night's sleep, just place your mask, with headgear, in the SoClean 2's cleaning chamber with your hose still attached. Channel the hose through SoClean 2's hose slot and close the lid. SoClean 2 will turn on automatically when it's time to clean your equipment. When cleaning is done you can leave everything as is -- to protect your mask from dust and curious pets -- or you can open the lid of the SoClean to let it air out if you prefer.

Cleaning with SoClean 2 only takes a few minutes, but you should leave the lid on the unit securely closed for at least 2 hours after the initial cleaning cycle for proper sanitization. SoClean 2's cycle indicator lights will let you know when it is working and when the cleaning process is complete; and onscreen indicators will let you know the status of your SoClean unit at all times. SoClean will never operate without a mask and hose present, so if you forget to insert your mask one morning don't worry, just put it in when you get home for the night and press the manual cleaning button and let SoClean 2 get to work!


  • Manufacturer:SoClean
  • Part Numbers:SC1200
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:SoClean 2 Cleaner & Sanitizer, Filter Cartridge, Check Valve Assembly, AC Power Supply with Cord, Neutralizing Pre-Wash, Printed User Manual, 2-Year Manufacturer's Standard Warranty. Select Additional Tubing Adapters, Filters & Extras in Cart.
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • GTIN Codes:00187293000860
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Dimensions:Machine = 7.5 x 6.5 x 8.5 Inches; Internal Cleaning Chamber = 7.5 x 4.5 x 5.0 Inches
  • Weight:5.6 Pounds
  • Materials:Latex Free


  • AC Power: Slimline AC Power Cord
  • AC Input Range:Universal 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • AC Cord Length:62 Inches


  • CPAP PRO & AIRTOUCH MASK NOTES:SoClean 2 is not recommended for use with CPAP PRO masks and ResMed AirTouch Cushions as the nylon and foam materials used in those items can degrade quickly when sanitized.

    We had to order a different adapter so my use has not been the best so far.
    Written by jrdonahoue, -2019-09-15

  • Like it so far

    Easy set up, worked great so far.
    Written by bdbk22rs, -2019-09-13

  • Breathing Fresh Air

    It took me a couple weeks to order but made a BiG difference for the better with my sleep experience
    Written by RGORALNICK, -2019-09-12

  • Superb

    Excellent transaction and superb price
    Written by FAWOSAN, -2019-09-11

  • JDR

    It works as advertised, very good!!!
    Written by 50chevytruck, -2019-09-10

  • Extremely disappointed

    First I have to say the cpapXchange is awesome and the are the best cpap company. Great prices, great variety and great prices. They have great shipping and handling. BUT...Talking especially about this machine, the SoClean 2 I have to say the it is NOT what I expected. This machine is extremely loud. The machine is loud and vibrates hard. Another huge con is the it makes a HORRIBLE smell. The smell is so harsh that will stay on the cpap for days, its so strong the will fill the room with the smell for days. It smell like pool chlorine. You have to connect the machine and guess if it made the job right. There is no way to know if your cpcp is clean or not. You will smell that horrible chlorine smell and taste for days and wonder if it is safe to sleep with it.
    Written by otrofrancisperez, Florida -2019-09-08

    CXC Notes: Hello, we're glad you like the website and we're sorry you're not happy with the SoClean 2. We do offer it with a 30-day money back guarantee so if you decide it's simply not going to work for you please do take advantage of that guarantee and we'll give you your money back! Sleep well.

  • Love it

    Love it love it love it love it
    Written by kylecarroll, Columbus Ohio -2019-09-04

  • Like the machine!

    I would say I love it but I hate my cpap machine! Lol Very easy to use and much gentler and cleans better than hand washing. Super great price and quick shipping
    Written by Rif4, Long Island, NY -2019-08-29

  • Works Perfect

    Super fast shipping at an unbeatable price!
    Written by gettingerm, Minneapolis -2019-08-27

  • Great machine!

    I purchased this for my mother and she loves it!
    Written by ksmith, Concord, NC 28025 -2019-08-24

  • So far, so good.

    The product got to my house quite quickly and was extremely well packaged. I read the instructions and hooked it up to my cpap. Did a manual cleaning and as far as I know everything went ok.
    Written by frankvasas, home -2019-08-21

  • Excellent product

    This purchase is for my sister. She says it has made cleaning her CPAP so easy and she sleeps much better now.
    Written by stephblanken, CA -2019-08-20

  • Fast Service

    My husband is a new CPAP user and the SoClean 2 was recommended by his doctor’s office. I checked prices and was pleasantly surprised to discover offered the newest version for a less expensive price. It was shipped promptly. Well packaged to protect from damage. I would use this company in the future.
    Written by cgcetching, -2019-08-17

  • SoClean 2

    Great price and quick shipping!
    Written by wirthlintony, -2019-08-15

  • Best Cleaner and Sanitizer

    I am completely satisfied with my SoClean machine.It does a great job without any interaction by me,I love it!!
    Written by JOANCEDMONSON, Atlanta,Georgia -2019-08-14

  • Happy for the sanitizing feature

    I have an oily complexion and thought that So Clean would allow me to not have to clean mask every morning. After sanitizing cycle my mask was oily feeling. I now wash my mask after use every morning then put it through So Clean. Mask is still somewhat oily after cleaning so I have to wipe off with a dry cloth. Scent is light but I remove mask from So Clean machine after sanitizing cycle is done.
    Written by Daveanddonna2912, Highland, In -2019-08-10

  • excellent product

    Customer sales rep was very good he knew exactly what I needed and which adapter. Confirmation on email was instantly.
    Written by Davidbkoff, -2019-08-09

  • so clean

    fast, efficient and easy and less than other sites.
    Written by larry1640, -2019-08-07

  • As advertised

    Works as advertised. Have not had long enough to determine effectiveness and reliability.
    Written by Ellisonohana, -2019-08-05

  • CPAP Cleaner

    This was a great investment.
    Written by taprom2000, Ormond Beach, Florida -2019-08-04

  • Easy clean

    Easy to set up does an excellent job makes mornings much easier expressional I when you have COPD also
    Written by dchivington, Home -2019-07-31

  • Soclean 2 from cpapxchange was a win win

    Seems to work very well. Good deal!
    Written by todivefor, Pennsylvania -2019-07-30

    We shopped around and found that had the best price for the SoClean 2 sanitizer. The machine along with the free adapter arrived packaged in a well protected container. Setup was easy and works fantastic!
    Written by maddox7654, South Carolina -2019-07-29

  • so far so good

    Price and delivery works well so far. we just got it and only used it once. set was easy
    Written by gpajayjay, -2019-07-29

  • Lights are almost on

    Cant quite figureit out or how it works.
    Written by jimbmallory, 76244 -2019-07-29

  • review

    Very good experience, no problems
    Written by Ashlinekasey, al -2019-07-26

  • Great Machine

    It totally exceeded my expectations, so nice to place mask in machine and your done with it. Very pleased with it thank the Lord.
    Written by revpitts, Alabama -2019-07-24

  • So simple to use.

    When I wake up every morning I just hook my adapter to my humidifier bowl and set in the Soclean and it does the rest.
    Written by mason2015zm, Dover, TN -2019-07-23

  • So far so good!

    I’m hoping I have fewer sinus infections!! Love the clean smell.
    Written by Perlumpy2, -2019-07-23

  • SoClean 2

    Great to deal with, excelent knowledge of products and very helpful for all my needs.
    Written by LTAVSR, Connecticut -2019-07-22

  • Cpap sanitizer review.

    It seems to work effectively. Simple to use.
    Written by jfurry291, Superior wi -2019-07-19

  • SoClean 2

    Fast shipping, great customer service and works great!
    Written by gomattygo, -2019-07-05

  • Easy purchase!

    Ordered online, received it on time. Easy transaction. Purchased it on sale and saved a few dollars. The unit is a little finicky with regards to the piece that goes in the opposite side of the tubing on the main unit. Could use a little better engineering for the lid but overall it works well.
    Written by toddbrown58, Ks -2019-07-02

  • Great service and great machine

    I love my SoClean machine. Every morning I just load my mask and as much hose as I can fit into the SoClean machine and close the cover. When I climb into bed at night I just pull it out of the machine and put it on. My mask and hose are clean and sanitized. Yes there is a mild odor but it is not unpleasant and dissipates very quickly.
    Written by Joannepowers10, -2019-06-26

  • Best price on the Internet

    Super price and fast delivery
    Written by flaspy, -2019-06-26

  • Great Machine!

    When I got my SoClean 2 it was very easy to set up It is so easy to use makes my life a lot easier when you don't have to clean every part by hand. LOVE it!!
    Written by NealStambaugh, AL -2019-06-25

  • I amNot pleased with the odor after utilizing the machine.

    I wash my equipment with the supplied pre wash, dried it completely and then utilized the machine per the instructions. I even took out the mask and ran my machine for a while before wearing it and turned on the machine. The smell was not very pleasant. This morning I reduced the time the machine will run and going to see how the odor is this evening. So far not pleased with the performance
    Written by RMLavell, New Jersey -2019-06-22

  • Ahhhhh

    Unbelievable fresh breath of air! This should come with the CPAP!
    Written by Keener1956, -2019-06-18

  • Great Product

    I should have bought this machine when they first came out. I like the fact that I don't have to worry with keeping my CPAP machine, hose, and reservoir clean constantly. I now have peace of mind knowing that all my breathing apparatus is sanitized. As other reviewers have said, there is a slight odor when you first put on your mask, but I kind of like it and it doesn't last long. To me, it is an indicator that the SoClean 2 is doing its job.
    Written by leezimmer-87444, Idaho -2019-06-17

  • Satisfied

    I was extremely satisfied with the machine. The delivery was very prompt.
    Written by HHH, Ellenwood -2019-06-16

  • Glad I purchased it

    Since I purchased the so clean , I haven’t had any sinus infection.
    Written by SUNSHINE042161, Orlando -2019-06-14

  • First timer

    Easy set up and just put your mask into the machine and it will automatically clean it.
    Written by dblawsondl, -2019-06-06

  • Great price

    I had always wanted one. But price range kept me away. This offered great price and fast, friendly service.
    Written by lhookey, Jasper, TN -2019-06-03

  • Wonderful

    It is amazing the difference in breathing after the use of SoClean..... love it. I regret not having it before. Thanks.
    Written by carlosponcedeleon, Puerto Rico -2019-06-02

  • Easy does it!

    Works like a charm. No fuss, no muss, no hassel!
    Written by Motknips, hassle!, Ky. -2019-05-28

  • SoClean 2 works as advertised.

    SoClean 2 arrived quickly, was easy to set up and seems to work great.
    Written by rmeigs-76106, -2019-05-24

  • SoClean 2 CPAP/BIPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

    The SoClean 2 made a tremendious difference in my sleep. My sinus infection is much much better. Great machine, easy to use. I have recommended to 2 of my relatives and they have purchased this machine also. Outstanding product, I can't believe I waited this long to buy one. I won't do without it again. Tks
    Written by jlacs5154, Plano, TX -2019-05-20

  • It’s all good

    Good product, price, and delivery. No complaints.
    Written by brett-97928, -2019-05-18

  • Easy to use and gives peace of mind

    I love using this. It's easy to use and gives me peace of mind knowing that my CPAP is clean without the mess.
    Written by PENNYHICKEY, West Hartford CT -2019-05-15

  • No clock

    The clock on my soclean2 has never kept time. All i can do is use it on manual setting. That ****.
    Written by goble888, -2019-05-09

  • wizardpro

    So far great, don't know if it really sanitizes without testing the mask for bacteria. But I trust the product.
    Written by wizardpro, -2019-05-07

  • Just like it’s supposed to be

    Fast shipping, good email confirmation and updates, well packaged. And I wish I bought the CPAP cleaner a long time ago.
    Written by cojack1097, -2019-05-07

  • Simple to operate

    Just started so we'll see how it works on a day to day basis
    Written by logancurt, -2019-05-06

  • It makes life simpler

    No health worries knowing Soclean 2 is at work
    Written by shwali1, -2019-05-04

  • Great. Exceeded expectations

    Sleep much better with cpap machine
    Written by pastorhurd, Aurora -2019-05-02


    I have wanted a SoClean 2 for a long time, however the price was holding back. I just got a new CPAP machine and figured now is the time. I did my Google research and found, and I'm glad I did. The price was exceptional and included the adapter for my ResMed Air Sense 10. I could not be happier.
    Written by ejw205, Los Angeles, CA -2019-05-02

  • User-friendly!

    It was so easy to set up and begin using. It's comforting to know that it works to keep me healthy. As a first-time sleep apnea purchaser I'm very happy with this unit.
    Written by jayrawlinitis, -2019-05-02

  • So far so good

    Love the reseller and like the product
    Written by kenyonthompson, -2019-05-01

  • Great cleaner and Sanitizer!

    Easy to use and keeps things clean.
    Written by rvollentine, Columbus Georgia -2019-04-29

  • FAST easy and no paperwork needed when we paid for it with our benefits card

    Paid with out benefits card. They already had them on file. NO additional work. LOVE the product
    Written by jtuschner, -2019-04-29

  • Haven't received yet

    I don't understand how you asked how much I love something that hasn't been delivered?
    Written by Po2marvin, Columbus ohio -2019-04-27

  • Seems to work great.......

    My experience with CPAP Exchange was great, fast safe shipping. The only question is how effective is the actual machine. Seems to work OK, probably need a microbiologist to tell me how well.
    Written by wkrysto, -2019-04-26

  • Easy

    Very easy. Super fast shipping!
    Written by dtownsend1, -2019-04-25

  • My SoClean2 Is Just SO-SO - So Far!

