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Citrus II Cleaning Wipes for CPAP/BiPAP Masks & Equipment (62 Pack)

Citrus II Cleaning Wipes for CPAP/BiPAP Masks & Equipment (62 Pack)
Manufacturer: Beaumont Products
Part Number(s): 635871639
GTIN Number(s): 00087052716394
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): E1399


  •  $11.89

Citrus II CPAP Mask Wipes are a great, easy option for day-to-day CPAP/BiPAP mask and equipment cleaning. Just use the wipe and throw it away! It's quick and easy with no mess and no fuss.

Citrus II deodorizes, cleans and refreshes while leaving no residual odors! Citrus II Wipes are strong enough to work well but gentle enough (with ingredients derived from corn, coconut and citrus) not to harden, crack or deteriorate the soft plastics that make up CPAP items.

The unique formula of Citrus II Products is designed for effective cleaning of ALL types of CPAP/BiPAP and Oxygen Therapy masks, tubing and accessories. Citrus II Wipes will help remove remove dirt and oils; and prevent the build-up of organic materials.

Purchaser Verified Reviews

Excellent Product

I really like this product. Cleans well and sells nice too.
By RLROYSE-16300,

cleaning wipes

Love these, Great Idea. will buy more
By Richard,

Great Product

It is so nice not to have to take the straps off my mask each time I want to clean it. All I have to do is wipe one of the wipes on the outside and inside daily to keep it clean. So much easier and less time consuming.
By Dutch,

not citrus

ordered these because they are supposed to be citrus smell. they are not. just plain old blah.
By ray,

Very Light Scent

These wipes work very well for cleaning CPAP masks. They do not leave strong fragrance and they leave the equipment clean.
By Ross B,

Citrus II Cleaning Wipes

Best price, very good delivery time.
By Robert,

Cpap wipes

The product is good and cleans my Cpap mask well, but I had a problem with pulling the wipes through the hole in the container. When I opened the lid, I noticed that about 30 wipes were already pulled through and neatly folded and set on top. I discarded them and was then able to pull one up from the middle. Because of this, a lot were wasted, and I cannot give a higher rating!
By Roe 1549,

Easy to Use Cleaning Wipes

Pleasant smell and very easy to use wipes for CPAP mask, hose and head-strap. Particularly convenient when traveling.
By Al,

mask wipes

product works well, does the job as advertised, Thanks
By Don-Texas,

Citrus ll Cleaning Wipes for CPAP/BiPAP

I really like using this product. It saves time, and easy to travel with.
By Marilyn,

CPAP/BIPAP Citrus II Cleaning Wipes

Easy to use and not overly scented
By Robert,

stop reading and buy this product!!

wow! I've been buying these for some time, but cant get over how well this works if you have sneezed in your mask over night. it does not replace a full cleaning but it does work very well!
By Sleepy Sam,

Handy and work well

The citrus wipes are great. Much better than the alcohol wipes I was using. They clean the mask well and don't leave an objectionable smell.
By DreamChick,

cleaning wipes

Great product and I use them every day.
By hn fain,

No problems...

I have odor "sensitivity" problems, but this cleaner works fine for me. No real smell, does the job, and doesn't leave an odor behind.
By Christopher H.,