Professional CPAP Mask & Equipment Cleaning Wipes - DISCONTINUED


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  • For Reference:Discontinued 11.29.2018
  • Brand:A World of Wipes
  • Part Numbers:CPAP088

These 100% pure cotton - natural CPAP mask wipes are specially formulated to naturally clean and protect CPAP/BiPAP masks, tubing and accessories without the use of harmful chemicals.

Professional CPAP mask wipes effectively remove dirt, grease, oils and other organic residue from your mask with ease and comfort. Plus, the special 100% natural formula contains no unpleasant or strong fragrances and even cleans and nourishes your hands while cleaning your mask.

Professional CPAP Wipes are alcohol and latex free, biodegradable, and gentle on your hands and face. Each easy-dispensing canister contains 62-wipes. Professional CPAP Mask Wipes are sealed with a foil wrapper. The wrapper should have a small pin hole for depressurization during in-flight transport.


  • 100% Pure Cotton
  • 100% Natural Cleansing Formula
  • Safe & Effective - Will NOT Damage CPAP Masks, Tubing, or Machines
  • Alcohol & Latex Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Unscented


  • For Reference:Discontinued 11.29.2018
  • Manufacturer:A World of Wipes
  • Part Numbers:CPAP088
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • GTIN Codes:00655315719088
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards
  • Great product.

    This is a great product. I use them every night to clean my crap mask.
    Written by mbuchanan15, -2018-09-15

  • Excellent product. Awesome customer service.

    Excellent product. Awesome customer service.
    Written by jamesegonzaga, -2018-08-31

  • A wipe a day keeps the Dr at bay!

    My only concern, was getting the wipes to pull out one at a time.
    Written by jj2also-44970, -2018-08-26

  • Best wipes available

    I have tried several brands and found these to be the best for my use.
    Written by llindstrand, -2018-05-10

  • Very disappointed .

    When I ordered wipes, I had asked for free shipping. I was charged for shipping. I called immediately and was told it was to late. I will be looking somewhere else next time.
    Written by rangel29, -2018-04-30

    CXC Notes: Hello, We're sorry that you were unable to switch your order to receive free shipping. We will have someone from our Customer Care team reach out and credit you the shipping costs. We wish you all the best wherever you choose to shop in the future. Sleep well!

  • Excellent

    Good quality of the CPAP wipes
    Written by scarney4u, -2018-04-15

    Great stuff easy to use !!!!
    Written by Bneeleym24, -2018-03-07

  • Wonderful Item

    These wipes are so useful. They make cleaning everything so much easier. Highly recommended.
    Written by Grammy, -2016-12-28

  • Cleaning wipes for CPAP masks and equipment

    I love them for quick and easy cleanup during the week. I have the nasal pillows and they are easy to get around the pillows. My husband uses them around his old mask and he likes them too. He is not one to put the effort I do in taking care of my equipment....typical male. I would highly recommend them to CPAP users.
    Written by Sharon, -2016-08-15

  • Great way to clean

    Use these wipes everyday. They're great and easy. The cushion dries quickly.
    Written by Barry, -2016-07-09

  • Good wipes -- Bad packaging

    Pros: Seems to clean well. Cleanser odor dissipates when it dries.
    Cons: The dispenser works very poorly because the cloths deform when pulled.
    Written by Dr_Dave, -2016-05-02

  • Unscented Professional CPAP Mask & Equipment Cleaning Wipes

    These work well and save time not having to wash the mask in soap & water every day. No strong smell just let the mask to air dry before use
    Written by mask, -2016-04-21

  • Unscented Professional CPAP mask cleaning wipes

    They work quite well. Great for travel. They are good time savers.
    Written by Becky F., -2015-04-14

  • CPAP Cleaners

    They are fantastic and make keeping my face mask clean a breeze
    Written by Joan P, -2014-05-13

  • work well but stinky smell

    they have a moldy, stinky smell to them.
    Written by Ray, -2014-05-09


    These work well and prevent need to wash conventionally
    Written by roland, -2014-02-12

  • CPAP Mask Wipes

    Excellent wipes used daily with zero issues. Fantastic product!
    Written by Jeff W, -2014-01-27

  • CPAP supplies

    Great items
    Written by Susan, -2014-01-16

  • Unscented Professional CPAP Mask & Equipment Cleaning Wipes (62-Pack)

    Works great for cleaning Cpap masks and equipment.
    Written by Bob, -2014-01-01

  • Unscented Professional CPAP Mask & Equipment Cleaning Wipes (62-Pack)

    Easy breezy cleaning!
    Written by No more Sleepless Nights, -2013-09-05

  • Great wipes and dispenses well!

    Both my husband and I are CPAP users and we feel nightly wipe downs are the key to good seals for the cushions on the masks-we have tried other brands and have found trouble with the dispensing of each cloth-this has not been a problem with this particular brand. Also the solutions used in this brand are mild and do not detract from the life of the cusions!
    Written by mummum9, -2013-03-04

  • great product

    i have been using this product for about a year and am pleased with it. easy to use.
    Written by gloria, -2012-09-12

  • fine

    as advertised.
    Written by Bob, -2012-07-08

  • Excellent product.

    Easy to use, easy on the mask and leaves no residue to bother skin. Nice product!
    Written by Cederstrand, -2012-03-27

  • Wipes

    Recieved order very fast. Wipes work and plan to order more as needed.
    Written by Gregg, -2012-03-10

  • Unscented is the Best

    I've used Citrus wipes in the past to clean my mask, but I prefer these because they're unscented. With they had a travel option like the Citrus ones though.
    Written by Gregory, -2012-01-23