    I did not open the box for three weeks due to my busy schedule. I used it for the first time last week. The basic directions were a bit confusing because they did not match up with the CPAP model I use. Once I ONLY went by the instructions that went with the adapter lid specifically made for my CPAP, it was easy to do. First I soaked and washed my nasal mask, hose and reservoir in a large bowl of warm water, using a cupful of the included cleaning solution. After allowing those items to dry, I followed the directions to set up the SoClean2: Plugging it in on my night stand, setting the current time, and attaching the reservoir lid, making sure that I used the gasket from my original reservoir lid. I kept the pre-set cleaning cycle at 7-minutes. There are two things I do not like about the SoClean2. #1 The machine is loud! #2 The strong odor that was left on my nasal mask was so potent that I could not use it that night; instead I had to re-soak the mask and really scrub it to even get to the point that I could tolerate the odor! It is ironic that the very reason why I purchased the SoClean2 was so that I would not have to wash and wait for my equipment to dry so often! But so far I'm not liking the potent odor that is left after the cleaning cycle. Also, I have not yet noticed any improvement in my sinus problem with this form of disinfection. I will update my review in one month.
    Written by eva4242, -2019-03-21

  • Happy I bought it

    The soclean 2 seems to do what it says it’s going to do. I feel pretty good in the morning since I started using it. The only downside is the mask has a slight smell after using the Soclean.
    Written by nyrangers650, -2019-03-14

  • Great Product

    I bought the SoClean 2 CPAP/BiPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer for my Son-in-law. He told me that he loves the cleaner and I know that it will help with his sinus issues. The price was the best across all vendors and I received the machine one day prior to when it was supposed to arrive, in other words super fast delivery.
    Written by rgariss, -2019-03-13

  • Very impressed

    Easy to use , very simple
    Written by Bobbytorres49, -2019-03-10


    My purchase was great, so far my usage has been some what good, BUT I find the unit top heavy, when trying to open to place mask in the unit, it wants to tip to the back, the front side should have either some kind of adhering or weight, small suction cup feet on it would seem like a solution to the problem or a different type of opening switch, when trying to push in on the release button it should be in a downward motion, that would also be a solution. OVER ALL,, I THINK I AM SEEING A BENEFIT FROM THE USE.
    Written by jbrunson19, -2019-03-08

  • Not perfect but close

    I am satisfied with the cleaning. But, I am getting a yucky smell when first putting mask on. Odor disappears after a while
    Written by lindamullis, -2019-03-05

  • Great machine!

    My CPAP is being sanitized daily and it takes almost zero effort!
    Written by shanehilson, -2019-03-05

  • So far, so good.

    Does give off an oder from Cpap equipment even if removed to “air out” for hours before use or run for “20 seconds.” Convenient.
    Written by smerf2020, -2019-03-03

  • Just what I ordered

    It works easier than I expected... arrived quickly an undamaged.
    Written by djohnk-96633, -2019-03-02

  • It came fast and efficiently.

    I was shopping around and the 15% discount with free shipping was the best deal.
    Written by michael-38148, -2019-03-02

  • Gave me straight info - arrived quick

    Called SoClean, gave me the runaround. CPapXchange answered all my questions & gave me a great deal
    Written by dnlmax-35912, -2019-03-01

  • So Clean

    It was relatively easy to set up. It seems to be working - i can smell the activated oxygen scent.
    Written by lsippel, -2019-02-26

    i have it for 2 weeks and excellant job
    Written by FLASH9662, -2019-02-26

  • Best price available

    You always question your purchase when it is through a new website. Shipping was fast, packaging was good. I will always continue to price shop but cpapxchange will always be one of my first stops.
    Written by trinity-88657, -2019-02-25

  • I think it's everything and more!

    It makes it so easy and I have a clean mask every night thank you!!
    Written by floydskogstad, -2019-02-25

  • Good CPAP Stuff

    Received my SoClean 2.0 and it is awesome. The additional supplies and the online coupon for the CPAP Exchange made it a great deal as well.
    Written by Brownjamesm, -2019-02-25

  • New SoClean

    I have just started to use it because I was having problems getting it to work. My sister also owns one and came to figure out what's wrong. The tubing can only go on one side the other the machine cannot sense tubing. It's work now and so far it do like it.
    Written by donnetteg-1863, -2019-02-25

  • Pleased

    So far I have been very happy with this purchase. It has a smell after cleaning but it's kinda like when you first enter a pool. It has a chlorine type smell and I don't mind it. Other than that, it's so easy. Just pop the mask in and close the lid. It automatically cleans.
    Written by ckaren730, -2019-02-23


    Wonderful purchase and service.
    Written by JemalMosley, -2019-02-23

  • Sleep time!!!!

    Ordering was so easy, it was received promptly,and I am enjoying have a clean mask each night without water. I was never sure it was clean as well as it should be.
    Written by kerhep, -2019-02-23

  • Best ever

    Good experience I even bought a new mask everything is great thank you
    Written by tlyon1955, -2019-02-23

  • Fast Service

    My order arrived within 3 days of ordering. My SoClean was brand new and in the original box. I can’t wait to use it!
    Written by Dthornton334, -2019-02-23

  • Great price and fast delivery

    East to set up and did just what we wanted
    Written by BaBillings, -2019-02-23

  • Valentine's Day gift

    I bought it for my wife for Valentine's Day. She absolutely loves it. She ended up having to have to buy an adapter for it and showed me that when I ordered it I could have gotten it for free. But nevertheless she ordered it and is able to use it now.
    Written by htaylorsway, -2019-02-22

  • SoClean 2

    Only had this a little over a week but it seems to work very well. The first night after I cleaned the mask and tubing the smell was something that I needed to get used to. Now it was not something that I could not tolerate but a smell that I associated with something being clean. Set up was easy and have this next to my bed. I will say this is easier than having to clean the mask and tubing as I would go weeks without cleaning.
    Written by jhines27, -2019-02-22

  • Love this machine

    What a difference from regular soap and water. Works great and I highly recommend.
    Written by wilhelmrobert80, -2019-02-21

  • SoClean

    This is my second week of usage and I am feeling better with the usage of the SoClean cleaner with my CPA machine. It was worth the price!
    Written by dlangham, -2019-02-21

  • Great Machine !!

    I should have bought this machine a long time ago ! It's a great feeling to know that you are not breathing in all the germs that can grow in your mask , hose and water tank . I absolutely LOVE it !!!! Always clean and ready to use at bed time. This company was great to deal with , great customer service and fast shipping . ***** Five Stars !!!!
    Written by wildstudebaker39, -2019-02-20

  • Great product at a wonderful price

    Purchase was quick/easy and the item was shipped to me very promptly. I had it hooked up and in use in minutes.
    Written by pescular, -2019-02-20

  • On Time

    Arrived on time and was easy to set up once I watched video for adaptor. I love it for my husband. I don’t have to worry about him not cleaning properly.
    Written by karenives1, -2019-02-19

  • Jim

    Been thinking on getting one, but held off on cost and a few bad reviews. Talked to brother in law who has one and say's it great and worth the money. Like the fresh clean smell every night when I put it on. Also my cough seems to be less as I was worried about putting the crud etc. back into me when I use the machine. Now I know it is clean and sanitized.
    Written by jbdclown, -2019-02-18

  • SoClean 2 is great!

    The SoClean 2 is very easy to use and it's comforting to know my CPAP is cleaned automatically each day!
    Written by miler1, -2019-02-18

  • My SoClean2

    It is easy to use, How do I tell how well it is working?
    Written by benderjames, -2019-02-18

  • The price was the best I found and the unit is easy to operate.

    Setup is not difficult although using it with two machines requires an additional adapter. My CPAP has a heated hose that I rarely use so I reverted to non-heated and used the injection adapter that came with the unit and got the adapter for the other CPAP tank, lid change, so that only left getting another check valve/filter assembly. So far everything is working as described and we do not find the residual smell offensive.
    Written by jep30044-43527, -2019-02-18

  • Works Great!

    Should have gotten this months ago...don’t wait, your sinuses will thank you.
    Written by rtrmc, -2019-02-18

  • So perfect!

    Simple set up and convenient. No strong smells or chemicals. Perfect for your CPAP cleaning needs. Fast shipping too!
    Written by robinhartsmith, -2019-02-17

  • No more morning sniffles!

    Was worth trying out! I have not had enough time to properly provide feedback.
    Written by bpzoomyone, -2019-02-17

  • So far I’m very pleased with my purchase

    I was tired of cleaning my equipment and mask this really made it easier. So far I have really noticed the difference and I am very happy with my purchase
    Written by dreamer81983, -2019-02-16

  • good

    It worked well for 1 year. Then my mask gets an orange color inside. Sometimes there is an orange residue in the mask.
    Written by bill, -2019-02-15

  • It is SO Clean

    Love the fresh feel and smell every night.
    Written by ginwayne, -2019-02-15

  • So Clean 2

    Ordering easy, communication excellent, have had machine only week ease in setup and use.
    Written by pjjackimowicz, -2019-02-15

  • Perfect

    I received quickly in perfect packaging. The price was the best I found.
    Written by juhawa, -2019-02-15

  • Peace of mind.

    So simple and straightforward to use. Reassuring to know your equipment is being disinfected, especially having started with a staph sinus infection prior to purchase. Considering getting a second one for the UK, as it is dual voltage and will only need a socket adaptor , I have a bipap machine there for my visits to family , and don’t want to have to pack the unit for each trip .
    Written by pen9roses, -2019-02-15

  • Great Experience Overall

    Great prices, super fast free shipping, love my SoClean so far! Great experience overall!
    Written by matthewkdahl, -2019-02-14

  • my machine is clean!

    I feel confident that my machine is clesn now. By hand washing my machine, I always felt it did not get clean enough for my standards. Yes, the machine is expensive. However, it is really cheap compared to the hugh doctor fees nd meds for sinus infections! Love the machine.
    Written by jojodash, -2019-02-13

  • Love it!

    It is so easy to setup and use. Just place the mask in the machine and it will clean at the scheduled time. I found no problem with anapest cleaning smells.
    Written by ijeffrey, -2019-02-13

  • Great product

    I love it. Always feel like my machine is so much cleaner than before.
    Written by tltp1975, -2019-02-12

  • Very happy

    Thanks so much, this has been great. Very happy. Has made my husbands life so much easier.
    Written by ACast01, -2019-02-12

  • weak customer service

    I ordered it 2 weeks ago and it still hasn’t been delivered. I emailed them last week and their response was they called me to ask some questions. I never received a voicemail and they never followed up with me. I responded to their emails affirming non receipt and no follow up customer service. I told them to call me and mail my equipment off immediately. Not impressed.
    Written by frozenhorseradish, -2019-02-11

  • Time Saver

    Very good experience. Arrived on time.
    Written by lthomp-20036, -2019-02-10

  • Awesome product

    I have had a CPAP for over 6 years, The first use had me asking why did I wait so long, Awesome product, Best Pricing, and Great Fast Shipping
    Written by Rthomas204, -2019-02-10


    Easy to set up, easy to use. Everything smells clean after use.
    Written by serenaclark, -2019-02-10

  • Returned

    Didn’t care for the smell. Also, it doesn’t mean you don’t still have to clean your stuff. It’s just a sanitizer. If you clean daily/weekly, you should be fine. Also ongoing cost of filters and pre wash. Not backed by FDA and may void your equipment warranty at some point so I’ve read. I returned it (had to pay shipping back) and am still waiting for my refund.
    Written by rreich5, -2019-02-10

  • Great experience

    Easy to order, great price, arrived when projected! Great product as well! My cpap is actually working better because it’s cleaned daily!!
    Written by jamesgoodson, -2019-02-10

  • Excellent product

    I have had my SoClean for quite awhile now! I highly recommend this machine to anyone that uses a breathing machine! It truly makes life a lot better because of how clean my c-pap is daily! I love it and I’m so happy I found SoClean!!
    Written by Butch , Tulsa -2019-02-09

  • Fantastic invention..

    love the machine, so easy to use and keeps me from getting sick from bacteria...awesome
    Written by jbangel1, -2019-02-09

  • CPAP Easy clean up

    So Clean 2 was very easy to use AFTER I viewed the video on the internet. The Instruction Manual was confusing to read (I have a Masters degree). Once I watched the video, it was a breeze. Worth the money
    Written by kcw413, -2019-02-09

  • So Clean V Oxygen Users

    CXC 330395 I am very disappointed that your machine as expensive as it is does not provide an easier way getting oxygen to the mask. Each evening I have to remove your humidifier adapter from the Appap and replace it with my oxygen/air adapter. In the morning I have to reverse that action so I can clean my mask. Does this have to go on 365 days a year or do you have an answer to my problem? I purchased this unit on Jan. 25, 2019 and my 30 day money back guarantee is soon going to run out
    Written by drcgbarr, -2019-02-09

  • Wonderfully Easy

    I was not previously cleaning my CPAP daily, but now with this, it is incredible, and super easy!
    Written by richardjgarvey, -2019-02-08

  • So Clean 2

    Great product. Actually delivered ahead of schedule.
    Written by rryun, -2019-02-06

  • So Easy

    This SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner is so easy to use. No more drippy hose to deal with. Sinus health has improved.
    Written by bonclem144c, -2019-02-06

  • Quick

    Fast delivery! Easy setup!
    Written by dengel-58473, -2019-02-06

  • Best Money Spent

    This has been the best money I could have ever spent. I am sleeping much better now that I have my soClean. I had been cleaning my cpap but the difference is amazing!! A must for any cpap user.
    Written by bbrady840, -2019-02-06

  • Highly recommend

    Love it. Take the hassle away of cleaning everything! I was not very diligent about cleaning as I should have. This fixes that.
    Written by rdoucet89, -2019-02-06

  • Works as promised

    Seems to work fine. Set up easy. Whatever odor it has assume that’s part of the sanitizing process. Seem to be having less issues with sneezing, etc. during day so hoping the daily cleaning is the answer.
    Written by vanhow, -2019-02-06

  • Great machine

    Works great and feels clean
    Written by johnson8768, -2019-02-06

  • Glad I have this Marvelous Machine

    This is the answer to a clean mask with no effort!!
    Written by mkins3-19519, -2019-02-05

  • Must have!

