SomnoPlus Nasal Mask - DISCONTINUED


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  • For Reference:Discontinued 2012-12-28
  • Brand:Drive DeVilbiss
  • Part Numbers:WM25800, WM25810, WM25820, WM25830
  • Sizes:Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large

The SomnoPlus Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask offers combines flexibility with exceptional fit to provide sleep therapy comfort throughout the night. The lightweight design allows for freedom of movement for even the most active sleeper. The extremely quiet exhalation system allows you and your partner to sleep soundly and comfortably. Available in four sizes (ExtraSmall, Small, Medium & Large), SomnoPlus features integrated pressure measurement ports to allow convenient pressure measurement at the mask.

Designed to adjust easily and precisely, the SomnoPlus Nasal Mask provides a custom fit with two-way adjustable forehead support and breathable headgear. SomnoPlus is made to fit every patient therapy and lifestyle.


  • Ball-and-Socket Elbow Joint allows even the most active sleeper to move freely and comfortably without mask pull
  • Exceptionally Quiet Exhalation System means that the patient and bed partners sleep soundly with minimal noise
  • Small, Lightweight Design is comfortable for extended use
  • Two-Way Adjustable Forehead Support provides customized fit
  • Broad Forehead Support evenly distributes pressure, minimizing uncomfortable pressure points on the forehead and nose
  • Easy-to-Clean Mask is Dishwasher Safe; Headgear can be cleaned in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Review instructions in user manual.
  • Easy-to-Use Weinmann Headgear features crossed back straps for increased stability and support. Two separate cross points are available for added customization. Quick release headgear clips allow for easy removal without adjustments.


  • For Reference:Discontinued 2012-12-28
  • Manufacturer:Drive DeVilbiss
  • Part Numbers:WM25800, WM25810, WM25820, WM25830
  • In The Package:Complete Nasal Mask Pack with Cushion (ExtraSmall, Small, Medium or Large) and Weinmann Headgear. Select Size in Cart.
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
  • Materials:Latex Free
  • SomnoPlus Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

    It fits great BUT - I want to buy additional head gear without spending $30 dollars which I think is an excessive cost to buy extra head gear
    Written by Nickolsen2004, -2012-08-30

  • If you like noise and discomfort this is your mask

    1. I sleep in a cool room with a 10 year-old CPAP and a 15 year old flow-through humidifier. I don't know if I will ever get used to being rained out, and when masks get condensation in any of the vents or swivel mechanisms the spitting, wheezing and singing drive me mad. This mask is 50 times worse than any past masks. It seems to be designed to make high-pitched whistling noises, even when dry. My dogs are especially annoyed. 2. This mask feels fine against the face when the headgear is not deployed; when it is there is no way to adjust it that can allow for comfort at all. The "cross-your-head" design is confusing, difficult to adjust and frustrating to put back on if you have to remove the mask to get up. I must snug the mask down to keep it from slipping in the night and by morning there is a huge mask-shaped dent in my face. The pressure of the snug mask actuakly makes it harder to breathe through my nose. In short, I hate this mask.
    Written by Binky, -2012-08-12

  • Somno mask and headgear

    headgear is hard to get on and hard to adjust not as good as the confort gel.
    Written by RGMonroe, -2012-08-07

  • Mask

    I liked everything except it seemed that air exhaled remained in the mask longer. Little larger exhale vents would be great.
    Written by Elmo C., -2012-08-07