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ComfortSoft Plus Nasal Cannulas with Oxygen Supply Tubing (5 Pack)

ComfortSoft Plus Nasal Cannulas with Oxygen Supply Tubing (5 Pack)
Manufacturer: WestMed Inc.
Part Number(s): WM0588, WM0194, WM0556, WM0566, WM0589
GTIN Number(s): 00709078003516, 00709078002960, 00709078003004, 00709078002991
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A4615

Dimensions: 2 Feet, 4 Feet, 7 Feet, 14 Feet, 25 Feet (Approximate)
Recommended Oxygen Liter Flow: Up to 6 LPM
Materials: Latex Free, DEHP Free

  •  $9.99

ComfortSoft Plus Nasal Cannulas feature super soft tubing around the face and ears for the ultimate in comfort without the rubbing and soreness often caused by more traditional cannula materials; and ComfortSoft Plus nasal prongs that are slightly curved to enhance and promote proper alignment on the face.

The unique elastomeric properties of ComfortSoft Plus cannulas minimize friction and shear forces on the skin so that the cannula sits softly and comfortably behind the ear and on the face even when your head moves, turns or shifts.

Each ComfortSoft Plus Cannula comes with kink resistant oxygen supply tubing -- in clear or green -- to help prevent occlusions in the oxygen flow.

Color Information: The Oxygen Supply Tubing on 4-foot Comfort Soft Plus Nasal Cannulas is clear in color. The Oxygen Supply Tubing on all other Comfort Soft Plus Nasal Cannulas is green for easy visibility at longer lengths.

Available Lengths: Comfort Soft Plus Nasal Cannulas are available in 4, 7, 14 and 25 foot lengths. Choose your desired length when adding the cannula to your shopping cart.

Purchaser Verified Reviews

ComfortSoft Plus Nasal Cannulas

The Cannulae are very comfortable to wear, but are very noisy because of the length and curvature of the prongs. The comfort could be improved by having a notch between the prongs to avoid pressing against the nose in that place. I would not be likely to buy them again. I will continue my search for cannulae that are truly comfortable.
By danash-20917,

Tubing is soft

Everything was as ordered.
By wdhesse,

Works well

We prefer the shorter extension so this works much better than the four or seven foot ones. The service is good.
By dclumpkin,


Hi, Thanks so much! Very happy with my order.

The product is wonderful......

I love the Comfort Soft cannulas. They are wonderful! The price is rather high, but to get this comfort I guess you have to pay more!
By blumoonlit,

Midland Texas

Just what I needed. It's soft and doesn't rub my hair at night.
By bngopat,

Comfort cannulas

Great price for quantity of 10. Items were quickly shipped. This is my 3rd or 4th order, always pleased with the products ans shipping speed.
By tedsemail-97190,

Just as described. Arrived promptly and securely packaged. My husband...

Just as described. Arrived promptly and securely packaged. My husband like how soft the cannulas are for his COPD needs.
By pmarion929,

Super Soft

I am quite pleased with these cannulas, my oxygen supplier only carries the hard ones with shorter nasal inserts which would not stay in place I purchased 2 of the 7 foot back to purchase a 4ft for my portable. Would definitely Hihly recommend this company and their products. I'm having no problem with piece that slides up & down on the chosen slippage at all.
By Kelly,

Comfortable but does't stay in place

This cannula is much more comfortable than most. However the tube that tightens is too large so the nosepiece fall out when sleeping. Can't use it for that reason.
By Cyndy,

Westmed 4ft. cannulas

These are by far the most comfortable cannulas I have ever used in the 2 years I have been on oxygen. Ordering through cpapXchange was by far the most reasonable cost for the cannulas as well and will be my go-to supplier.
By Kathryn W,

Best product at the best price.

The most comfortable cannulas at a great price.
By Hoyt C,

Softest Oxygen Cannulas Ever

Excellent cannulas for softness. My ears have never felt better and no longer become irritated. My only complaint is they tend to get rigid within 2 weeks and have an unpleasant odor the first couple of days but that soon goes away. The price is great too since my oxygen company does not offer them.
By David ,

soft canula

I like the length of the one I got but I fear the weight of the tubing pulls on the soft cannula and makes the air passage smaller. It may be my imagination...I don't know. This is definitely a good value product.
By CP,

comfort soft cannulas

love them
By karen,