    Never thought my cpap was dirty until it was cleaned with the so clean2, my sinuses have greatly improved and the smell is a good fresh smell. Don't wait any longer you will not regret it!
    Written by mike_inspector, -2019-02-04

  • soClean 2 CPAP?BIPAP Cleaner

    Product as advertised. Easy setup and use. Delivery as promised at a good price.
    Written by ronaldbrown2292, -2019-02-04

  • Great Product

    Time Saver. Nice to know equipment is sanitized
    Written by Boats55, -2019-02-03

  • Keep your cpap...So Clean

    I love my Soclean. It is so easy to use and know my cpap is safe to use!!
    Written by sherrylongcraig, -2019-02-03

  • Great Experience

    Great service with even better pricing. I will use their services again.
    Written by Eric-71749, -2019-02-03

  • Great

    Top notch!!! Highly recommend
    Written by connelltim44, -2019-02-02

  • Great product

    So easy to use. CPAP feels much better, clean and worry free. I am looking forward to a much more healthy CPAP. I decided to get one when my son got his and recommended I also should have one. Reading reviews and hearing great things about SoClean also helped make up my mind to purchase one.
    Written by debbiesdb, -2019-02-01

  • Been wanting one for a while

    Just got this so can’t speak to longevity but so far impressed with ease of set up and use. Nice knowing that each night I’m putting on a sanitized mask.
    Written by jeremybeavers502, -2019-01-31

  • Seems to be good, too soon to tell

    Good buying experience.
    Written by 356speedster, -2019-01-31

  • Makes A Difference

    I’ve only had my SoClean for about a week now but I can already tell the difference in my sleep and my sinuses feel much clearer after waking. So far I’m very pleased with the service I’ve received and with the unit. The only thing that caught me off guard is how loud the machine is during the cleaning.
    Written by brianofficer, -2019-01-30

  • Great Solution

    SoClean is better than I expected. Easy, efficient and very easy to set up. Hope it will be durable and reliable. Sale price was what made me make the plunge to buy. Product arrived in perfect condition. Thought shipping could have been quicker, but experience was overall very satisfactory. Company delivers what they promise!
    Written by dpspivey-41887, -2019-01-30

  • Love It!

    It’s very convenient and eases my my comfort of knowing it’s cleaned.
    Written by keri3300, -2019-01-30

  • Great

    Great shipper so far it works great
    Written by Orinmidtlien, -2019-01-29

  • Good product with a small issue

    Only problem is my cat loves to chew the tubing putting small holes in it. This causes the water in the reservoir to leak all over the table. So every day I must remove the adapted lid from the reservoir and put it away to keep it safe. I tried to order new tubing but what was delivered was the small piece that is after the filter. So its a little extra work.
    Written by cfp1205, -2019-01-28

    Leaves a strong chlorine type odor on your equipment. I had to use soap and water to get rid of the smell and it still took another day for the smell to dissipate. I returned the product.
    Written by josephinco, -2019-01-27

  • The SoClean system experience.

    The SoClean 2 performs as advertised. I have been able to experience a noticed change in the morning when I wake up after using my CPAP when cleaned using SoClean2. Very satisfied with the purchase. Satisfied with the price of the unit. I would highly recommend the SoClean2 to everyone that uses a CPAP.
    Written by SilverShadowRR, -2019-01-27

  • Excellent

    Awesome machine cleans well
    Written by Angelahoneycutt26, -2019-01-26

  • I like it

    I’ve had the machine for a week. I like it a lot but it is kind of noisy when it cleaning. But I think it is worth the money. It beats manually cleaning it daily.
    Written by tenerad, -2019-01-26

  • Very nice product.

    The entire purchase experience was very good. Item is nice. The only minor thing I will mention is the shipping speed. I have to say that they do tell you upfront that there is a 5 day handling time, but it seems a little long to ship it.
    Written by mhiggs09, -2019-01-26

  • very happy with the simplicity of setting up the Soclean 2

    very good instructions , just as promised ,set up was simple and very convenient leaving it on my night stand, the accessory add on included for my Resmed 10 autoset humidifier was a pleasant surprise. i do need to wipe down my full face mask for oils from my skin but thats all it takes, Soclean takes care of the rest. would recommend to anyone using a cpap machine
    Written by gonzo04, -2019-01-26

  • Can't get past the smell

    I just can't get past the smell it leaves. I've run it without wearing it and that leftover smell aggravates my lungs
    Written by vyoung76, -2019-01-26

  • Superior Product: Easy to Setup & Use

    I am new to the CPAP situation and did research on the machines, there use and how to clean them. There is a lot of conflicting information on the web regarding cleaning. Some advice suggested using many different cleaning products with varying soaking and rinsing times and solutions. All of those seemed cumbersome, time consuming and of dubious value. Finding the SoClean 2 product simplified the whole process. The instructions are straight forward and easy to follow. I placed the SOClean 2 next my CPAP unit and have had no difficulty in cleaning the CPAP equipment. Well worth the cost considering the little time it takes to setup (typically 5 minutes or so to fill the humidifier and place mask in container) and then let it automatically clean the equipment with it's programmed cycle (about 2 hours or so). I found the customer service team very friendly and professional. They answered my questions about the SoClean 2 and the specific CPAP unit I am using. In summary: superior product with great customer support.
    Written by mikeaminor, -2019-01-25

  • Top of the Line

    I am so glad that I got the So Clean for my cpap machine. Washing the hose, mask and tank by hand was such a hassle and I never did it as often as I should have. This takes all the worries out of not having a clean cpap system.
    Written by MADUCK711976, -2019-01-25

  • Clean breathing

    I'm looking forward to just knowing my CPAP is safe and clean for me to use. Keep me from getting sick. Thank you
    Written by ROBINRREISNER, -2019-01-25

  • great service

    very easy to work with, best price I found, and got it fast.
    Written by klaylo, -2019-01-25

  • Excellent and Easy

    I am very pleased with the SoClean.
    Written by jeanne375, -2019-01-25

  • Using the SoClean 2.

    I've been using the SoClean 2 now for about 2 weeks. It is very convenient and easy to use. I would have given it an excellent 5 star rating except for one issue. That issue is the odor that stays with my CPaP mask after it has gone through the cleaning cycle. If I let my CPap machine run for an hour or so after removing the mask from the cleaning container, it helps remove the odor so that it doesn't bother me much.
    Written by williambartmess, -2019-01-24

  • Love it

    Love it didn’t like th ozone smell but I run it for about a minute when I refill the water container and no smell
    Written by pnorthrop131, -2019-01-24

  • John

    great SoClean machine - keeps me from getting colds
    Written by jtjart, -2019-01-24

  • Simple easy and effective...

    Not much to say. It came when they promised, easy to set up, works fantastic and was nearly $100 cheaper than any local place or Amazon
    Written by PETERSENDEVIN1967, -2019-01-24

  • strongly recommend this product

    Great product my sleep institute recommends it
    Written by ronsmow, -2019-01-24

  • Very Convenient

    Although originally hesitant on price, this site had a deal too good to pass up. I was really tired of daily washing of my equipment (and drying tubes!). This device is easy to use and setup.
    Written by edjmariani, -2019-01-24

  • Great machine

    This is a wonderful easy way to clean your Cpap.
    Written by cherryleger, -2019-01-23

  • Awesome product!

    It’s so easy to do. And I know it’s clean!!
    Written by Jyoun13183, -2019-01-22

  • Excellent

    Great price, fast shipping, easy to use
    Written by wolverine5003, -2019-01-22


    I ABSOLUTELY love my soclean2!!
    Written by aprilach2011, -2019-01-21

  • Great accessory

    It can very quickly, was a breeze to set up and has been used everyday. Works great!
    Written by crowldd, -2019-01-21

  • Great purchase, easy setup

    After hearing commercials for so long, and getting recommendations from several friends, I decided to buy. Very glad I did. The system was easy to set up, and works great. It's reassuring to know I'm putting on a clean mask every night.
    Written by mcm_hoppe, -2019-01-20


    Working like it says,no problems.
    Written by ElectricCyanSlug, -2019-01-20

  • Great price! Fast delivery.

    Great sale price on the unit. Makes cleaning a breeze and insures a clean unit/mask each day! Shipping was faster than the company my insurance wants me to use which is multiple states closer.
    Written by eagles-57745, -2019-01-19

  • Love it

    I have had my soclean machine for about week, and love the way I can clean my mask and tubing with ease. I was always not good cleaning the standard way!!!
    Written by slgriffin725, -2019-01-17

  • Great Experience!

    Excellent service and competitive price! Will purchase from them again!
    Written by bill-67226, -2019-01-17

  • Cleaning!

    Love not having to clean all the time! Only thing I notice a funny smell when I first put it on at night.
    Written by kweberalpacas, -2019-01-17

  • Very good

    Delivery and price very good
    Written by ajoffe, -2019-01-17

  • Good so far!

    Arrived in two days. Set up easy, working well so far. Noisy for the first 7 minutes so program to work while I’m away.
    Written by jimsandog, -2019-01-17

  • New user

    I wish this was available when I started using my CPAP. Every doctor should insist this be purchased with the CPAP. Now I have peace of mind.
    Written by leepjeronimo, -2019-01-17

  • SoClean2 Review

    Can definitely tell a difference when using this. I love it!
    Written by carleenhickey, -2019-01-16

  • Does what it says

    Arrived quickly. Works fine. I like the auto clean function so I don't have to think about it.
    Written by carterstanfield, -2019-01-16

  • Great product, timely shipping

    The So Clean is a convenient device. After cleaning your mask and tubing, you just drop it in the device, close the lid and it's sanitized and ready for the next use.
    Written by richardnicolay, -2019-01-16

  • Nice sanitizer

    I love this. Only issue is the smell after cleaning is hard for me
    Written by smileypl, -2019-01-16

  • Great Product.

    Unit is easy to set up and use. It makes the task of cleaning the mask and hose much easier than washing by hand. The mask seems freshly clean every night.
    Written by rijodick, -2019-01-15

  • Works Great

    Gave this is a gift. The recipient says it works great and he feels it is doing a good job cleaning his cpap attachments. He said it's very easy to use. He uses it when he gets up in the morning and it's clean and ready for use at night. I shopped around for others but kept coming back to this one and I'm glad I did.
    Written by sjw5358, -2019-01-15

  • Cleans Well, But…

    It is noisy while running, yet has no way to easily delay the automated start on a once-off basis, if one needs the room to be quiet at the usual cleaning time on a particular day. Not placing the mask into the SoClean does not count, because then cleaning at a later time would likely be forgotten. The latch is pretty to look at, but awkward; the action of pressing horizontally into it tips the SoClean over, forcing the use of two hands to open it (the second, to steady the SoClean). The latch should open when pressed straight down, so that the base of the SoClean would steady itself. The clock must be reset after even a brief power failure. That's ridiculous for a device of this cost. It would be easy to offer a battery backup, with even just an inexpensive AAA battery. With all its failings, it is still a one-of-a-kind device, so it's a keeper, despite the feeling that its design is incomplete, having never passed actual usage tests.
    Written by jonsilverman, -2019-01-14

  • Love it!

    It’s worth the money. Very easy to use.
    Written by bohanons4, -2019-01-14

  • Review of CPAP Sanitizer.

    Makes air refreshing. Glad we purchased one.
    Written by luannjennings, -2019-01-14

  • Keeps mask and hose clean

    I was skeptical at first but this machine really works. I take my mask out right before bed and turn the air on for a few minutes before putting it on. Seems fresh and clean.
    Written by warren_s_mcdade, -2019-01-13

  • Impressive

    Impressive...This machine is amazing! One less thing I have to worry about!
    Written by DawnRadonski2012, -2019-01-13

  • Seems to do a good job.

    Seems to do a good job, smells fresh and clean!
    Written by richardroland76, -2019-01-11

  • Excellent machine excellent customer service

    Excellent machine excellent customer service creek
    Written by sparksm59, -2019-01-10

  • N/a

    Have not used it...........
    Written by ccook49-15210, -2019-01-09

  • Ozone smell

    I personally find the ozone smell unpleasant. I've only had about a week. I've turned the run time down to five minutes and as I have used it the smell is not as strong. I have issues with reoccurring sinus infections and feel I must use as I also have ulcerative colitis and have an extremely hard time taking oral antibiotics. It seems to work well. I would have given 5 stars except for the ozone smell.
    Written by ritaobrien1955, -2019-01-09

  • Soclean review

    Mace cleaning a CPAP an effortless task!
    Written by bobrardin, -2019-01-09

  • Good Quality

    Good price, good service!
    Written by dpounds9496, -2019-01-09

  • Works great!

    Works great every day, smells clean and it is clean!
    Written by joepugner, -2019-01-08

  • so easy to use and I feel safer now that my CPAP is germ free

    I feel safer now that it is germ free.
    Written by dhearn5, -2019-01-08

  • Wonderful customer service. This product is fantastic.

    Wonderful customer service. This product is fantastic. Make sure you order the adapter for your specific machine when you order. Very easy to use and set up.
    Written by dianehughes-40519, -2019-01-08

  • Order processing slow but otherwise all was good

    On the third day after ordering my order was finally processed. Besides that the experience went fine.
    Written by kevinjamescope, -2019-01-06

  • So...So...So good!!!

    The SoClean was so inexpensive, so delivered fast, so simple to assemble, so pure smelling and so cool. So long!!! So Thank You!
    Written by rcwallenberg, -2019-01-05


    Written by bgriffus, -2019-01-05

  • Works great easy to use. A lot better than hand washing all the time.

    Was easy to order. I love that it was cheaper than other web sites even cheaper than the So Clean 2 web site.
    Written by jmabe41, -2019-01-05

  • Slight odor

    The ease of using this device is terrific. However, it takes some getting use to the odor that is left on the mask after cleaning.
    Written by chuckcunningham46034, -2019-01-05

  • Good price and received what i bought

    No issues at all. Purchased so clean 2 and it arrived
    Written by jmille72, -2019-01-04

  • Great experience

    Great experience with customer service prior to ordering. Equipment arrived in time frame quoted. Great all around experience and “Best” price on the web.
    Written by gabefox48, -2019-01-03

  • Fast shipping, great service

    Highly recommend. Fast shipping, great service, great price.
    Written by danielleteplitza, -2019-01-03

  • SoClean

    Easy to order, fast shipping and the SoClean seems to work great. It's nice knowing that the CPAP mask, hose and machine are all being cleaned daily.
    Written by hmbuse, -2019-01-03

  • So Easy!

    Excellent customer service & Fast Shipping!
    Written by chadhilton, -2019-01-02

  • Thank you for my FREEDOM.

    It is great not having to clean hoses and headgear manually. After being on a cpap for 17yrs--THANK YOU FOR MY FREEDOM!
    Written by arizonaccm, -2019-01-02

  • good except feed tube to reservoir is tricky to get in place

    Setup nicely & works good however feed tube to reservoir is tricky to get in place because it needs to feed thru connector & top of reservoir
    Written by Porter5753, -2019-01-02

  • Fantastic

    Got my SoClean at a fantastic price shipped free....Great product at a great price. Does exactly what it is suppose to do.
    Written by dionmcdaniel, -2019-01-01

  • Easy to use and setup

    The website was very helpful to use and gave a lot of information about the way the unit works, very pleased with the way it is working for me.
    Written by carolinaflash, -2019-01-01

  • Soclean 2

    Bought this for my wife. Best price I found and will sleep better knowing her cpap is clean.
    Written by sandbagger4, -2018-12-31

  • Wonderful Customer Service by Kelsey

    I purchased this for my husband for Christmas. I was not sure whether it would be shipped in time so that he would get it before Christmas. Kelsey made this happen and left me a voice message of when it was shipped and upgraded my shipping so that he would definitely receive it for Christmas. I will definitely continue to purchase my CPAP supplies from They are an excellent supplier and live up to their word! Thank you, Angela Farzaneh
    Written by acccourt, -2018-12-29

  • Sleep easy now

    So happy our son recommended this product. No more worrying about cleaning mask and hose properly! Germ free now! Love it and so easy to set up/use! Have already recommended to friends.
    Written by jankavanaugh39, -2018-12-28

  • Clean

    Got it fast. I think the price is high. But does a great job
    Written by saragamble-6456, -2018-12-28

  • Just as described.

    Arrived in a week. Item was exactly as described.
    Written by 5locals, -2018-12-27

  • Refreshing

    What a difference. In a good way. So glad I started to use this
    Written by patzebro, -2018-12-26

  • No show

    After 3 contacts they still never got it delivered.
    Written by denniseneu, -2018-12-24

  • Nice and clean

    Easy to set up, simple to use and seams to be clean when process is complete.
    Written by larrydburson, -2018-12-22

  • Didn't work right out of box

    Did not work. In process of mailing back to SoClean for replacement
    Written by ericgogolf, -2018-12-22

  • Was not told adapter was needed - Item was RETURNED

    when selling an item, buyers should be told if any problems may occur such as adapters needed, etc.. This was not provided, so machine has been sent back until the product is approved and insurance accepts this product to be covered by health insurance. Very expensive item for patients with health issues
    Written by mikesjets, -2018-12-21

  • Better than advertised

    Husband really loves it, simple to set up and use. He says the smell and feel of his mask is better than brand new...
    Written by roctb, -2018-12-20

  • Do not buy

    You have to do same thing to cpap machine as you do prior to purchasing SoClean. Not worth it. Machine smells after using it.
    Written by SG, -2018-12-19

  • Greatest invention

    The SoClean is the only to way to clean your CPAP. The best price I found.
    Written by bjdehn55, -2018-12-19

  • CpapXchange

    Wonderful company to do business with! CpapXchange really takes care of customers!!!
    Written by nw8r-45042, -2018-12-18

  • Feedback- SoClean2

    Awesome product highly recommend for cleanliness of CPAP. A Must Have!
    Written by mricks58, -2018-12-18

  • Happy customer

    Makes a world of difference. Mask smells cleaner, germs are gone.
    Written by thomascrickmore, -2018-12-17

  • good product

    does a good job should kill
    Written by tompaul-78035, -2018-12-15

  • Well Pleased

    I’ve been very happy with my purchase of the So Clean2 from cpapXchange. Excellent price and excellent service!
    Written by cjoh1940, -2018-12-14

  • So far, so good

    It does a much better job then hand cleaner, Also, a lot quicker. Only problem is when putting on the mask, it has an unsavory smell, however, after a couple a minutes, it goes away. I am very satisfied and would recommend this machine.
    Written by rehmeyer1601, -2018-12-13

  • shipped quickly

    The SoCLean came quickly and was just right. Great price with discounts. I will buy supplies from them.
    Written by annab927, -2018-12-12

  • Design flaw in machine which doesn't surface for a few months, but they only refund for 30 days.

    S/B designed better for $300! A real POS! Don't buy!
    Written by gr8penut, -2018-12-11

  • Sleeping Soundly

    Love the fresh clean smell my CPAP gear has after cleaning. As a nurse I know how important infection control is. This is a necessary device for all CPAP owners
    Written by Dlampron, -2018-12-11

  • Excellent

    This make cleaning the machine a breeze
    Written by jbranch6007, -2018-12-10

  • Great Little Helper

    I am glad I finally bought this CPAP Sanitizer! I had been debating whether to get it or not because I thought it cost a bit too much but I am glad I did. I don't have to worry about washing my hoses, mask, and water reservoir - piece of cake with this machine! The only thing I am still trying to get used to is the smell. The first time I took my maks out of the unit, I couldn't breath with it on!!! OMG the smell was killing me. Good thing I fall asleep pretty quick, so after a while I couldn't feel that awful - sanitizing solution - smell. Now, as soon as I get home, I take the mask out of the unit and let it air a bit so the smell is not so strong by the time I go to bed. I think I am getting used to it now because I feel it less now. All in all, I am super glad I bought this machine and it is super easy to set up. When I come home, I don't have to worry about washing hoses or tossing the water left on the reservoir out, I just refill it and go to bed knowing I am breathing clean air through a clean machine!!!
    Written by applausetravel, -2018-12-10

  • Should have gotten this 2 years ago

    It’s like having a new machine. I think someone else said this already but it’s worth saying again. This should come with every Cpap—not only because it’s amazing but because insurance should pay for it.
    Written by djmsb1, -2018-12-10

  • love it !

    So far after about 3 weeks of owning, I’m loving it.
    Written by supercellf5, -2018-12-10

  • As advertised.

    Good experience even though there was some confusion on adapter kit needed when I ordered. Customer Service shined helping resolve and sending replacement.
    Written by mellovejr, -2018-12-10

  • Great price and quick service

    Searched for the best price and then placed my order. 3 days later the product was at my door.
    Written by timw-13251, -2018-12-09

  • Works Great! Very Pleased.

    I purchased this online. cpapXchange had the best price I could find. The setup/install was easy, but the written directions were kind of confusing because it contains terms I'm not familiar with. I relied on the drawings instead. After my gear is cleaned, it has a slight chlorine bleach smell like at a swimming pool. The smell doesn't bother me. (Other reviewers can't handle the smell.) The smell makes me think of clean. I like that it cleans all the headgear, machine and water at once. My only complaint is that I can't open the SoClean with one hand. It's lightweight, so I have to put one hand behind it to keep it from sliding as I use the other hand to push the button that opens the lid.
    Written by DWand4Kids, -2018-12-09

  • Great way of cleaning CPAP equipment.

    Great experience. No issues.
    Written by RJPICK4458, -2018-12-09

  • Great machine

    Great machine at a really great price.
    Written by gary_mcgrath, -2018-12-08

  • Perfect!

    Fast delivery, easy set-up, life is good
    Written by briggy33, -2018-12-08

  • So easy!

    I’ve used this machine for a couple of weeks. How lovely to just stick my mask in, hose attached, and have it sanitized and ready to go for bedtime. Love it.
    Written by mrso792000, -2018-12-08

  • Everything I have heard about this product is true ..

    This is a MUST Item if you are a CPAC user !!!!
    Written by eneguete, -2018-12-08

  • Excellent price, quick delivery, works great

    Found great price (20% off) w free delivery. Was septic all of product reviews at first. Got it home and been faithfully using it daily and it helps me personally sleep better after being cleaned daily. It is costly but it does work. I do love how you can put it in machine and a timer automatically starts it while your gone ad completed clean and ready for your next wearing at bedtime. If using a Resmed 10 Id suggest buying an extra water reservoir to make it easier swapping tanks in morning to clean unit. Love machine even if pricy.
    Written by 4sambos, -2018-12-07

  • Awesome!

    Great product, fast shipping!
    Written by twincalderon24, -2018-12-06

  • So clean

    I havent used it yet because I see t in hospital. Read up on it.
    Written by Corler, -2018-12-06

  • Happy not Happy

    I purchased my cleaner over 1 year ago. I have not been sick once since. I do not know anyone that owns a cpap cleaner. What I’m experiencing is the machine is making a growling sound like it’s on its last leg. The sound is horrible. Is this an issue common to this cleaner? What is the lifespan of a cpap cleaner? Do I need to order a new one because the warranty is over or can this one be repaired? What would the cost be? Has anyone else experienced this with their machine? Thank you
    Written by JRM , Indiana -2018-12-05

  • So simple to use and I already feel like I’m sleeping better and keeping my mask on all night. A Big Thank you to your Company !!!

    Sorry I got this mixed up Title : Greatly Pleased and will tell my brother to order a Soclean as soon as possible
    Written by msmara1957, -2018-12-04

  • CPAP Cleaner

    I've had sinuses that were stopped up, but after using the SoClean for two weeks they are no longer stopped up. I recommend SoClean it has helped me.
    Written by julmickey50, -2018-12-04

  • Prompt service, good price

    I had ordered So Clean from another source. After waiting much longer then their stated delivery time, I canceled that order and ordered from Delivery was as promised and the price was better.
    Written by boshersand, -2018-12-03

  • It is Wonderful

    I noticed a differance right away
    Written by joyceflaugher, -2018-12-03

  • Just as advertised.

    I did a lot of reading and asking questions. A few months later I did finally order the SoClean 2 and it's just as I read. There is a smell after it's done but run the air for about a minute and it's gone. I breathe so much better now. The folks at CpapXchange answered my questions every time I asked. I read the reviews and everything was spot on. Easy to hook up and use.
    Written by dsnybuf, -2018-12-02

  • SoClean

    Very easy to setup once you see what parts are necessary to put inside the unit and I hit Manual and it goes to work on cleaning everything. Best system for cleaning your CPAP equipment ever.
    Written by bmdtx, -2018-12-02

  • Soooooo clean

    I can’t believe how fresh my mask smells after using this equipment. Its so easy to set up and use. I’m really impressed.
    Written by rolemo6748, -2018-11-29

  • Dr.’s Orders

    … To get one of these. Best price on the Internet!
    Written by rschuckit, -2018-11-29

  • Great time saver

    Great cleaning device, but very noisy and has a smell. Guess you have to take the bad with the good. But it’s too high of a price to have these issues. Needs improvements.
    Written by borvuli, -2018-11-28

  • So Far So Good

    Have only used the machine a couple of weeks but so far is working great and oh my goodness the ease of use is superb.
    Written by janetfoshee, -2018-11-27

  • Breath of fresh air...

    Unit has given us the opportunity to clean our unit as often as we desire. Very user friendly.
    Written by haroldpechie, -2018-11-26

  • Excellent Product

    The SoClean system was a little intimidating when I first removed it from the box. This was mainly because it was so expensive and I surely did not want to break any part of it. I was surprised, though, at how EASY it actually was to set it up and get it running. I noticed improvement in the way I felt after the first night of wearing my CPAP mask, after using the SoClean earlier that morning. I didn't feel the usual stuffiness and grogginess when I turned off the CPAP machine and removed my mask. My nose was clear and I didn't have a headache! I used my CPAP system for nearly two years, washing the mask and tube DAILY by hand, and the mask, tubing and reservoir WEEKLY by hand. I now realized that I no longer had to do these daily, inevitably messy washings, and my mask and tubing was now very clean and always ready to wear, after just putting my mask (still attached to the tubing) into the SoClean machine, clicking the lid down, and pushing the button. The cleaning takes 7 minutes, and the mask just stays in the machine for another minimum of two hours...and you are finished with the daily cleaning. Great product, and when you think about the time it saves in the mornings, and the clean, bacteria-free mask that is ready and waiting for you each night, it was well worth the money. I also found that cpapXchange's price for this product was FAR lower than the same thing from other sources. I received my order within a week, triple-boxed and in perfect condition. I am very pleased with the product, the price and the efficient service. A great company to reach out to for all my CPAP supplies!
    Written by sharonpark2012, -2018-11-25

  • great product

    After seeing advertisement for two months I finally bought mine. Best thing I ever got.
    Written by irazkhik, -2018-11-24

  • Missing some filter and plug.

    I know it’s a great product. But I’m missing the plug and filter. Call customer service. They are going to take care of it. Bought it on sale and super shipping.
    Written by rcbock63, -2018-11-23

  • SoClean 2 was agood investment!

    I was unsure at first, but got tired of cleaning my CPAP equipment. I was having sinus and upper respiratory infections. I noticed the difference immediately after the first use. The setup smelled "so clean". I did plenty of research before purchasing. CPACXchange had the best price after discount. I have not had any issues, so I cannot speak for their customer service, but their shipping was fast and free.
    Written by geo615, -2018-11-22

  • Easy and works well.

    Works well and very easy. Does have a slight odor after the cleaning cycle. Sinus issues are no longer since using SoClean
    Written by kbmorris1-24976, -2018-11-22

  • I love it!

    It is so easy to use and it’s wonderful to know my mask and hose are clean and ready to use the next night.
    Written by cruesch6, -2018-11-21

  • Great product/Great value

    I have been using a cpap for over 10 years and just hated the cleaning process. I have been looking a the SoClean unit but it was quite costly. This has been the best price I have seen and ended up buying 2 of for me and my husband! Great product
    Written by pavloskaterinastl, -2018-11-21

  • too expensive

    not really worth the money when you can clean by hand for free. sure it saves time but its too expensive to be worth the time it saves. its going back before the 30 day trial is over
    Written by nlombardo, -2018-11-21

  • So Clean CPAP cleaner

    Love it. Saves a lot of time but I hardly cleaned my mask, hose or humidifier. Use this daily now and use of cpap is much more pleasant with cleaner smell.
    Written by jnagelmann, -2018-11-20

  • Justin S

    I so love this machine! I would not want to be without it. I even pack it on trips.
    Written by donnastoneking, -2018-11-20

  • It's All Good

    Everything came and works as expected
    Written by mlhardcastle, -2018-11-20

  • Game Changer

    Love our SoClean2 Sanitizers! I bought one each for myself, my husband and my mother. They are so easy to set up and use, it is a breeze. We let the air blow through the tube for about a minute once the cleaning cycle is completed to dissipate the ozone odor, and we have used ours without any difficulty. SO much easier than daily washing and drying the equipment!
    Written by kris-49050, -2018-11-19

  • Good Product

    Even the humidifier tank is noticeable cleaner. The only thing I don't like is that it leaves a slight odor, but I can live with it!
    Written by jkapanowski, -2018-11-19

  • I can tell a difference

    Very convenient thanks for asking
    Written by autigergirl1234, -2018-11-18

  • Worth every penny!!!!!

    Best thing I ever purchased in long time LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Written by smajoalagic, -2018-11-18

  • Everything not included.

    I have had the machine for 2 weeks and not been able to use it because I needed another hose, and adapter. Wish I would have known. A lot of money for incomplete machine.
    Written by pafarmer, -2018-11-18

  • Excellent cleaner for CPAP mask.

    Very nice unit! Cleans very well!
    Written by roymehta, -2018-11-17

  • Great machine and company

    The SoClean arrived, packed very well. It is so convenient compared to taking my mask and water container to the kitchen sink every day, washing them and finding a "sterile" place for them to dry. I appreciate the directions that came with the machine, and the many ways I can contact the company if I have questions or concerns.
    Written by pshome1, -2018-11-17

  • The Smell Is Too Strong!

    I can't stand the smell. I've tried all the tricks to help with the smell but nothing works. I'm contemplating returning it.
    Written by Jodeeb, -2018-11-17

  • Cajun man

    The soclean is fantastic but you need to include the new cover you need if you have a humidifier on your pap. It makes you to have to wait for the new cover to be ordered after you get your soclean.
    Written by dlsc338, -2018-11-16

  • Ozone machine

    We really looked forward to using this. But turns out the wife and I are very sensitive to the ozone generated. Possibly because of small bedroom. Regardless we need a rma to return it please.
    Written by drloiselle, -2018-11-15

  • CPAP users gotta have this!

    Purchase was quick and easy.
    Written by bobhoffmaster, -2018-11-14

  • Great service

    Great experience dealing with this company
    Written by Jrb57d, -2018-11-14

  • My soap cleaner

    Only had it for less than a week but so far I love it
    Written by devaneybonnie1963, -2018-11-14

  • must Have

    If you own a c-pap this is a must have. One of the best product purchases I’ve recently made.
    Written by ndpapaw, -2018-11-14

  • Peace of mind

    Wish I would have gotten this unit much sooner. They are expensive, but it gives me peace of mind knowing I am going to sleep with CLEAN equipment. Lets face it, cleaning equipment is a major hassle and no one I know cleans their equipment as often as recommended. This machine makes it so easy there is no excuse not to use it. I had developed an annoying cough which I suspected came from my equipment not being clean enough. After just two days using this machine my cough disappeared. Having been on a CPAP for over 10 years now I have adjusted to it but they are still cumbersome and annoying to have to wear every night. Do yourselves a favor and invest in one of these units and eliminate some of that hassle. had a 20% discount on this unit and free shipping which was the best pricing I found online. I had NO problems and received it in 3 days. SO, SO GLAD I got it!
    Written by joemci-36036, -2018-11-14

  • works great!

    I just put the mask in and walk away. It has a clean smell to it when I put the mask on
    Written by bltact308-20881, -2018-11-13

  • Clean

    I feel that everything is clean
    Written by andrea6272, -2018-11-12

  • Just what I needed

    My only complaint is that I waited so long to order it.
    Written by jimmer20, -2018-11-12

  • Fantastic

    I purposely waited a long time to write this review. I have had my Soclean for at least 2yrs now and it is fantastic. I did a ton of research before I bought this product, I reasearch anything I am thinking of buying for a minimum of 3 months and more. I read and saw video about the product and from those reviews I decided to give it a try because I was not cleaning my machine daily, really only maybe once a week, it took too much time in the morning so it could dry during the day. When I got it I was missing a piece for my type of machine, instead of calling where I purchased it I called the company, immediately they said I would receive the correct piece, couple of days later I got it. Started using it and my first impression was the smell which I knew was there from reviews but the reviews also said it would decerease with use, and yes it does. I don’t know if I am use to it or what but I don’t have any problems. I use the pillow nostril piece, I have no problems. I like to move around when I sleep, no problems. All I can say is it works and very much worth the money. The filter lasts a long time, so long that I forget how to install it and have to bring up the YouTube video. The only negative is that the cleaning noise scared the hell out of my cat at first but he is use to it now. As I said, if you can, get it, try it, know that the smell will dicipate if it bothers you.
    Written by Cj, Reston Virginia -2018-11-11

  • So Clean2

    Perfect transaction and quick delivery!
    Written by gag0874, -2018-11-10

  • SoClean

    Fast delivery, seem well made, seems to work very well. Very pleased so far.
    Written by PaulFoster, -2018-11-08

  • seems to do a great job

    I had wanted something better than just washing the nasal pillows each morning. This seems to clean very well. It even has dissolved some of the calcium deposits in my CPAP water tank, which was a pleasant surprise. There is a slight odor of ozone from the cleaning, but it hasn't bothered me, and hasn't affected my sleep at all. I've only had it for a few days, but so far I am very impressed. It seems to be well-built, and does exactly what it should do.
    Written by Duanehall, -2018-11-08

  • My Review

    SoClean delivered quickly, easy to assemble and use.
    Written by tommtews, -2018-11-06

  • Vast improvement

    I can tell it's working and cleaning my system. My sinuses and lungs are definitely clearer than they used to be. Not really in love with the scent that's left behind. They could of picked something better. Works great with my Resmed 8 system right out of the box. The scent is the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars
    Written by gshix, -2018-11-06

  • An Excellent CPAP Cleaning system

    I hesitated to buy the original SoClean as it would not accommodate the Respironics heated humidity CPAP system one. When SoClean 2 came out I looked again as the idea of non-liquid cleaning daily was certainly preferable to liquid disinfectant frequent sanitizing. The machine performs perfectly, was easy to setup & the daily auto clean feature is very convenient. Excellent product.
    Written by SunsetOrangeWren, -2018-11-05

  • Does a great job

    The shipping was fast and very well packaged. The set up was easy all I had to do was set the time. The rest was set up already. Lights indicate which cycle its in, it's very user friendly. I just wish the lid had a lip to lift when opening the unit to take the mask out. Other that that its prefect.
    Written by torino74, -2018-11-04

  • Just The Thing!

    My SoClean took a little getting used to for the first few days (because the ozone smell made me a little queasy at first), but once I started running the machine in the morning and leaving our bedroom until nighttime, it worked for me just like I'd hoped it would (turning our bathroom fan on helped a little bit too). By the time I'm ready for bed now, my BiPAP just smells clean and fresh, night after night, with no even mildly stinky odor at all, ever. It seems to be the perfect way to clean a BiPAP/CPAP. Far superior to the effort and time I had to put in, and the results I used to get from thoroughly rinsing the gear daily and washing it once a week with soap (and, of course, there was no way to clean the machine itself, only the tubing and the water chamber (which, again, took a lot of time each day, and it never smelled completely fresh like it does now). SoClean makes it both easy and a snap to clean my BiPAP, I am happy to report.
    Written by david-80150, -2018-11-02

  • Super fast delivery

    Super fast delivery and great price
    Written by MTGONZO1966, -2018-10-31

  • Fast and Prompt

    Great and easy experience. SoClean works great and I would highly recommend it and Cpapxchange to any one. Every purchase I have made, has been terrific. If I call, the people on the phone are very courteous and helpful. Don't go anywhere else.
    Written by iamjlm44, -2018-10-31

  • Great machine

    Easy to set up and use. No problems with keeping your CPAP and tubing clean
    Written by psteak8913, -2018-10-31

  • Breathing easier!

    I've only been using the "SoClean" for a few days, but notice that my stuffiness at night is improved. It's easy to use, and convenient. So far, so good!
    Written by ykw-32900, -2018-10-30

  • Why did I wait so Long?

    Clean mask every night! Easy setup. Quick delivery!
    Written by shanghaibobh, -2018-10-30

  • Good night's sleep

    No further comments needed
    Written by tremper, -2018-10-29

  • SoClean SoEasy

    So far, I love my SoClean2. It arrived well packaged and set up was easy and straight forward. I've only used it three nights so far, but it has exceeded my expectations. It is a compact and attractive unit which sits conveniently on my bedside table next to my CPAP unit. When I get up in the morning, I just remove my mask and slip it into the bin on my SoClean. At 10am, the unit turns on automatically and goes through the sanitizing process. At night, I have a sanitized face mask with a refreshing scent ready to put on. I like the sense of knowing I am using a safe and clean mask every night without the worry of breathing contaminated air.
    Written by kellison52, -2018-10-26

  • Excellent unit, only regret is I did not purchase one sooner....

    Great Experience with CpapXchange. Will purchase from them again
    Written by chas77miller, -2018-10-26

  • Awesome

    Smells cleaner it
    Written by SuSanLL51, -2018-10-26

  • Working Well

    The machine seems to be working well. No issues. Really I don’t see a difference but will keep using it just in case.
    Written by velez62092, -2018-10-26

  • Stupendous!

    I was ready to purchase elsewhere when a friend sent me a link to your site. Your sale price beat their sale price by $65! Can't beat that for a great product I knew I was going to buy anyway!!
    Written by Ken VanDeKreeke, -2018-10-26

  • Fresh mask

    I just started using so clean, and have a fresh mask feeling every night.
    Written by ejkaukola, -2018-10-25

  • Cleaning made easy.

    I love my new SoClean 2 machine. It was easy to set up and it does a great job clean ing my cpap.
    Written by steve-13590, -2018-10-25

  • Only used it this morning for the first time. Time will tell.

    Had some problems assembling it, but called a friend who has one and she set me straight.
    Written by fmqekq, -2018-10-24

  • Great Machine !

    Been using the SoClean for about a week - works great, easy to use, does a great job ! Why did I wait so long.........had sinus infections and doctor visits for the past year off and on. Got well then used the same mask, tubes and got sick sick again.......I feel better every morning now.
    Written by mpgarvic, -2018-10-24

  • Ok

    The Soclean works great and is easy to set up. It is a little loud for the few minutes that it runs and there is an odor when you first put the mask on afterwards. After a few minutes the smell goes away but it isn’t exactly pleasant.
    Written by dlmessman, -2018-10-24

  • Works great.

    Machine works fine although I am not a fan of the smell that it produces while sanitizing.
    Written by Cyncere11, -2018-10-23

  • Love it !!!!

    It’s easy fast and works great
    Written by dgrubb1, -2018-10-23

  • Great company! Will do business again!

    Easy ordering and great service! Exactly what I ordered and packaged securely and no damages. Will definitely order from them again. Best rate on the internet.
    Written by thewoffordfamily, -2018-10-21

  • SO CLEAN says it all!

    I am not easily impressed AND I am vey skeptical of items that have nothing but high ratings; I cannot say enough good about the SO CLEAN 2 I purchased. Being new to the CPAP world I initially purchased a rather inexpensive unit to clean my apparatus; I was sorely disappointed. I then looked at numerous internet offers for a number of different cleaning units. I hemmed and hawed a few days before settling on the "SO CLEAN 2"; and even more pleased when I found it on sale for less then AMAZON and eBay prices. My mask smells fresh and clean every night and I believe that has helped me sleep for longer periods with the CPAP mask on without waking up - 6.5 uninterrupted hours of blessed sleep last night. I probably could have slept longer, but at 75 years of age 6.5 hours without having to go to the restroom is remarkable in itself. Buy it, you'll like it. (Be sure to set the "auto clean" time for when the rather noisy buzz won't bother you.)
    Written by etchip5460, -2018-10-21

  • Quick set up and simple to use

    I have only used the machine for about a week, but the set up was extremely quick and the unit is simple to use. When cleaned, my CPAP has a very pleasant & clean odor.
    Written by wesailaz, -2018-10-20

  • So far it has been good.

    Works well, sanitized really good
    Written by pastorjoeh, -2018-10-20

  • Why did I wait so long to get one of these?

    I knew this was a good thing to have, but I put off getting one. It works great and has been a real help in keeping my CPAP equipment clean.
    Written by joeandpatprice, -2018-10-20

  • Great Product

    Good price and fast shipping. Really simple to use. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
    Written by dstarnes95, -2018-10-17

  • So far, so good, I think

    I got my soclean and got set up pretty easily. There's some kind of a smell during the sterilization period, not sure if that's normal or if I should be concerned about it. One thing is for sure, they hope that my CPAP masks and equipment is clean and free of germs so easily is just thrilling for me. I think I neglected to do a regularly because of the hassle. The soclean really makes it easy and I'm hoping that it works just as they say! So far so good! Oh, one thing I should mention. I started my morning cleaning while I packed to go on a trip out of town. When it was time to leave the house I was still in the yellow zone and try to manually turn off the machine to take my CPAP with me. I got a warning on the LED saying not to open the machine, So eventually I went on a two-night trip without taking my CPAP. I thought about unplugging it from the wall and then taking my CPAP, but just felt uncertain so I left it home. Guess I just have to plan better in the future.
    Written by deeholler, -2018-10-16

  • No more smell!

    I love it. Cleans automatically and smells clean!
    Written by colleenscutn, -2018-10-16

  • So clean is amazing!!!

    Love the So Clean!!! My mask and machine have a clean smell always.
    Written by slcj102, -2018-10-16

  • Awesomeness

    Everything was easy and quick! Thank you
    Written by reads123, -2018-10-16

    So far so good, two of us are using it and like it.
    Written by lindajim-50971, -2018-10-15

  • Not so great, but nothing better yet available

    There were several things I immediately hated about this Sanitizer: - Way too loud for about 7-12 minutes per day. - The clock needs to be reset any time there is a power outage - Complex cables to configure. If any break, pull out, get clogged, get dirty, etc, it will be a major pain to figure out how it all interconnects again. Painful and complex to set up - Takes 2+ hours to clean the CPAP! What! - Poor instructions. Does not say what the implications are for not waiting the full two hours for cleaning. What if you tried to use the device (and go to sleep) after only one hour? - At least once per night, the machine suddenly LIGHTS UP, enough to WAKE ME UP, for absolutely NO REASON. What is going on? - Slightly too large - Every few months there are now new things to re-purchase such as filters, etc. As if I need more things to order and buy! - I've been using this for 10 nights, and I think I am getting a sinus infection/cold. I'd be even more disappointed if it turns out that this device doesn't really do anything! The PROS: - Great price from! Best I found anywhere. - Packed/shipped real well, triple boxed for protection! - It is convenient to just dump the mast into the Sanitizer and be done with it - It doesn't smell badly like many other users of this device claim If it were more easy, I would just return the device. Because i don't feel like packing it up and mailing it back, I will just keep it. But i don't recommend anyone else gets one until a newer and improved model comes out. Either by this company or by a competitor.
    Written by robebay2, -2018-10-14

  • Seems to work good

    Worked good,easy to use.Very happy with it.
    Written by 2rollin2, -2018-10-14

  • Best price and good service

    Excellent value, free shipping, great machine Dan
    Written by delleney1950, -2018-10-13

  • Thanks!!!!

    Great price, well packaged and came in length of time stated.
    Written by richard_mayer, -2018-10-11

  • So Far SoClean works well.

    It is very easy to use and in the morning when I get up, I just place my Mask with headgear and hose into the SoClean and shut the lid. When I go to bed it is clean and ready to go. I have only had it about a week and so far I like it.
    Written by bass500001, -2018-10-11

  • I'M very impressed on my so clean cpap machine

    I never thought my cpap mask wasn't as clean as I thought I faithfully used cpap wipes to clean my mask every day but since I've purchased the so clean machine the mask is so much cleaner and smells likes a new mask every day a great expence but so much worth it
    Written by billyb99, -2018-10-11

  • Love It !!

    I cleaned my CPAP one time and knew there had to be a better way! SoClean was that way! It is so easy and I feel better knowing that it is sanitizing my CPAP equipment daily. Thank you!
    Written by edski1999-57633, -2018-10-10

  • So far so good,

    I do smell a slight smell on the CPAP mask but I have been treating the mask every day and I have an extremely strong sense of smell. I also use a bite Guard because I have a habit of grinding my teeth and I have been placing the bite Guard in the bottom of the tank. There is a slight taste but more than tolerable and much better than cleaning it once in a while.
    Written by irishsire, -2018-10-09

  • Excellent

    Shipping was fast. Adapter was correct. Instructions were somewhat easy to follow.
    Written by dasblakely-11336, -2018-10-08

  • Smartest thing I ever did

    I rarely used my CPAP and was always tired. Since I have purchased So Clean I am using it every night and feel better already.
    Written by mminnickjr, -2018-10-08

  • SoClean

    Easiest way to disinfect a cpap mask and hose. Love it.
    Written by andreslpj1001, -2018-10-08

  • Very convenient

    Still too early to evaluate effectivenes
    Written by jcdeedmd, -2018-10-06

  • SoClean is So Great

    I put this purchase off far too long! I felt better the first day after using this cleaner. No more naggy cough in the morning. Should have gotten this a long time ago!
    Written by auncapher, -2018-10-06

  • Strong ozone odor.

    My only concern is the very strong ozone odor while it is operating. The smell eventually goes away after it is finished. It is not a closed loop system.
    Written by bsmith42, -2018-10-05

  • Simplicity

    Machine is easy to set up, easy to use. Only complaint is that the odor left on the mask is a bit too strong
    Written by heypops54, -2018-10-05

  • Great machine

    Everything they say on TV is true as scary as that sounds I hope it last as its somewhat expense a forever warrany would be nice
    Written by wtcraddock67, -2018-10-04

  • Fitting not right

    I need to come in and have the pillows, or whatever they are called that go into the nostrils. The ones I have are medium and I think they are too large and I need a small because my nose is really sore after wearing it all night. My wife has small pillows and they feel a lot better and hers are small. Ted
    Written by ted-55672, -2018-10-04

  • good

    I looked at other CPAP cleaner and this looked like it was better overall. I am satisfied and would redcommend.
    Written by mwtrotter, -2018-10-04

  • works good and easy

    very good and is easy to use
    Written by wilsall2, -2018-10-04

  • Soclean2

    I really love this cleaning machine, the first few times was kinda strong . But fine now.
    Written by pookie6269, -2018-10-02

  • Snorechamp

    Machine seems to operate ok. More involved than expected to use properly. Not a “just drop it in and forget about it until needed” product. I should have been more diligent in checking it out. Otherwise, can’t complain.
    Written by edcowell53, -2018-10-02

  • Should of done this from the beginning

    Should have gotten a SoClean when I went on cpap a few years ago. This thing is awesome, no muss, no fuss cleaning of the mask, tube and sanitizes the water! Awesome device would give 10 stars if I could to cpapXchange for how seamless the entire transaction was.
    Written by prairiekleins, -2018-10-01

  • Not quite what I expected

    Everything seems to be working as advertised. And it seems to be helping my allergies. I'm just not thrilled with the ozone smell while using my mask. But if it keeps my CPAP free of germs It's a small price to pay. I'm sure I'll get used to it in time. The good out weighs the bad.
    Written by bobb-46097, -2018-09-29

  • Same unit others sell but 60 bucks less. "AWESOME "

    What's to tell. Arrived quickly and 20 % less money.
    Written by arne4long, -2018-09-29

    Very Convenient but nose pillow has a strong odor after cleaning is done. I run cpap for 30 sec. before putting mask on which helps.
    Written by irheller03291947, -2018-09-19

  • complicated Instructions

    Haven’t been able to hook it up yet. The instructions are complicated. Will I be able to use it with more than one cpap machine. My husbands has a humidifier and mine is 9 years old and does not.
    Written by vjegator, -2018-08-29

  • Very satisfied

    Easy to order, good price with the discount. Would recommend to my friends.
    Written by rar4228, -2018-08-27

  • Bipap cleaner

    great product, still getting use too the smell of the ozone.
    Written by thomas_r_may, -2018-08-25

  • My clean machine

    Only had It a week but love the idea of all my equipment staying clean and all I have to do is put mask attached to hose in machine and let it go
    Written by lbsconst, -2018-08-18

  • Was really easy to use

    Was really easy to use like the timer
    Written by bochlr1589, -2018-08-16

  • Convenient

    So far easy to use and nice not having to clean all my cPap parts. Not noticing the smell as much after the first week.
    Written by wesewit, -2018-08-14

  • Expensive Filter

    They charge WAY too much $$ for their replacement filters. They should be selling just the black foam instead of a more expensive package that includes the plastic housing.
    Written by JB, WA -2018-07-27

  • Superb

    I was a bit skeptical and delayed buying. That was. A big mistake. I love It. So easy in the morning to simply drop in the mask and lock in the hose. It starts cleaning at 10 AM and is finished by 12 PM. Don’t delay. I had been having trouble with pneumonia, and believe my cleaning protocol was not effective . Be sure to take advantage of the discount coupon that CPAPXchange offers. With the discount and no sales tax, I saved almost $100 compared with buying at home in Florida. Note:The price includes a necessary adapter.
    Written by “Van”, Naples, FL -2018-07-27

  • Excellent choice

    CpapXchange excellent, accurate, quick service and best price around. The cleaning machine is fantastic, in one week I can easily see the extra benefit of a cleaner mask and equipment.
    Written by stone8pin, -2018-07-25

  • Excellent service

    Purchasing was easy. Shipping service was fast and reliable.
    Written by sf-617, -2018-07-24

  • Works Great well packaged.

    Well packaged 3 boxes. The machine works great, the only thing I have problems with is remembering to put my mask in the machine.
    Written by rec-6499, -2018-07-14

  • Soclean 2

    My cpap does smell clean after the cleaning. The only fault I found after using for a week, is that the SoClean cover doesn't open easily, and its a bit noisy.
    Written by teck12p, -2018-07-12

  • Great purchase

    cpapexchange was super fast in shipping. I would recommend buying a So Clean machine to anyone that wants the ease of cleaning your equipment. So easy to set up. Every night I put it on, it smells clean and I’m rest assured it is germ and bacteria free!
    Written by lancemillard, -2018-07-10

    Shipped on time, great price.
    Written by rbcitty, -2018-07-07

  • Fast shipping and big discount

    Have yet to use the machine, but looking forward to it!!
    Written by mshimek, -2018-07-05

  • I Love this machne and wish I had purchased one sooner

    The bottom line is if you use a CPAP, you really need one of these, so much better than the do it yourself method.
    Written by aaffeld, -2018-06-16

  • so nice & clean

    love the great clean smell . little noisy so it is set for mid afternoon operation
    Written by MAKINGWAVES, -2018-06-15

  • Order was fulfilled accurately

    Order was fulfilled accurately, with the requested adapter for my cpap machine. No negatives, for the overall experience.
    Written by MikeThorne, -2018-06-10

  • Great product

    Cheapest anywhere. Great service!
    Written by craigsoko, -2018-06-06

  • Ozone

    Works great! Easy, automated and clean. I would give it five stars, but I don’t like the heavy ozone smell that lingers, even after airing out 8+ hours.
    Written by fikethis, -2018-06-05

  • No more cleaning CPAP

    Love the So Clean 2 CPAP cleaner. Not more cleaning with white vinegar. Just take off mask and put into So Clean2. Leaves a nice ozone smell.
    Written by jgerace47, -2018-06-04

  • Love it

    EASY, PEASY grateful product!!!
    Written by mswebber75, -2018-05-31

  • Soclean CPAP cleaner

    I hate putting things together but eventually after looking at some videos and asking people online, i got it hooked up. I keep it next to the CPAP and it's very easy to use, once it's all ready to go. I do the sanitize in the morning so that any odors have dissappated when it's time to use.
    Written by lorie25394, -2018-05-30

  • Expensive but worth it

    The machine saves time and removes the need for cleaning the equipment after each use. I still choose to change the water each day which may not be necessary.
    Written by jchwalsko, -2018-05-29

  • So easy!!

    This machine makes cleaning your CPAP a no brainer. It is super simple and works great!
    Written by cagleclan-67087, -2018-05-10

  • Worth the money

    So far so good. Great product, which has made my life a lot easier. Cleans everything even my headgear. I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from Sleep Apnea. I have only had the SoClean a short time so I can't give a long term review. I will have to wait and see. Product is worth the money.
    Written by Vulcanern, -2018-05-08

  • Great Buying Experience!

    Good company, great price and fast shipping. Would definitely recommend to family or friends that need cpap/bipap equipment.
    Written by DHead, -2018-05-06

  • Excellent product

    I ordered our second So Cleanand am very happy with the purchase. My husband and I are both new cpap users and had been sharing one So Clean. It was somewhat of a hassle having to move mine everyday to use the So Clean. We both had an upper respiratory infection, which I don’t think was related to our sharing the So Clean, but my husband wanted to get another one so there will be no chance of cross contamination. Delivery was as promised and the price was great!
    Written by dewj62, -2018-04-24

  • Works very well.

    Works very well and I love the automated cleaning at my scheduled time every day. The odor is a little bothersome ,but it helps to purge the hose for 20-40 seconds with air before use. Great to have clean equipment to use every night.
    Written by robertkapinos, -2018-04-22

  • Great item

    It is so easy to use the SoClean. I'll admit, I didn't clean my cpap as often as I should have, but now I clean it every day using the SoClean. When I put it on at night it smells very clean. I just love it and have recommended it to several of my friends
    Written by gcweakly-90627, -2018-04-20

  • Awesome machine

    Very happy with my purchase, precise instructions, packaging, and timely delivery. Would recommend to anyone using a CPAP machine for sleeping.
    Written by aneubert-52974, -2018-04-20

  • Very happy with this purchase.

    Putting on a freshly cleaned mask each night is a real treat. Didn't know what I was missing by manually cleaning mask before.
    Written by patbokeefe, -2018-04-17

  • Excelllent

    Great Price, Excellent product and fast shipping.
    Written by sahill827, -2018-04-15

    I have been using my machine for less than a week, so far so good. First time using it the smell bothered me but now I let it run for 30 minuets and that has helped.
    Written by nanbro61, -2018-04-10

  • Didn't Work

    Not enough information given in the advertisement, after receiving could not use because it would not Sanitize hose because electric hoses need another adapter which has a added cost. Also discovered in the information that came with the SoClean that you could get a terrible smell on the mask after it being sanitized with the Soclean that didn't appeal to me. I return the product to where I purchased it and I am now awaiting a full refund of my purchase.
    Written by artjw4, -2018-04-09

  • I should have gotten one before this.

    I didn't clean my bipap near what I should have. The SoClean 2 gets it cleaner than I ever did. I could never have imagined how easy it is to use.
    Written by jimroche, -2018-04-02

  • Very happy with the soclean2 .. Not happy with shipping even thow its free

    Very happy with price but shipping could be alot better even this its free . it said it was coming sat but never showed up until Tuesday.. They ship ups to ur local USPS . just needed it to go out of town with me .. So that's my only complaint ..
    Written by Hunt4343, -2018-04-02

  • Great product

    Product arrived on time, was somewhat easy to attach to my cpap machine. Seems to be working well, only have used it a few days. Service was great from cpapxchange and have already suggested them to a friend.
    Written by glo11288, -2018-03-30

  • Is excellent

    Is excellent I just started using it no more than almost a week ago and I could tell the difference how I sleep I wake up and how I feel
    Written by vito2011sr, -2018-03-29

  • best retailer.....

    Before purchasing my SoClean from cpaxchange I had shopped around for the best price and this retailer had the best price by far. I had also talked to a customer representative by the name of Karen on the phone and she was able to answer all by questions., it was a pleasure talking to her....She went above and beyond to ensure that I had all by questions answered...
    Written by rdblair33, -2018-03-28

  • SoClean2

    Assembly was easy in addition to attaching it to my Resmed AirCurve10. It's so simple to put my mask and hose in the chamber after use each morning and then forget about it. Once cleaned, there's a fresh scent on my nasal mask and it's ready to go! I'm glad the SoClean2 was recommended to me by a friend.
    Written by yeezmail, -2018-03-26

  • Regular shippong

    Got it in stated arrival date with tracking. No damage.
    Written by dwhathaway, -2018-03-23

  • Quick shipping. Great price

    Works great wish I would have bought this years ago
    Written by Pauljpantano-47319, -2018-03-23

  • so clean 2

    Been only a week but great so far , wish i found this a long time ago
    Written by latkins6, -2018-03-22

  • Breathe easy

    Product was available at a competitive price. Product was shipped and received in a timely manner.
    Written by wwking97, -2018-03-14

  • Great device!

    Easy to use; Saves a lot of time!
    Written by dougrooj, -2018-03-14

  • Great step forward

    This has made my life so much easier. No worry about cleaning anymore what a great step forward.
    Written by delisby, -2018-03-12

  • Device did the trick.

    The first time thru on the mask and hoses I had been using (after a complete washing with the pre wash solution) the odor was exceedingly strong. After airing the mask & hose out for a day and a second run thru the SoClean the odor was no longer a problem. I did notice that after 3 or 4 days use, my normal morning nasal congestion has all but disappeared. That's waht I was after when I ordered it.
    Written by oldpete, -2018-03-09

  • Works great

    Easy to use...keeps everything real clean
    Written by wnorwich, -2018-03-07

  • Advances in Sleep Apnea

    Felt something like this would minimize re-infection from colds. Shopped around and found CPAP Exchange to have the best pricing. Two comments though, during it's short cycle 7 or so minutes it is a bit noisy. So schedule a time when it will not startle someone else . Secondly, although my large nose/mouth mask does fit, I do not believe a "full face" mask will. Regarding some of the negative comments that I have seen, upon removal, the mask has a nice "fresh" smell.
    Written by MAKINGWAVES, -2018-03-06

  • Great cleaner

    Works great just put mask in an goes on everyday automatically
    Written by Johnootz711, -2018-03-03

  • great product

    Easy to set up and used works great glad I purchased this product. Thanks
    Written by npresto1, -2018-03-02

    Great price, delivered within a few days. Will definitely use thus company in the future for supplies.
    Written by sober397, -2018-03-01

  • no more cleaning by hand

    got my socleak2 hooked it up so easy just put mask and headgear in shut lid and forget it comes out clean no problem with smell now igo to bed and feel safe with no germs
    Written by bob_alley, -2018-02-23

  • Great Decision.

    Love it. Excellent purchase. So easy to use. Highly recommend purchasing.
    Written by RADFORDHOCKEY, -2018-02-23

  • SoClean2

    I've only been using it for less than a week but it sure beats washing/cleaning the parts daily by hand.
    Written by JoeAZ, -2018-02-14

  • Arrived On-time!

    Smooth Transaction and Shipping.
    Written by cgoodrich2001, -2018-02-14

  • Makes my cpap give off a horrible scent!

    Love the sanitation, but honestly, the odor the machine produces when it sanitizes is horrible! The obnoxious scent permeates into the complete interior of the cpap, hoses, mask, etc.! Unfortunately the repulsive smell does not dissipate but remains and makes the air coming through the cpap filled with this disgusting horrific scent!!!!
    Written by GBitner0000, -2018-02-12

    CXC Notes: Hello, What you smell is not ozone; the equipment is being oxidized with activated oxygen, and that is what you smell – it is completely safe. Some suggestions to lessen the smell: 1) Make sure you use the neutralizing pre-wash. 2) Increase the cleaning time to 12 minutes for a few weeks, then decrease to 7 minutes. 3) Blow air from your CPAP through your mask for 5 minutes before using it. 4) Do not use fragrance wipes or any fragrance products to clean you CPAP equipment, as this will intensify the smell. Please make sure the SoClean lid is shut securely and that your CPAP cleaner and sanitizer is connected to the SoClean securely. Some ozone molecules may escape into the air, but they will be so dispersed in the volume of air in the room, and will not pose a hazard. Sleep well!

  • SoClean2 pap cleaner

    My purchase of the SoClean2 pap cleaner from cpapXchange went flawlessly. They answered my questions with professionalism prior to my purchase. They shipped my machine when promised and it arrived promptly. The machine was easy to set up and the directions were easy to follow. It is reassuring to know my CPAP machine is clean and sanitized each time I use it now. There is a bit of an Oder from the cleaning process but it has not been difficult to adjust to it. I am very satisfied with the SoClean2 and with cpapXchange.
    Written by fgpotter, -2018-02-10

  • Clean at last!!

    I ordered one of these finally and I am amazed at how good it works. Cpapxchange was very prompt and also best price.
    Written by honda1985, -2018-02-07

  • so clean 2 CPAP cleaner

    Best price I could find, fast service, easy setup..only had it a week but use it every day so far very happy with it. I did 't clean it before very often so nice to know it gets disinfected every day. SO EASY TO USE..
    Written by dclee1965, -2018-02-02

  • Very pleased

    No more worries if my cpap is clean and what a time saver
    Written by roliguez, -2018-01-30

  • SoClean review

    Unit operates as advertised, but does leave a noticeable odor in the hose and mask after it sanitizes them. I am still trying to get used to the odor... even after cleaning the parts before sanitizing them with the cleanser provided and running the CPAP for a minute to clear the odor out before putting it on to use .
    Written by kamabe26, -2018-01-29

  • Just proves how lazy I am.

    I love this machine. It takes the hassle out of keeping my CPAP clean. AND it does it better than I could do it manually. I have noticed, too, that my nose is not as stuffy as before I started using the So clean. Maybe it is all in my head, but that's where my sinuses are.
    Written by mgrangerbrown, -2018-01-25

  • Good Product

    Seems to clean my Cpap but can not tell if it does the job advertised. Gives the Cpap a different type of smell but when used it diminishes. Adapter for my S9 makes closing the reservoir hard to do but works. In time I think it will be good especially saving the constant cleaning of the mask and tubing.
    Written by Johnbevroth, -2018-01-25

  • Ed loves his SoClean

    Easy setup and use. I feel a great deal of relief in knowing I'm not allowing bacteria from my mask to re-enter my body. I had been ill with flu symptoms earlier and did not seem to be recovering as I should have. When I saw the TV commercial about a CPAP mask could be making you ill I put two and two together and decided to give the SoClean product a try, especially after going to and urgent care facility and being told I did not test for influenza. It was then I knew it was something different and possibly more serious. Been feeling much better since beginning usage several weeks ago.
    Written by smprfi, -2018-01-22

  • Wow SoClean is GREAT!!

    I bought SoClean ® Sanitizer I love it! This is so easy to use, was so simple to set up. Now I sleep until about 6 am I wake up well rested but I did have a problem this morning with my SoClean I was surprised- I actually slept in until 10am and I heard this noise couldn't figure it out until I finally thought of my cleaner good thing it woke me up the morning is almost over with but I have to admit it felt real good to sleep in but back to my machine my BiPap even smells clean if any one has to sleep with a BiPap or CPap you really need to get this machine I dont wake up with a sore throat any more and knock on wood no colds or respertory problems you really need to get one you can find them on line for less if you do your home work but this site was the cheapest!! If I could I would buy one for my brother. I would but right now after Christmas money is kind of tight but soon I will order him one Im telling you this So Clean is GREAT and I recommend it to everybody and anybody! Bonnie M.
    Written by BMRif55, -2018-01-22

  • SoClean2

    Love it. It's great to have that fresh clean smell every time I use my cpap. The Soclean is so easy to use. I just put it in my machine and close the door. The machine sanitizes my cpap at the automatic time I set. My cpap is fresh and ready when I am ready to sleep. It's great.
    Written by davidstrunk49, -2018-01-21

  • Won't Do Without

    Easy to use and maintain. Highly recommended.
    Written by gpdaniel-30823, -2018-01-20

  • Great product !!

    I love the fresh smell and knowing it is ALL clean !!!! Best price I could find too !! Thanks !!
    Written by SteveWhite-73980, -2018-01-20

  • Awesome

    Works as advertised.Product is made well.
    Written by markschuerman, -2018-01-19

  • So-Clean 2

    After receiving my So-Clean I noticed the different in the odor of my Mass that felt clean love it.
    Written by chago6468, -2018-01-16

    Grear product, price and communications. Great company to do business with.
    Written by 2bagift, -2018-01-07

  • It works - just as easily & effectively as advertised

    Washing CPAP equipment is a drag - this product seems to completely remove the task from one's daily routine. Easy to setup and use.
    Written by davidmankin, -2018-01-07

  • Great if your using cpap/bi/pap

    since using SoClean even the water left in machine is always clear and clean
    Written by ricbrdbry2, -2018-01-05

  • Happy!

    Happy with purchase! Got a good deal and it arrived right on time!
    Written by 4redbarn, -2018-01-02

  • Easiest Set Up and Use EVER

    Don't bother with the instructions, just go to the website for instructions. So much easier to understand. I didn't know what I needed when I bought it, but the basic set up is all you need to start. You won't need the cleaning kit with the filter and tubing for six months. It makes life so much easier, and wouldn't give it up for the world now.
    Written by slmcmillen, -2018-01-02

  • Parts expensive

    The maintenance parts cost $60+ a year (didn't mention that in the advertising), machine requires reprograming of the time at the slightest power glitch, sounds like a lawn mower when working. Otherwise I like the machine and use it daily.
    Written by Rick, Green Bay, VA -2017-12-28

  • So far it is doing like it should

    I have had a CPAP machine for 15 years now and this is a God send no cleaning like I once did
    Written by olebanjo, -2017-12-27

  • Good Purchase

    Easy to use and I noticed a clean scent to my nose pillow device.
    Written by rudanjerry, -2017-12-27

  • Great folks!! Great product.

    My SoCean 2 was a Christmas present from my wife that I picked out. It arrived quickly and was easy to assemble with just a quick trip to the website to answer a quick question. Yes, it was easy to access and get the answer. It seems to do exactly what I wanted it to do. Although I just gave it its first run, it seems to be top notch. As a thought, the unit uses ozone in the process and somebody not familiar with that scent while it is operating might be concerned. Don't be. It's doing what it is supposed to do. It goes away quickly. Incidentally, this is my second purchase from cpapXchange. Each time the service has been quick, easy, and quite affordable. Shipping times were amazing. My first purchase did involve an exchange due to a size change. This was handled very easily ... and they even tossed in some additional goodies in the return package. They are my "go to" folks for my cpap stuff.
    Written by randkmcgraw, -2017-12-26

  • Great Product

    Purchase was quick and easy. Shipment arrived on time. Product was packaged well. I've used the SoClean Sanitizer for about a week now and it works great. No more having to wash and clean in the sink or shower and waiting for it to dry. It also sanitizes the mask, hose and water tank at the same time.
    Written by dustinfore, -2017-12-21


    The SoClean is so easy to set up and use! the first time I sanitized my Cpap I could not believe the difference having everything clean and fresh. Ive been using CPAP machines for 8 years without the SoClean cleaning mask and tubing manually and not often enough (usually when in c this is so easy just drop your mask in the machine close the lid and it takes care of the cleaning for you. If you are on the fence about buying SoClean jump in it WORKS !!
    Written by gossml, -2017-12-18

  • So far so good !

    Began using my SoClean Sanitizer about 2 weeks ago and so far its been excellent. It is a little noisy but that only lasts for 7 minutes and the odor that some people talk about is really unnoticeable as I open the window during the 7 minutes the machine is operating. When the 2 hour cleaning cycle is completed I remove the mask turn my CPAP machine on for about 30 seconds, then when I'm ready to retire later that evening there isn't any residual odor coming from the hose.
    Written by delello606, -2017-12-17

  • Beats daily cleaning

    so far very happy with soclean ,sure saves time and works great
    Written by ricbrdbry2, -2017-12-16

  • Nice unit easy to use

    Just got it but easy to use did a nice job so far
    Written by marshallfrantz, -2017-12-12

  • Relieves the cleaning burden

    I work 3rd shift. This device releives the daily burden of cleaning before I leave for work. I can deep clean on the weekend.
    Written by sharper1-73303, -2017-12-11

  • I hate cleaning my mask

    The mask smells cleaner and all I did was put it in the machine and close the cover. Simple.
    Written by bcornett859, -2017-12-11

  • now i have to by another one

    the only bad thing I can say about it is now i have to by another one. Because it works so well and we both have cpap machines and I cant figure out a easy way of doing the two cpaps!
    Written by jchendy, -2017-12-11

  • Quick shippping

    Product as described and shipped quickly; would buy from these people again. Thank you.
    Written by gpaturalski, -2017-12-04

  • great

    great worked great everthing was great
    Written by sheetsg71, -2017-11-27

  • Great Experience

    After looking at all the websites advertising the SoClean machine at $299.99, I was extremely happy to find this website with a price of only $254.99, and that included shipping. I always like saving money and $45 is nothing to sneeze at. Everything was easy to navigate thru, product arrived quickly and in great condition. As for the machine itself, I certainly don't think it's worth $199.99, much less $299.99. so far it's working fine and doing what it's supposed to do, but this could just as easily been priced at $99.99 and they would still be making lots of money!
    Written by kpm8301, -2017-11-20

  • Finally clean!

    I have always been concerned about the cleanliness of my Dream machine. I now feel confident that it is germ free.
    Written by steger68, -2017-11-12

  • Happy in Hutto TX

    Easy setup and use. A great product.
    Written by rayharper308, -2017-11-09

  • SoClean

    Very very happy with the product and with thank you
    Written by fbdrz52, -2017-11-01

  • Great!

    I enjoy the auto of the system and the thought that I have a clean system every night. I have a worry of lung infection because of my condition. So I feel unworried with going to bed without worry. I always feel that I will be safer.
    Written by theframes, -2017-10-24

  • Easy to use. Works!

    Was able to understand questions with help from customer service. Very pleased,
    Written by sandrachisholm11, -2017-10-21

  • Clean C-pap

    I love this product. It works well, and it is wonderful that any bacteria will be eliminated. There is a different kind of smell when it has finished cleaning, but nothing bad. I just turn on my machine for a few mins. before putting my mask on, and it seems to disapate.
    Written by bc8232fd, -2017-10-20

  • Cleaner Air

    Watched website video an was easy to setup.
    Written by Larryt817, -2017-09-25

  • Best deal available.

    Great savings. Checked several sites, better by far
    Written by lindsaygl70, -2017-09-25

  • Deegirl54

    I love the Soclean Sanitizer. The smell is a little strong, but I will get used to it.
    Written by jonquilr, -2017-09-25

  • Worth every penny!'

    After six weeks of using my cpap machine , I started to wake up with a sore throat. I spent several hours on the internet reading the reviews. The reviews were mixed, however I thought that I was going to invest the money and buy a SoClean sanitizer. All the sites that I was on, the price was $299.00. This site was by far the cheapest !! Since I have been using the SoClean, I have NOT had a sore throat. A lot of the reviews mentioned that there was a funky smell after using it, the only smell that there is was a nice FRESH smell!!!! I am totally satisfied with my SoClean!!!
    Written by lenzkaren, -2017-09-19

  • Machine Fine--shipping terrible took 13days from east coast to the west coast they used UPS and USPS shipping

    Ihave only used it one night so far since i just received it and got it set up. The company needs to look at their shipping procedures.
    Written by wjwachal, -2017-09-17

  • I am happy I bought it

    I am so glad I bought this machine. It is easy to use and it has even helped me breath better during the day. I have a mask that is hard to clean and it keeps my nose cushions nice and flexible.
    Written by Clyde G, Saint Paul, MN -2017-08-24

  • Solves the Problem of Keeping Your CPAP Really Clean

    So Clean solves a nagging problem all CPAP users face: keeping the unit clean and sanitized, This does the job so easily and effectively it is an investment worth the cost. My only caveat is if you travel often, you have to disassemble the (Resmed) humidity chamber to put the former lid back on. It would be easier to invest in a second water chamber to avoid this problem: an adapted one for So Clean, and one for the road. Also you need a filter kit every six months, but the neutralizing pre-wash option is not required for the unit; it is just to wash your mask, and you may have soap already for that. Although it may seem expensive, once you have this cleaning machine, the value will soon become apparent.
    Written by garycocozzoli, Southfield, Michigan -2017-08-19

  • Exactly what I ordered and was the was cheapest price...

    Exactly what I ordered and was the was cheapest price in the whole Nation!!!!!! THANKS"
    Written by fcgiacomo, -2017-08-14

  • great

    It serves it's purpose and I feel great in the morning as compared to before the usage. There is a slight non offensive odor at the beginning of the start-up for use but it clears after a few minutes. NOT a bother at all. Great machine and I don't have the terrible am chest congestion I had before
    Written by clydell59, -2017-08-08

  • Awsome

    Makes CPAP cleaning so much easier. My allergies seem better now as well.
    Written by lewisdulek, -2017-07-31

  • Very easy to set up

    Went to UTube and set it right up, easy as pie. I feel better now knowing my cpap is clean and safe to use. Was so happy with it my friends had me order 2 for them.
    Written by ppalmer9898, Dothan, Ala. -2017-07-28

  • Excellent product

    Excellent product, works exactly like it says, easy set up, no chemical/cleaner odor, don't have to worry about cross contamination if I have a cold or respiratory infection. Would recommend to anyone who uses a CPAP.
    Written by swmarq4, Presque Isle, Maine -2017-07-05

  • Love it!!! Very easy!!

    Very easy to assemble and love how fresh and sanitized my mask and hose are. Takes up little room on my nightstand.
    Written by DarkSeaGreenRaccoon, -2017-06-28

  • Excellent Product & Price from CPAPxChange

    I love my SoClean! I am sharing my experience with all my family that uses a CPAP. Thanks so much.
    Written by gradyriggins, Knoxville, TN -2017-06-01

  • cleans mask in 10 minutes or less. no breathing issues....

    cleans mask in 10 minutes or less. no breathing issues. Only issue is the buzzing it makes for the 10 minutes or less.
    Written by jmwsew, -2017-05-28

  • would recommend to others.

    A bit noisy but is used during the day. Slight odor left in mask Have been breathing better since I aquired and used the machine.
    Written by 98rdking, new hampshire -2017-05-27

  • A good cleaner

    Tough to open the lid with the device on the floor. Otherwise, seems like a good product after my first week of use.
    Written by DAVEMENDER, TN -2017-05-16

  • The SoClean 2 works very well without any cleaning agents. I don't like the smel. it leave on my mask.

    It was easy to set up and use. It leaves the mask and hose clean but it leaves a funny smell in the mask. I get used to the smell in a few minutes when I use the mask.
    Written by LightGoldenrodYellowRhinoceros, Cleveland, OH -2017-05-12

  • excellant product

    so far s good and I hope it does what it's supposed to I own a ozone generator and I don't think it's all that great
    Written by PinkSherbetXerinae, -2017-03-24

  • Work Great !

    Works as described - love the idea that I don't have to do any maintenance for 6 months ! The fresh smell makes me feel assured that it is clean...
    Written by FluorescentOrangeMeerkat-2153, -2017-03-24

  • Very happy

    My whole system smells cleaner and I feel more confident that I don't have hidden bacteria growing in my cpap.
    Written by jdshields-11636, -2017-03-17

  • Saves a lot of work

    Sanitizes easily. I put the mask in when I take it off in the morning and put the humidifier out to dry. Later in the day I put the humidifier back in and let the automatic timer run at 7:30. Before using the cleaned unit it helps to run the CPAP/BIPAP for a minute or so to flush out the ozone from the humidifier and the long tube for the mask.
    Written by bigfoothsd, -2017-03-09

  • SoClean

    I have always found cpapxchange to be a very reliable company My So clean was Easy to order, arrived promptly, exactly what I wanted and was cheaper thru cpapxchange than any other vendor
    Written by GRAMMYNED, -2017-03-08

  • Excellent product

    Easy to use. Does a great job cleaning the mask and cpap. I like the auto timer feature for daily cleaning.
    Written by wck-8542, -2017-03-07

  • new user/ pleased so far. easy set up and use...

    new user/ pleased so far. easy set up and use instructions. I would recommend this product to someone with sleep apnea
    Written by bhk10653, -2017-02-22

  • So-clean

    I am very happy with my so-clean. I feel my equipment is so much cleaner now. It was easy to set up and easy to use. Will definitely use your web-site again. Thanks
    Written by Vickie, -2016-12-25

  • SoClean

    Seems to work ok. Only had it for a week. Told my pulmonary doctor about the machine and he had never heard of them. But, he was very interested in them. Seems a lot of his patients don't clean their machines often enough, if ever.
    Written by Rick, -2016-12-17

  • Was curious

    After reading multiple reviews on the SoClean unit I had to see for myself. I have been using now for about a week and so far I am pleased with the ease of use and the piece of mind knowing my system is sanitized. There is an odor due to the super oxygenation but you only notice this for a couple minutes when you first put your mask on, I am glad I purchased
    Written by Darrell, -2016-12-14

  • SoClean is a godsend

    Could not be happier with how much faster and easier it is to keep CPAP water tank, hoses and facemask clean every day in combination with SoClean wipes for removing skin oils, etc. from facemask. Replaced the entire air path from water tank through facemask after a sinus infection that took 3 months to recover. The SoClean seems to be doing a more consistent cleaning job than I previously did, as I have not had any reoccurances.
    Written by Hal, -2016-11-28

  • So Easy to Use!

    For over a year I have struggled cleaning all my BiPaP machine parts for over a year. I have had lung infections apparently not cleaning thoroughly enough! This machine has made my life SO much easier! I had gotten a discount which made the price sweet & free shipping that was fast & the service was great. I highly recommend this product & company!
    Written by Marsha, -2016-11-07

  • So Clean 2

    I've been using the So Clean 2 for about a week now, but have noticed that after the cycle the mask has a very strong smell. So far running air through the CPAP for 20 seconds and extending the cycle per instructions hasn't helped and I had to change masks. As far as I can tell its sanitizing ok, but the strong smell gives me a headache.
    Written by Lea, -2016-11-05

  • Really stops infections!!!

    I was so amazed at the ease of assembly. And more pleased with the results. Cleaning and sanitizing the cpap machine is such a simple no brainer. I needed something. And this is exactly what I was praying for. It WORKS!
    Written by Denise M, -2016-11-05

  • This product is really good. Every CPAP user should have one.

    I normally do not write reviews. Don't like nor want to. Will make an exception here. It woks as described, is easy to install and it really takes care of the cleaning and bacterial issues a normal CPAP machine has. I had certain respiratory problems before I used this machine, in spite of hand washing the mask every day and soaking the rest of the system in water and vinegar for 12 hours plus once every 3 weeks. Those issues are now gone completely.

    The unpleasant smell that is present after the use of the system and that some reviewers complain about, does disappear by turning it on a few times for a few minutes after the daily cleaning. One of those purchases that is worth every penny paid, in spite of the price.
    Written by Victor R F, -2016-09-27

  • Great sanitizer

    So glad that I bought this. The mask still needs to be washed by hand but it is so much cleaner than before. Slight Ozone smell when I first put it on but I can tell that there aren't any gross germs in there like before. I highly recommend this.
    Written by Steven, -2016-09-20

  • SoClean2

    This is a great product. Very easy to use everyday so you don't have to worry about sanitization of your machine.
    Written by MICHAEL D, -2016-08-22

  • SoClean® 2 CPAP/BiPAP Cleaner

    Best thing I ever bought.
    Written by TDFenner, -2016-08-21

  • SoLean2

    Works great. Nice to have the mask sanitized on a daily basis. No chemicals. Awesome product!!
    Written by Billy V, -2016-05-25

  • so clean so wonderfull

    works great so far..
    Written by gary, -2016-05-17

  • Elegantly designed, easy to use

    I am so happy I took the plunge and bought the SoClean2. It does just what it says and it does it almost completely automatically. I just have to put the mask in the machine and close the lid. The machine is preprogrammed to run at 10:00am automatically, unless I decide to change that. It came ready to go out of the box; I just had to change the little tubing with the included alternate tubing for my Phillips model. Easy peasy. Love the satisfaction knowing my equipment is now truly clean. I highly recommend it. It is elegantly designed, well made, easy to use.
    Written by Merilee B, -2016-05-13

  • So Clean CPAP cleaner

    Easy to set up, easy to use, so glad I got it. It was a pain to clean the CPAP, and I never did it often enough. Now I know it's clean with no effort on my part!
    Written by Linda C, -2016-05-07

  • SoClean 2 Cleaner & Sanitizer

    I believe this is the best buying decision I have made for my health while using a CPAP machine. Most of us lead busy lives and do not clean our CPAP equipment as we are instructed.This little machine will make living with a CPAP a breeze because it is automatic and does all of the work for work for you. Money well spent.
    Written by Darrell B., -2016-04-24

  • SoClean cpap cleaner sanitizer

    Love this cleaner for my husband. He sometimes tried to clean it himself but, it was a hassle. Now with the SoClean sanitizer I don't worry anymore if it will be clean. This machine is great for someone who is lazy and does not take care of their cpap equipment. Love it!!!!!
    Written by Jackie B, -2015-10-15

  • SoClean® 2 CPAP/BiPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

    Nice looking, Super easy to use. I'm all about easy. Sure a lot easier than tearing my mask all apart to clean. Just drop the mask in close the lid. At 10;00am it starts, Can't get any easier than that.
    Written by Tom T, -2015-09-30

  • Cleans well, but systems integration is a bit lacking.

    Everyone else will rave and all that about how good the cleaning is, and it is indeed very good. It only took 2-3 nights to convince me that it was worth using. It took a months-old mask from icky to okay, and it's kept a brand new mask smelling just fine. My main complaint is in the connection to the humidifier. The SoClean has a tube that they put inline with your humidifier and hose. The outside diameter of the male fitting is far too small for a standard-size female receptacle, whether it be on a hose fitting or something like a filter (which I use). After movement caused the hose to disconnect five times in one night, I (not so happily, per my fiancée) ripped the SoClean's fitting off of the humidifier, threw it down, and put the filter directly on the chamber, where the fit was perfect.
    Written by Geoffrey M., -2015-09-07

  • SoClean

    Excellent product! Cleans my entire CPAP unit throughly and easily. No more morning scrubbing and washing. Well worth the price.
    Written by John, -2015-03-31

  • Love it!

    This unit does an amazing job cleaning our tubing, masks, and humidifiers. We don't allow the ozone to penetrate the CPAP, however. We remove the humidifier from the CPAP and simply put a cork (shaved down a bit) into the humidifier port. Ozone can damage the CPAP, or so I've read.
    Written by TedHTL, -2015-03-23

  • Oh So Clean

    I had no idea my equipment had such a odd smell. First night, WOW, the air was so clean. Slept like I did with new equipment. Easy to setup and the auto schedule makes it almost a given daily.
    Written by M. Smith, -2015-03-19

  • So clean 2

    I have been using so clean 2 for the last 2 weeks and it seems to be that it is working. As i don't smell the stale air whenever i wear my mask in the evening. The only hassle I have is the small hose that goes to the humidifier of the S9, it's a pain in the... whenever i insert it and remove it. Because I have to remove the cover of the water container just to insert it properly. Otherwise, it's doing good and the smell is great.
    Written by Manny, -2015-03-05

  • Fantastic Product!

    I am really loving my SoClean 2 cpap cleaner so far. The smell takes a bit of getting used to, but it really is a great product that has simplified cleaning my cpap so much. Thank you so much to Cpapexchange for delivering it so promptly!
    Written by Chad McD, -2015-03-04

  • SoClean 2

    My husband and I have been using a CPAP machine for over 10 years now. I don't clean our masks or hoses as often as I should. The SoClean2 is wonderful! I clean my mask one day and then the next day I clean my husbands. I feel like this is helping to keep our mask and hoses very clean and our air and lungs healthier. I would definitely purchase this again worth every penny.
    Written by Mary L., -2015-02-03

  • Makes my day ... every day!

    What a relief to be able to stop fretting about cleaning my CPAP, which I rarely did because it's just so awkward. This machine is so easy, so convenient. Glad I made the purchase!
    Written by ezh45, -2014-11-13

  • Easy Clean

    It works exactly as advertised. The easiest way to clean your BiPap correctly and prevent the transmission of bacteria.
    Written by Swede, -2014-10-08


    It is really easy to program and use. It frees me from dumping all the water out every morning to prevent bacteria growth. I really like it.
    Written by Happy, -2014-10-05

  • SoClean2 BiPAP Cleaner

    Easy to set up, easy to use. Takes care of the cleaning automatically. Great!
    Written by David L., -2014-09-13

  • Peace of Mind

    The SoClean is easy to setup and runs everyday on schedule. In the morning I wipe down my mask with a citrus wipe and place the mask including head gear in to the SoClean. I like the very visible indicator lights so I can see with a quick glance when I get home that it ran properly. Only once have I had a failed cycle and it was because I didn't seat the hose properly. The peace of mind knowing I have a sterilized mask, hose and humidifier chamber everyday is priceless. My setup: Respironics REMStar Plus M‑Series w/intergrated humidifier ComfortGel BLUE Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask w/headgear
    Written by Rus, -2014-05-27

  • So far, so GREAT

    I've been using it for almost two weeks and it may be simple coincidence, but my cough has abated. Honestly, I'm not anal about cleaning my masking and tube daily as it's a hassle. The SoClean2 is so easy and it seems to be working very well. I put the mask in, connected to the hose, and the special adaptor for my humidifier (FP 604), and press the button -- two hours later, it's done. Some people might not care for the scent, but I don't mind it.
    Written by ctc in the poconos, -2014-05-26